Top 20 Hot Photos of Eva Marie You NEED To See

Eva Marie hasn’t been a part of WWE programming for very long, but during her time in the ring, she gained herself a reputation as one of the most audience dividing entertainers in WWE history.

The fiery red head made her debut on Raw back in 2013 as a way to promote E!'s hit show Total Divas when it was first unveiled. The first interaction Eva had with the WWE Universe was when she slapped the taste out of Jerry Lawler's mouth and proclaimed “My name is Eva Marie and I’m here to make a name for myself.”

Probably the wrong choice of words or the wrong WWE legend to mess with. Either way Eva has been hated ever since, despite the fact that she headed back down to NXT and trained long hours with former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Kendrick so that she was ready for her in-ring return. Fans have yet to change their mind about her and her obvious lack of wrestling ability, but trust me, she is still incredibly gorgeous.

Eva has already botched many matches during her short NXT career but it seems WWE struck gold when they decided to align her with Nia Jax. Despite chants of “You can’t wrestle” whenever Eva steps into the ring, she has defied all the odds and is actually becoming a force to be reckoned with down in NXT.

The following are photos of Eva throughout her short WWE career, and even some from before then. These are 20 photos of the stunning red head that NEED to be seen to be believed. Because after all, something tells me you didn't click this link to get into a riveting debate on her wrestling skills.


19 Muscle and Fitness


Eva Marie posed for Muscle and Fitness magazine back in 2015, and it is easy to see why the company would choose her as a model.

Eva has only been in full-time training as an active wrestler for a short period of time and she already looks like she is in ring shape. She has the body and muscular physique of a wrestler that you do not want to mess with.

It seems that she’s fully aware of the diet plan and exercise regime needed to have a successful career as a wrestler. I bet she would still manage to look amazing, even if she ends up being thrown around the ring for a living.

18 Soccer Lover


Eva has stated that she is an avid soccer fan and continues to enjoy playing football outside of her WWE Career.

Growing up in a family where she was the only girl means that she is a very protected person because her father and brothers are always on hand, but it means that they have raised her to be a very sporty person and it also means that she was already quite athletic before she was contracted to WWE.

She continues to try and maintain her hobbies and her involvement in sport in spite of WWE’s hectic touring and training schedule.

17 The Total Diva


Despite the fact that Dana Brooke calls herself “The Total Diva,” it’s blatantly obvious that Eva Marie is the one superstar who deserves that accolade.

She found fame on Total Divas and so far has managed to juggle the show and WWE’s hectic travelling and training schedule, while also having time for family life and various photo shoots.

Eva has managed to prove a lot of doubters wrong by going to NXT and learning wrestling as a craft. Wrestling is hard enough, it was much harder for her to do this with all the social media hate. Somehow Eva has persevered, and as seen above, managed to look great doing it.

16 Eva the Actor


Before she was a part of WWE and as she continues to rise in the company, Eva was involved in various acting roles. Easy to see why when you consider how drop-dead gorgeous she is.

She played small roles in Entourage and CSI: New York in her early career. Makes it easy to see why the WWE decided to have her be one of the selections for Total Divas.

Fans think that Eva Marie is another Diva Search contestant that won't be able to make it through to the real show, but Eva has already been with WWE now for three years and she continues to show that she’s dedicated and there for the long haul.

15 Looking Off To The Distance


Eva had already proved that she had a talent for modelling before she was brought into WWE, so it comes as no surprise that WWE have allowed her to continue this throughout her career.

She has been a part of some of the most show stopping images since she was signed to the company in 2013 and the following is a stunning example of this.

Eva is looking casual and is dressed in shiny trousers and a tight black top. If that wasn't hot enough, the fact that she has decided to add her heels to the combination makes this an incredible image.

14 First WWE Photo Shoot


 Eva Marie is a natural in front of the camera, so it is easy to see why she thought modelling was an appropriate profession. She started modelling while she was at University and then decided to continue what was a hobby at the time.

