Top 20 Sexy Photos of WWE's Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox has been in the company for a lot longer than many of the Divas on the current roster. As a result, she is often seen as one of the veterans of the WWE's Divas Division.

Fox was signed by the WWE in 2006 and then sent to OVW back when that was WWE’s official training territory. She headed over to FCW when it was created in 2007 and competed regularly there until 2009. It was then, that she made her official debut on WWE TV as a wedding planner.

She then climbed the ranks in WWE and was given a chance to fight for the Divas Championship, which she went on to win in 2010. Even though she only held the title for two months, she made history by becoming the first ever African American Divas Champion.

Alicia was then unveiled as one of the WWE Divas to have been added to E! Reality Show Total Divas during its second season and has been a regular cast member ever since.

She has had a much more sporadic WWE Career when it comes to in-ring competition though, and with new NXT Divas coming through to the main roster Alicia was thought to have been one of the Divas that had been forgotten. Her popularity was able to surge after she joined Team Bella though.

She was aligned with Nikki and Brie to play her part in the 2015 Divas Revolution, but the future for her is currently unknown with Brie set to retire alongside her husband Daniel Bryan and Nikki unsure if she will make a ring return.

Given her lengthy career, she obviously has many incredible online images. Here are a list of 20 that you NEED to see.


19 Divas Deadman


Alicia has always had a strange form of ring attire from what you may expect. She opts for a different kind of look with many of her outfits barely concealing her modesty.

But despite the fact that Alicia is classed as a veteran now, she still looks just as incredible in her skimpy outfits as she used to when she first came to WWE over a decade ago; which is an incredible accomplishment.

She is shown here wearing an outfit reminiscent of The Undertaker's during the Divas Deadman photo shoot in 2015.

19. Golden Girl


Alicia has been a part of WWE long enough to see the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita hang up their boots. Not to mention having to deal with Mickie and Melina controlling the Divas locker room. Alicia was even brushed aside for the likes of Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres.

WWE then rehired The Bella Twins as they began to dominate with the likes of AJ Lee and Paige before the Divas Revolution welcomed Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks.

The entire time WWE has been changing and evolving and the PG era ended before the Reality era began and Alicia Fox has managed to remain Foxy throughout.

18 Total Diva


WWE launched Total Divas back in 2013 with original cast members Nikki and Brie Bella, Eva Marie, JoJo Offerman, Naomi, Cameron and Natalya.  They decided to switch around the cast and include Alicia in the second season of the show.

Summer Rae, Naomi, Cameron and JoJo then left to be replaced by newcomers Mandy and Paige as the show managed to become one of the biggest on E!’s network. But Alicia has continued to be a regular cast member for the past two years and the above screen grab from the show proves why she has remained so popular with the WWE Universe.

17 Valentine’s Day


It was reported online before it was used as a Total Divas storyline, but Alicia Fox and Wade Barrett actually used to be a couple.

The duo dated for a number of years before an amicable break up saw them head their separate ways.  On an episode of Total Divas, it seemed like Alicia wasn’t as happy with the break up as Wade was.

The pair decided to end their relationship because they both wanted different things, but Alicia made it clear that she was still attracted to Wade and told him this, only for him to reiterate that they were broken up and would remain that way.

16 Updated Foxy


Alicia has recently straightened and dyed her hair into a maroon sort of colour and has begun taking to the lifestyle of a diva a lot more than she used to.

Being a cast member of Total Divas has left her personal life wide open for the public to view given that her house and personal problems are regularly shown and discussed on the show.

This seems to have had a positive effect on Alicia as she has become a more solid figure on WWE TV and her image change has made such a big difference to her on-screen character.

15 Closer to Alicia


It’s hard to see why Alicia has been overlooked for most of her career with WWE in favour of up and coming Divas.

Alicia is just as beautiful as many other Divas that have come through the company and has managed to outlast many of them, including former longest reigning and record breaking three time Divas Champion AJ Lee. Yet still WWE seem to favour newer stars over their veterans.

The following image shows that Alicia still has the X Factor that WWE must have seen in her when she first signed for the company, despite not being given many of the opportunities she has deserved.

14 Foxy Fox


Alicia Fox was an ordinary name for a Diva when Alicia first made her debut in 2009. In recent years she has decided to make her fun have a fun meaning, by dressing up as a fox for Halloween back in 2015.

Alicia showed that she could literally be a Foxy Fox as she headed to the ring in full Fox attire, and has since been heading to the ring wearing furry jackets that resemble to costume that she wore that very night.

This led to some new popularity for Alicia as fans began to enjoy what she was creating with her new character.

13 WWE Appearances


WWE superstars are contracted to make public appearances as a way to not only increase their profile as one of WWE’s superstars, but as a way to also enhance the companies profile.

Divas are no different and given the success of Total Divas over the past few years, Alicia has obviously been invited to more and more red carpet events along with many of her co-stars.

Total Divas has managed to unlock the world of WWE to fans who may have never watched wrestling as a show before and continues to help the companies profile grow through their female demographic.


12 Regular Fox


Alicia was another Diva who had enjoyed WWE’s product for most of her life, before she decided to head down the path of modelling.

Before she decided to try out for WWE’s Diva Search she worked as a pizza delivery girl as a way to fund her expensive modelling career.  You can understand why she was obviously overjoyed when she was offered a contract to WWE.

Her younger sister Caylee Turner also tried her hand at wrestling. Although not as successful as her sister, Caylee is still thought to have been a skilled wrestler.

