10 Cardi B Outfits That Are On Point (And 10 We Wish We Could Forget)

First, let’s start this off by giving credit to Cardi B for much more than just her cool sense of fashion because she is one of the most powerful female rappers in the game at the moment. She’s smart, talented, and insanely beautiful, and when it comes to her style choices she gets it right often and has done so for years. Remember the floral combo she wore to the 2016 premiere of America's Next Top Model?

There’s a good reason Cardi B has been getting so much attention for her outfits and that’s because unlike so many others, she chooses not to play it safe and has taken risks, wearing tight leather dresses and boots, mixing bright and bold prints, and playing around with textures, including faux fur and fishnets. I’m happy to say that most of the time these fashion risks pay off, except when they don’t -- and I’m pretty sure you all remember the times that she got it really, really, wrong, because they are hard to forget!

Below are 10 Cardi B outfits that are definitely on point, and then there are 10 looks which we wish she never looked at twice, let alone put on.

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20 She Slayed In All Black During NYFW

Like I mentioned before, Cardi B is a woman who isn’t afraid to take chances when it comes to her clothes, and while you or I may freak out at the thought of wearing a leather, almost Matrix-inspired coat, the rapper is far more daring. And it’s definitely paid off!

The world’s fashion weeks are a time for the most stylish people to come together and to flaunt their looks, and during New York Fashion Week in 2017 Cardi B was spotted leaving Shayne Oliver’s Helmut Lang show, and it’s safe to say she turned everyone’s heads with her all-black ensemble. It’s a leather coat which doubles as a dress, paired with fishnet stockings and black boots, and the combination is killer, especially when worn alongside her fiance Offset's bright red ensemble because the two colors work so well together!

19 Casual Meets Chic In A Tracksuit

When she gets it right, she really gets it right! There's a time and place for fancy outfits that belong on the red carpet, and then there is a time for laid-back ones, and what you have to admire about Cardi B’s looks is that you never really know what to expect. She can rock high fashion and fancy gowns, but she can also tone it down with outfits that are casual yet chic, much like this white Vetements Champion sweatsuit -- loved by many celebs, including Kendall Jenner.

The rapper reportedly wore this athleisure-inspired outfit to the VFLIES FW17 fashion show, and there was so much right with it! The pants are fitted so she still retains her great figure, and it's so much more than just a tracksuit thanks to the slightly oversized arms and logo panels which run down the side of the hoodie.

18 She Cleaned Up Real Good For A Pre-Grammy Party

When Cardi B stepped onto the red carpet at the 2018 pre-Grammy party held by Warner Music Group it seems she had one goal in mind: wow everyone with her classy outfit. We’ve already established that she looks fantastic when she wears sold, muted tones, but it’s not just the simplicity of this dress that is great, but the way it perfectly compliments her curves.

I have to give Cardi B a 10 out of 10 for this look because it’s fire. Seriously, I love everything from the actual dress and it’s interesting neckline, to the way she chose to accessorize her outfit by wearing her hair in loose tresses, opting for a killer pair of kills, and even the bright red nails -- which add a tiny pop of color to an otherwise muted outfit.

17 Lady In Red Stole All The Attention

Cardi B likes to play with textures and she’s been photographed on more than one occasion bringing out the sequins, faux fur, and leather, and while these looks have a time and a place, the “Bartier Cardi” hitmaker also knows that sometimes a simple look that hugs your curves (and her assets) in all the right places is all you need to make it onto the best-dressed list.

You don’t need me to say anything about this outfit, which she wore to the Philipp Plein Fall/Winter 2017/2018 fashion show because a picture says a thousand words, but if I have to offer up an opinion here I’d say that red is Cardi B’s color! It really pops against her dark locks and this jumpsuit shows off her body without having to show off skin, which is a win-win.

16 The Perfect Princess Dress For A Rap Queen

Just when you think you can’t possibly fall more in love with Cardi B’s style, she impresses you all over again. This voluminous seafoam green gown was designed by Christian Siriano, who happens to be one of her favorite designers, and while it’s not the most practical ever (rumor has it she had to sit in the trunk of the car because she couldn’t fit into the seat thanks to loads of layers), it’s stunning.

This is the outfit that the rapper wore to Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball in 2017, and Siriano shared a few words on her outfit choice during an interview with Fader. He told the publication, "She just loves clothes. It's really great to be in a fitting with her and for her to get excited about what she's trying on." Which is what basically makes her a designer’s dream client.

And while you can’t see her shoes in this look, she opted for a really bright pair of pink.

15 Fenty Puma Has Never Looked This Good

Rihanna is a woman who is celebrated for her unique and daring sense of style, which is why she has tried her hand at design collaborations, and they are successful ones at that. And it seems that she has found a fan in Cardi B, who rocked this outfit while attending the FENTY PUMA by Rihanna Spring/Summer 2018 Collection in New York City.

