Top 15 Hottest Female Wrestlers To Never Work For The WWE

WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, and Vince McMahon has been its owner for over thirty years now. McMahon has also managed to purchase the majority of his competitions, and even if a wrestler ends up making their name elsewhere, chances are they at least passed by Vince’s eye at some point in their careers, or they wished they did. Although Vince has shown over the years he has quite the propensity towards hiring beautiful women (even if he occasionally goes on to forget them), he’s passed on his fair share of talented, beautiful female wrestlers over the years.

Not every wrestler wants to work for WWE, and that applies for the women as much as it does the men. Some of these women simply never wanted to work for Vince McMahon. Others have been working their entire careers looking for an opportunity that has yet to come. More than one has had the opportunity, but Vince repeatedly passed on them for whatever reason. The career paths of these women wildly diverge, and their talents are varied and many, but they all have at least two things in common: they're beautiful and they never signed a contract to work for Vince McMahon.


15 Madison Rayne

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Previously competing as either Ashley Lane or Amber Lively, the real Ashley Lomberger is best known for her current appearances in Total Nonstop Action as Madison Rayne. She has been the TNA Knockout Champion and a TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion, the first wrestler to hold both titles concurrently. Rayne was the third member of the Beautiful People, joining original members Angelina Love and Velvet Sky in 2009, and remaining a member to this day; Rayne’s first tag team championship win came with Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky while members of the group. Madison is married to TNA play-by-play announcer Josh Mathews.

14 Taeler Hendrix

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Taeler Hendrix started in New England Championship Wrestling and World Women’s Wrestling before being signed to Ohio Valley Wrestling. At one point the training ground for WWE, OVW has since become the developmental territory of TNA, and that’s where Hendrix made her major television debut. Unfortunately, Hendrix felt she was never utilized properly while in TNA, and thus has spent most of her time working for smaller independent promotions. She received a WWE tryout and appeared multiple times as a member of Adam Rose’s entourage, but never wrestled a match or was even acknowledged on screen. Hendrix is currently signed to Ring of Honor.

13 Candice LeRae

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Candice LeRae got her start working for the Empire Wrestling Federation and wrestled a few matches for Ring of Honor, but she is best known for her time in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. LeRae spent several years competing in intergender matches against men, only occasionally wrestling women, before forming a tag team with Joey Ryan known as The World’s Cutest Tag Team. The duo has become one of the most successful intergender tag teams of the modern era, winning the PWG World Tag Team titles. LeRae has also competed for CZW, NWA and TNA, and is engaged to NXT wrestler Johnny Gargano.

12 Alexxis Nevaeh

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Alexxis Nevaeh got her start in New England Championship Wrestling and its sister promotion World Women’s Wrestling, where she has had considerably more success. Always near the top of the card, Nevaeh made history holding the World Women’s Wrestling Championship for over three years, winning the title in August of 2010 from Mistress Belmont, before losing the title back to Belmont in November of 2013. She has also worked for Chaotic Wrestling, where she was briefly their Women’s Champion. Nevaeh again made history, this time with Mercedes Martinez, when the two wrestled perhaps the longest match in women’s wrestling history, competing for over an hour for the WSU Championship. Alexxis has competed for TNA using the name Madison Steele. She is married to Ring of Honor wrestler Eddie Edwards.

11 Taylor Made

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Taylor Made has been wrestling since 2009 primarily for SHINE Wrestling and Shimmer Women Athletes. She has had more success in SHINE, where she currently holds the SHINE Championship. Taylor is a member of the successful tag team Made in Sin along with Allysin Kay. Model and former professional wrestler April Hunter once worked with the duo as their manager. They were eventually joined by Rain and Ivelisse to create one of the largest all females tag teams in professional wrestling, appropriately known as The Valkyrie. Rain may have been the leader and biggest success of the group, but given her looks and her current success in SHINE, we feel Taylor’s body was made for this list.

10 Princess KimberLee

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Many of the women on this list have held titles, but Princess KimberLee is special, because she currently holds a title previously held only by men. In December of 2015, KimberLee became the first female to win the Chikara Grand Championship. Chikara is known for being lighter and less serious than other wrestling promotions, but the title win remains a historic moment in women’s professional wrestling, as it marks the first time any female has held a major independent promotion’s top prize (obviously except female-only federations). She is also a member of the Kimber Bombs with Cherry Bomb in Shimmer, where the team carries the Shimmer Tag Team Championships. KimberLee recently also held the WSU Tag Team Championships with Annie Social.

9 Jennifer Blake

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“Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake was born in Canada and got her start wrestling in Shimmer Women’s Athletes, like many of the women on this list, but it was in Mexico where she would become a star. Wrestling for Mexico’s biggest promotion, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, Blake was a member of the Foreign Legion, lead by former WCW star Konnan. While in AAA, Blake would team up with Alan Stone to win the World Mixed Tag Team Championships. In the United States, Blake briefly competed for Jimmy Hart’s Wrestlicious as “The Ice Princess” Autumn Frost, but it was south of the border in AAA where she continues to create her legacy.


