10 Celebs Who Are Rocking The Tracksuit Look And 10 Who Should Leave It To The Professionals

Although celebrities do it all the time, stepping out while wearing a tracksuit isn't without its risks. You can't turn around these days without seeing celebrities kicking around in tight sweatpants or yoga pants, but a tracksuit is an entirely different vibe. When you roll out wearing a tracksuit, you're saying that you think you look good, you might even be saying you're a bit of a player. Sweatpants say a celebrity is just trying to hit the 7/11 and get some ice cream without anyone noticing. Yoga pants either say that a celebrity is going to a yoga or a workout class or maybe they are just trying to show off their butts while they are pumping gas. But a tracksuit says something different, it says you're not only looking good, but you're also looking vibrant and relevant.

But the thing is, tracksuits are traditionally worn by athletes, men, and women who are not only in shape, but who are totally comfortable wearing tracksuits. The point being, if you don't look comfortable wearing a tracksuit you're going to come off like a total fail.

Which celebrities totally rock the tracksuits like a pro and which ones should leave that look to the professionals? Read on to find out.

20 Gigi Hadid Is Full On Pink

Gigi Hadid pretty much always looks amazing, so it is it any wonder that she totally kills the tracksuit look as well? How many women do you know that can wear a tracksuit and still look like they just stepped off the runway?  She can make everything look good, even watches. Right now she is working with Tommy Hilfiger on some new watches of which she says,

"with clothes you get to have a lot more ideas whereas the watch you kind of have to like make something that works with everything.

This watch, to me, really went with the racing idea of the collection because it kind of reminds me like a shiny new car. It's very sleek and beautiful and the color really goes with everything."

19 Vanessa Hudgens Is Stuck In The Past

Vanessa Hudgens is another sad example of what can go wrong when a celebrity tries to rock a tracksuit and doesn't have the game to pull it off. We get it, she probably was just trying to get down to the corner store to go get a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich wearing this expensive-looking tracksuit and these silly boots, when some photographer snapped her picture. And no she doesn't look completely horrible, but the thing is, she is famous and she has to expect things like that to happen. So our advice is, next time you need to run out in a hurry, just throw on some jeans and a sweater and leave the tracksuit at home.

18 Jessica Simpson Steps It Up

We all know that Jessica Simpson has had her share of ups and downs over the years, in all sorts of ways. Her career has had its issues, her relationships have come and gone, and her weight has ballooned up and down, but through it all, she has managed to always look good no matter what the situation was that she was involved in. So if you were to tell me that she looked amazing in a tracksuit, I would not be surprised. As you can see by this photo, she does look killer in a tracksuit. But as we all know, Jessica is a natural beauty, so why wouldn't she look good in a look that celebrates being casual? No reason at all.

17 Bella Hadid Is Missing Something

What the heck is up with this look? We all know that Bella Hadid is pretty hot, but that doesn't mean that she can get away with this. First of all, what is up with those shoes and why would you possibly be wearing them with a tracksuit? Secondly, if you're wearing a tracksuit like this, then why would you possibly have it unzipped so low? I mean, obviously Bella thinks that it looks hot that way, but the thing is, it really doesn't. This is a perfect example of a tracksuit gone bad. Although Bella usually looks great and can rock pretty much any look, she missed the boat with this one. Leave it to the pros Bella, or at least leave it to your sister, because she looks awesome in one.

16 Gwen Stephanie Is Sporty Chic

No matter how old she gets Gwen Stephanie can still rock a tracksuit. As the Daily Mail says,

"Gwen Stefani has got to be one of the coolest mother's in town.

The No Doubt singer took her sons Kingston, eight, and baby Apollo, one, to a birthday party in Encino, California on Saturday, where she looked casually fashion forward. Dressed in one of her favorite Adidas zip-up tops, the 45-year-old singer was sporting a look that has been on trend for years." Seriously though, is there ever going to be a time that Gwen Stephanie stops looking so good? Even in her mid-40s, she has the whole tracksuit vibe down pat.

15 Armie Hammer Needs To Step It Up

For a long time, you couldn't see Armie Hammer in public when he wasn't wearing tracksuits. It might be time for him to start dressing like an adult every now and then. Well, he agreed with us it seems. He recently said he was done with them to Conan O'Brien saying,

"I would like to take this moment on the show to officially announce my retirement from tracksuits. I am done.