Before she joined WWE she had already created a portfolio of some of the most amazing images and now she seems to be continuing this by posing for the likes of Maxim and Muscle and Fitness Magazine. These companies obviously recognize her talent and they understand that Eva has the determination to achieve whatever it is she sets her sights on in the WWE.

13 Stunning In The Gym


As a part of the Total Divas cast, Eva Marie has begun to make a name for herself by showing her the WWE Universe all about her private life. The more we get to see of her life, the more you can understand that there is more to Eva then meets the eye.

The fact that she has managed to stay a part of the regular cast despite taking up training with NXT at the Performance Centre, is something that many fans have commended her for especially since JoJo left the show with the same ambitions.

This photo clearly shows her toned abs, as she looks stunning while working out in the gym. Her stunning red hair is accompanied beautifully by matching pants and wristcuffs.


12 Close Up


It’s easy to defy the WWE Universe and make them think that any Diva is stunning because a lot of the time fans only see Superstars from a distance.

It is even easy to photoshop images to continue this theory, but it seems that none of this is needed with Eva. As seen from this close up from 2014, Eva is obviously absolutely stunning from all angles. It was one of the reasons as to why she managed success before WWE and makes it a lot easier to think that you may be seeing a lot more of that beautiful face.

Some fans may still be jaded towards her, but there is no doubt that Eva can look stunning, especially with all that exquisite makeup that is applied.

11 Her Wrestling Career


Eva had a short in-ring career following her debut where she proved that she was not a naturally talented in-ring performer.

She appeared in many matches alongside her Total Divas counterparts and during Nikki Bella and AJ Lee’s feud back in 2015 she even managed to pin AJ after a distraction from Nikki.

Since then Eva has been trained by Brian Kendrick and has been put through her paces at WWE’s Performance Centre before she made her re-debut on NXT TV as a heel character. Fans are still not on Eva’s side, but she seems to be slowly winning them over as she continues to improve in the ring.

10 Stunning Bikini Photo


Eva has always been thought to have had an incredible body. This is perhaps never more evident then in the bikini photo above. When she won the contract to be a part of Total Divas it was Eva that WWE decided should be the dominant force on the show. As a result, it is often her that it still currently fighting with the Bella Twins for the spotlight.

She has fought hard to maintain this body though, after one of her Breast Implants actually began leaking silicone into her blood stream last year. A fact that was documented on Total Divas, but luckily she was given emergency surgery and it was corrected before it could become any worse.

9 Not Afraid To Throw Down


Eva Marie may come across as a bad guy in the ring because she has been switched over to a heel, mostly because of the fans reactions to her, but also because she is much suited at being a heel character.

That being said, she tried to be a motivational person and would one day like to write a book about her life and how she has managed to be signed by a company the size of WWE without any prior wrestling experience. She wants to motivate young people into doing what they want to do and not worrying about their critics. There won't be many critics about her above photo, which features a stunning necklace and an intimidating stare-down from Eva.

8 Posing On An Angle


Eva has some of the best photo shoot images online of any of WWE’s current Divas. She isn’t afraid to break WWE’s current PG banner and some of her images are ones that are very close to this.

The image above may have show Eva with some clothing, but that doesn't mean we can't admire her figure. Her pants perfectly show off her incredible legs and the muscle she has managed to gain in them throughout her training. Her heels obviously help her legs to look fantastic, but she already looks amazing regardless.

She is also seen wearing a tight black short top that also shows off her incredible chest that she had enhanced when she was just 20 years old.

7 Showing Off Her Side Profile


As already stated, Total Divas, is the entire reason that Eva has managed to become the star that she has over the past few years and it has also allowed her to connect with her audience a lot more than she would have done if she was not a part of the show.

