Top 20 Divas With The Nicest Butts in WWE History

WWE Divas are professionally trained performers, but they are also some of the most attractive females currently performing on television.

While the WWE has transformed into a PG rated show over the past few years, they have still continued to hire some of the most beautiful women in the world to be a part of their main roster.

The WWE used to overly sexualize their divas, but this has been reduced in today's era. Bra and Panties matches  are no longer common, and allowing them to dress in scantily clad clothing isn't seen as often,  but that doesn’t mean that men are still not attracted to them! It just means that in today’s era, the women are finally being taken seriously in WWE.

While this generation of Divas is smart, powerful and talented, they also know where their main demographic is and they make sure they work towards it. Naomi’s signature move is called the ‘Rear View’ because it is basically her hitting other women in the face with her rear, and you better believe that can be appealing to your average male!

That being said, many men still only watch the women’s product for one reason. As The New Day would call it, “Booty!” And that is because these beautiful women make sure that the WWE Universe is aware of their assets! Almost like you need to be in really good shape to be a wrestler? Here are the 20 hottest Divas in the WWE, who just happen to also have a bumpin' booty.

20 Eva Marie


Eva won WWE’s last ever Diva Search to win a place on E! Reality show Total Divas and has since become one of the most hated Divas in WWE history.

19 Emma

The Australian Diva has made a small impact in WWE since she joined back in 2013. When she debuted, she was the stereotypical ditzy Diva who was fun and friendly. However when she was paired with Dana Brook, Emma started to take on a new attitude.

18 Maryse


Maryse is one of the most beautiful WWE Divas in history, the French Canadian star is now married to WWE Superstar The Miz, but will always be remembered for her insatiable accent and sensational figure.

Maryse clearly paid attention to her wardrobe and looked fabulous throughout the few years that she spent in WWE. In the ring, she managed to capture the Divas Championship and was the longest reigning Champion until AJ Lee’s 295-day run.

17 Kelly Kelly


Former WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly is now a WAG in her own right after becoming engaged to NHL player Sheldon Souray.

Kelly was another beautiful Diva that was hired by WWE when ECW was given a revival in 2006. She regularly hosted Extreme Expose, which consisted of her, Brooke and Layla dancing to music for a few minutes. Before she was joined by the other two divas, Kelly used to use the time to do a strip tease for the live audience.

16 Layla


Layla has always been known for her curvaceous figure. Of shorter stature than many other WWE Divas, it's apparent that Layla makes up for her height with some extra junk in the trunk.

Most recently Layla was featured alongside Fandango as his "dancing partner" and on-screen love interest. We haven't seen much of the 38-year-old Diva since her split with Fandango and she announced her retirement in July of 2015 after undergoing undisclosed surgery.

15 Brie Bella


One of WWE’s well-established Divas and wife of now-retired superstar Daniel Bryan, Brie has tended to live in the shadow of her sister Nikki. But that doesn't take anything away from her bangin' body.

14 Paige

Britain’s first ever Diva export is one of the most talented and beautiful performers on WWE’s current main roster.

Paige's appearance may originally make you think she looks like the anti-Diva. Yet her gothic style only works to further her appeal, especially combined with her black hair and all black wrestling attire, along with her fish net tights.

13 Stacy Keibler


Stacy Keibler left WWE almost a decade ago, but she is still talked about because of her long legs and beautiful behind.

As a former cheerleader and dancer, Stacy had strong muscular legs and her ring entrance definitely showed both of these off to the watching crowd. Stacy came into WWE as one of the Nitro Girls so she knew she needed to stand out.

12 Melina

Perhaps the most flexible WWE Diva of all time, Melina is well known for her ring entrance which definitely showed off the fact that she had a well sculpted behind.

The former Women’s and Divas Champion was innovative in the ring and showed off moves that had never been done before. She was incredible to watch and looked stunning in whichever attire she chose to wear.

11 Mickie James


The beautiful but fiery Diva from Richmond Virginia lit up WWE with her colourful outfits and beautiful face.

10 Sunny


The controversial first ever WWF Diva actually won the “Best Buns” category at the 1996 Slammy Awards and she definitely deserved it.

Sunny used to appear in some skimpy outfits during her time in WWE and it still remains one of the reasons she has such appeal to men decades after she left the company.

9 Sable

The current wife of Brock Lesnar was a force of her own during her time in WWE. Sable was one of the first recognized Playboy cover girls, and once even came to the ring wearing just body paint over her chest.

Sable clearly had many assets and her booty was definitely one of them. It was clearly not her wrestling talent that helped her gain an advantage over a lot of other WWE Divas.

8 Lita

What more can you say about the former four time Women’s Champion? Lita wasn’t a just a female wrestler, she was a badass chick! She was a chick who used to wear the skimpiest thongs to show off one of the greatest assets WWE had in the early 2000s.

7 Trish Stratus


The record breaking seven-time Women’s Champion is still well known for her beauty, her style and her talent inside the ring, despite her retirement almost a decade ago.

Trish changed the face of WWE during her time with the company, but it was only during the end of her career that she began wearing more clothes to the ring.

6 Sasha Banks


The current Boss of the WWE is controlling WWE’s main roster at the moment because she is absolutely stunning and the WWE Universe are right behind her.

Sasha appeared on an episode of Monday Night Raw in a pair of figure hugging shorts and a crop top and it is the most a WWE crowd has eve popped for a Diva who was appearing to be on commentary.

5 Becky Lynch


The first ever Irish WWE Diva has one of the best Divas entrances since Melina and also has one of the best bodies as well.

The former NXT Superstar helped find a following during her time on NXT and has since found a place into the hearts of the WWE Universe. While her future is never certain, she appears to have all the qualities to be a mainstay on the main roster.

4 Nikki Bella

The longest reigning Divas Champion of all time is also one of the most stunning. Nikki Bella stands out above her sister because of her curves and her sexier attitude.

3 Lana

There is a reason she is called “The Ravishing Russian” and those incredibly tight fitted suits that she used to wear to the ring made sure that the WWE Universe knew just how ravishing she was.

The crowd still chants “We want Lana” whenever Rusev appears without his real life fiancé, but hopefully Lana’s attire will change when she makes a return.

2 Bayley


The NXT Women’s Champion stands out because her booty is so thick. It is impossible to not be one of the things you notice when watching Bayley in the ring or making her entrance.

1 Naomi

The former Funkadactyl has some of the best curves in WWE right now. Given that one of her signature moves is called “The Rear View”, you better believe she can back up that name. Not to mention that her current attire is some of the smallest she has ever worn.

Naomi knows that her incredible rear is her biggest asset and she had the discussion with her husband Jimmy Uso on an episode of Total Divas before she began wearing such incredible attire.

She is athletic, she is flexible and she is one of the best in-ring performers WWE currently has. Naomi has incredible curves but it is definitely her booty that makes her stand out in WWE’s current women’s division.


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