Vince McMahon's 10 Most Embarrassing Moments in WWE

The McMahon name is synonymous with professional wrestling, and it all started with a man named Vincent McMahon. Back in 1980, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, bought a company called Capitol Sports from his father, and the WWF was born. McMahon’s idea was to change the world of professional wrestling. McMahon described professional wrestling as being broken up into many territories, and each one of them had their own boundaries and owners. McMahon claimed he wanted to take all those little territories, and unite them into one big one. After all, someone had to unite all of those territories, and McMahon wanted to rule over all of them.

Once the WWF was born, which was also known as the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon wanted to take things further, and wanted wrestling to be on every major television network across the country. Naturally, what McMahon wanted to do did not sit well with other wrestling owners, but there was no stopping him from making the WWF a household name. Every time these wrestlers spoke, the audience went wild! However, just how far would Vince McMahon go to make his company a success? Very far.

McMahon has gone to many extremes for the sake of ratings and shock value. So far in fact that many of his antics are considered moments he should not be too proud of. Here is a list of 10 of the most embarrassing moments for the owner of the WWE.


10 Stone Cold Steve Austin Ruins McMahon’s Corvette with Cement

One thing about the feud between Austin and McMahon was the fact it was extreme. Stone Cold hijacked a cement truck, and with McMahon in his office, Stone Cold drove the truck right over to where a white convertible Corvette was parked. No one knew why Austin was driving the cement truck, but it became clear pretty quick when he parked that big truck right beside the car. According to the announcers, Jim Ross and the King, the Corvette was from Vince McMahon’s personal collection, and had a value of over $50,000. The look on McMahon’s face was sheer horror. When Austin hit the button, and a very valuable car began being filled with cement.

9 Stone Cold Steve Austin Pours Beer on the McMahon Family


Nothing says major embarrassment for Vince McMahon and his son Shane McMahon too, than being covered in beer. Stone Cold Steve Austin was going to take on The Rock, and at the time, he had the McMahon family in his corner. Stone Cold drove a beer truck right up to the ring, and with the Rock, and the two McMahon family members in it, he began hosing down everyone with beer. The audience went wild seeing Vince and Shane McMahon covered in beer, and the two did resemble drowned rats by the time Austin was done giving them a beer bath.

8 Vince McMahon Loses His Pants

What could be more embarrassing than the owner of accompany standing in the middle of the square circle with his pants down around his ankles? McMahon had lowered his pants so Trish Stratus, the women’s champion, could kiss his behind. The Rock came out to give his opinion on the matter, and would not even let McMahon fix his pants during his speech. McMahon had to walk in the center of the ring, while the Rock berated him, and then finished the segment off by giving him the “Rock Bottom,” much to the audience’s delight. The Rock wanted to humiliate his boss in front of everyone and on live TV, which was something that McMahon might have deserved given his behavior at the time.

7 Stone Cold Steve Austin Attacks Vince McMahon In the Hospital


The peace and quiet did not last for McMahon during his hospital stay, because soon after Mankind and his clown friend left, Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up. Since it was a hospital, Stone Cold dressed up in scrubs and a mask, and proceeded to beat up his boss. What made this whole attack very believable was the fact Vince McMahon really did act like he was getting beaten up. Austin was quite creative, not only did he attack McMahon’s heavily bandaged foot, but also used a defibrillator machine to zap him. The last thing Austin did was get creative with an IV, which he kindly stuck in McMahon’s buttocks. It was definitely a hospital stay that McMahon will never forget, and neither will anyone else!

6 Stone Cold Steve Austin Threatens to Shoot Vince McMahon

The feud between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon only got worse. After being attacked by Austin in the hospital, McMahon decided to fire Steve Austin. While in a wheelchair, McMahon was in the ring when Steve Austin returned to the building. Austin claimed he was armed, and was going to shoot his now former boss in front of everyone, and on live television. At this point in the feud, Austin must have figured he had nothing to lose, and there was nothing more embarrassing than seeing Vince McMahon begging for his life. McMahon even managed to begin crying as he shamelessly begged Austin to spare him, and it was quite a sight to see a powerful man like McMahon acting terrified.

5 Vince McMahon Gets His Head Shaved by Donald Trump


Donald Trump is one of the world’s richest and most powerful men, and at one time, he made a guest appearance on WWE TV. Donald Trump and Vince McMahon started feuding, and the result was each man picked a wrestler to duke it out to see who was the most powerful man. The stakes were that the loser had to have his head shaved, and they both traded shots back and forth about their hair. The match between their two wrestlers took place at WrestleMania, and the result was not good for Vincent McMahon. The wrestler representing Vince was named Umaga, and he lost to Donald Trump’s wrestler Bobby Lashley, giving Trump the privilege of shaving McMahon's head. McMahon did not take the loss of his match or his hair well, and protested so vehemently that Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to help. In the end, Vince McMahon was bald and very embarrassed.

4 Degeneration X Shows McMahon Family Childhood Photos

Degeneration X was made up of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and X-Pac, and at one time, they were all feuding with not only Vince McMahon, but his son Shane, too. What was supposed to be a proud moment for the McMahon family, which was the announcement that Vince was a now a grandpa to a granddaughter, turned out to be a major embarrassment. Triple H started things off by saying he had photos of Vince McMahon, but warned the audience that pictures taken back in the Civil War time were not the greatest. The photos were obviously photoshopped, but it did give the audience a good laugh at the expense of the McMahon family.


3 Vince McMahon and CM Punk


If there was one thing that could be said about Vince McMahon, it was the fact that the man had skills when it came to stirring up an audience. When McMahon wanted to sign a deal with CM Punk, he came out from behind the curtain, but he did not like how the audience was reacting. What did McMahon do? He stepped back behind the curtain! Naturally, the audience was surprised that McMahon would not come down the ramp to the ring, so they had to amp things up a bit in order to give a reaction that McMahon liked better. How embarrassing was it for McMahon to have to wait until the audience reacted better to his presence before he came down to the ring?

2 Mankind Pays a Visit to a Hospitalized Vince McMahon

During a storyline, Vince McMahon was injured, and ended up being taken away in an ambulance. McMahon supposedly spent days in the hospital, and while bedridden, Mankind decided to cheer up his boss by paying him a visit. However, Mankind brought a clown to help make McMahon’s stay more fun, but his uninvited visitors did not make McMahon happy. Mankind tried his best to cheer McMahon up, and even brought along his hand puppet, “Mr. Socko.” The clown, and Mankind too, started making balloon animals, but a frustrated McMahon just wanted to be left in peace, and ultimately threw both of them out.

1 Stone Cold Steve Austin Stuns The McMahons


Stone Cold Steven Austin, and Vince McMahon, were in the ring together, and McMahon wanted to talk to Austin. From the moment Austin entered the ring, it was clear he was not happy to be there, nor was he happy at what McMahon was saying. Austin looked like a caged tiger, and when he was given the chance to speak, he did not have pleasant things to say. McMahon talked about Austin being more cooperative, and falling in line with other wrestlers. The result was Austin claiming he would cooperate, but he then gave McMahon the stunner. A group of cops arrested Austin immediately, and he was led away while in handcuffs. The crowd loved that Stone Cold refused to cooperate with McMahon, and the stunner, plus Austin’s arrest, was just the icing on the cake of a perfect evening.

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