Top 17 Wrestling Stars With The Longest Dating Resumes

The life of a pro wrestler is not an easy venture; most notably, they are on the road nearly 300 days out of the year, which ultimately makes having a family life incredibly difficult. Many decide to stay single during these years, that way it’s easier to focus on their dreams without having such a strong pull towards home.

The flip side of this is wrestlers are around each other so often, it’s hard not to make connections with other wrestlers, and that’s where we find so many co-workers dating each other. Throughout the years, it’s been fairly common for this to occur, and there are some individuals who have built up quite the dating resume.

This list will count down the biggest of the bunch, but before moving forward, two people must be mentioned that didn’t quite make the list. The first is Ric Flair, he’s been married four times, and has always been known to be a “ladies man,” but never really connected to other female wrestlers. The second is Missy Hyatt, she had a few flings, but more notably, Missy has been very open about how many wrestlers she’s slept with, and has actually talked about how endowed some of them are in interviews (she’s really open about this topic). So, Ric and Missy are the honorable mentions in this group, let’s get to those who made the list!

17 Nikki Bella


Starting out with the longest reigning WWE Divas champion, Nikki Bella found love with Dolph early on in her WWE career. They started dating around 2008 and were together until 2010, this was during a time when both individuals were in WWE’s Florida development promotion trying to achieve their WWE dreams.

16 Triple H


“The Game” has been in two very public relationships over the past two decades; initially he was with Chyna (known as the bodyguard of DX) for years before moving on to Stephanie McMahon. At the time, he was still in a relationship with Chyna, but for him, being with the Boss' daughter was too much to pass up.

15 Sunny


Chris Candido was Sunny’s high school sweetheart and the reason she ended up getting into the wrestling business. They started dating in the late 80s and had a very on and off relationship throughout the following years. Although, for most of Candido’s career, Sunny was his manager, until his untimely passing in 2005 from a blot clot due to a recent surgery to repair a fractured fibia and tibia.

14 Miss Elizabeth


They were quite possibly the most famous couple of all time; Miss Elizabeth and “The Macho Man” Randy Savage. They were not just an on-screen duo, but were actually married in 1984 which lasted until 1992, when the two parted ways.

13 Karen Jarrett


Karen married Kurt Angle in 1998; the two had a son and a daughter, and eventually divorced in 2008 while both worked in TNA. Not even a year later, she began dating Jeff Jarrett (who also worked in TNA); this of course caused some backstage consternation which lead to a leave of absence for Jarrett. The two eventually married in August of 2010.

12 Chyna


As mentioned above, Chyna had a long term relationship with Triple H, which ended abruptly when he decided to move up in the world and be with Stephanie McMahon. She was let go from the WWE not long after and started dating X-Pac in 2003. The couple ended up getting engaged and breaking it off multiple times over the next couple years.

11 Sable


Sable met wrestler Marc Mero in 1993 and married him in 1994; much like Sunny, Sable’s man helped break her into the wrestling business, getting her right into the WWE. Sable ended up becoming so popular that she overshadowed Mero and became a solo act for the WWE.

10 Test


Test did pretty well for himself during his time with WWE, in his first stint; he developed a relationship with the long-legged Stacy Keibler that most likely blossomed out of their time on-screen when Stacy played as his “image consultant.”

9 AJ Lee


You should start to notice the number of wrestlers dated will jump up from here, two people just won’t do anymore! AJ started out her wrestling career under the tutelage of Jay Lethal, who also ended up becoming her boyfriend in 2007. The couple eventually got engaged, but broke up in 2011, around the time AJ started working at WWE, and this is where Trent Barretta came along.

8 Maria Kanellis


From 2005 until about 2007, Maria dated CM Punk, initially meeting in WWE’s developmental promotion (at the time) Ohio Valley Wrestling, the two took plenty of pictures while out on the town. After a few years in WWE, there were whispers of her having a short fling with John Cena, but nothing substantial can prove that was ever a thing.

7 Matt Hardy


After meeting at an NWA Mid-Atlantic show in 1999, Matt and Lita stayed together all the way until 2005, when she famously started cheating on Matt with fellow WWE Superstar, Edge. Matt became embroiled in an on-screen feud against Edge, which actually included their love triangle as the central focus.

6 Lita


As mentioned previously, she was involved in a very long relationship with Matt Hardy, but in 2015 Lita decided to hitch her wagon to Edge instead. Unfortunately, Edge and her lasted about a year so while it helped get her over as a heel on-screen; it hurt public opinion of her.

5 Batista


Before heading off to Hollywood for good, Batista enjoyed a fruitful career in the ring and during this time he forged a few connections. First, Batista dated Kelly Kelly, but ended up stopping when he found out how old she was, he was basically double her age and didn’t feel right being with someone so young.

4 John Cena


Starting out with the most rumored relationship, there were whispers of Cena and Maria Kanellis being together for a short period of time, nothing substantial behind that one, and Marie said Cena was a friend in interviews. Next was Victoria who said herself the two dated for about a month in 2002, even though she was married, but separated at the time.

3 Kelly Kelly


The rumored guys from this bunch include Dolph Ziggler, Jeff Hardy, and Chris Jericho. Her pictures with Jericho raised some eyebrows since he was a married man and seemed to be just a bit too close to her. As mentioned previously, she dated Batista for a brief period of time, as well as Test, who lasted from one to two years with the former WWE Diva.

2 Mickie James


Topping all the women is Mickie James, who early on in her wrestling career (1999) dated indy regular Jake Damien, before being with CM Punk. After being together for less than a year, Mickie then connected with Joey Mercury, yet again for only about a year.

1 CM Punk

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When it comes to dating other wrestlers, there is a clear winner and that’s none other than CM Punk. In the late 90s and early 00s, Punk first dated fellow indy wrestlers Allison Danger and Becky Bayless. He then went on to date Daffney, Mickie James, and Traci Brooks, all of which lasted only around a year.

Punk then had a longer relationship with Maria Kanellis while they were both in WWE, then it was Lita, then Beth Phoenix, back to Lita, and finally his current wife, AJ Lee. Even though he really played the field during his wrestling career, he seems extremely happy with AJ, which is a nice ending to such a turbulent list of pro wrestling relationships.



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Top 17 Wrestling Stars With The Longest Dating Resumes