Top 15 Most Evil WWE Wrestlers Ever

Professional wrestling is a simple business, but also one that can turn into something much more difficult than it needs to be. At the end of the day, wrestling comes down to two (or more depending on the match) people getting into the squared circle and going at it. The fans will get behind one guy and the other will do his very best to get everyone in the building to hate him.

Some wrestlers are just damn near impossible to hate. Guys like Rey Mysterio and Ricky Steamboat are so likeable and easy to support that you just can't bring yourself to boo them. Other guys though can tap into their dark sides so well though that they cross the line from just being wrestling heels to comic book levels of evil. That's where these fifteen individuals come into play.

The fifteen wrestling characters on this list cross the line of what is the norm in the wrestling business. They took all of the worst aspects of humanity, turned them to 11 whilst bringing them into a wrestling ring. Lust, rage, arrogance and racism are all tapped into by these people and channeled into truly hideous actions. Anyone who has followed wrestling for a long time can tell you that there are some things done in WWE that would surely get them arrested, but instead just resulted in them wrestling their rival.

So here it is, the top 15 most evil WWE wrestlers of all time.

15 JBL


John Bradshaw Layfield spent his early days in the WWE tagging with his best friend Ron Simmons where they drank beer, joined a cult of devil worshipers (more on that later) in the countdown, drank more beer and played lots of poker.

Once Ron Simmons left the active roster, Bradshaw went off on his own to pursue a solo career and completely revamped his image. Now a wall street tycoon, JBL took all the worst parts of right wing politics and merged them into a wrestling villain. He batted off illegal Mexican immigrants from crossing into the USA and caused Eddie Guerrero's mother to have a heart attack.

He then founded his Cabinet, continually screwing over fans and opponents with disqualification and screwjob finishes in his title defenses. As the personification of everything bad about America, JBL cemented himself as one of WWE's most vile characters.

14 Brock Lesnar


Nobody likes a bully. And who in WWE history was ever a bigger bully than Brock Lesnar?

Lesnar is like everyone's high school tormentor cranked up to the max volume. He's big, he's a huge sports jock and he doesn't give a damn about you. Despite having brief runs as a babyface, Lesnar inevitably always falls back into his bullying ways which according to a lot of people isn't that far off from his real life personality.

He's pushed amputees down stairs, mocked Eddie Guerrero's drug addiction, and broken people's bodies just for a thrill. Fans seem to forgive a lot of this despicable behaviour because of Lesnar's incredible athletic feats, but fans shouldn't forget that Brock Lesnar is one of WWE's biggest villains ever.

And if not of that convinced, just remember that Lesnar ended The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak. That should be enough to get anyone to hate Lesnar.

13 Stevie Richards


Stevie Richards might not seem like much of a bad guy on the surface compared to everyone else but make no mistake about it, this man was quite the bastard during his time in WWE.

Richards started out as a harmless impersonator of other superstars on the roster but when he created the Right To Censor faction, he took a turn to evil. Designed to parody the real life Parents Television Council, Right To Censor was a group of self-righteous, conservative, moral crusaders who were designed to cleanse the WWE of all the graphic content. That means they took Chyna to task for posing in Playboy, opposed the A.P.A's  beer drinking and generally anything fun. For God's sake they wore a dress shirt and tie as their uniform. Worse of all, they converted fan favourites like Godfather and Val Venis to their cause, two of the more fun characters in the Attitude Era.

For trying to spread censorship through the WWE, Richards is one of the uniquely evil wrestlers in WWE history.

12 Seth Rollins


Seth Rollins may seem like a typical cocky chicken s**t heel and for the most part, he is, but in 2014 Rollins did two things which proved to the world how evil he was.

The first incident came the night after the Shield defeated Evolution at Payback. Triple H unveiled his "plan B" he had in case he couldn't defeat the Shield. On command, Rollins massacred his former brothers in arms with a steel chair. The two men who were brothers to The Architect had been sacrificed for Rollins' own gain.

Next came in December when Rollins' beloved Authority was out of power thanks to John Cena. Needing a way to get his friends back into power, Rollins grabbed WWE Hall of Famer Edge hostage and almost paralyzed him to force Cena's hand in reinstating the Authority. Yup, Rollins almost put Edge in a wheelchair just so he could have his friends in higher places back in power.

