Top 20 Hot Photos of WWE's Torrie Wilson You Have To See To Believe

Torrie Wilson found fame as a part of WCW when she attended one of their shows with her boyfriend back in 1999. Apparently they liked the look of her and asked her to be a part of the company.

She was then used as a valet for the remainder of her WCW career before she was hired by the WWE in 2001. Torrie then portrayed a heel character that was a part of The Alliance. Despite her lack of wrestling experience, she was able to take part in many bra and panties matches against the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita. Not to mention her awesome alignment with fellow WCW favourite Stacy Keibler.

Torrie didn’t manage to capture Championship gold during her time with WWE, despite being contracted with the company for almost ten years.

One of her crowning achievements was when she posed for Playboy magazine back in 2003. Wilson was clearly a hit, and also posed alongside Sable in the March 2004 issue. Sable returned to WWE to be a part of a story line with Wilson during this period of time.

Wilson was also part of a Playboy feud with Candice Michelle when she was featured on the cover of the famous magazine back in 2006. This feud then led to a Playboy Pillow Fight at WrestleMania 22 that was the penultimate match on the card, and was won by Wilson.

Torrie has been the focus of some of the best images ever released by WWE and the following are a selection of 20 of these pictures that NEED to be seen.


19 Gold


As already noted, Torrie was hired by WCW when she casually attended an event with her boyfriend and headed backstage. She was then asked to accompany a star out to the ring as a valet. After this Torrie was then given a contract with the company. Something tells me this was all based on the way she looks.

The above image shows just how incredible Torrie looked during her early years with the company. She completely changed over the following ten years and she still looks absolutely stunning now as she passes 40 years old. Regardless of her age, she will always be remembered as one of the most beautiful women to be a part of WWE.

18 Sunset 


It was strange the way that Torrie managed to walk into a career with WCW, but it is even stranger that while she was modelling (prior to WCW) she actually had the same agent as Hulk Hogan.

Similar agents is not the most shocking thing in the business, and currently The Rock and Eva Marie both share an agent. At the very least, Wilson's modelling background and connections add an impressive resume behind her stunning face and body. There is no telling how long her interview for the WCW was, but I bet you a revealing dress code was discussed.

17 Black Leather


Torrie always knew how to look good in front of a camera, and this would definitely be considered one of her best photo shoot images to be released.

This was one from her younger days when she had only just made the switch over from WCW, where she was known as Samantha. When she made the switch, she then became known to the new WWF Universe as Torrie Wilson, Vince McMahon’s new personal assistant.

Back then she had much wavier hair and wore much skimpier outfits, but over the years she began to cover herself up more and more as WWE began to enter their PG phase.

16 White is Right


Torrie knew how to captivate an audience. It was clear that she knew how to gain the attention of anyone she wanted. She proved this many times during her time in WWE, and it is once again shown here.

Torrie is pictured lying on a bed in a white bikini covered by a satin sheet and even though most of her body is covered in the image, it is still one that shows how naturally stunning she really looks.

This is obviously an image that was taken later in her WWE career, as shown by the difference in her hair and facial features.

15 Ambition


Torrie Wilson’s Playboy pictures seem to dominate a lot of fans' minds when they think about the former WWE Diva. It’s easy to see why, given that she posed for the publication twice, but as shown above, some of her sexiest images are not as R rated as many thought.

Torrie and Sable managed to secure a feud in WWE because they were both Playboy cover girls and this led to many matches between the two. Their 2003 match at WWE’s Judgement Day pay-per-view is the most downloaded Divas match/segment in WWE history, she many not have won a title, but that there is a ringing endorsement.

15. Torrie in White


Torrie Wilson and Sable were a part of an incredible feud when Sable made her return to WWE to face Torrie in a bikini contest after it was announced that Torrie would follow in Sable’s footsteps and grace the cover of Playboy Magazine.

Torrie won the bikini contest and the WWF began to push her to the heights of the company. Sadly she was never used as effectively as today’s women wrestlers.

The duo were then both featured together on the cover of the famous magazine the following year, and it was thought to have been one of the best selling Playboy issues of all time.

14 Workout Regime


Torrie is still one of the most beautiful WWE Divas of all time even at 40 years old. She has continued her strict training regime that sees her work out at least four days a week. This also includes an hour of cardio and half an hour of weights.

Thanks to this incredible fitness regime, Torrie is currently the fittest she has ever been physically. This is clear when the above image shows just how amazing her stomach muscles can be. WWE never took Torrie seriously as a women’s wrestler, but is seems Torrie took her workouts very seriously. It is easy to see why when they allow her to look this good.

13 Skin Perfection


Having posed for Playboy Magazine, it is easy to find images online of Torrie Wilson that would no longer be acceptable in WWE given their new PG banner.

That being said, Torrie has also been the featured part of many artistic images that allow her to maintain her dignity, and at the same time allow her to show off how naturally beautiful she really is.

The above image may be a bit raunchy, but what do you expect when it looks like she is in a wet t-shirt contest? One thing you can always expect, is that Torrie manages to look incredible as always despite the fact that she is soaking wet.


12 I’m A Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here


Following Torrie’s WWE release in late 2008, she was announced as one of the participants who was heading to the jungle for NBC Reality series I’m a Celebrity....Get me Outta Here in April 2009.

