Top 15 Richest Tag Teams In Pro Wrestling History

Great Tag Teams are pretty hard to come by, and there certainly are an abundance of good teams looking back but only a select few can truly be labelled as great. Some of the greatest and most popul

Great Tag Teams are pretty hard to come by, and there certainly are an abundance of good teams looking back but only a select few can truly be labelled as great.

Some of the greatest and most popular teams of all time have very few things in common. Some of the teams were similar in the ring and meshed really well together, while others were polar opposites, which is what made it all so compelling to watch. What these great teams did have in common though, was their connection to the audience; a reaction is basically everything in the world of pro wrestling and this is certainly something all 15 of the teams got during their time in the spotlight of the Tag Division.

In this article, we will take a unique perspective and rank the greatest teams of all time by net worths. Some made a bulk of their money because of brilliant solo careers, while others made the list based on their contributions in the Tag Division itself. We’re going to take a look at both sides of the coin. The number one entrants on this list blew everyone else out of the water; can you guess which team that is?

For now, sit back relax and enjoy this list of the 15 richest tag teams in pro wrestling history!

15 Booker T & Goldust: $7 Million

It truly made no sense to match these two wrestlers but man, did it ever work.

Following the failed WCW Invasion angle, Booker was one of the few wrestlers salvaged by the WWE and would continue his run with the company. Although he stayed, Booker lost his way, being booked in some bad angles like as a hardcore wrestler when he held the Championship twice defeating lower-card wrestlers like the late Crash Holly and Steven Richards.

An improbable scenario would ultimately save Booker’s career when he was placed with Goldust. The team was a major hit and the storyline would alter Booker’s persona from heel to face. The duo spent the bulk of the final point in 2002 together and would claim the Tag Titles at the end of the year, defeating three other teams which included the Dudleys, Storm & Regal and Chris Jericho & Christian.

Asides from in-ring success the team delivered tremendous comedy via promos. This eventually set them apart as one of the most memorable Tag Teams to come out of the 2000s.

Net worth wise, Booker makes five million of the duo's seven million combined net worth.

14 Daniel Bryan & Kane: $9 Million

After a terrible World Heavyweight Championship run, the company decided to rebuild Daniel Bryan, throwing the future star into a Tag Team. Similar to the previous team we just discussed in Booker and Goldust, this team couldn’t be more far apart in terms of persona and in-ring ability, but ultimately it just worked and the team became one of the most popular acts in the entire company.

The duo got off on the wrong foot starting off as bitter enemies. At that point Bryan was promoting the word “No”, as the “Yes” movement was still not yet in action. After an up and down battle amongst themselves, the team would finally challenge for the Tag Titles at Night of Champions defeating Kofi and R-Truth. Following the win, the team thrived being just as popular outside of the ring with some of the funniest promos of that time. The team definitely goes down in history as one of the more underappreciated duos.

In terms of net worth, Kane makes a bulk of the money at $7 million; it pays quite well when you’ve been with the company for over two decades. As for Bryan, remember he spent only a couple of years at the top, which is why his net worth is likely not as great as you might have imagined at $2 million, which is still something to be proud of. If you watched Bryan’s pro wrestling journey, you know it wasn’t about the money.

13 The Miz & John Morrison: $9.5 Million

The Miz has John Morrison to thank for launching his career in the right direction and becoming a relevant player under the WWE umbrella. Before embarking on the Tag Team journey alongside Morrison, Miz was bouncing around like a bingo ball going from commentator, to host to ECW Superstar.

He finally found some stability alongside Morrison, who was a vastly experienced Tag wrestler at that point making a name for himself under his former team MnM’ featuring himself, Melina and Joey Mercury.

The team quickly found chemistry and were awarded with the Tag Titles, defeating MVP and Matt Hardy. This would be Miz’s first major Championship with the company. After the duo broke up and split under separate brands, Miz would thrive as a solo act finding the confidence following his run as a Tag Team wrestler.

Net worth wise, the two are quite similar with Miz being worth $5 million, while Morrison holds a respectable $4.5 million net worth. Keep in mind that yes, Morrison isn’t with the WWE but he did start on the main roster two years before Miz and kept active following his WWE exit. This is a major reason as to why the two share similar net worths.

12 The Dudley Boyz: $10 Million

Hard to find a team with a better track record than the Dudleys in the world of professional wrestling. The duo began their journey under the brutal dark lights of ECW, two decades ago in 1996. The team became one of the greatest heels in all of pro wrestling at the time (which is saying a lot) and were rewarded with an eight-time Tag Title run.

Once the team left for the WWE, some pro wrestling enthusiasts were worried that the company would destroy the Dudleys, this however couldn’t be further from the truth. The team was involved in perhaps one of the greatest Tag Team feuds in pro wrestling history, alongside bitter rivals the Hardys and Edge & Christian. The three teams stole the show several times and had memorable encounters that are still being discussed and showcased today.

