Top 20 Sexiest WWE Divas Selfies

A huge part of being a WWE Superstar is getting your fan base as large as possible by any means necessary. With the explosion of social media, WWE has made it a focal point with how they get their brand out to as many people as possible, and it’s been a huge success for them when both Facebook and Twitter explode with messages during a WWE event. Along with that, the Superstars are highly encouraged to use these platforms as much as possible to converse with fans and give them a glimpse into what their life is like outside of the ring.

Thanks to the encouragement of their company and a high male demographic, women wrestlers have used the “selfie” as a means to get a ton of attention, for basically no cost to them or the WWE. So, if you follow them on Twitter or Instagram you should be well aware of the nonstop photos that all of them take every single day.

Former WWE Superstar, AJ Lee was a proponent of never taking selfies, which she still holds to this very day, that’s all well and good, but everyone else has taken advantage of this fad and has taken some super sexy pictures of them outside of work. Most of these pictures are at their home, in a car, or at hotels which spotlight them in a candid light making these photos that much more endearing to fans. Enough with the introduction, next stop, the twenty sexiest WWE women selfies!

20 Bikini Time


Nikki Bella went through a phase of showing herself off in a number of bikinis in what looks like a bathroom in John Cena’s marble castle (seriously his whole house is white). In ridiculously good shape, it’s no wonder these photos were heavily shared among WWE fans.

19 Kiss From A Rose


In this case, it’s Mandy Rose, one of the newest members of the WWE family, originally coming to them through their Tough Enough series, Mandy came in second place, but clearly had the look to be in the company. She was instantly put on Total Divas for one season to help get her adjusted to life in WWE, from there she went to their Performance Center in Florida to focus more on wrestling.

18 Paige Looking Fit


Critical to a wrestler’s success is being in peak physical condition to keep away the wear and tear of wrestling day after day, so hitting the gym is a must for everyone if they want to extend their career. Here is Paige showing two glorious angles highlighting her curves during most likely her NXT or early main roster days.

17 All White Everything


Eva Marie looking awesome in a white bikini, most likely getting ready to hit the beach or even go to a party (yeah, she’s shown up to parties in outfits like that) as she lives up the Total Divas life. After gaining a large base of haters, Eva decided to take wrestling more seriously as she focused on training and is working toward becoming one of the better heels in NXT.

16 Eden’s Closet

via Instagram

My goodness what a pair…of shoes, seriously though, look at all of those shoes! Yes, that is Eden's extremely well organized walk-in closet, which shouldn’t be a surprise because she’s one of (if not the) best dressers in the entire WWE.

15 Woah, JoJo


How much does JoJo like this picture? Well, it’s the current profile picture for her Twitter account and for good reason, everything from the hair to the nails are on point. At only 5’2” JoJo may have finally found her calling in the WWE as backstage interviewer.

14 Legit Bikini


One of the most active people on social media is Sasha Banks, not only is she always plugging merchandise, pushing her storyline, but she constantly talks with fans. Thanks to her hard work, she has garnered one of the most rabid fan bases in the entire WWE.

13 Maryse Without Makeup


Suddenly back in the spotlight, Maryse has finally teamed up with real-life husband, The Miz (take a moment, let that one sink in…) playing his wife/manager on-screen. She had taken about a five year break from the WWE and was able to come back in about as smoothly as one could hope.

12 Summer Time


What’s the first thing you saw when this picture came up? If you said, "abs," then you would be correct, her "long blonde hair "would be an acceptable answer, as well. Summer Rae has never been a focal point of the women’s division, although, she has always put her best foot forward no matter the situation.

11 Lana Chilling

via Instagram

As one of the finest dressed people in the WWE, Lana also knows how to take a fantastic picture, for those of you who follow her, she always puts out creative pictures whether she’s at work, beach, or out with her man, Rusev.

10 Rosa Bikini Selfie

via Instagram

Signing with the WWE back in 2006, Rosa has been given just about every on-screen role you can think of; wrestler, manager, backstage interviewer, dancer, and even a member of Total Divas. She has said she isn’t a fan of clothes, so wearing as little as possible is something she highly enjoys.

9 Na-Woah-mi


If you’re a fan of curves, then look no further as Naomi is easily the most voluptuous woman in all of WWE. Along with that, she’s also the most athletic of the women, pulling off moves that most of them only wish they could do.

8 Pretty In Pink


Sasha makes a second appearance on the list, this time in a hot looking pink dress about to the hit town like a legit boss would. Aside from looking great, Sasha has some of the cooler iPhone cases; in this photo is a popular work from the artist Banksy. She also has a case with a sketch of Heisenberg from Breaking Bad.

7 Mo JoJo


Depending on your preference of hair, JoJo might have some of the best hair with natural curls that seemingly go on for days! JoJo was hired by the WWE back in 2013 at only 19 years old, with the hopes of making her a long-term Total Diva, unfortunately she didn’t quite have the star power at the time and was promptly removed after the first season.

6 Serious Lana Face


Among the many pictures Lana takes of herself, a bunch of them are without makeup. These performers have to wear stage makeup almost every day, so it’s probably feels great when they can go natural for a day. Well, some people decided to be horrible human beings and rip on Lana’s look without said makeup.

5 Best Buddies


In what might be one of the best eras of backstage buddies (mostly during their time in NXT) Paige and Emma were constantly online posting funny pictures or videos of each other. At that time, Paige’s gimmick was more of a serious “anti-Diva” gimmick while Emma was the bubbly/goofy dancer. With those two polar opposite styles it made for some great entertainment.

4 Mandy’s Night Out


So we learned in this picture that Mandy looks awesome in super short/tight black dresses and that she is quite possibly the best in regards to overall fitness. Which shouldn’t be a huge surprise as she was competition in bodybuilding/fitness competitions (winning 1st place in the 2014 WBFF Diva Bikini Pro World Championship) for a living before WWE got a hold of her.

3 Nikki Post-Workout


These pictures are great for just being so natural; Nikki (most likely) just finished up working out and wanted to admire her work. She was nice enough to tuck her shirt up to show off those abs, staying in peak shape during her run as champion was a necessity.

2 Those Eyes

via Pintrest

Once a lovely fairy that sparkled in the NXT ring, Alexa Bliss suddenly turned evil, teaming up with Blake and Murphy she became “blissed off” at anyone who got in her way. This picture was taken during her first gimmick which can be seen by the blue highlights at the bottom of her hair.

1 Queen Of The Selfie


Okay, this last one is a bit of a cheat with Celeste Bonin (also known as Kaitlyn during her time with WWE) as she’s no longer working for the WWE, but one of her selfies had to be included. Fair to say, time away from the WWE has done her good as she’s been able to focus more on fitness and owning an active wear company.

Celeste puts out an obscene amount of selfies, but honestly, nobody is complaining because they all look awesome, all hail the Queen!



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Top 20 Sexiest WWE Divas Selfies