10 Celebs Rocking The Pixie Cut (And 10 That Need To Go Back To The Stylist)

One of the best trends as of lately in Hollywood is the pixie cut. For the last few years, women have been going shorter and shorter and showing off the benefits of a great pixie cut. Nice cheekbones, great smile, beautiful eye shape there is so much good that can come from a great haircut. Especially one meant to help people show off what may get lost in all the long locks framing someone’s face. Many celebrities are out here being #hairgoals for a lot of people and we are here for it. That being said, there are also a lot of celebrities who are just dying to get in on this beautiful trend and are failing miserably. You see, a pixie cut doesn’t look the best on everyone and it truly requires a certain face shape and certain facial features. The great think about a pixie cut is the fact that there are so many different types that a majority of people should be able to find one that actually looks good on them. The problem lies with celebrities going for the excitement of the big chop and it not being the right chop for them. If you need a few examples of exactly what we are talking about look below. Here is a list of 10 of the best celebrity pixie cuts and 10 that need to have a chat with their stylist.

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20 Fab: Zoe Kravitz

via E News

Zoe Kravitz rocked this enviable pixie cut for the Golden Globes and everyone has been in love ever since. The highly sought-after actress’ hair was cut by celebrity stylist Nikki Nelms. Kravitz is known for her great style, it’s usually fearless and a bit out of the box. She can essentially make anything look cool. So of course, her choice of a pixie cut to ride along through awards season with her will generate some buzz. The cut frames the actresses face beautifully because of how delicate her facial features are. She kept it black and side swept the bang (this time around) but there are so many other ways she can rock this haircut. We are actually on the edge of our seats seeing what she does next.

19 Drab: Scarlett Johansson

via thehairstyler.com/The French Reception

One would assume that Scarlett Johansson has the perfect heart shaped face for a pixie cut but truth be told, she has looked better. She doesn’t look horrible, but it seems like this pixie cut just isn’t framing her face correctly. Even though she has had shorter hair for just over 3 years now, it’s hard to get used to it. Her cut isn’t always styled the best and it is, unfortunately, making her chin look excessively long. Which is kind of tripping us out because it is a very rare occasion that she ever looks anything but flawless. Maybe she should go back to a longer cut one that frames her face better and offers a few options for styling. This one just isn’t our favorite.

18 Fab: Cara Delevingne

via Elle UK

It could because of her flawless model looks but we are loving how well Cara Delevingne is rocking this pixie. She cut her hair in April of 2017 and it looks like she won’t be going back anytime soon. She has dressed up this otherwise basic pixie cut with cute headbands, highlights, and even bows. Sometimes she even uses her piercings as an accessory. There isn’t really anything negative we can say about this look on Delevingne. She usually has a striking face of makeup to round out the look and her pixie cut has somewhat of a twist to it. The sideburns are a longer cut allowing pieces of hair to flow to the side of her face. The choppy band in this case actually rounds out the look.

17 Drab: Tyra Banks

via Entertainment Tonight

We aren’t sure if this is a wig or not, but Tyra’s pixie cut just isn’t that cute. For some reason, her stylist pulled the hair forward giving it a sort of faux hawk look. We just aren’t feeling it. While the beautiful highlights match her hazel eyes the hairstyle just looks messy and choppy. The saving grace here is that she can go home and comb it back down or if it’s a wig just pull it off her head. We know that Tyra can rock a way better pixie than this, so we are solely blaming her stylist for this questionable look. We just aren’t a fan of the choppy frame of the haircut, especially around her eyes. And it looks uneven, how can we see one eyebrow and not the other?

16 Fab: Michelle Williams

via LiveAbout

Michelle Williams was one of the first women to turn heads with this adorable pixie cut. This is probably the shortest it has ever been and it’s great. Williams told British Elle exactly why she rocks a pixie cut. She said, "I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it." She is referring to the father of her child and the love of her life Heath Ledger. So, not only is this haircut beautiful, it’s sentimental. Hopefully, she keeps this look for a long time because the beauty coupled with the sentiment is making all of us want to rock a pixie cut in honor of Ledger. Can this woman get any more inspiring? Probably.

15 Drab: Zendaya

via UHU Entertainment

Ugh! We hate even putting Zendaya on this list but truth be told we just don’t love this pixie cut for her. We are used to seeing her with long, wavy and beautiful locks, but this pixie cut is making her face look small. She actually looks like a different person and we just aren’t here for it. Zendaya is better than this. Yes, she is truly a chameleon when it comes to her hair but there have been better looks. It literally looks like a bowl cut which was NEVER a haircut that any kid or adult could ever pull off. The one thing she did get right was the platinum color that accentuates her makeup and makes her skin glow even more (which we didn’t even know was possible). Nicely put, the actress is better than this.

