Top 15 Hottest Divas Currently in WWE

hottest wwe divas

The physical appearance of man is plagued with hair and sweat; overcome with sleaze as the very essence of his being is an atrocious animalistic state of existence - rotten to the core and presenting his grotesque body to the world in search of a desperate companion - all the while his foul stench causing stomachs to turn ill and inducing vomit at the very thought of sexual contact. Man is a lowly, loathsome mutt and much like the mangy, backyard, flea-ridden hound that howls at night in heat and heartache, man will eventually get put down.

Man will march in war and mull over every loss like a child disheartened when he is detached from his pacifier. And the reality of this is that man has not grown much since his days of coddled carelessness. Man has simply shed his baby fat - cut lean in his prime before the beer belly days of brutal living room anger when the television set has become his last known enemy. The final fight that will play out until he has become too feeble to sit and stare at the screen with barbaric bagged eyes. The war and fight are over and he finds an unlikely ally in the Grim Reaper.

In the following article we will take a look at the more elegant side of humanity: woman. The prettier, less pathetic people who must endure the male ego and its constant inflation on the path to full on eruption. However, the contents of this piece will not focus on just any woman but a select few who have taken on the wild and wicked world of professional wrestling. Those who can hang in the squared-circle while maintaining all the class that separates and civilizes woman from man - her forlorn foe who seeks to stain her immaculate reputation with his swine-like degeneracy.

These are the top 15 hottest Divas currently in WWE:

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15 Brie Bella

Via fanpop.com

The lesser stacked Bella twin comes in with hippie sensibility and a lot less sass. The wife of the now famous Goat-Faced Superstar Daniel Bryan is not only a WWE Diva but a reality television personality as well – starring on Total Divas along with her sister and a crop of other Divas. (Who will appear on this list)

Brie Bella may not possess the curves or the plastic like her sister but she is a hot Diva in her own right – separating (or at least trying to separate) herself from her twin and standing out with a sense of Eco-friendly individuality.

14 Natalya

Via wwe.com

The pressures of being a professional wrestler and a member of the legendary Hart family are sure to add up over the years. One can never disgrace the good name of the Hart family … unless you happen to be Teddy Hart.

If you tune in to Total Divas, Natalya comes across as a bit boring; borderline prude. While personality is important, this is a shallow ranking of “hotness.” Therefore, Natalya makes our list despite the Grandma-like personality. She also gets point for running occasional ring-side interference for her real-life husband Tyson Kidd.

13 Tamina

Via fanpop.com

The daughter of the professional wrestling legend Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka comes in next as a powerful and prominent WWE Diva. Tamina is anything but a typical Diva (by modern standards) and that's a good thing.

Tamina has both beauty and brawn and seems as though she could rough up some of the toughest of men - a trait which some of you sadomasochists would truly enjoy as a twisted wrestling perversion come true. Unfortunately, her in-ring skills have been severely under-appreciated by WWE brass, and she has yet to become the force she was meant to be in the Divas division.

12 Renee Young

Via fanpop.com

Is she technically a Diva? According to the official WWE website, Renee Young is considered just as much a Diva as those who compete inside of the ring. Therefore, Renee Young qualifies for our list.

Canadian fans may recall Renee from her broadcasting days at The Score (Sportsnet 360). The eyes of the Great White North may have first focused on Renee Young, but now the entire WWE Universe gets to stare and ogle. Young confirmed in March of 2015 that she's in a relationship with WWE superstar Dean Ambrose. Lucky guy.

11 Summer Rae

Via sj.kankanmi.com

Summer Rae has been a floater throughout her WWE career; never leaving much of an impact or getting involved in anything memorable storyline-wise. Summer is perhaps best known for her antics on Total Divas, which seems to be the case with a bunch of divas on this list.

Summer Rae is currently serving as a Lana substitute in an angle that involves adolescent-like behaviour between herself and Rusev. However, the lackluster character development does not cool any of the Summer heat.

10 Naomi

Via fanpop.com

If you happen to enjoy praising the posterior of a person, then the following Diva will suit your fancy. Naomi is tough and toned - looking terrific in the ring each time she steps into the squared-circle.

Unfortunately for Naomi, she is often placed on the backburner, and should not be expecting a push within the Divas division for quite some time. Another causality of the reality television monster that preys on the Divas and their actual wrestling abilities. Nevertheless, she's still a pleasure to watch in her limited weekly appearances.