11 CM Punk


A lot of individuals have been bastards to other adults, but how many superstars have terrorized a child? Well okay, there's another one but CM Punk did it too, along with other stuff.

The incident in question came on a 2010 episode of Smackdown when Rey Mysterio came out with his family on Smackdown in order to celebrate his daughter's ninth birthday. Sensing an opportunity to screw with his rival, Punk came out with his Straight-Edge Society and delivered the most terrifying rendition of Happy Birthday ever to poor nine-year-old Aaiyah.

When he was making children wet their pants, Punk lectured people on their personal vices and forced his stable members to endure torture to enter his group. Not to mention screwing over whoever he had to in order to hold on to his WWE Championship for over a year.

10 Jake "The Snake" Roberts


The WWE was mostly a family friendly product throughout the 80s and early 90s, more akin to a cartoon than anything else. That would make Jake "The Snake" Roberts the evil mastermind that the heroes fear day in and day out.

Never without his pet snake Damian, Jake Roberts used his serpentine friend to toy with the minds and bodies of his opponents for years. His greatest hits include DDTing Ricky Steamboat unconscious in front of his wife, tying up Randy Savage in the ropes to have him be bitten by a snake and slapping Miss Elizabeth. Considering how PG their product was in this time period, the fact that WWE allowed these actions to take part was simply incredible.

His time in the WWE was shorter than it could have been, but in the few years he was there, Roberts managed to leave behind a legacy of evil that few can beat.

9 Terri Runnels


While she couldn't quite inflict the physical damage that others on this list could do, the absolutely stunning Terri Runnels could screw with a lot of men's minds and the peak of her manipulative powers came in 1998 with the formation of the Pretty Mean Sisters stable.

After being separated from her husband Goldust, Terri began a relationship with Val Venis and claimed to be pregnant with his baby. Then when D'Lo Brown apparently caused a miscarriage to Terri's child,  P.M.S guilted Brown into being their slave and forced him to battle his friend Mark Henry. That would be evil enough but at least you could kind of understand where Terri is coming from but there's a twist. She was faking it the whole time.

Was it thrashy Jerry Springer esque drama? Absolutely, but if you consider what Terri did it's quite evil indeed.

8 Chris Jericho

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For years the biggest sin Jericho ever did in the WWE was talk too much. Boy did that change with his character shift in 2008.

Deciding that the entirety of the WWE Universe was a bunch of hypocrites who supported a man who lied to them like Shawn Michaels, Jericho did everything he could to exact his brand of justice on Shawn Michaels. This included launching HBK into a TV monitor and almost ending his career and punching Michaels' wife at SummerSlam (albeit accidentally).

This bad behaviour didn't end when Jericho returned to the company in 2012. In a feud with CM Punk, Jericho would attack the WWE Champion by digging up Punk's family history, frame him for drinking and then smashing the Straight Edge Superstar with a bottle of alcohol.

A far cry from the fun-loving Y2J of old wouldn't you say?

7 Randy Orton


Who would have thought that the fresh-faced third generation superstar on Smackdown in 2002 would end up being one of the most evil villains in WWE history?

Once he entered into Triple H's Evolution stable, Randy Orton adopted the Legend Killer gimmick where he would prey on old wrestlers from yesteryear, mock them and hit them with an RKO. He spat in the face of Harley Race, he kicked Mick Foley down a flight of stairs and was a general prick to everyone he came across including Stacy Kiebler who he RKOd... outta nowhere *tee hee.*

The cockiness turned into nastiness as his character developed. This led to him saying that Eddie Guerrero was in hell to the face of Rey Mysterio and the coup de grace came in 2009 when he delivered a DDT to Stephanie McMahon while her husband Triple H was handcuffed to the top rope. And to top it off, Orton sealed it with a kiss.

6 Edge

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From start to finish of his career, Edge has continually been one of the WWE's most dastardly villains. And he did this while spending a couple of years playing a freaking kazoo.

Shortly after entering the company, Edge joined the Ministry of Darkness where he assisted in the hanging of Big Boss Man at WrestleMania 15. One would think that once Edge broke away from the Undertaker's merry band of devil lovers that he would become a better person and he did... marginally.

Edge went from attempted murder to screwing with people's emotions by stealing away Matt Hardy's girlfriend Lita and seducing the widow Vickie Guerrero to marry him in order to keep his spot atop the Smackdown brand. Near the end of his career, he would also kidnap Kane's father Paul Bearer and torture him... as a babyface. That is the sign of a true blue bad guy, even when he is supposed to be good, he's bad.