14 Fab: Viola Davis

via ABC News

Actress Viola Davis is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her hair journey. She isn’t afraid to let her natural hair shine and she isn’t afraid to throw on a wig and look elegant AF. She mixes up her hairstyles all the time and this is only one of the reasons why people are obsessed with her. She always knows just which pixie cut is best for her face shape. Whether she is trying to accentuate her jaw bone or bring out the natural shape of her face she always rocks the best pixie cuts. Our favorite has to be the one with the exaggerated bang that hangs slightly over her the right side of her face. That paired with her makeup is magic.

13 Drab: Katy Perry

via sanfrancisco.cblocal.com

Katy Perry’s pixie cut just isn’t for us. The sides are too tapered, and it isn’t really framing her face correctly. There are two great things involved with her cut through, and that is the color of her beautiful, silky hair, and the fact that she Snapchatted the entire event. She certainly knows what her fans want. In addition, she keeps cutting it shorter and shorter and it’s not making it any better. We assume next she will shave it bald (which would actually be kind of cool). There is no doubt her features looked softer when her hair had a bit of length to it. We truly want to love this new cut for Perry but there is just so much about it that doesn’t scream Katy Perry. We admit change is good but maybe not this one.

12 Fab: Jennifer Hudson

via HelloGiggles

Jennifer Hudson cut her hair into a stylish pixie cut way back in 2016. Since then, she has managed to make this haircut continuously look amazing. With her initial cut, she shaved the sides, added an exaggerated bang and kept it jet black. A majority of the hair was brought to the front and this is how she continues to wear it today. Sometimes she fancies it up with a headband or sleeks it back. Either way, we are convinced that whatever she does to it, it will continue to look phenomenal. Dare we say this is the best haircut of her career? It brings out all her great features: the almond shape of her eyes, the sleekness of her nose and when she pairs it with a beautiful red lip, well, she’s out to break hearts.

11 Drab: Lena Dunham

via InStyle

In 2015 when the Girls writer and actress cut off her hair no one was shocked. However, the haircut was nothing to write home about. It did nothing to flatter her face and offered nothing out of the box that made it different from any other pixie cut. It was so short and almost unmoveable. The actress probably wanted a change but personally, we believe she may have gone too short. This wasn’t the first time she had gone short, but this was excessively short. It didn’t help that the actress was already on everyone’s crap list for making slightly shady comments and projecting her insecure feelings onto random football players. She received a lot of flack for having a haircut that did nothing for her overall look. Her hair has now grown out and she’s added some bangs, while it usually looks juvenile, it’s better than the alternative.

10 Fab: Julianne Hough

via Pretty-Hairstyles.com

In 2014 Julianne Hough chopped off her beautiful blond hair into this charming pixie cut and we loved her even more for doing it. She had an asymmetrical bob and it was everything. A nice long bang to cover half of the face and the other side is slightly tapered with a small amount of movement. Even as she allowed the haircut to grow out she was able to jazz it up with over the top parts and beach waves. Whoever her stylist is, she is lucky because, as we have seen, not everyone can have a beautifully cut pixie and allow it to have all that movement and versatility. Hopefully, she chooses to go short sometime again soon because now we prefer the short over the long.

9 Drab: Kate Hudson

via Popsugar

We want to love the actress’s pixie cut but we just don’t. It seems to have aged her not in a bad way but it's just a look we aren’t ready for. Hudson is an icon to many and it’s hard to see her looking so grown up and mature we always want her to be in her Penny Lane hay-day. Admittedly, the cut brings out the curves of her face that allows us to appreciate those cheekbones. And her eyes pop a little more, but we miss the long hair. Couldn’t she have prepared us first? Like maybe a bob then move on to a pixie? We weren’t ready Kate. We surely aren’t feeling the barely there bang but we adore the highlights. Guess it’s safe to say we are on the fence with this one.

8 Fab: Janelle Monae

via VIX

The singer’s pixie cut is really cute and it fits not only her features but her persona. She isn’t afraid to draw attention to the look by adding random accessories in her hair. Seriously we mean random things like bird shaped clips that make it look like they are using her hair for a nest. She has even added wire shaped headbands that sits on the crown of her head like the freaking princess she is. We love the versatility that she is giving us; sometimes it messy, other times she side sweeps the bang and gives us life. This is her to a T. We will admit we miss her braids and huge afros, but we can get down with this look for sure.