I got oversaturated and burned out on tracksuits." You know Armie that is pretty cool and just in time, because as much as you got burned out on tracksuits was just as much as we got burned out on seeing you in them.

14 Selena Gomez Is The Lady In Red 

Some women rock the tracksuit in a way that is just absolute perfection, and one of them is Selena Gomez. Check her out in this photo, this truly is the epitome of what looking amazing in a tracksuit is all about. Selena looks to totally relaxed in this outfit, and also totally glamorous and on point all at once. It isn't that she needs the money, but if she did making some money on tracksuit commercials might be the way to go. Can you imagine any woman taking a look at this particular photograph and not wanting to have this vibe going on? Selena Gomez is without a doubt one of those women that can pull a tracksuit off.

13 Kendall Jenner Is Covered From Neck To Toe

Kendall Jenner is obviously an attractive woman, who is in great shape, and the tracksuit that she is wearing here is well made, expensive, and not something that is totally ugly. So why doesn't any of this work? We are not sure, but it just doesn't. It seems like everything should work, but the whole thing just seems totally forced. Which is pretty much exactly what the whole Kardashian and Jenner thing is like in the first place, It is supposed to be something that works and we care about, but it just isn't. Sorry Kendall, no offence, you just don't pull off the tracksuit thing very well. Don't worry, you're still gorgeous and rich so it will be okay.

12 Kylie Jenner Loves Her Tracksuits 

Kylie Jenner has always looked totally chill in tracksuits, so it is no surprise that her daughter is carrying on the tradition. According to People Magazine "Looks like Kylie Jenner‘s 1-month old daughter Stormi will be taking after her mom’s chill style! On Saturday, the 20-year-old new mom shared a photo to her Instagram Stories thanking Adidas for sending Stormi a handful of colorful tracksuits. The outfits, complete the Adidas’ three signature stripes down the side, were all laid out on a table and ranged in colors from black, royal blue, grey, and pink." Love her or hate her, Kylie has it going on in a tracksuit.

11 DJ Khaled Is Way Too Purple

DJ Khaled is one of those guys that thinks he looks great in a tracksuit but in actuality, he really doesn't. That isn't meant to be mean, he just honestly just doesn't. There are a lot of guys, especially ones that are kind of involved in the whole hip-hop scene, that still think of themselves as players, in large part because a lot of them actually are. But still, the way a lot of them try to show themselves off as players is to dress up in really expensive tracksuits and maybe rock some gold chains on top of it too. The thing is, it just doesn't work and makes guys like DJ Khaled look like they are dressing up for Halloween.

10 Paris Hilton Matches From Head To Toe

Paris Hilton is cool. There, I said it. Over the years a lot of people have given Paris Hilton a hard time for all sorts of reasons. The main thing is that a lot of people seem to think that she is just some random rich chick who is rich and famous for nothing more than being rich and famous. This totally isn't true. Paris is rich and famous because she has a certain something that most people don't have, whether they are celebrities or not. What is that extra something that she has? What is that extra special something that she has? Well, it is kind of hard to describe, but to get what I mean, just look at Paris Hilton in a tracksuit. She always looks amazing.

9 Jared Leto Always Has To Look Different

Jared Leto is just one of those celebrities. He is just doesn't care. Well, let me go even farther than that, it isn't really just that he doesn't care, he seems to kind of like being thought of as a total oddball. Like you have to be a really big star go out looking this awful. There are stories everywhere about him being a total jerk and quite often, he goes out dressed like a bit of an idiot. Take this outfit, he looks absolutely ridiculous, but you know that he probably thinks he looks great, and not only that but all sorts of adoring fans tell him that he does too. Let's end this cycle and let Jared know he looks awful in a tracksuit. Not that he cares much I am sure.

8 Pharrell Williams Has Major Style

Pharrell Williams is so into tracksuits that he now is making a ton of money selling them through Adidas. Although this is a Chanel tracksuit, he's always rocking Adidas. He now has a new collection out of which Metroco.uk says, "Adidas is releasing their next collaboration with Pharrell Williams, inspired by Holi festival.

