Top 20 Hot Photos of AJ Lee You NEED To See

AJ Lee retired from WWE back in 2015 and is still widely considered to have been one of the most influential WWE Divas of her generation.

Lee definitely paid her dues, progressing through the ranks of FCW and then NXT before she was handed the opportunity of joining the main roster. In an unconventional role, she became the first Diva to be the General Manager of Raw.

AJ Lee may also be known by her nickname, The Black Widow, because like a spider, AJ was not afraid to sink her venom into some male counterparts. It definitely helped spring her into the spotlight as she helped main event an episode of Raw, where everyone had their eyes glued on a love triangle between herself, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

She then opened up a rivalry with her long-time friend Kaitlyn. On top of this, AJ kept herself busy by being a part of Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Championship win. She then proved that gold is a good color for herself, winning a championship at Payback in 2013.

This was the longest women’s match on a pay-per-view in almost eight years and it was without doubt the best Divas match of the year. This title reign then became a historical one when AJ became the longest reigning champion of all time. She was finally defeated on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania 30, when Paige made her debut and defeated the Longest Reigning Diva.

Paige and AJ then embarked on a feud that would engulf the Divas Division for the rest of the year as the duo played hot potato with the Championship. As a result, AJ once again made history by becoming the only woman to have held the title three times.

The following are some of the best photos of AJ Lee that are available to find and definitely NEED to be seen.


20 Divas Championship


AJ Lee was and probably still is a huge fan of WWE. Growing up it was her dream to become a WWE superstar and a video of her meeting Lita when she was 11 went viral when she joined WWE.

She was so much of a fan that when she finally won the Divas Championship in 2013, she had the date of the victory tattooed on the back of her neck. While some superstars backstage were not a huge fan of this decision, her body, her choice.

AJ didn’t care, she only cared about the fact that she had finally realized the dream that she had been working for her entire life.

19 The Boss


Before Sasha Banks became The Boss of the WWE, AJ Lee was very much “The Boss” of Monday Night Raw after she was given the reigns of the show.

This meant that she controlled most of the angles on WWE TV and it also helped her to become a bigger part of the CM Punk/Daniel Bryan feud.

This also meant that she would often be seen in suits that she would give her own nerd style swerve to. Whether dressing up or dressing down, there is no doubt that AJ is gorgeous. Her suits would serve to be some of the most impressive outfits on the show, this image only serves to further prove this fact.

18 Converse


Converse were AJ Lee’s trademark, she wore them from the moment she made her debut in FCW until her final match on the Raw after WrestleMania in 2015.

The story states that AJ wanted to do it all her own way. This included that she wanted to wear attire that was easy and cheap enough to buy. In doing this, she would prove to herself that she hadn’t changed from the person she was before she became famous.

AJ didn’t come from a rich background and she always made sure she stayed in touch with her roots, but damn, the girl definitely knew how to make Converse look good.

17 The Oddball


 AJ often called herself a nerd or a weirdo. She told the story of the fact that she never went to prom because she couldn’t find a date, instead she stayed at home and played video games.

She portrayed perhaps the perfect woman for comic book or video game obsessed boys and this was a good thing for WWE because they opened up a brand new demographic just by allowing AJ to be herself.

She often wore clothes that said things like “stay weird” and her openness to call herself out on her weird nature was empowering to many people. It’s who she believed she was and it is what allowed the WWE Universe to connect with her.

16 Ring Attire


As well as always wearing her beloved Converse knee-high boots or high tops, AJ was also always seen wearing shorts and a short shirt. After she made the switch from NXT to WWE she began wearing denim shorts and whichever star she was dating’s shirt, and this became her ring attire.

When she began to become a real star in WWE herself, WWE began releasing shirts and merchandise for her; so naturally, she began wearing her own shirts and caps to the ring. She looked amazing in the above photo, showing that pink and black shorts can be both eye-catching, and sexy.

15 Weirdo


AJ always wanted to be remembered for being different, and as you know now, that clearly extended to her sense of style. Lee often wore the shirts of bands that no one had heard of, she had slogan t-shirts made that read things like "well behaved women rarely make history.” She was all for allowing her fans to be empowered for who they were and that is why her connection was so strong.

AJ was different and she understood what it was like to be the one who was never picked first, or even last, and that came though whenever she addressed the fans. It is easy to get behind someone when you can feel they are being genuine.

14 Comic Book Nerd


AJ was a part of some of most unique photo shoots that WWE had ever created. Despite being gorgeous, she is one of the few former WWE Divas that doesn’t have bikini shots and scantily clad images leaked online.

Many of the images on this list will prove it, she wore what she wanted to wear and did everything her own way. She was proud to be different and hoped she set a great example to her young fans.

She often talked about her love for comic books and she was often seen wearing Marvel and DC merchandise a lot during photo shoots.


13 WrestleMania 30


WrestleMania 31 was the last time that AJ Lee successfully defended her Divas Championship as the Longest Reigning Divas Champion. She and General Manager Vickie Guerrero were at odds around that time and she decided that AJ should defend her title in a 25 Diva invitational match.

AJ won the match after she forced Naomi to tap to the black widow, but the following night on Raw, Paige took the title, and it started a rivalry between the two that was arguably the high point of the Divas division from the last little while.

12 Love of Denim


AJ's denim shorts were one of the tightest forms of ring attire that WWE had at the time. Easy to see why the company and fans loved this, especially because they managed to accentuate the fact that AJ had one of the best rear ends in the business.

