10 Carrie Underwood Outfits That Are Amazing (10 That Are Duds)

American country singer, songwriter, actress, and Grammy Awards winner, Carrie Underwood started her career when she auditioned for the hit show, American Idol in 2004. Carrie's time on American Idol changed her life, as she became the winner of season four. As the winner, she won a recording contract worth a million dollars, a brand new Ford Mustang convertible, and access to a private jet. After winning American Idol, Carrie's life was forever changed and she was ready to make her mark in the music industry.

When Carrie released her first single, it reached the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list. This proved that Carrie wanted to be the best in the industry and she was here to stay. She wanted people to know her talent and what she was capable of. She proved to everyone why she was the winner of season four of American Idol. Throughout her career, Carrie found her music on hit lists many times. With such great success, Carrie's music started to get recognized for awards and she found herself walking the red carpet many times a year.

Walking the red carpet is a big deal for celebrities. It is a chance to show off their best looks and be awarded for their talent. With all eyes on them, celebrities have to make sure that they are red carpet ready from head to toe. Carrie has a unique style and most of the time she rocks the red carpet in amazing outfits, however, sometimes her looks could use a little help.

Here are 10 of Carrie Underwood's outfits that are amazing and 10 that are duds.

20 Fab: Country Girl Turned Glam

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At the 2017 American Country Music Awards, Carrie graced the red carpet, which was not red at all, in a beautiful sheer, nude gown with silver accents on it. The dress was designed by LaBourjoisie and included a nude, tule train and a choker necklace that matched the design on the dress. The outfit also included diamond, dangling earrings, and a few diamond rings. Her hair was curled and has one side pulled behind the ear, perfect for showing off a little ear bling. Since her dress is a neutral tone, the country singer has dramatic makeup look to add character to the whole outfit. Carrie knows how to pull of a nude dress and she has been seen wearing one before for other red carpet events. She may be used to the country life, but this country singer sure knows how to get glammed up.

19 Dud: Floral Skirts and Country Boots

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Known as a country singer, it comes as no surprise that Carrie would be wearing cowboy boots, but surely, pairing them with a floral skirt is something that a young Taylor Swift would do. Even though this outfit looks good on Carrie, it is giving off a young child vibe and it is not a good look. This outfit includes brown cowboy boots, which can be very fashionable when paired with the right clothing. We all know that not everyone can pull off cowboy boots and the country singer is definitely not one of those people, as she looks great in them. She is also wearing a floral skirt and an off-white, knitted sweater. Even though all the colors do mix and match well, I cannot help but feel something is off with this outfit. Not one of Carrie's best looks, but I am sure she feels comfortable in it.

18 Fab: Red On The Red Carpet

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Wearing red on the red carpet can be daring because your goal is to stand out, not blend in. However, many artists opt to wear the color red and most of the time, it looks amazing on the red carpet. At the 2017 Grammy Awards, Carrie graced the red carpet wearing an Elie Madi dress and she looked amazing in it. The dress was showing skin in all the right places without it being distasteful. Since the gown is a lot in itself, Carrie didn't wear too much jewelry and her hair is simple and elegant, completing the outfit well. Many people took to the internet to express their love for Carrie's red carpet look. Later on, Carrie changed into another look, which was also beautiful, as she performed on staged with Keith Urban.

17 Dud: Superhero Inspired Gown

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With all the recent hype around superheroes, it is safe to say that Carrie's 2015 American Music Awards red carpet look resembles a super hero look. Her gown is all nude with sequins on it, giving the look a little bling. The sleeves of the dress closely resemble a cape, which is where the superhero comparison comes into play. The cape-like aspect of the dress goes all the way to the floor. Carrie is going to need some super powers to help her avoid tripping on the gown. Since the gown does all the talking, Carrie is wearing very minimal jewelry and didn't do anything crazy with her hair.  Surely, Carrie would not mind being a superhero for the night. After winning an award that night, Carrie is definitely super happy.

16 Fab: All Eyes On The Sparkles

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All eyes were on Carrie as she walked the red carpet at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Embroidered with sequins, Carrie wore a white, long-sleeve, backless dress by the designer, Gomez-Gracia. The country singer looked amazing in it and definitely caught everyone's attention. The gown looked amazing on the red carpet and she did not look out of place. As for accessories, Carrie paired this outfit with dangling earrings and to contrast the white, she held a black clutch. To not hide any part of the gown, Carrie had her hair put back and away from her face and shoulders. Carrie was up for an award that night and even though she did not win, she was definitely one of the best-dressed. This country singer is always a winner.