It’s a Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and the coming of spring, where revelers gather in the streets to throw brightly coloured powder at each other.

The Adidas collection comprises trainers, tennis shoes and apparel, and is splattered with bright colours, as you’d expect for a Holi themed drop." Williams is definitely on team win, with the tracksuits.

7 Kourtney Kardashian Should Take Advice From Kylie

We can never really figure out what to think about Kourtney Kardashian. No, she isn't the most irritating of all the Jenners and the Kardashians, but that really isn't saying much. Sometimes we almost want to like her and then she does something that is just plain old weird, and sometimes even kind of wrong. That is exactly what we think when we see a photo like this of Kourtney. What is this anyway? She is half in a tracksuit and half in something that looks like she either going to the club or become a groupie for Motley Crue. No matter how you slice it she looks pretty awful. Come on Kourtney. Get it together!

6 A$AP Rocky Got Involved In Designing Tracksuits 

There is one celebrity who you just know is always on point with the tracksuits, and I mean that for real, and that is A$AP Rocky. According to the website Highsnobiety, "Just last month, A$AP Rocky teased an upcoming collaboration between his AWGE imprint and Japan’s Needles. Now ahead of the release, we’ve been blessed with the official lookbook for the collaborative tracksuits. Shot by Dexter Navy and styled by Matthew Henson, the project stars Rocky himself alongside a group of models donning the garments."  Although Rocky has made a name for himself as a rapper, he continues to show the world how many other interests he has.

5 Drake Is Trying Too Hard

Drake might be totally rich and an incredibly popular rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur, but there is no doubt that he is a total wannabe when it comes to rocking a tracksuit. All you have to do is watch a Toronto Raptors game to figure that out. What is it with these celebrities that actually think it is cool to make a big deal out of the fact that they are superfans? Watching a Raptors game in the playoffs and seeing Drake jumping around trying to act cool is really kind of pathetic. He needs to give the tracksuits a rest and maybe watch a Raptors game from his couch of television. The world would thank him.

4 Rihanna Never Dissapoints 

While Rihanna always looks good pretty much no matter what she is wearing, you have to admit that seeing her in this tracksuit is one of her best looks ever. This kind of vibe just totally softens her personality and is really what rocking a tracksuit is all about. Rihanna looks foxy and cool, while also looking totally comfortable, and as well know that isn't an easy thing at all to be able to pull off. When it comes to choosing winners and losers in the celebrity tracksuit category, there is no doubt that Rihanna is winning. I bet all you ladies out there wanna be Rihanna in that tracksuit, and all you guys out there want to go out with her, and that is the name of the game.

3 Britney Spears Hasn't Changed Her Style

We have spent a lot of time talking about celebrities that totally rock it in tracksuits, but there are a lot of celebrities who should probably just leave this look to the professionals. At the top of this list is Britney Spears. What is it about Britney that always makes her look just a little bit trashy? Okay, let me be honest, she looks way more than a little bit trashy. Sure her tracksuit in this photo looks totally expensive, but is it just me or does it seem like she is on her way to Walmart for some frozen pizza and some diapers in this photo? Some people can pull off a look like this, and some people can't. Britney put your tracksuit away.

2 Kate Middleton Lets Loose 

Kate Middleton always looks awesome and has been rocking the tracksuit for a while now, and she recently did so at Wimbledon. According to ETonline.com"Middleton, who wore a more buttoned-up look earlier in the day while meeting children at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital, swapped out her heels for Nikes for her afternoon visit at Bond Primary School in Mitcham to see the work of the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative. The mother of two, who is a patron of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, showed off a tiny baby bump in a white Clarice track jacket and black-and-white pants."

1 Jennifer Lopez Isn't Pulling It Off

Jenny from the block is the type of celebrity that we would expect to be able to pull off a tracksuit in style, and she probably can, at least some of the time, but this particular look is a total fail. It is almost like if she just didn't have the bright yellow kicks on that things would have come out okay, and she would have just looked like she was slumming it, but instead, it comes off looking like she thinks she is Russel Westbrook heading into the arena before a big game. Sorry, J-Lo, you might have been trying to pull off Russell Westbrook but this look is way more Kelly Olynyk.  She needs to leave the tracksuits to the pros.

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