11 Gorgeous


It’s strange that no matter how hard WWE’s Divas work to have some of the best photo shoots with scenery and all their photos edited to an elite standard, it is usually the ones that are left as basic and natural images that manage to stand out above the rest.

This is once again proven here as Alicia is shown standing against a plain background. She may just be wearing a plain short top and jeans, but she still manages to look a stunning as ever. Fox seems to have an effortless grace about her and that’s why this image seems to stand out.

10 Foxy!


Alicia has had many hairstyles and costume changes over the last seven years on WWE’s TV screens, but some of the first images she was a part of in WWE are still up there with the most attractive.

When she first arrived in the WWE with curly hair, she clearly made a fantastic impact on the fanbase. Some of her first photoshoots clearly helped make a first impression on the WWE Universe.

She was brought into WWE as a stylist and somehow managed to climb the rinks to become Divas Champion over the next few years, before losing some steam. It's sad that WWE haven’t given Alicia to dress up this sexy in a while.

9 Ugly Christmas Sweaters


The holiday season used to be the time of year where grandparents buy ugly sweaters and force children to wear them. Nowadays, it seems those ugly sweaters have somehow become cool. No more being forced into sweaters only to put them in a drawer for the rest of their life, Christmas sweaters are now being worn by celebrities as well.

It definitely didn't hurt the odds of ugly sweaters becoming popular when the WWE decided to release a range of superstar sweaters last Christmas.  Finally! It’s deemed cool to wear an ugly Christmas jumper, and Alicia Fox shows just how cool she is here by showing off her newest Holiday jumper.

8 Christmas Time


As a WWE Diva you are contractually obliged to take part in photo shoots that celebrate the holidays, Easter, Halloween and Christmas. It is easy to see why when you consider that these are some of the most shared images that Divas take part in, and Alicia's photos were no exception. While she has taken part in many Christmas photo shoots over her part seven years with the company, this photo may be our favorite.

Back in 2014 all of the WWE Divas all took part in the annual Christmas photo shoots, but it seems WWE couldn’t afford a real props department! Evident by the fact that Fox is posing in front of an inflatable tree and presents.

7 Yellow Costume


Alicia was once the victim of many fans jibes about the fact that she didn’t look the way that many of the other WWE Divas did. To Fox's credit, she never allowed this negative attention get her down and as shown from the following image, she looks just as sexy as any other WWE Divas does.

She is shown here in a yellow one piece outfit as she poses in a recent image with her newly streaked hair. She has accomplished a lot during her time in WWE as well as gaining fanbase because of her role on Total Divas.

6 Wedding Planner


Alicia first appeared on WWE TV as a wedding planner when she was hired by WWE superstar Edge and Raw General Manager Vickie Guerrero to be their wedding planner for their upcoming exchange of nuptials.

Unfortunately for Vickie, Alicia and Edge were caught in a 'compromising' position, which ended their wedding plans.

She was left off WWE TV for a while after this, but re-emerged as a trained WWE Diva and was considered a strong enough challenge for the Divas Championship. A title that she did later win, but has only lifted once in her long career with the company.

5 Iconic


Alicia became known for an iconic hairstyle and ring attire when she first joined WWE and it was then associated with her Fox name.

This attire saw her wearing a series of colourful two piece top and skirt combinations that were usually either silver or brown. You can also see her original short curled hair that she often changed the colour of.

Every Diva has to create an iconic image that the WWE Universe can then associate with their character to make it easier for the company to make merchandise in their name. It seems Alicia has done well to create a marketable image.

4 Real Life Fox


Alicia’s real name is Victoria Crawford which means that either she or WWE’s creative team came up with the Alicia Fox character. It was a great idea and allowed Victoria to create a new identity for herself.

Fox is a fantastic name to have because she often calls herself Foxy and relates herself to the animal by dressing up as a sexy version of the animal.

This is something she has continued to maintain throughout her WWE career and it’s something many fans react to. She is also known as Foxy by many of her friends backstage.

3 Divas Champion


Alicia made history when she became the first ever African American WWE Divas Champion back in 2010.

She was added to a fatal four way match at the pay-per-view and in a match that also included Maryse, Gail Kim and Eve Torres, she managed to pin Maryse to win the match and her first ever Divas Championship.

She only held the title for two months, and six years later it remains the only title that she has ever won as part of the company. The above image was a promo shot that was taken following her historic win.

2 Original Foxy


When Alicia first joined WWE it was a very different place to the one it is now. She was a WWE Diva before NXT was established, and as a result, before any of the current NXT Women’s roster were given contracts.

Paige was just 17 years old when Alicia made her WWE debut, which shows how long she has been with WWE. Alicia hasn’t been given the opportunities that Paige has, being a two-time Champion in the space of a year when Alicia has only won it once in 7 years. But Alicia is considered a veteran, an accolade that is hard to achieve as a female in WWE.

1 Team Bella

Via Divas Champion

Since the summer of 2015, Alicia Fox has been aligned with Brie and Nikki as WWE formed the trio now known as Team Bella.

The team was one of the strongest of the three teams when Team Bad, Team PCB and Bella were created by Stephanie McMahon and as of March 2016, Team Bella is the only trio that is currently still together.

Since Nikki’s injury Alicia and Brie have continued to accompany each other to the ring. Since joining the group Alicia has begun to dress differently, as evident by one of her promotional photos above for Team Bella.

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