15 Dud: Hippie Stars and Stripes Vibes

via: Critic Of Music

There is no doubt that Carrie is an amazing singer and she always knows how to provide her fans with a performance that they will never forget. During a performance, Carrie gave off the hippie vibe, as she sported a fringe top and shorts that had stars and stripes on them, resembling the American flag. This is not one of Carrie's better looks and does not show off her glamorous side. This style portrays her country girl side and is something you would not see her wear on the red carpet. To match the hippie vibe, Carrie's hair is loosely curled and she is wearing a headband. Her jewelry also matched the laid back look as she paired three similar bracelets together. With this look, she reminded us that at the end of the day, she is a country singer and likes her jean shorts and cowboy boots.

14 Fab: Rocking The Tribal Chic Look

via: Yahoo

At the 2016 American Country Countdown Awards, Carrie won for Female Vocalist of the Year. Her outfit resembled what a winner would look like. It was also not the first time Carrie has worn a dress by the designer, Elie Madi. Carrie wore a dress that fit above her knees and had a tribal-inspired print on it. Carrie looked amazing in this outfit as it showed off her nice legs and nude, Jimmy Choo shoes. The orange tones of the dress bring out all of Carrie's features. Her jewelry was made by Anne Sisteron and it matched the dress perfectly. Since there is a lot of pattern on the dress, her jewelry is minimal and her hair is put all to one side, which gives the whole outfit a chic look. Carrie is definitely rocking this outfit and it is one of her most different looks on the red carpet.

13 Dud: White Noise Themed Gown

via: US Weekly

No, your computer is not having issues, you are seeing this clearly. During the last season of American Idol, Carrie wore a dress that looks just like white noise. This dress was worn for the farewell season and Carrie should say farewell to this dress. Not only does this pattern look like white noise, the dress also looks like it is falling apart. On the top, it looks like you have a short dress and then the bottom of the dress looks like the rest of it just fell down. With the see through material between the two parts of the dress, it looks like the dress is just two pieces. With so much going on, Carrie did not wear any jewelry because she did not want to add to the chaos. For this look, less is more and even though she may not have gotten the dress right, she did get the hair and makeup right, as she looks beautiful.

12 Fab: Looking Beautiful In Blue

via: Top Celebrity Gist

Carrie has been on many red carpets and has wore many beautiful gown, but this one has to be one of the most elegant looks she has pulled off. It is no secret that the country singer likes to wear sequin dresses, however, for the 51st CMA Awards she left the sequin at home. Carrie is wearing a blue gown that hangs off the shoulders and has a low cut. The gown is floor-length and fits her body perfectly. This dark blue looks amazing on Carrie, as it brings out all of her features. To not take away any attention from the dress, Carrie had her hair pushed back behind her shoulders.  This is such a glamorous look, we can only imagine what she will wear next on the red carpet. She is known to have amazing red carpet looks and this look does not disappoint.

11 Dud: Mix 'n Match Disaster

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Who knows what was going on in Carrie's mind when she picked it out? There is a lot going on and every piece seems to bring something new to the outfit but not for the better. There is a lot of mixing and matching in this outfit and the end result was a fashion disaster. Carries is wearing short shorts that have a unique pattern on them, which she decided to pair with a red top that has frills on it. What makes this outfit off is the mix of patterns and frills. A more simple top would make this outfit look more well put together. To complete the outfit, she threw on a jean jacket that was cropped and cowboy boots, which we know makes a country girl complete. Even though her outfit is not on point, there is one thing for sure is that her voice is definitely on point and at the end, that is all that matters.

10 Fab: Red Hot And Fabulous

via: US Magazine

Wearing red on the red carpet is a look we have seen from Carrie before. She has no problem rocking the red hot color because she looks fabulous in it. The top of this red dress hangs off of one shoulder and has a leaf pattern with a little sheer material. It is a floor-length dress, however, it does have a slit to show off some leg. When it comes to showing off some legs, Carrie has no issue, as most of the dresses that she wears either has a slit or is above the knee. Carrie added an elegant touch with a beautiful updo, featuring some side-swept bangs. Like most of her red carpet looks, Carrie did not wear a lot of jewelry and kept it simple with a few rings and a silver clutch.

9 Dud: An Outfit From The Past

via: US Magazine

Young Carrie had no experience walking the red carpet, however, after winning American Idol, walking the red carpet became the norm. Just like most things, her fashion in the beginning needed a little help. During one of the final episodes of her season, Carrie walked the red carpet wearing an orange, leopard print dress with crimped hair. The dress on the pattern is not one that most people would pick to wear. A look that may have been in fashion back then, but it is now something that should be kept in the past. Maybe Carrie did not care how she looked because in the near future she was about to become the winner of American Idol. Even though her dress may not be the best looking one she has ever wore, she still looked beautiful. A pretty face, but a not such a pretty dress.

8 Fab: A Dress From Another Galaxy

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It is safe to assume that Carrie loves her sequin dresses. On the red carpet for American Idol, Carrie is wearing a dress that is out of this world. The sequin dress gives off a galaxy feel, as it has a pattern that resembles stars and a dark blue sky. Carrie can pull off a blue dress since the color looks great with her blonde hair. This long-sleeved dress was a perfect length, as it showed off her legs. Her accessories were perfect for the outfit, as they brought out the bling in the outfit since both her shoes and clutch were silver and shiny. Her hair had loose waves which were ideal for a dress that shines since you do not want to take any attention away from the dress itself. Through her smile, surely, this is an outfit Carrie was proud of and she knows she looked great.