Say hello to one of Cardi B’s greatest looks with denim shorts and a cropped top, all pulled together with a bold Fenty Puma cropped puffer jacket. Honestly, what’s not to love about this look? It’s trendy and cool, but Cardi B also looks comfortable. Plus, you really have to love how she completed her look with amazing Louis Vuitton boots, and to choose them in white really adds a crisp element to this outfit.

Excuse us while we fangirl in the corner!

14 Custom-Made Christian Siriano? Yes, Please!

Again, this outfit is total goals, and it’s custom-made by designer by Christian Siriano.

Cardi B stepped out in this unique white design while on the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards in August of 2017, and she got it so right. The design is great on her (after all, Siriano is well-known for knowing exactly how to dress a woman, regardless of her body shape) and it seems to be inspired by the iconic cone bra Madonna wore during her 1990 Blond Ambition tour, which was designed by French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The color is attention-grabbing, but it’s also really risky to wear all-white because it’s the least forgiving color and even the slightest stain would leave it looking tacky. But sometimes risks pay off, and the train on this outfit looks amazing.

13 The Perfect Balance Between Elegance And Femininity

Cardi B has a great figure and she is definitely not shy about showing off her curves, and a lot of skin. Sometimes she pushes that line, but this outfit, which she wore to the premiere of Being Mary Jane in New York has found the perfect middle ground between elegance and femininity.

Is she showing off a lot of skin? Yes, but she balances out this look so nicely by ensuring that she reveals no skin on the top half of her look. We love the oversized top paired with the thigh split skirt and the combination is both feminine but still classy. Also, we can’t look at this outfit without mentioning that the rapper’s accessorizing game is strong because she chose to sleek back her hair, bring out the pearl earrings, and then finish it all of with a great pair of open-toed sandals.

12 This Is How All Florals Should Be Worn

I personally am not a fan of florals because I feel as though they make me look as though I’ve raided a wardrobe from the sixties and there is no way I can pull it off. Cardi B, on the other hand, is capable of pulling off most things and she slayed with this Gucci floral dress when she arrived at the 2016 premiere of America's Next Top Model.

She chose to finish the look off with more Gucci, this time with leather, low top platform sneakers. What's great about the platform sneakers is that they make this look more funky and youthful than it would have been had she chosen to pair it with stilettos instead.

This look is not for everyone, but I think most us can agree that it's really fun!

11 Black And Red Is The Perfect Combo

When Cardi B gets it right, she really gets it right and her love of fashion is clearly shown in this image.

She shared her look on Instagram because she’s proud of it and she has every reason to be with such a winning look. Although the bright red coat (again, red looks amazing on her) hides what I assume is a figure-hugging black bodysuit with red panels, that doesn’t matter because I already know that the look underneath is just as impressive with or without the coat. I also love how she toned down the look with a more muted bodysuit.

Her shoes are adorable, and her sunglasses are so chic. This ensemble is classy and elegant, but at the same time, it still has that edginess that I love about Cardi B.

10 Less Candy Wrapper And Ripped Stockings, Please

If Cardi B wanted everyone’s attention when she was headlining a show at The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort & Casino then her dress certainly ensured that she got it, but the shiny gunmetal grey ensemble is probably not something people are going to remember for the right reasons. Let’s be honest, she’s worn much better!

The fabric looks like the inside foil of a candy wrapper, and it’s as though Cardi B decided to take one and turn it into a ruffled mini dress (or rather the designer who made this *ahem* creation did). Also, it’s not just the dress that’s hideous, but the fact that her stockings have holes in them, and if they are meant to be like this, then the placement is all wrong.

The only silver lining of this disappointing look is the Balenciaga boots!

9 So Much Color It’s Blinding!

Please close your eyes because you definitely don’t want to see this look that Cardi B wore to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors: All Hail The Queens, at Hammerstein Ballroom! I have said before that she’s a risk taker, and to find your own personal style it’s all about being open to new things, but I wish that she hadn’t been open to this outfit because it looks as though she rolled in a magazine and it got stuck onto her dress. No, just no.

There is far too much color and pattern clashing happening on this dress (I’m not a fan of a graffiti print on a good day) and if Cardi B had chosen to tone down the outfit with a plain jean jacket then maybe I could forgive this outfit, but the bold print on the jacket only clashes even more.

8 Please, Leave The Robe At Home

Latex and green silk? No thanks. The problem with this look Cardi B had on for the 2017 BET Awards in Los Angeles, California, is that it looks a lot like a pair of pajamas covered up by a nightgown, and I don’t think I need to go into detail about why that doesn’t work.