Just recently, the duo departed from the WWE, leaving behind a tremendous legacy with nine Tag Team Championship reigns. Net worth wise, Bubba is worth a little more than his counterpart which is largely because of his stint with TNA as the company’s two-time World Champion.

11 The Outsiders: $11 Million

This article would not be complete without some WCW flavor and one of the greediest pro wrestlers of all time Kevin Nash. To Kevin’s credit, he never backed down from the fact that he was money motivated from day one. This factor eventually led to Kevin and Scott to both leave the WWE, finding greener pastures with WCW.

After debuting in 1996 as a couple of “Outsiders” from the WWE, the team became hotter than ever and drove WCW to defeat the WWE. This just meant more dollar signs for both Nash and Hall. The team would later solidify their dominance in the ring as well by gaining creative control in their contracts. This would lead to multiple Tag Title runs and World Title runs for Kevin later on.

The team would continue their journey back to the WWE for a brief stint side-by-side. They later made a ton of money in exchange for lackluster performances with TNA. The two legends are both happily retired today and members of the WWE Hall of Fame.

10 The Hardy Boyz: $13 Million

After both brothers worked as enhancement talents for the company, they finally caught a big break defeating Kaientai on an episode of Sunday Night Heat. From then on, the team's popularity kept on rising till they reached the very top of the Tag Division.

Adding Lita to the mix made the team complete; they redefined the WWE becoming daredevils and must-watch television every single week. The team was and still is regarded as the most popular Tag Team in WWE history.

They cemented their legacies with six Tag Team Title reigns. They would later enjoy brilliant solo careers with Jeff capturing both WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Matt also enjoyed success winning the ECW Title. He would thrive even further, reinventing his entire image with TNA and reaching the top of the mountain winning the promotion's World Championship.

Times have certainly changed since the duo's rise to the top. Under the TNA banner, Matt currently goes under the name of Broken Matt Hardy, while Jeff portrays the role of Brother Nero.

9 Mega Powers (Hogan & Randy Savage): $16 Million

During the late 80s, having this team being formed was a dream for every little kid watching. What better than having your two favorite wrestlers team up together and beat the rest of the roster? The name Mega Powers was pretty much perfect when combining these two mega stars together (hey, actually mega stars actually sounds like an even better name).

The duo would go on to dominate the WWE landscape as a team winning the Tag Titles on multiple occasions. After a feud with the Twin Towers, the mighty popular team would finally disband and embark on one of the most memorable feuds in WWE history, which would get settled for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania V. Hogan’s hand was raised following the match crowning him as the new champion.

Looking at net worths, Hulk is set for a dramatic increase after he was awarded $100 million plus following his lawsuit victory against Gawker. As for Randy, he had a great net worth of $8 million before his passing.

8 Batista & Rey Mysterio: $18.5 Million

What made this team so great to watch was the fact that they were actually real life best friends off-screen; it made the connection between the two in the ring quite organic, as you could really sense that the two cared for one another. In his WWE documentary, Batista admitted himself that Rey was one of his best friends outside of the ring and the two regularly keep in touch.

After the passing of Eddie Guerrero, Mysterio and Batista (who were close to Eddie) were put in a team to pay homage to the late great Guerrero. The team would continue their Eddie tribute by winning the Tag Titles against MnM on SmackDown, dedicating the win to Eddie. Batista become a duel champion holding both World Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships.

Both are out of the WWE but still making a great living. Batista has found success as an actor while Mysterio continues to thrive as an independent wrestler. The two share similar net worths, with Batista having $10 million to his name while Rey is worth $8.5 million.

7 Edge & Christian: $23.5 Million

Net worths and money was the last thing this team was thinking about when breaking into the WWE. These guys were all about the company and were dedicated to being great at their craft. They really were 24/7 guys you wanted on your team. While others spent the nights partying after shows, the duo would instead typically opt to go back to the hotel and get some rest thinking about the upcoming show.

This attitude later manifested itself in the ring. After debuting alongside Gangrel, the team really broke out once they began going at things without 'The Brood' label. The team became one of the most dominant Tag Teams in WWE history, winning the titles seven times. Most pro wrestling outlets identify the duo as perhaps the greatest of all time.

Both would enjoy runs as Singles stars and are happily retired today. The WWE feels forever indebted to the Superstars and still calls the duo for various vignettes and WWE Network content. Edge made a bulk of the team's earnings with a net worth of $14 million.

6 Brothers Of Destruction: $24 Million

Albeit part-time, it’s crazy to think that Kane and The Undertaker are still somewhat relevant today. Taker is a marquee act at WrestleMania yearly, while Kane still appears sporadically.

Kane owes a lot to The Undertaker; after bouncing around some awful gimmicks he finally found the right one as The Undertaker’s half brother and embarking on a feud with The Deadman. The feud did wonders for the Big Red Machine and solidified his status as big game player for the company.