8 Cheerleader Melissa

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Cheerleader Melissa is arguably the most well known independent female wrestler of the past decade. Training under a variety of well-known wrestlers including Daniel Bryan, she spent her first few years as a wrestler in Japan before returning to the US promotion All Pro Wrestling. While with APW, Melissa was the primary draw of yearly ChickFight tournaments, appearing at the first 10 events. She was also known for a violent rivalry turned partnership with MsChif. Melissa spent several years in TNA, first as Raisha Saeed and then as Alissa Flash. The Saeed gimmick was a clear case of miscasting, and Melissa felt the company was continuing to misuse her even after the change, so she requested her release in 2010, appearing primarily in independent promotions since. Melissa has received tryouts with WWE and even wrestled Victoria on Sunday Night Heat, but the cheerleader was never offered a contract.

7 Marti Belle


Marti Belle wrestled for Women Superstars Uncensored and SHINE, initially as a member of the tag team the Belle Saints with Tina San Antonio. Her next partnership would fare even better, as she won the SHINE Tag Team Championships with former WWE Diva Jazz, before beginning to appear in Total Nonstop Action in 2014. In April of 2015, she formed the Dollhouse along with Jade. The villainous all-female group would later include Taryn Terrell as the first leader, as well as Rebel and Awesome Kong after Terrell’s departure. Belle has also worked for Shimmer Women’s Wrestling and EVOLVE.

6 Nevaeh

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Nevaeh got her start in wrestling working for the Heartland Wrestling Association, a small developmental territory which has at times had partnerships with both WCW and WWE, but for whatever reason she never quite made the jump up to the big leagues. Instead, Nevaeh has found success in independent women’s promotions like Shimmer, where she formed a long time tag team with Ashley Lane and won the first ever tournament to crown Shimmer Tag Team Champions. More recently she has made appearances for Ring of Honor and Combat Zone Wrestling alongside her real life husband Jake Crist of the tag team the Irish Airborne, as members of the Ohio Is 4 Killers stable. She has also appeared in SHINE and Women Superstars Uncensored.

5 Reby Sky


Reby Sky is the wife of TNA World Champion Matt Hardy, so it’s unlikely she’ll be headed to WWE any time soon. Though she currently works only as her husband’s valet and manager, she is also a former wrestler, competing both for TNA and smaller promotions including SHINE, Lucha Libre USA and Family Wrestling Entertainment. Reby is also an accomplished dancer and model, having posed for Playboy on multiple occasions. Despite giving birth to her and Hardy’s first child just last year, she continues to appear by his side on Impact Wrestling. Sky is also an avid fan of the New York Giants, once appearing on MTV’s True Life to promote a line of football-inspired handbags.

4 Veda Scott

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Veda Scott got her start as an interviewer in Ring of Honor, but it wasn’t long before she found herself in the ring. Scott currently holds the FWE Women’s Championship, but fans of Ring of Honor remember her best for her work as a manager, using her actual background as a former law student to manipulate her client’s enemies. After taking her years of training in law school and applying that experience as a manager, Scott decided to become a wrestler as well, training with Delirious and Daizee Haze at the Ring of Honor Dojo. Competing in that promotion’s Women of Honor division, Scott’s looks and skills are above the bar. Like several others on the list, Veda Scott once participated at a WWE tryout, but no contract was offered or signed.

3 Mandy Leon

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Mandy Leon graduated from the Ring of Honor Dojo in 2014 and is already making her mark on the wrestling world. Competing primarily for Ring of Honor, she was rumored to receive interest from WWE in 2015 and allegedly participated in a tryout, but nothing came of it. She did appear with Adam Rose as a Rosebud, but has only wrestled on a professional level in RoH. One of the youngest and least experienced wrestlers on this list, Mandy still has her best years as a wrestler ahead of her. She has managed to win a  women’s championship in Vicious Outcast Wrestling and Ultimate Wrestling Experience, and with the luck and determination she shows each time she steps into the ring, may have the highest likelihood of any woman on this list to end up in WWE before long.

2 Cherry Bomb

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Cherry Bomb has received a few tryouts with WWE, and even appeared unnamed in a segment on Raw with Goldust, but she never actually signed a contract. She has, however, been a fixture in women’s promotions SHINE and Shimmer for years, and she’s made appearances in well known indies CZW and Ring of Honor while becoming one. A member of the Kimber Bombs while in Shimmer, in CZW, Cherry Bomb instead typically teamed with her real life husband Pepper Parks, using a fitness guru power couple gimmick. She is also the current Women Superstars Uncensored Champion and has recently competed for Total Nonstop Action and Global Force Wrestling.

1 Sexy Star

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Fans of Lucha Underground are no doubt familiar with arguably Mexico’s most popular female wrestler, Sexy Star. Her American television debut was on the first episode of Lucha, but Mexican fans have known her since she debuted in Asistencia Asesoría y Administración in 2007. She started as a fan favorite, but turned heel by teaming with Billy Boy against his real life wife, Faby Apache. Joining Konnan’s Foreign Legion, Sexy would win the AAA Reina de Reina’s Championship in 2009 and hold it on and off for several years. Sexy has competed for independent promotions as Dulce Poly and still competes for Lucha Underground, where she again is competing as a babyface and is one of the promotion’s top stars. She married boxer Jhonny González in 2015.

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