9 Charlotte

Via fanpop.com

Charlotte is undoubtedly a beautiful woman who could very-well be the best technical wrestler in the Divas division (rivalled by Natalya). Charlotte has the looks, the charm, and the ability to takeover the female scene. Oh, and did we mention she's the daughter of one of the most legendary wrestlers to ever step into a WWE ring?

If you happen to be a huge Ric Flair fan (much like myself) it is hard to look past the fact that Charlotte looks so much like her iconic father. Perhaps if we were women, we would find The Natch attractive. (Works both ways). WOOO!

8 Rosa Mendes

Via fanpop.com

Oh, sweet Rosa Mendes and her worrisome ways that have been portrayed on Total Divas. Rosa has faced the real life struggle of substance dependency and has appeared to overcome her circumstance.

Rosa Mendes is a sultry Diva who has also been lost in the mix of the WWE system. Such is the way of the sports entertainment world. Where exactly does Rosa go next? Who knows. What we do know is that she's smoking hot and worthy of a place on this list.

7 Alicia Fox

Via mindofcarnage.com

Here we have a veteran of the Divas division and former Divas Champion in Alicia Fox. The long-legged beauty has the potential of being so much more within the division but we all know that WWE will not allow such a thing, which is a real shame.

Therefore, Alicia Fox must make the most of her WWE experience. Will she be Divas Champion again? Probably not. Take the money, enjoy, and film "reality" scenes for Total Divas. For the time being we can still enjoy Fox's presence as a supporting presence in WWE matches.

6 Sasha Banks

Via brendenplayz.com

The current NXT Women's Champion has recently shown up on the main roster as part of the "Divas Revolution," and the sight of Sasha Banks on Raw and SmackDown is a beautiful thing, not just for us viewers at home, but for the WWE's Divas division in general.

Sasha Banks refers to herself as "The Boss," which is fine in the wrestling world but outside of that, The Boss is Bruce Springsteen. Come to think of it: Sasha Banks would look great in a Bruce Springsteen video. Hey WWE, make that happen.

5 Nikki Bella

Via wrestlingforum.com

It's no secret that of the Bella Twins, Brie is the natural beauty. However, this is a place of emptiness and superficiality. So, why are Nikki and Brie so far apart? The answer is simple: Nikki is hotter by design. It's easy to see that WWE agrees since they've made it clear Nikki is the twin they want to put more of their marketing power behind.

John Cena has already claimed so much from WWE including fifteen World Championships. And now, he can call one of the hottest Divas in the company his own as John and Nikki reign over the Universe.

4 Eden

Via sw.fanpop.com

Once again we must ask: is she technically a Diva? And, once again we cite the official WWE website and their listing of ring announcer Eden in the Divas section. Therefore, add this beauty to the list.

Stardust may be a strange character that will most likely flop at some point down the line (this is seemingly in progress already) and Cody Rhodes can certainly be placed in a better position within WWE, but how can one feel bad for a man who gets to go home to Eden? The couple has been happily married since September of 2013

3 Lana

Via forum.bodybuilding.com

Anyone wrestling fan who knows how to work the internet will surely know that Lana is nowhere close to being Russian. The blonde bombshell is a dose of pure, uncut, red-white-and-blue ecstasy, born Catherine Joy Perry in Gainesville, Florida. The blonde bombshell has become a fan favorite and one of the more popular Divas, even in her role as a valet for Rusev and now Dolph Ziggler.

It will be interesting to watch the development of Lana and see whether or not WWE will eventually have her drop the Russian accent, which could happen without warning. Remember how Kofi Kingston was once "Jamaican?"

2 Paige

Via hawtcelebs.com

The pale skin, the dark hair, the British accent, and the punk rock light attitude. It's hard not to find Paige appealing. Paige certainly looks different than the rest of WWE's Divas division and that is something to embrace.

Aside from good looks, Paige possesses something else that has been hard to come by recently in WWE; wrestling ability. While still very young, Paige has been attending the sideshow for much of her life. With the recent surge of NXT talent brought up to the big league, it seems like Paige will finally have some top notch opponents to face.

1 Becky Lynch

Via kingoftheflatscreen.com

Who wants the usual Diva when you can have one of the most unusual female wrestlers to ever enter the WWE Universe? Becky Lynch is a package of near perfection with her gorgeous looks and excellent in-ring work. Her entry into WWE's main roster alongside the likes of Charlotte and Sasha Banks has been exactly what the doctor ordered for the Divas division, and eyes are sure to be glued to this ginger beauty for a long time.

How can you not want Becky Lynch at the top of the list? Take a look at this eccentric Diva - a real hard look, and enjoy the loveliness of this darling Irish lass. Throw in a case of Guinness and you're that much closer to Heaven.

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