In a typical WWE classic playbook move, the company would later opt to connect these two former bitter rivals, forming the team of The Brothers Of Destruction. The duo was incredibly popular and won the Tag Titles on two separate occasions. They would reunite in 2015 to feud against The Wyatt Family; the reaction they got was even louder than back in the day, proving how great these two really are side by side.

With a body of work for both Superstars reigning over two decades, it really isn’t difficult to understand why the team ranks so high on the list. Taker is enjoying his one match a year role with a $17 million net worth, while Kane is also doing just fine with a $7 million net worth.

5 Bret Hart & Goldberg: $28 Million

Bret joining WCW was a disaster just waiting to happen looking back. Both sides played a part; Bret did not have a proper mindset following his WWE debacle, while WCW didn’t have a clue on how to book a wrestler like Bret. The formula was really a recipe for disaster.

Putting the Tag Belts on these two could have been great, though it was ultimately another one of WCW’s epic failure ideas. The popular team would win the titles defeating Creative Control. Fans liked the idea but in typical WCW manner, it was ruined shortly after. The team would drop the belts literally six days later to The Outsiders on Nitro (shocking, a title change on Nitro...). The team would then separate and be booked in a WCW World Title match against one another at Starrcade. The idea was terribly rushed and could have used months to blossom. Instead, like everything else the company did, they pushed the fast forward button which resulted in a brutal concussion for Bret after he took a stiff head kick by Goldberg, which eventually ended his career.

Thankfully, Bret does have some cash to show for all these negatives with a net worth of $14 million. Goldberg is also a wealthy man worth the same $14 million.

4 Rated RKO: $29.5 Million

With DX back on top, the WWE needed to form a legitimate team to rival the duo, enter Rated RKO. Edge and Randy Orton side by side just worked and as a matter of fact, seems like something that would work in any given era, especially today. With successful solo careers, the team formed together as a protest that they were being pushed back, and this ultimately carried in the ring with their aggressive Tag Team style which really was a treat to watch.

With Lita added to the mix the team was unstoppable, capturing the Tag Team Championships. Not only did they feud within the Tag Division, but they also set their sights on bigger solo Superstars like John Cena. This is what made the team so great; they were a Tag Team essentially working upper-card storylines.

Looking back, both wrestlers were very fond of the time they spent together as a team. Today, Edge is enjoying the retired life while Orton is still building on his $15.5 million net worth.

3 Jeri-Show: $38 Million

I bet most of you probably weren’t thinking about the team of Jeri-Show when thinking about teams with high net worths.

The team actually sustained quite the run together, claiming both World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team Championships. The team began their run side by side after Edge sustained an injury. With Y2J holding the Tag Titles, he selected Big Show as his partner to continue his title defense. The team won their debut at Night of Champions, defeating Legacy members Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase.

Soon after, the team was put into upper-card feuds with the likes of DX, and even the World Champion at the time The Undertaker. At Survivor Series, both men were put in a match for the Championship against Taker, though The Deadman would rise and come out on top.

Jeri-Show recently had a one-night only type of reunion back in January when the team reunited on SmackDown (Big Show saved Chris from the Wyatts).

Net worth wise the two long time WWE vets are quite wealthy and the highest amongst the current WWE class. Jericho has a tremendous net worth of $18 million, while Big Show has an even greater worth at $20 mill.

2 Degeneration-X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels): $42 Million

The list could not be complete without one of the greatest duos in WWE history, Degeneration-X. At the time of the team's upbringing, the company was struggling with an outdated product that was getting beat regularly by their WCW rivals. DX gave the company that kick in the right direction, providing the program with some edgy, in-your-face, reality based content. The two in particular paved the way for an Attitude Era that would revolutionize the pro wrestling business forever.

Although both would go on to enjoy fabulous solo runs, DX did lots of good for their careers, particularly Triple H who was later launched into the forefront as the promotion's top heel. After Shawn returned to the company the duo enjoyed a reformation which was a treat to watch even if it was corny at times.

Rightfully so, both HBK and Hunter have made their fair share of cash during their time as pro wrestlers, which was spent at the very top for decades. A happily retired HBK is sitting nicely on his $17 million, while Hunter’s value keeps going up with a $25 million net worth at the moment.

1 Rock n’ Sock Connection: $200 Million

Obviously The Rock has a big input on the team's number one positioning, blowing all other duos out of the water. Rocky alone today has an estimated net worth of $180 million. Mick hasn’t fared all that bad himself, raking in $20 million over the course of his career in and out of a WWE ring.

The two pretty much personified the term "opposites attract”. The men went from bitter rivals to becoming one of the hottest duos in WWE history. These two characters together were truly must-watch television, whether it was in the ring, on the microphone, backstage shooting a promo with Michael Cole or a hilarious vignette. They truly personified the word “entertainment” in the wrestling business which made them fan favorites and WWE favorites internally.

The team would cement their position as one of the greatest duos ever after Mick Foley’s This Is Your Life segment to the Rock hit record-breaking numbers becoming the most watched segment in WWE history with an audience of 8.4 million. That September 27th, 1999 night will likely go untouched for years to come.


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