Top 5 Disappointments From WrestleMania 30

WrestleMania 30 has come and gone but the effects from "The Showcase of Immortals" can still be felt throughout the WWE Universe. WrestleMania 30 saw a "B+ player" thwart The Authority and reign supreme as champion, the beginning of the rise of a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion and one of the most historic and legendary feats in sports come to an end. WrestleMania 30 certainly had a bit of everything and didn't disappoint. Or did it?

Of course not every show or pay-per-view can be perfect and is certain to have it flaws. For the most part, WrestleMania 30 was a great show to watch and had its moments of excitement that reminded the WWE Universe why it loves professional wrestling. But it also had its disappointing moments and we want to point out five of the biggest disappointments from WrestleMania 30.


5 Natalya Passed Over Again

I thought this would be the night for Natalya to finally begin her second reign as Divas Champion. Nattie has the best in ring skill set of any of the Divas in WWE, but has only one reign as Divas Champion to show for it. And that was back in 2010-11. Just from following her on twitter and seeing her retweet (which I'm sure didn't even come close to a quarter of the tweets she received) all her fans who hoped she would win the Vickie Guerrero Divas Invitational, it is clear that the daughter of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart has a huge following. And they had to have been extremely disappointed (as was I) to see AJ Lee retain her title. It had to sting even more that the next night on RAW as NXT Diva Paige won the title from AJ in her RAW debut in shocking fashion. Maybe there are plans for her in the future for another reign as champion or maybe she's at the point where she wants to help put the younger Divas over, but it would be great to see Natalya as Divas Champion again. She deserves it.

4 Cena vs Wyatt Ends As Expected


Did you really think Cena was going to lose this match? Sure he has lost at WrestleMania before, but one was in a Triple Threat Match (vs Randy Orton and Triple H), another came at the hands of being screwed by The Rock (vs The Miz) and his last loss at WrestleMania came vs The Great One who was having one more run at glory in WWE. I'm sure very few had Wyatt defeating Cena. I'll admit that when the match between them was first announced for WrestleMania 30, I had Wyatt over Cena in what would be the upset of the night. But I backed out of that once the word "legacy" was brought into the equation.

But what if Cena had lost at WrestleMania? Better yet, what if Wyatt was able to bring out the monster in Cena that he had been trying to draw out. A great ending to this match would have consisted of Cena being brought past his breaking point and nailing Wyatt with a chair (or another weapon). Picture Cena completely losing it before taking a long slow walk up the ramp while Wyatt sits in the ring doing that sadistic Wyatt laugh and screaming something like, "I told you so, I told the world!" An ending like this would've thrown a huge curveball to everyone in the WWE Universe and would have offered an exciting "what's next for Cena's character?" spin on the evening.

3 Two Matches: The Shield vs Corporate Kane and The New Age Outlaws/Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Let me start out by saying either of these two matches could have been replaced by the WrestleMania Pre-Show Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Championship match that saw the Usos retain the titles. The Battle Royal not so much because of the simple fact of the legendary name of Andre the Giant being attached to it, but the 6 Man Tag match, certainly. I understand how dominant of a stable the Shield is but Kane and the Outlaws could have at least shown up in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Shield was able to steamroll its opponents for an easy win, culminating with an awesome double-triple powerbomb. The man who wanted this match, Kane, was barely a factor in the contest. To say this match underwhelmed is an understatement.

Speaking of underwhelming, The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal did just that. Battle royals really just aren't fun to watch, especially at pay-per-views. It seems like the only match of this type worth watching nowadays is that the Royal Rumble. The match didn't lack  star power (IC Champ Big E, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio) but for a match held at WrestleMania where the WWE Universe should see the best matches of any PPV, this wasn't one of them. However, the match did yield a refreshing and somewhat surprising end, as Cesaro lifted Big Show up and over the ropes to win the massive Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy. This should make way for Cesaro to rise through the ranks in WWE and become a major player. A great finish from a disappointing match is still good right?

2 Still No CM Punk


The WWE Universe continue to chant his name, then hope and wait to hear Living Colour's Cult of Personality fill the arena, but still there is no sign of CM Punk. Many expected Punk to appear in some form or fashion at WrestleMania but he continues to be M.I.A. Giving fans hope was the fact that Punk was spotted on several occasions in New Orleans during WrestleMania week but that could have been due to the fact that his sweetheart AJ Lee was set to compete at the event. I think the most logical scenario most had was Punk getting involved in some way with the Daniel Bryan/Authority story, by helping Bryan win, while starting a rivalry between himself and COO Triple H going forward. This would have made for a great story as we all know Punk is no stranger to challenging authority, on and off of the TV screen. But the issues that Punk has with the company still continue to keep the Straight Edge superstar away from WWE programming. In my opinion, the feeling is that Punk will be back, but as the weeks pass, it is clear that the WWE Universe increasingly yearns for his return. But it will make his eventual return (fingers crossed), even more epic.

1 The Streak Being Broken

There is simply no other choice for the biggest disappointment of WrestleMania 30. Calling this a disappointment is a huge understatement, but to stick to the theme of the list a disappointment is what it is. When Lesnar hoisted the beaten up The Undertaker onto his shoulders for a third F-5, only one of two things could have happened. Either The Undertaker would reverse it and regain momentum (possibly reversing into a Tombstone for the win) or Brock would execute his finishing maneuver and as Taker did twice before in the match, he would kick out. But when the referee's hand slammed down on the mat for the third time, the Superdome fell silent. The crowd did most of the talking through facial expressions while the loudest sound in the building was that of Lesnar's advocate, Paul Heyman, congratulating his client. Then the silence and shock turned into complete and utter disappointment, as loud boos reigned down from the over 75,000 on hand to witness the Streak end at 21-1. What a disappointing and outright sad way to possibly (most likely) end such a legendary and historic career. But if it indeed was The Undertaker's choice to lose, then that is his call and he has earned that right. But nonetheless a huge disappoint to his many fans and the WWE Universe as a whole.

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