WWE Raw's 10 Best Celebrity Guest Hosts

The Guest Host of Raw is a tradition that began back in 2009, with Vince McMahon’s surprise introduction of former WWE Superstar, Batista. Since then, it’s been a fairly bumpy ride of both good and ba

The Guest Host of Raw is a tradition that began back in 2009, with Vince McMahon’s surprise introduction of former WWE Superstar, Batista. Since then, it’s been a fairly bumpy ride of both good and bad hosts. Most celebrities show up to promote a side-project, and tend to come off way too fake, nervous, or bored with WWE’s role. Over the years, fans have been incredibly critical of guest hosts, to the point where they basically hated the idea of a new celebrity being brought out week after week.

Among the ninety-two stars that have pass through, there have been a select few that have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and were really entertaining. Usually, the key to a good host is someone who is genuinely a fan of wrestling, and isn’t there to necessarily promote anything. As a fan, it’s really easy to decipher those that “have” to be there and those that “want” to be on the show.

Cutting down to the ten best was pretty difficult, so a couple honorable mentions to those who just missed the cut. Snoop Dogg has made multiple WWE appearances, and always got the crowd hyped up with his energy, and genuine enthusiasm towards wrestling. Betty White’s comedy came across pretty well, especially her most memorable line: “I’m gonna kick some a**!” So with that, let’s check out the top ten celebrities who presence actually improved WWE’s product.

10 Wayne Brady

The man with many talents decided to take them to WWE’s Raw back in 2010, and quickly found out it’s probably better to keep a distance from the wrestling talent. Wayne found himself in between a feuding Randy Orton and Edge, and thought it would be best to introduce himself to “The Viper”.

9 Grumpy Cat

A somewhat strange choice by the WWE, they decided to go with Grumpy Cat, one of the more successful internet stars, thanks to being, well, a grumpy-looking cat. If you happened to be on social media that night, you would have seen nearly every WWE Superstar take a picture with this cat, which was great, unless you don’t like cats.

8 Hugh Jackman

One of the few celebrities to come back and host Raw, he’s typically a big fan favorite, and was involved in not one, but two memorable moments. In the video above, Hugh was in the corner of Zack Ryder and decided to help him out, by punching Dolph Ziggler in the face. WWE then pushed a story that Hugh Jackman broke Ziggler’s jaw (he didn’t), but media outlets picked up on the story, and it was a nice PR bump for the WWE.

7 Seth Green

A legit super fan of the WWE, Seth Green was the first non-wrestling celebrity to host Raw, and he had an absolute ball doing it. With a giant smile on his face, Seth got right into the mix, and found himself in a tag match with Triple H and John Cena. The trio went up against former heel stable, Legacy, which comprised of Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Ted DiBiase Jr.

6 Bob Barker

The old Price is Right host came to Raw, seriously? Yep, and he was fantastic, the crowd was fully into his segments, and Bob was incredibly entertaining. During the show, they actually played the Price is Right with Jillian, Santino Marella, I.R.S., and a very pissed off, Chris Jericho. Y2J actually got up in Bob’s face, but was eventually sent off the stage when Bob threatened to “put Jericho over his knee.”

5 Jeremy Piven

This is one of the more polarizing celebrity hosts, as some fans absolutely loved what he brought to the show, while others felt like he ruined it. Jeremy was the first host to come to the event as a heel (bad guy) to promote his side project, he was basically in character, for the entire show.

4 Mark Cuban

Mark has been involved with the WWE on multiple occasions, but back in 2009 he came on to host and moderate the contract signing between John Cena and Sheamus. Trying to keep the peace, Mark was tossed aside by Sheamus, eventually regaining his composure; he went face-to-face with Sheamus, and pushed the big man down to the mat.

3 Shaquille O’Neal

Another huge fan of wrestling, Shaq has appeared on WWE TV plenty of times, but his 2009 guest host appearance may have been the best. He went, nose-to-nose (kind of) with Chris Jericho, calling him “Christina”, and then gave him a kiss on the forehead for added embarrassment. Shaq was the enforcer for the main event between Cryme Tyme and Big Show/Chris Jericho; which led to an eventual stare down between Big Show and Shaq.

2 The Muppets

The Muppets are also a popular choice from fans, thanks to their interactions with the wrestlers throughout the entire night. Miss Piggy fit in just perfectly as a Diva, and was none too pleased when Kelly Kelly gave her man, Kermit, a kiss on the cheek when she came to the ring.

1 Jon Stewart

Jon’s son is a huge WWE fan, so what better way to win “Father of the Year” than by going on his son’s favorite show? Not only did Stewart do a great job on the mic by throwing out gems like saying Seth Rollins looks like a “SWAT team stripper, with Lady Gaga hair”, but he kicked the WWE Champion in the nuts, and hightailed it out of the ring!

That alone was pretty impressive, but he actually got involved in Rollins vs. Cena at SummerSlam, costing Cena the match, by hitting him with a chair. Taking on the role of the “unapologetic smark fan” (even though he apologized later), Jon Stewart showed up the next night on Raw to say he interfered because he didn’t want Cena to overcome Ric Flair’s record. Cena eventually came out, was super pissed at Jon for getting involved, and gave the former Daily Show host an Attitude Adjustment for his actions.

Stewart is number one because not only did he talk the talk, but he took a nice bump, and got the WWE tons of mainstream media attention, which is the central reason why WWE invites celebrities in the first place.



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WWE Raw's 10 Best Celebrity Guest Hosts