7 Dud: One With Nature

via: Sounds Like Nashville

At a first glance, this gown has potential to be an elegant gown, however, with the design on the top half of the gown, it looks like this came straight out of the forest. It looks like this gown is wrapped with leaves and branches. It is a dress that is one with nature. Without those tree-like decorations, the plain white dress would make a great red carpet outfit. With so many dresses walking the red carpet, it could be hard to stand out. However, with a dress like this, Carrie definitely caught everyone's attention. Carrie did look great in the gown, even though it was a bit distracting. Maybe Carrie enjoys the great outdoors, so having her gown reflect that is the look she was going for. After all, she is a country girl.

6 Fab: Every Women Loves A Black Dress

via: People

You can never go wrong with wearing a black dress. Carrie looked so elegant in this black gown and it looked amazing on her. Everyone can pull off the color black and it is a color that can keep an outfit clean. When wearing black, sometimes, less is more, which is why Carrie did not wear much jewelry, just a diamond, charm necklace. She rocked short hair that was curled to add to the elegant aspect of this outfit. Even though we could not see her shoes, we can assume that they were a great addition to the overall look. Carrie may be keeping it simple with an all-black gown, but the award she is holding is taking this outfit to a whole other level. Not only is she winning awards, she is also winning the hearts of fashionistas everywhere.

5 Dud: A Very Chaotic Look

via: US Magazine

On the bright side, the style of this dress is very pretty, however, the print is a whole different story. There is a lot going on in the print of this dress. It is hard to distinguish the colors of the dress or what the pattern even is. It does look like there are some floral aspects to this dress, but it is hard to tell for sure. Who knows where to look at when you see this dress. Since there is so much going on with the dress, Carrie wore no jewelry and carried a simple, light purple clutch. Since the dress had so many colors, you could probably match it with almost any color. Even though her dress was not looking the best, her makeup definitely made up for it. Carrie looked beautiful and she wore the dress with a beautiful smile. Even though she was smiling, who knows what she really was thinking about this chaotic dress.

4 Fab: Thigh High Boots and Fringe

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In recent fashion, thigh-high boots have become a very popular trend. We see celebrities pairing these boots with short dresses, whether they are an elegant dress or a more casual dress. For this performance, Carrie wore black, thigh-high boots with an off-white, fringe dress and she looked great. The black boots and the off-white dress looked good together and gave this outfit a fun look. It is a perfect outfit to wear for a performance since it is comfortable and gives a great on stage look. Let's be honest, it does not matter what Carrie is wearing because people are only there to listen to her voice. Thigh-high boots are always a good idea and can make any outfit look better.

3 Dud: Tornado Carrie Hits The Red Carpet

via: US Magazine

This gown is definitely one of the more questionable ones Carrie has worn on a red carpet. At the Country Music Awards, Carrie stepped onto the red carpet wearing a gown that closely resembled a tornado. The dress was a grey color and had layers on the gown that makes it look like a wind tunnel. Since the gown was floor-length, it covered most of Carrie's body, making it look like the gown was taking over. She was lost in this dress and it did not flatter her at all. By looking at it, you cannot help but think that she was stuck in a fashion disaster. The midsection included what looked like flowers, however, the flowers just got lost in the dress. The positive aspect of this dress is that it does show off Carrie's figure a bit. At least her face and hair looked beautiful, however, we cannot help but notice she is missing her smile.

2 Fab: Business As Usual

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When Carrie is not walking the red carpet, attending award shows, or putting on a performance, she is still always in business mode. Carrie hits the streets in her casual style, wearing blue jeans and a cute grey top. This look is the complete opposite than the gowns we are used to seeing Carrie wear, but this shows that she is more than the glam persona she puts on. She looks just as good on her days off as she does on the red carpet. Since not everyone walks the red carpet, this is a look that most people can relate to and model their wardrobe off of. This outfit shows the laid-back side of Carrie, even though she is wearing high heels and not her cowboy boots. I guess wearing cowboy boots in New York City is not something people do.

1 Dud: School Boy Inspired Look

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Carrie is all ready for school in this schoolboy-inspired outfit. This outfit looks like something a high schooler would wear, but not because they want to. Carrie wore grey shorts with a white top and a black blazer. To add to the school uniform look, Carrie had on a black tie and thigh-high socks. Even though this outfit looks like it belongs to someone who is in school, I bet if someone had to wear a uniform, they would hope it looks like this one. It may not be a popular outfit, but it is a look some people like. School uniforms can be ugly and most students hate wearing them, but who would have thought that they would actually be considered fashionable— or at least fashionable to Carrie.

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