Top 50 Beautiful Women In Professional Wrestling History

The ladies of WWE are best known for their ability to kick serious butt in the ring, and most of them had a solid reputation for the fact they also for looked fantastic while they did so. Keep reading

The ladies of WWE are best known for their ability to kick serious butt in the ring, and most of them had a solid reputation for the fact they also for looked fantastic while they did so. Keep reading to discover our picks for the 50 sexiest women to ever step inside a squared circle.

50 Victoria


With nicknames like the Vicious Vixen and the Black Widow, there may be an open risk with a woman like Victoria. It looks like she’s probably worth it, though.

49 Miss Tessmacher

Via Total Nonstop Action

Her time in WWE felt a little bit thrown together for an extreme expose, but Brooke Tessmacher eventually achieved the screen time looks like hers deserved in TNA.

48 Lana


Lana marry Rusev. Rusev smash. Lana still gorgeous. Congrats, Rusev.

47 Sasha Banks


The Boss is spearheading the women’s revolution with her outstanding matches, and we can’t get over how damn good she looks while she’s doing it.

46 Eva Marie


Eva Marie was inspired by fans chanting she couldn’t wrestle to train harder than ever before and prove them wrong. Perhaps through this logic, we should tell her she’s bad at dating, too, and try and get her to prove us wrong there.

45 Lita


It just feels right to start off the list with Lita…even if her dating history makes it seem like she might not be the girl to go the distance with.

44 Sherri Martel


Some people thought she was scary, but beneath the masks and the make-up, Queen Sherri was always sensational in our book.

43 Tori


WWE fans today might not even remember Tori with one R. Those that do probably aren’t surprised with a body like hers, she was the one who taught the then still very demonic Kane how to love.

42 Madusa


When compared to Madusa, maybe the WWE women’s division of the mid 90’s really was just a bunch of trash.

41 Daffney

Via Total Nonstop Action

What can we say? Sometimes, we dig a girl who’s a little bit crazy. And Daffney definitely was.

40 Asuka


…or even absolutely out of her god damned mind insane. Like Asuka.

39 Missy Hyatt


We never understood why Stan Hansen was so mad Missy Hyatt showed up in his locker room that one time. Seems like a good night to us.

38 Paige


She might be called the anti-diva, and have a propensity for going on rampages, but with looks like hers Paige is definitely more than worth the trouble.

37 Mickie James


We wouldn’t turn down a chance to be with Mickie James, but we’d also be completely content helping her pursue Trish Stratus. As long as we get to watch. Just a little.

36 Ivory


Maybe she wasn’t glowing when she joined the Right to Censor, but Ivory technically debuted with The Godfather, so deep down she always seemed like a party girl to us.

35 Cherry Bomb

Via One Fall Wrestling

Her finishing move claims anger is beauty, and that can only make us wonder what has her so pissed off all the time.

34 Reby Sky

Via Reby Sky

Matt Hardy goes off the rails further and further each deletion, but one decision of his we completely understand was hooking up with Reby Sky.

33 Molly Holly


Molly Holly probably would’ve succeeded on an even greater in the modern era thanks to the women’s revolution, but we think she looked great regardless of what era she competed in.

32 Megumi Kudo

Via Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling

Megumi Kudo deserves some serious bonus points, since not only was she gorgeous enough to have a second career as a glamour model, but she also excelled in the types of matches that saw her skin ripped apart by barbed wire, and that’s when the ring wasn’t literally exploding.

31 Woman

Via Pinterest

It’s hard to separate Woman from the tragic circumstance of her death. Those who can, however, easily remember why her moniker was the embodiment of the most female qualities.

30 Becky Lynch


The Irish Lasskicker is evolving as a wrestler at a rapid rate regardless of where WWE throws her, and she manages to defy physics by looking both hotter and cooler with every step of the metamorphosis.

29 Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie sits atop WWE headquarters on her throne with Triple H, but we believe she’s hired plenty of women far more beautiful than she is. Of course, she’s still a billion dollar babe, herself.

