Top 15 Hottest Females Currently In WWE/NXT

For the longest time, the women of WWE have been judged primarily on their looks. The WWE has no doubt employed some of the most beautiful women in the world during its existence. Without question, sex sells in any fashion and the WWE has done their best to exploit that fact. For many years, the WWE did their best to turn away from the wrestling aspect of women, opting for unnecessary contests to show off their bodies to attract the male audience. With a lack of in-ring ability that often led to quick and boring matches, it was understandable not to take women's wrestling seriously from a fan's perspective. The evidence showed in the ratings as fans often changed the channel during women's matches or would elect to take a break.

However, with the development of NXT and growing popularity of the women's division, women's wrestling is reaching a level that we've never seen before. Cleverly titled, NXT held the first ever pay-per-view main event between two women when Sasha Banks faced off against Bayley at NXT Takeover: Respect in an Iron Man (Woman) Match. The women of the WWE, and particularly NXT, have earned the respect from the WWE Universe.

Some of the women elect to keep on lesser roles outside of the ring, whether as a manager, commentator, or a ring announcer. One thing that has not changed and much to the delight of many is that they're still hot. The WWE has not stopped from employing beautiful women. With more time awarded to the WWE Divas and much improved in-ring abilities, the women of the WWE/NXT are as hot as ever. In this segment, we countdown today's hottest females in WWE/NXT.

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15 Bayley

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Everyone's favorite hugger, Bayley, kicks off our countdown of the hottest females in the business. One half of the NXT Takeover: Respect main event classic and the current NXT Women's Champion, Bayley has won the hearts of many with her quirky smile and never-give-up attitude. She doesn't quite have the complete look that the WWE wants in their divas but with the right attitude and passion - you don't need it.  The sky is only the limit for Bayley's wrestling career.

14 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss likes to refer to herself as small but fierce. And we're not going to argue with her. The 5'1" firecracker of NXT has established her spot on the NXT roster since turning heel in May 2015, joining Blake and Murphy. In the process, Bliss has not been shy to voice her opinions when in front of a microphone. She's really played the heel character admirably and it's only enhanced her appeal. Already highly attractive, Bliss looks even sexier when she's Blissed Off. She could become even hotter with a little gold around her waist.

13 Eden

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Wife of WWE Star Cody Rhodes (Stardust), Eden, undoubtedly turns heads everywhere she goes. As a former Maxim model, Eden has established herself as a backstage interviewer and ring announcer in the WWE. Like many WWE Divas before her, Eden started her career off in modeling and acting. Her passion for competing drove her to a contract with the WWE. After a brief stint in 2011, she returned two years later as the Smackdown ring announcer. It remains to be seen yet if Eden decides to continue her career inside the ring. I know her fans would love the opportunity for extra air time and opportunities to see this beauty.

12 Stephanie McMahon

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No chance in hell can we keep out the boss's daughter! Stephanie McMahon will be entering a new decade of age later this year but that doesn't stop people from looking in awe. I'm sure some training sessions with fellow family members and her husband, Triple H, helps to keep the leader of the Divas division in top shape. No matter what the reason, Stephanie is one of those women that seems to get better with age. Her on-screen character of a strong willed, angry, and authoritative figure gives everyone wanting more. She may be getting a little older but there's still something to be said about being the boss's daughter.

11 Lilian Garcia

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Lilian Garcia is the oldest WWE female on our list. I'd rather not shout out her age directly but I was shocked when I looked. It only proves further how beautiful Lilian Garcia really is. Garcia has been with the WWE since 1999, including a temporary retirement from 2009-2011 in order to pursue a singing career. As the ring announcer for Raw, and often asked to perform the National Anthem because of her beautiful voice, Garcia has never wrestled in the ring. She has had her fair share of injuries, leaving opportunities for other Divas like Eden and JoJo to fill in. It's not the same though when someone like Lilian Garcia brings so much energy to the squared circle with her incredible voice and stunning appearance.

10 Brie Bella


One half of the Bella Twins, Brie Bella started her career in modeling and acting. Brie has accomplished the task of becoming WWE Women's Champion but it is her sister, Nikki, who holds the longest title reign in history. As a main member of the show Total Divas, Brie is not shy at all letting people in on her personal life. Her real-life marriage to WWE Superstar, Daniel Bryan, has been involved in various storylines for the organization. Brie has expressed her interest in starting a family soon so it's possible we could see a hiatus from the sensual and sexy diva in 2016. In the meantime, we'll continue to watch the beautiful model-turned-wrestler as a member of Team Bella in the Diva's revolution.

