19Dud: Scarlett Johansson

Via: The Telegraph

In the case of the dress of her choice, it’s less about the style of the dress and more about the implications behind it. Simply put, it’s a Marchesa, a design house that celebrities have been avoiding like the plague ever since the Harvey Weinstein drama because his ex-wife Georgina Chapman is both the co-founder and designer behind the brand. As People pointed out, by opting a Marchesa dress, Scarlett is effectively the first major celebrity to wear the designer to a big event.

The question on everyone's minds right now: what was Scarlett Johansson thinking when she figured it would be a good idea to wear this dress? Sure, it's very fitting to her name with its scarlet color, but that's part of the problem.

Placing Scarlett Johansson on any worst dressed list is

excruciatingly hard, but she deserves it. #SorryNotSorry. It's particularly hard given that Infinity War has secured the #1 spot in terms of being the fastest film to get to $1 billion.

As with most celebs, she probably did it on purpose to ensure that she would be the talk of Tinseltown. It worked, but just now in her favor. There is no denying that she looks beautiful - then again, she could pull off wearing a potato sack -, but the implications behind this dress are just too big to ignore.

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