Top 20 Hot Photos of Kelly Kelly You NEED To See

Kelly Kelly is still considered to be one of the most attractive WWE Divas of all time, and while she left the company back in 2012, she has since found fame of her own outside of the wrestling business.

Kelly was first introduced to the WWE Universe as a part of the revamped version of ECW. Despite the fact that she might have skill in the ring, her reputation became more of a stripper as she began to perform Kelly Kelly’s Expose each week.

She was then joined by Layla and Brooke and the trio became known as Extreme Expose, and would routinely perform dance routines at each ECW event. It seems that at this time WWE were training Kelly so that she could eventually make the switch to the main roster and become a legitimate contender in their Women’s Division.

ECW folded as quickly as it began and Kelly then began wrestling on the main roster where she was able to win the WWE Divas Championship after a fierce rivalry with Brie Bella. Kelly only held the title for four months and after she dropped the Championship to Beth Phoenix, she was released from the company the following year.

She has since been a part of the independent roster as well as finding fame on E! Series WAGS after becoming engaged to NHL player Sheldon Souray.

The following is a list of some of the hottest photos of Kelly Kelly that have ever been released online. Believe me, these are some of the most MUST-SEE images the former Champion has ever revealed.

20 Legs


One of Kelly’s standout assets had to be her long and flexible legs, the former Divas Champion worked hard to keep her legs in such good shape. Can you really blame her for trying to show them off whenever she stepped into the ring?

19 Is That PG?


Despite the fact that Kelly Kelly first came into WWE as the host of Kelly’s Expose, she still managed to always maintain her dignity and never showed off to much of her body whilst on WWE TV.

This was mostly to do with WWE’s PG banner at the time, but it didn’t mean that Kelly wasn’t always pushing the boundaries of it.

18 Combat Pink?


Kelly Kelly seemed to be a big fan of combat attire and took part in many photo shoots during her time with WWE while she was wearing the traditional army attire.

The following image shows the former WWE Diva wearing combat jeans that are slowly slipping down to reveal her underwear underneath. She has also managed to pair these with a bright pink bra which usually would have not made sense with army attire, but somehow Kelly has made the outfit work. One thing is for sure, Kelly looks absolutely stunning while wearing it.

17 Pale Complexion


It seems that Kelly has always had a pale complexion but never actually used it to her advantage. She is a natural blonde, which means her skin complexion is very pale, but often when she was on television, she was seen with tanned skin.

It is only in the following image that it can be seen how naturally pale Kelly really is and it makes her looks so much more beautiful.

16 Flexibility


As already mentioned, Kelly came to WWE with a background in gymnastics and dance which means you better believe she was both flexible and agile.

There is no doubt that this athletic background made it much easier for Kelly Kelly to make the transition to becoming a wrestler.

15 Maxim


Kelly once followed in the footsteps of many WWE Divas before her and posed for Maxim magazine. This magazine is thought to only choose some of the most beautiful women in the world to be a part of their publication, so you can imagine that it would be a huge confidence boost for Kelly Kelly to be asked to pose for them.

14 WWE Gold


Following Kelly’s switch to WWE from ECW she was given many shots at the WWE Women’s Championship before it was eventually unified with the Divas Championship.

This new belt didn’t have the prestige that the Women’s Championship did, so it was up to that crop of Divas to give the new belt the respect it deserved. Kelly was one of the women to lift the belt and go on to reign with it for four months.

13 Black Sparkles


Kelly Kelly’s ring attire was considered some of the most unique on the roster during her time there and it is easy to see why.

Kelly had an incredible body so it was only fair that she wanted to show this off to the WWE Universe. She wore some of the smallest and tightest tops along with the shortest bottoms that have ever been considered attire.

12 Covered Up


Kelly Kelly has so many different images online where she is showing off her incredible assets, that it can be all the more alluring to find a photo of her covered up.

The following shows Kelly dressed regularly in a short t-shirt and jeans looking just as incredible and proving that she even stands out when she dressed normally.

11 Divas Champion


As already noted, Kelly Kelly won the WWE Divas Championship back in 2011 when she defeated Brie Bella. This was Kelly’s crowning achievement in WWE given that she had worked her way up for the previous five years.

Kelly only held the title for four months before she was defeated by the incredible force of Beth Phoenix, but Kelly looked great with the title and she proved that hard work paid off when she managed to lift the belt after years of training.

10 Tribute to the Troops


WWE’s annual Tribute to the Troops event is where WWE Superstars travel to a naval base or camp and put on a show for the superstars at Christmas. It is one of the many ways that the WWE tries to give back to the soldiers who are protecting their country. This gesture is especially appreciated during the festive season, when many individuals are unable to be with their families

9 Boxing


WWE creates characters for their superstars every day. But they also like to allow their superstars to have a sense of individuality, which is why they are allowed to dress the way they do during photo shoots.

8 Combat Attire


Kelly was definitely a Diva who pushed the limits during her time with the company. While her wrestling attire was among the best in the company at the time, that had a lot to do with the fact that it didn’t manage to cover a lot.

7 Baby Blue


Kelly had what is considered a successful stint in WWE, largely because she managed to capture the WWE Divas Championship and even though she only held it once, it puts her in WWE history forever.

She will be remembered by most fans for her incredible agility and flexibility. Long before the likes of Charlotte and Naomi made their WWE debuts, she was one of the most athletic divas and she always found ways to show this off in the ring.

6 Roller Skates


WWE liked their divas to take part in many gimmick-related photo shoots where they would dress up as different kinds of characters (as you saw above with the boxing). These would usually take place around Christmas or Halloween, and they would release some teaser images in the weeks leading up to these event.

5 Curled Pink


Given that Kelly Kelly’s real name was Barbie Blank, it perhaps comes as no shock that her favourite colour is pink (much like the famous doll that she was named after).

This can be seen in many of her photo shoots where she has opted to wear pink, and it can be seen how well the colour is then integrated with all of her natural features.

4 Red Untied

Via Via

Kelly is another star who has managed to push the barriers of what is acceptable on WWE TV. For example, she managed to be a part of a strip show whilst WWE was in its PG era, which made it clear that she was not shy about her body.

This is also shown in many of her photo shoots where she is once again pushing the limits of what she is allowed to reveal under WWE’s banner.

3 Pink Plaid


Much like every other WWE Diva at the time she was a part of the company, scantily clad photo shoots were a big part of the job and Kelly didn’t disappoint with any of hers.

The following was taken during the final year of Kelly’s WWE stint and shows her looking a lot different than she did when she joined WWE six years earlier.

2 Black Bikini


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind about Kelly Kelly’s in-ring talent. While she was rusty at the start, no one denies she improved throughout the course of her career with WWE. One thing you are also convinced of by now, is that Kelly is incredibly gorgeous.

1 Beach Babe


The way that Kelly was brought into WWE didn’t do her a lot of favours when it came to the WWE Universe considering her a legitimate challenge to their championship.

She was just known as a dancer and former gymnast, but she spent hours training and got to the point where she was a good enough competitors in the ring to be given the opportunity.

She even got to the point where she could compete on the independent circuit following her WWE release, which shows how far she had come in such a short space of time. This picture sees Kelly showing off the beautiful assets that made her a house hold name.

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Top 20 Hot Photos of Kelly Kelly You NEED To See