In a way WWE ruined her character by bringing her into the WWE without having prior training and expecting her to be able to compete with seasoned athletes. It was a foolish decision and Eva has had to spend the last three years catching up with her fellow athletes because of this. Here she is looking stunning showing off her side profile, while also wearing a fantastic watch. The cleavage is also a plus!

6 Bikini Babe


No list would be complete without another bikini shot of the beautiful red headed diva. Much like every other shoot Eva has been a part of in her time with WWE, she looks absolutely flawless.

She is wearing a modernised multicoloured Bikini that once again shows off her incredible body and abdominal muscles that she has managed to maintain through hours of training in preparation for her time with WWE and countless hours in the gym.

It also shows off her amazing legs, as well as proving that her skin is just as flawless as the rest of her amazing body.

5 Beautiful AND Smart


Eva has become well known as one of the most attractive and fiery divas in WWE history during her short few years with the company.

But before she joined WWE and became the diva that now represents the term “All Red Everything.” Eva actually attended University and has a Bachelors Degree in management and an associate’s degree in Art. Which means she would have been more qualified than her husband to have been her own manager.

The couple decided that he should help with her career during an episode of Total Divas that aired last year. Let's hope he's got the educational background to be able to be an asset to this beautiful and smart lady.

4 A Seductive Black Zip-Up


Eva is a woman of many passions. As well as aspiring to become a professional wrestler, Eva juggles a modelling career, is an essential part of Total Divas and is married. As you learned above, she even loves different activities like soccer. Good thing for her, because playing soccer is only going to strengthen those amazing legs.

It is important for these athletes to have activities outside of wrestling to keep in shape, and soccer is one of the best ones for that.

Before she joined WWE, Eva was already in great shape, but she seems to just keep getting hotter. In the following photo, she is seen in a seductive black-zip up and with some delicious fruit. Something tells me that hanging out with Eva may cause you to work up an appetite.

3 Ravishing Redhead


As already mentioned, Eva had a successful career as a model before she joined WWE in 2013 which means that a lot of her images from her pre-WWE days with her black hair have recently surfaced online.

That being said, her newly dyed red hair means that there will always be a difference between Eva Marie and Natalie Eva Marie. This allows her to keep the two different stages of her life separate.

This isn’t the main reason WWE allows their stars to change their names. It’s also so that WWE can own copyright on the names. This prevents the wrestlers from taking the name and performing for another federation. For Eva, it also allows her to try and keep her two lives separate.

3. Selfie Moment


Along with Eva Marie’s WWE debut, she also brought her boyfriend Jonathon into Total Divas on its first season. He was then introduced to her family after they had already eloped to be married. Eva then decided to have another official wedding for her family.

Not a lot is currently known about Jonathan, but he seems to always have Eva’s best interests at heart, which means that he seems perfect for her. The couple have had many ups and downs throughout their short careers in WWE and on Total Divas, but as with many TV shows, they always seem to figure it all out in the end and remain happily married. Hard to imagine staying mad at someone who looks as amazing as Eva Marie. Even when she is just posing in front of the mirror while in workout gear.

2 Before WWE


Eva Marie and JoJo Offerman won WWE’s online version of the 2013 Diva Search which allowed them to become a part of the cast of Total Divas the same year.

Before she was a part of this Eva had been modelling and acting from a young age and had already shown that she knew how to direct herself to the spotlight.

She has many images of her with her naturally black hair that were taken before she was signed to WWE and dyed her hair red to become the famous leader of “All Red Everything.” That being said, some of the older images of her are some of her best.

1 All Black Everything


Eva has become recognisable and perhaps famous for her bright red hair, but before she joined WWE and dyed her hair this form of red, she had already made a small name for herself with her naturally black hair under her real name of Natalie Eva Marie.

Eva has a history of being an incredible modelling talent and it’s easy to see how she managed to turn WWE’s head and gain herself a contract. As the following image shows, whether she has red or black hair, she still knows exactly how to turn heads because she really is a naturally beautiful woman.

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