9 Alicia Fox


Alicia's name describes her very well. Fox is the third member of Team Bella as part of the Diva's Revolution. She's also part of the main cast on Total Divas. Alicia still has a lot to prove in areas of the ring and on the mic but she stays busy as a part of a faction. She admits that she still needs improvement in those areas but she believes that she's improved some, which is true. In 2010, Fox won the WWE Divas Championship, becoming the first African-American Diva to win the title. It's about time Fox climbed her way back into contention for a second title reign.

8 Carmella

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What's not to love about the Princess of Staten Island? The former cheerleader for the New England Patriots, Carmella began her WWE career in NXT in June 2013. Carmella is one of the more athletic women on our countdown. Not only a former cheerleader, she has been a part of professional dance teams and is currently a personal trainer when she's not performing in the ring. So, obviously, Carmella takes very good care of herself. Unfortunately for the male audience, Carmella is currently off limits as she is dating fellow NXT member, Cassidy. The blonde bombshell is climbing up the ladder in the deep NXT Women's division. As the number one contender for the Women's Championship, Carmella has her sights set on the gold for the first time. Some gold wrapped around her tiny waist could be a sight for sore eyes.

7 Paige

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At just the young age of 23, Paige has already accomplished so much in her short time with the company. Not only is Paige the first ever NXT Women's Champion, she managed to win the WWE Diva's title in her debut. She's won over everyone with her British accent and constant reminder that we are in her house. In 2014, she was ranked number one in Wrestling Illustrated's Female 50. Her ability to come off charming and sweet one minute and hell bent aggravated the next is remarkable. Paige is well beyond her years as one of the sexiest and skilled female talents in the industry. She definitely possesses the "it" factor and should have a long, successful career should she continue her career in wrestling.

6 Nikki Bella

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The other half of the Bella Twins and Total Divas star, Nikki Bella, has always been able to outshine her sister Brie. They of coursed entered the company together but it has been Nikki who's picked things up faster and better than her sister. It can be argued that Nikki is the prettier of the two as well. The WWE has awarded Nikki with her vast improvements over the years. In 2015, she became the longest reigning Diva's Champion in history at 301 days. Like Paige, Nikki was ranked number one in 2015 in Wrestling Illustrated's Female 50. Nikki's currently out with an injury, but with the return of Total Divas and fellow WWE Superstar John Cena by her side, she's got a lot to keep her busy.

5 Emma

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Emma, the stunning Australian, has bounced around a bit during her time in WWE. Like most divas today Emma started out in NXT, in 2012. After a two year stint, the WWE called her up to the main roster but she was poorly used. She never got a real push, and so, went back down to NXT to regain her fame. Emma is one of the best Divas on the NXT roster and should be in the spotlight more. It's a bit of a mystery as to how they use Emma. She's pretty, she can wrestle, and she has the mic skills. She needs to be next in line.

4 Becky Lynch

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Everyone's favorite Irish woman! Becky is the best face in the women's division of the WWE and, possibly, the entire roster. The entire WWE Universe has fallen in love with Becky, even if they weren't familiar with her from her NXT days. This weekend's matchup with Charlotte at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Women's Championship expects to steal the show. Both women are at the top of their game right now and in a position to bring down the house Sunday night. The loud orange hair fits Lynch and her character perfectly. It would actually feel weird if she changed it to anything else.

3 Lana

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Wow! That's all that needs to be said when talking about Lana. Lana debuted on the main roster in 2014 as Rusev's manager. The pop that Lana receives from the crowd cannot be described. The WWE used the positive reaction from the fans as part of the storyline to eventually separate her from Rusev. It was a mistake and after Lana posted her real-life engagement to Rusev on Instagram and Twitter, the WWE had no choice but to put the two back together. Lana is currently out with a wrist injury, but we really, really can't wait to see her return.

2 Eva Marie

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Everything really is better in red. Eva Marie was thrown in the spotlight when she arrived at WWE in 2013. Eva Marie is another diva to wrestle in the ring and be a part of the main cast on Total Divas. However, until now, Eva hasn't been much of a wrestler. She stepped out for some time to train inside the ring and has since reemerged in NXT. The WWE wants their lady in red to succeed as Eva Marie is a major draw among the male audience and fans of Total Divas. Her training seems to be paying off. She's now one of the top heels on NXT and even received a title shot at the NXT Women's Championship.

1 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is a primary reason for the success that the women's division is having. Banks is a phenomenal wrestler and a beautiful young woman. She and Bayley put on epic performances and instant classics in their battles for the NXT Women's Championship. "The Boss" will only go higher. Sasha's currently out of action with an injury but she's expected back in time for a return to the big dance. A potential match against Becky Lynch at WrestleMania could become the greatest match in women's history. Banks has everything you want in a WWE Diva and, in my opinion, will be mentioned with the likes of names like Lita and Trish Stratus when all is said and done.


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