Do I like this outfit if I was walking around home drinking hot chocolate and preparing for a fancy event? Of course, the robe is beautiful for within the comfort of your own house, but once it leaves those walls it also loses its appeal. Without the robe this could have been a cute outfit to perform in, after all, it’s perfectly acceptable to be more daring when you’re going to be on stage because you need to wow the crowd.

7 Um, Is This A Dress From Black Swan?

This is one outfit that has divided opinion and a lot of people are probably going to be mad that I’m criticizing the outfit Cardi B wore to the 60th Annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden.

The gown was designed by Ashi Studio, and there is definitely a lot of work that has gone into it to make it so structured. The white lace is pretty and the accessories are again on point, but the dress is just too ballerina meets black swan for me, and I’m not a fan of poofy gowns. There is something I really love about this outfit though, and that was the rapper's decision to wear white, a reported nod to Time’s Up and Me Too movements. According to Glamour, the designer told The Hollywood Reporter that they had already been working on a colored gown, but made the decision last minute to change it to white.

6 The Blonds Are Known For Being OTT, I Get It

No, just no!

Now, let’s get into why this is a big no, and the simple answer is because fur and baubles should never be combined. Cardi B fans know she’s a lover of fur (or is this faux fur), but on this outfit, the placement is just bizarre. She’s wearing an intricately beaded corset, which is actually beautiful and you can tell that hours of work has gone into it, but the fur accents are just so wrong.

It’s worth mentioning that this look is meant to be OTT, after all, it was designed by The Blonds, and Cardi B wore this ensemble to their New York Fashion Week show. She also crossed off two goals from her bucket list with this fashion show and outfit, because she’s a massive fan of the design duo. Still, just because a look is meant to be bold, doesn’t mean we have to like it.

5 A Hideous Color On An Ugly Dress

At first glance, you may wonder why I wish that Cardi B had never decided to wear this Victoria Hayes dress while attending the Stream TIDAL X: Brooklyn Benefit Concert back in 2017. You may think that compared to the heavy cutouts, odd fur placements, and crazy ruffles that she's worn that this look is pretty tame, but tame is not what makes a nice outfit.

I love the nude Louboutin shoes, and I love those earrings, but it’s just the belted turquoise dress that I can’t get behind and really, that’s the only issue with this look. The dress looks cheap, and I’m telling you it wasn’t, but more than that, the color is awful and the sheer outer layer doesn’t seem to do it justice because it looks like a robe you’d wear to bed, rather than something you’d wear out.

4 Say No To The Sheer (And The Metallics)

What the heck was Cardi B thinking? This is the only question I want to ask while looking at this photo of her skin-tight jumpsuit, which she wore in in August of 2017, to the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight in Las Vegas.

It’s very obvious what’s wrong with this look and that’s that there is way too much sparkle! Sequins and metallics can be cute when they are toned down, but there are so many embellishments, sheer inserts, and shine, that the whole look is bizarre and overwhelming. Are figure-hugging body suits poor taste? No, they can look great and Cardi B definitely has the body to rock this, so it’s mostly just the fact that she chose something that was so out there.

At least her shoes are nice, I guess.

3 My Grandma Called, She Wants Her Top Back

There’s something I like about this outfit, and then there is something I really don’t. The crepe high-waisted pants look fantastic, and I love this green color on Cardi B (so cute that she matched her shoes to her top, too) but that’s probably where my praise ends.

The biggest fail of this outfit is that top, which is a horrible mixture of satin, buttons, and fur, and looks like it could have come from my granny’s cupboard. There’s no denying that the rapper looked like an elegant lady when she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and the shapes are so right for her, but sixties glam is just not her style!

But what do you think? Am I totally off the mark with this one?!

2 Cardi B, The Christmas Bauble

It makes sense to attend the 2017 iHeart Jingle Ball looking like a Christmas bauble, doesn’t it? And if that’s what the rapper was going for then she definitely succeeded because her outfit is a sequin overload.

I think by this point on this list it’s been made very clear that our favorite female rapper has a love for metallics and sparkle, and at times she really rocks it, but then there are moments like this when, if the light hits her outfit in a certain way, you are bound to be blinded.

And it’s not just embellishments we hope to never see again, but the hem of that dress and the awkward placements on the hips almost resemble a saloon girl. I love you Cardi B, but please spare us all the pain of having to see this outfit in public ever again.

1 It’s A Sheer Overload

Cardi B is a woman who has an amazing figure and she’s a fantastic role model in many ways because she’s all about female empowerment and body positivity. For this, and so much more, I love her. That said, I don’t love this outfit.

Sheer panels can classy and feminine, but this dress definitely wasn’t created with the idea that less is more in mind. If I’m not mistaken, this piece was designed by LaQuan Smith, and Cardi B is a big fan of it because she revealed as much in an Instagram post.

But even the biggest hater can admit that the color is pretty and that the outfit would have looked amazing on Cardi B, had it been less see-thru because I’m loving the way it hugs her curves.

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