7 Drab: Kristen Stewart

via Vogue

The actress has made a bunch of good and bad decisions since the Twilight franchise ended. This seems like another bad decision though. We don’t even know if we can officially call this a pixie cut or a buzz cut. And we don’t appreciate the longer pieces of hair at the side. It’s super 90s and not in a good way. We don’t quite know how to describe this cut and we don’t know how to feel about the cowlick she is trying to pull off as a bang. The cut does wonders for her face shape though, so we guess that’s the plus side to this interesting haircut. We also think that Stewarts “I don’t care” look about is right up her alley and totally fits her personality.

6 Fab: Ruth Negga

via RTE

Ruth Negga has one of the most underrated pixie cuts currently. Many people with naturally curly hair stay away from short haircuts. However, Negga is embracing those curls and experimenting with different looks. Her curls actually go perfectly with her cut. The cut is close to the head so there is no need for a distracting bang or any highlights. She rocks it as natural as possible. It accentuates her big, round eyes and those lavish cheekbones that anyone would die to have. Her baby hairs are so beautiful in their natural state that we can’t see this cut being complete without them. She has subtle layers but nothing too distracting. This haircut should be more sought after. It perfectly compliments her soft features.

5 Drab: Agyness Deyn

via 9Style

Model turned actor Agyness Deyn has had a variation of pixie cuts for most of her career. It’s very rare that we see her rocking long locks. The pixie cut that she is committing to is just not the cutest. They are normally quite boyish which is kind of what her career is based on, that whole androgynous look. It’s just too much sometimes. The shape of her face can certainly carry any kind of pixie cut but we can’t help but wonder why she doesn’t go for softer looks. It’s always these blunt cuts that come off looking boxy and not very feminine. There isn’t anything wrong with androgynous cuts but it’s nice to switch it up once in a while. Her saving grace is her beautiful, soft face.

4 Fab: Kris Jenner

via People

Hate on her all you want, this momager knows how to rock a pixie cut. She has been doing it for years and she constantly improves on it. She will probably never go back to long hair (unless it’s a wig). She may be going for the award of coolest grandma (up against Tokyo Toni of course). Jenner has had a short haircut for at least a decade now and every time she revamps it, it looks better and better. She has recently added a longer bang and has been rocking it in a deliberately messy shag. It’s covering half of her face and falling into her eyes yet, you can tell it’s deliberate. She usually keeps it a beautiful soft black but when she does add a highlight or two it’s even better.

3 Drab: Halsey

via Pinterest

Halsey may be a sought-after musician but there is one thing that fans are not so interested in when it comes to the singer and that is her haircut. We adore Halsey’s openness when it comes to style and change. We also love that fact that she plays by her own rules and lets her pixie haircut do whatever it wants. We just can’t get into it. There seems to be no flow and no matter how diverse she makes it, it just looks…rough. Her face is kind of box-shaped and she has a very prominent chin so we aren’t sure if all types of pixie cuts are for her. However, we do feel that if she cut some softer lines around the face it would look better on her.

2 Fab: Robin Wright

via Vogue.it

Actress Robin Wright has a beautiful, versatile pixie cut. She’s been gracing fans with its presence for a few good years now and it always looks amazing. We are not sure if she cut her hair for her role in House Of Cards or if they hired her because of the bomb haircut but regardless, we are impressed. It has managed to make her look younger, fun and dare we say put a little pep in her career step. She has done a few awesome things with this haircut: slicked it back, exaggerated the bang, added beautiful sun-kissed highlights and even dressed it up with a few accessories. She makes pixies look amazing, we can’t see her going back to long hair and honestly, we hope she never does.

1 Drab: Ginnifer Goodwin

via LongRoom.com

Before you jump down our throats, we also LOVE Ginnifer Goodwin, she is everyone’s best gal friend. She has been rocking the pixie cut for some time now, but we are on the fence with how much we love or don’t love it. She has a very round face and the pixie cut makes it look even rounder and fuller. She’s lucky because she is adorably cute so it kind of benefits her but when she dresses up to go somewhere important like the Emmy’s it seems like her haircut is clashing with her formal wear. Then she looks so serious on the red carpet, so she ends up looking so unapproachable. She’s a cute girl but we can’t help but wonder when she will or if she will grow her hair out again.

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