28 Aksana

Via YouTube

The leather-clad Lithuanian disappeared from WWE several years ago, and her fashion sense has been sorely missed.

27 Kelly Kelly


The extreme exhibitionist looked so nice they had to name her twice.

26 Christy Hemme


The winner of the first televised diva search may not have lasted too long in WWE, but there’s a reason so many fans voted for her in the first place.

25 Terri


Terri was a pretty mean sister, and it's simple nature that most men wish they had the gold to please her.

24 Major Gunns


Misfits In Action was a terrible stable made primarily of puns so bad they ruined careers. Still, it was almost worth it, if only because it introduced the world to Major Gunns.

23 Michelle McCool


The bullying angle was far from cool, but at least Michelle looked good enough to raise the dead while reading terrible insults.

22 Gail Kim

Via Still Real to Us

It makes sense Gail Kim does better in TNA than she did in WWE. One look at her and anyone could tell she’s a knockout.

21 Torrie Wilson

Via Wrestling Media

Her dad may have been the cure for insomnia, but Torrie is more than capable of keeping us awake.

20 Candice Michelle


The Go Daddy Girl always left WWE fans feeling like they experienced a sugar rush.

19 Francine


The Queen of Extreme typically only liked guys with gold, but now that ECW is out of business and she’ll need to open her dating pool to include non-champions, maybe we have a chance.

18 Miss Elizabeth


Okay, Macho Man, we admit it—we have lustful eyes.

17 Kimona Wanalaya


Her name might’ve been a little bit on the nose, but we’ll hardcore, we’ll take her anyway.

16 Catrina

Via Lucha Underground

Getting an ass kicking from Mil Muertes is definitely worth it if we get the lick of death from Catrina afterwards.

15 Maryse


The jury is still out on The Miz, but his wife is awesome.

14 Sable


Let’s hope Brock Lesnar isn’t mad his wife isn’t number 1. Or that she’s on the list at all. We’re so sorry, Brock. Don’t hurt us.

13 The Kat


The Kat was the first woman ever to intentionally appear topless on WWE television, and thus is unlikely ever to return to TV. Damn the Right to Censor!

12 Sexy Star

Via Asistencia Asesoría y Administración

Every woman is sexy, and every woman is a star, but that doesn’t mean some aren’t sexier stars than others.

11 Taryn Terrell

Via Total Nonstop Action

Terrell left wrestling for religious reasons in early 2016, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a total knockout.

10 Kimberly Page


Forget DDP, Kimberly’s the one we always hoped would make us feel the bang.

9 Maria Kanellis


Fans think Maria’s still getting better every year as she passes her first decade in the business, but the really impressive thing is that she keeps getting hotter, too.

8 Alexa Bliss


There are plenty of reasons to watch NXT, but if you stopped watching now that Alexa moved up to SmackDown, we kind of get it.

7 Dawn Marie


Dawn Marie was fired from WWE when she was pregnant, and suffered one of the worst storylines in history with Al Wilson, but ECW fans at least got to see her true talents. And assets.

6 Carmella DeCesare


Carmella only lasted a few months in professional wrestling, but we’ll never forget what the other females in WWE at the time thought of her. We can’t reprint it without censoring every word, though, so why bother.

5 AJ Lee


AJ Lee was blackballed from WWE after she tweeted at Stephanie McMahon demanding equal rights for female superstars, but that hasn’t stopped her from smiling.

4 Trish Stratus


Stratusfaction was always guaranteed with the woman who predicted the diva’s revolution.

3 Sunny

Via The Sportster

Sunny goes further off the rails with each passing year, but everyone knows there was a point they wanted the original diva.

2 Stacy Keibler


Stacy left wrestling to become an actress who danced with the stars, but fans never forgot the weapon of mass seduction.

1 Beulah McGillicutty


Tommy Dreamer is one lucky Innovator of Violence. We totally understand why Raven could never get over her.

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