5 Kurt Angle


How can this wholesome All-American hero be placed on a list of most evil wrestlers ever? I saw how much of a goof he was in his debut year, so where did things go wrong for the Olympic gold medalist? Well...

Like a corrupting cosmic force, the WWE seemed to turn this goofball of a guy into one of the evilest characters the company has ever employed. Some of his sins include mercilessly attacking a handcuffed Eddie Guerrero and faking that he was handicapped but it's his fiendish sexual acts that give him a high spot. And no, I'm not talking about his "friendship" with Stephanie McMahon.

In 2005, Angle entered in a feud with Booker T with the crux of the storyline being that Angle wanted to rape Booker's wife Sharmell. Seriously, that was the whole point of the storyline. It was one of the most uncomfortable things WWE ever did and I'm including all of the Attitude Era.

4 Kane


He might fall a little short of being the Devil's favourite demon, but Kane is definitely near the top of the list of most evil WWE wrestlers ever.

The twisted brother of the Undertaker, Kane's early actions were directed entirely by his father Paul Bearer. He destroyed the graves of Undertaker's parents and rolled his half-brother in a casket before set it on fire.

Once he broke free of Paul Bearer's influence, Kane joined the side of good for a while before returning to the dark side. This is where Kane cut a path of destruction through the WWE after unmasking. He set Jim Ross on fire, tombstoned the elderly Linda McMahon and impregnated Lita in order to carry on his "legacy." The unmasked Kane was somehow even more unhinged and vicious than when he was masked.

Plus, he electrocuted Shane McMahon's balls. Dang, nasty evil I tell you.

3 Triple H

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To enter into the McMahon family, one has to be a sick son of a bitch and be willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. Luckily for himself, Triple H was both.

Triple H's metamorphosis over the years has turned him from an arrogant Connecticut blue blood to one of the most evil beings in WWE history. The path of debauchery started with D-Generation X but that was all fun and games. When he sold out his friends in order to join the Corporation, that's where Triple H became "The Game."

This new man drugged Stephanie McMahon, married her while she was unconscious (with a smile on his face) and tasked Rikishi with running over Stone Cold. If that wasn't enough, HHH took part in the worst WWE storyline ever with the Katie Vick, an angle with climaxed with Triple H screwing a mannequin (supposed to be Kane's dead girlfriend) in a casket. He also has several cases of assault with a weapon and generally screwing with people's careers, but we'd be here forever if I got into those.

2 The Undertaker


When your gimmick is that you're a literal creature of the dead, you're probably going to rack up quite a list of evil accomplishments.. Precisely the case with the man from the dark side, The Undertaker.

Debuting at Survivor Series 1990, the Deadman didn't anything that bad at first, mostly just creeping out kids in the audience with his menacing demeanor. Later on in the late 90s and early 2000s though is when he cranked up the demonic deeds.

Forming the Ministry of Darkness in 1999, Undertaker kidnapped Stephanie McMahon and almost married her in a dark wedding before Stone Cold came in and saved her. He also straight up murdered two people on live PPV. Big Boss Man should have realistically died at WrestleMania 15 when he was hung by the Ministry and Undertaker encased his longtime manager Paul Bearer in concrete at the Great American Bash 2004.

Fans may love him, but they should not forget the evil that this deadman is capable of.

He also killed his own parents for good measure. Ain't that nice.

1 Vince McMahon

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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's true in real life and it's true in the wrestling world. Don't believe me? Just look at Vince McMahon, the CEO of the WWE, who just also happens to be one of the evilest wrestling characters ever.

For the longest time, Vince McMahon was just the fast talking, super excited play by play commentator to WWE fans but once the Montreal Screwjob occurred it was clear that one of the greatest villains was born. He wanted things done a certain way and if you didn't submit to his will you had hell to pay, as Stone Cold Steve Austin found out for years.

His worst deeds though came after he moved on from the Rattlesnake. In the 2000s he bullied the amputee Zack Gowen, he threatened to have Undertaker's family kidnapped and raped and challenged God himself to a match at Backlash 2006. Nobody can even hope to match the ego and nastiness of Mr.McMahon, so I have no choice but to put him at the number one spot.

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