AJ designed her own ring attire and made the decision to switch to denim shorts when she returned to the ring after her stint as General Manager of Raw. This was the most successful stint of her career and was when she finally realized her dream and made history by becoming a three-time Divas Champion.

11 Red and Black


Red and black with skulls always seems to be AJ's trademark colors and images. When her own shirts were finally released by WWE, they focused on the fact that the name of her finisher was The Black Widow, and as a result, you can also see spiders be worked into the design.

AJ's history with the male part of the locker room, may make people think she's a black widow, but who could resist her looks? AJ was one of the best characters and wrestlers in the company at the time, so despite the notion of the Black widow setting a bad example to young fans, it was worth it to establish her character.

10 Stealing The Show


When it comes to wearing a shirt, the above photo shows that sometimes even tattered looks can be amazing. Lee stood on the ringside with bracelets adorning her wrists.

There is something sexy about seeing the girl in the shirt that says stealing the show, especially when all eyes are on her. Lee had many interactions with wrestlers like Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk and John Cena, but it seemed she had met her match when it came to Dolph Ziggler because he proved to be just as crazy as she was.

9 Women’s Champion


Following her first Divas Championship win after Payback 2013, AJ Lee was a part of a photo shoot where she celebrated her title win and showed off her new tattoo. As you now know, she decided to have the date of her historic win tattooed on the back of her neck.

The weird thing was that during the photo shoot, she decided to pose with the Women’s Championship as well. This was a title that she never won because it was retired before she joined WWE. Fans were not happy and found this disrespectful, luckily AJ won them back over when she became the longest reigning Divas Champion.

8 Standing In The Shadows


AJ’s WWE character was obsessed with marriage for a while during her early years with WWE. It seemed she was about to marry both Daniel Bryan and CM Punk when in fact she married neither.

Punk famously turned down her proposal in the middle of the ring despite the fact that he “dug crazy chicks.” AJ then turned on both men pushing CM Punk on top of Daniel Bryan and knocking them both through a table.

Ironically CM Punk later married AJ while she was on a break from WWE in 2015 and the crazy Diva became AJ Brooks.

7 Ravishing At Ringside 


AJ managed a lot of male talent during her time in WWE and was a part of some of the biggest main event matches when she was stuck in a love triangle involving herself, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk.

She would accompany her clients to the ring and stay at ringside during the matches to help sway the advantage in their favour, but this didn’t work out well at WrestleMania 28. AJ Lee’s kiss distracted Daniel Bryan and cost him his championship in less than 15 seconds. It seemed she would have learnt from this, but she once again involved herself in Dolph Zigglers Championship match. Thankfully he broke up with her before she could cost him the title!

6 Simplicity


AJ had an impressive way of managing to look incredible, while also looking like she never had to try too hard with her outfit.

She was a big fan of wearing whatever it was that she wanted, and even though she remained covered up in all the images she was a part of while she was with WWE, she was still one of the most popular Divas in the company.

AJ managed to hit one million Twitter followers before any other Diva on the roster. All this without ever posting a selfie which goes to show that she was obviously that popular for many other reasons.

5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


AJ was never afraid to tell the fans and even her fellow superstars that she still loved to be all of the nerdy games she had grown up playing, and still watched many of the TV shows.

Teenage Mutant Nunja Turtles were one of AJ’s favourite shows and games when she was younger (weren't they everyone's?).  She even dressed up as one of them during WWE’s Halloween celebrations, talk about radical!

The above image shows her once again showing off her allegiance to the turtles with a bright yellow shirt that shows all four of the famous amphibians. Not to mention that she even has matching wristbands.

4 Black and White


AJ burst onto the scene as a part of NXT when WWE made it into a sort of game show format, and the competitors were forced to fight it out for a place on the main roster if they won the series.

AJ was the runner up on her series, coming second to her best friend Kaitlyn but she was still given the opportunity to join the main roster despite not winning the competition.

She then moved onto the main roster and was given the chance to become the Raw General Manager. This meant that she began wearing suits, and while there are no turtles in the above photo, she still looks pretty radical to me.

3 AJ and Paige


AJ Lee left WWE the same week of WrestleMania31. She had just helped Paige defeat The Bella Twins at WWE’s biggest event of the year, but decided the day after Raw that she would hang up her wrestling boots for good.

AJ had apparently been thinking about this for a while, but it still came as a huge shock to the WWE Universe. AJ then posted a tweet online of her Converse and her suitcase where she once again highlighted the importance of doing life your own way. A trademark that she clearly embodied for her time with the company.

2 Dressed Up


You will be hard pressed to find any images of AJ Lee that wouldn’t be acceptable to be shown on WWE TV under their PG banner. After all, there is nobody out there that is going to hate on her Marvel shirts! Her photo shoots rarely saw her wear anything other than a nerdy comic book shirt and her trademark Converse knee high boots.

The crazy Diva still maintained the fact that she would wear her iconic denim shorts regardless of the image she was asked to be a part of. She preferred to remain covered up and have her fans follow her because she was true to herself, rather than because she had boobs.

1 Holy Abs, Batman!


Much like every other WWE Diva, AJ was contracted to be a part of many photo shoots. Even if she wasn't as traditionally sexy in them, there is still no denying her outrageously sexy stomach in the above photo.

She didn’t try to act sexy in any of her WWE photo shoots and as you saw above, she'd often modify her tops or make them awesome pop culture references. Hard not to make anything look amazing with those incredible ab muscles. These images gained her a lot more attention than the usual Diva style, perhaps because it was something new and different for the fans to see.

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