She was a fierce competitor, and came second on the show (losing to Lou Diamond Phillips). To Wilson's credit, she endured more than two weeks in the jungle.

It is clear that even though she isn't in the WWE, Wilson has had some success in maintaining her image and her lifestyle.

11 Natural Beauty 


How much can you praise a woman who manages to look incredible despite the fact that she is no longer under WWE’s microscope?

Torrie’s Instagram account proves that she definitely doesn’t need photoshop or any filters on the images she has posted over the past few years.

Even though Torrie didn’t win any huge titles or awards during her time with WWE, she was the only ever recipient of the Golden Thong award in 2002.  While this isn’t as classy an award as a Slammy, being the only winner is still something to be proud of!

10 Gold


Despite never winning any form of gold during her time with WWE, she looks quite good when she wears the colour.

She is seen here in a one piece cut out style swim suit and looks absolutely amazing. Once again it is a very simplistic image, as most of Torrie’s photo shoots seem to be. It seems that she never had to wear much make up or clothing to look amazing, so you can't blame the former Diva and her photographers for taking advantage of that.

This is one of these images as she can be seen here only wearing minimal eye makeup and still looking stunning.

9 Torrie’s Hectic Career 


Torrie bounced around the WWE quite a lot during her time there. She was first drafted over to Smackdown in 2002 when WWE decided a Brand Split was a good idea, and she remained here for three years.

In August 2005 she was the traded to Raw along with Candice Michelle to become a part of a feud with 2005 Raw Diva Search winner Ashley. She was then drafted back to Smackdown in 2007.  This came after spending just two years on Raw as part of the bigger Divas story lines, which included Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. She retired from the company the following year.

8 Brown Bikini


It is hard to find bikini pictures of WWE Divas that are any different than the hundreds that are released almost every week by the company, but somehow this one manages to stand out above the rest.

Torrie is seen here in what looks like a brown suede bikini, the bra is laced up at the front and it looks like the bottoms are also laced together at the sides.

It seems that the lighting of the photo has changed Torrie somewhat, and her hair seems to be a lot lighter than it usually is. This also allows her skin to look lot darker, which shockingly, isn’t a bad look for her.

7 Simplicity 


When you’re naturally beautiful then sometimes there is no need for camera trickery or photo shopping on many images. It’s so much simpler to have a natural photo shoot where it’s just a model and a camera with nothing more needed to vamp up the images.

It seems that this is what happened here. There is no need for a fancy background or fancy lighting, there is just Torrie looking naturally stunning  as she proves that she truly is just as naturally beautiful outside of the ring as she is when she steps inside it.

6 Torrie and Candice


A lot has been said about Torrie Wilson and the fact that she was never taken seriously by WWE. This may be the reason that she was never allowed to become a WWE Champion during her time with the company.

The fact is that Torrie is the reason that she was never Divas Champion, there was a plan for her to lift the Divas Championship during her final year but a recurring back injury forced her onto the sidelines and then into early retirement.

If it wasn’t for her troubling back pain then she would have been affording the Divas Championship.

5 Less is more


It seems that Torrie has been a part of many images where she isn’t wearing a lot of clothing, but some of her greatest images are when she is hardly trying to be beautiful.

She is proving this in the following image where she is seen posing on a bed holding onto her pearls and even has a few in her mouth.

The photo is such an extreme close up that it allows the WWE Universe to see her many of her beautiful facial features, as well as her impressive body. One thing is clear, Torrie is beautiful no matter how close up you get to her.

4 Feathers


You have to hand it to Torrie, it takes a special kind of person to be able to make inanimate objects sexy, but she seems to have developed a knack for it.

Here she is seen once again posing in very little clothing. Clearly she is not a woman who is  shy about her body, but decided to cover part of her body with a white feather.

Wearing white and using a white feather to cover her chest makes this picture seem slightly angelic and it shows off her naturally beautiful features.

3 Beach Body


The beach photo shoot has become a famous image portrayed by WWE Divas, and it seems it could have been Torrie Wilson who set this trend with many pictures still circulating of the blonde beauty.

Despite having left the company more than six years ago, Torrie is still said to be in the shape of her life having now allowed fitness to become the main focus of her life.

Her Instagram is filled with images of her training and looking like she is in peak physical condition which is a testament to her hard work and will to succeed. It is clear that Wilson will find success with whatever she decides to do.

2 Pretty in Pink 


Torrie was one of the Divas who first introduced the term in WWE and paved the way for many of the stars that are currently coming through the company right now.

Despite not having a lot of wrestling ability when she joined WWE, Wilson was still considered to have had a successful career with the company having been contracted there for almost ten years.

Her looks were the reason she was offered the job with WCW and looking at the above image, it is easy to see why they decided to hire her based on nothing but her physical appearance.

1 Is White Still The Colour of Innocence? 


Having posed for Playboy magazine early in her career, not once but twice, there was very little left for Torrie Wilson to hide from her adoring fans.

That being said, she still managed to be a part of some of the most shared photo shoots that WWE had ever released and the following image shows exactly why. One thing is clear, talented or not, Wilson was one of the most popular WWE Divas to ever grace a WWE Ring.

Once again, she manages to look incredible while standing in a white bra and looking directly at the camera, it seems modelling was an easy game for Torrie.

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