Top 14 Booties In The WWE Today

The Divas of today seem to work as hard in the ring as they do outside of it. An emphasis on image and conditioning is at a higher level than ever amongst the WWE Divas of our time. With this being said, today’s Divas are quite nice to look at. The division may in fact be the best looking Divas Division of all time. Hard work outside of the ring is a massive contributing factor to this. Also, the addition of the WWE’s reality show Total Divas, also helped to further the beauty of these women outside of the ring. Wrestling fans are now able to see these Divas outside of the ring wearing every day clothing, something we did not have access to during the 90’s or the 2000’s. With the WWE Network in place, we are starting to get a very real look at these Divas out of the ring.

There’s no doubting how beautiful many of them are. But one begs to ask the question, which Diva has the best booty in the division today? Well, let’s find out. Here are the top 14 booties in the WWE today. Enjoy!


14 Brie Bella

Not even the Bellas could have predicted all of their fame with the WWE. The Bellas bounced around many different options before making it to the WWE, which included working as waitresses in Los Angeles, appearing in films and they used to be Budweiser models. After getting cut during the WWE’s Diva Search, the duo was later signed to a developmental deal with Florida Championship Wrestling in 2007. A year later on August 29, 2008, Brie would make her debut on an episode of Smackdown, defeating Victoria. Her sister would later debut as well, two months later.

Now as for Brie’s booty, it certainly deserves a spot on this list. Unlike her sister, Brie focuses more on endurance training while keeping a low calorie diet, hence the reason for her smaller booty compared to her sister's. Never the less, she still deserves a spot on this list.

13 Alexa Bliss

Despite being relatively new to the business, Alexa Bliss already has her own Twitter account dedicated to her booty. Now that’s pretty impressive. Bliss signed with the NXT’s developmental system in May of 2013. Alexa’s top notch booty is attributed to many different factors. Bliss enrolled in various sports since the age of 5, which included softball, track, kickboxing and gymnastics. She also had a promising cheerleading career where she reached Division 1 status.

To top it all off, Alexa is also a competitive bodybuilder, having competed in every Arnold Classic since 2011. Bliss revealed that bodybuilding saved her life because of a life-threatening eating disorder she was dealing with before enrolling into bodybuilding. The future is bright for this NXT Diva.

12 Alicia Fox

Still only 29 years old, Alicia Fox has been working with the WWE since 2006, when she was signed to her first developmental deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling. Fox made her in-ring debut almost 10 years ago today, on July 1st, 2006. She later would go on to make her WWE debut during an episode of Smackdown on June 13th, 2008. Two years later, Fox would capture her first and only Divas Championship.

Today, the diva is enjoying some great exposure as a full time cast member on the hit TV show, Total Divas. She played a guest role in the first two seasons. After watching her on the reality show, it’s quite obvious she certainly deserves a mention on this list!

11 Carmella

The modern day, Italian hip version of Sunny that can actually wrestle, Carmella is quickly rising to fame amongst NXT crowds. Like Bliss, Carmella has quite the athletic background, working as a New England Patriots cheerleader for three years. She also made the Lakers dance team, becoming a cheerleader for the team in the 2010-2011 season. Carmella also has a certification in fitness and personal training. If you’re into a nice little booty, Carmella’s the one for you.

10 Natalya

Not only is Natalya a great wrestler, but she also has got the booty to back up her great in-ring work. Nat made her independent debut as a ring announcer in 2000. She later made her debut for Stampede Wrestling in 2003. After bouncing around several different independent promotions, Natalya was finally signed by the WWE on January 5th, 2007. A little more than a year later, Nat made her debut on Smackdown. A surprise to many, Natalya would only capture the Divas Championship once. Today, she plays more of a prominent role on Total Divas than she does in the ring.

9 Dana Brooke

Dana Brooke can attribute her tremendous work ethic outside of the ring to having such a great booty. Despite her schedule with NXT, Dana is still working incredibly hard to maintain a tremendous physique. Before joining NXT, Brooke participated in gymnastics for 18 years. She later gave this up in order to pursue a career in bodybuilding. She would go on to win several Championships and later would earn the prestigious honor of getting an IFBB pro card, enabling her to compete in the top tear competitions. Just this past year, Broke competed in the Arnold Classic despite wrestling with NXT. She placed 13th in the event.

8 Charlotte

Some women just got it. Despite being relatively new to the business, Charlotte is an absolute natural in the ring. In 2014, Charlotte was named Rookie of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Before signing a contract with the WWE in May of 2012, Flair excelled in volleyball, winning two NCHSAA 4 A-State championships. She also captained her team in the 2004-2005 season. After graduating from North Carolina University, Flair earned a certification in personal training. Her conditioning and booty is a great example of her tremendous work ethic outside of the ring.


7 Eva Marie


Despite her being wildly unpopular amongst WWE crowds, us wrestling fans must admit that Eva is pretty damn good looking. Her red hair truly sets her apart from the other Divas (she does in fact have a unique look to her). Many wrestling fans believe that this is the only reason Eva is still in the WWE today. Some go as far as to say that Eva is simply using the WWE as a platform for a career outside of the company. Her own colleagues also admitted to this during various episodes of Total Divas, claiming she’s only in the business for fame and not for passion. Her status and purpose with the company will continue to be debated for a long time.

6 Sasha Banks

What else can we say about Sasha Banks? Not only is she the most promising Diva in the WWE, but she also has a killer booty. Banks has been wrestling since the young age of 17. Despite wrestling all these years, she is still only 24 years old. Not very often you see a 24 year old with 7 years of experience under her belt (unless you’re Paige). With all her wrestling experience in the ring comes hard work outside of it. Banks is in terrific shape, training with elements of conditioning and strength. This is quite obvious when you watch a mixture of these two elements during her matches week in and week out. What a future this Diva has!

5 Summer Rae

Summer Rae is the dark horse of this list; despite her lower card status with the company, Summer has quite the booty, and some argue it is the best in the WWE today. People went as far as creating a Twitter account for it (ya, I think that was little bit too much). Like the other Divas of today’s generation, Summer is a fitness freak outside of the ring. Before signing with the WWE, Summer was a full time model, so keeping in shape was an absolute must. With her storyline with Tyler Breeze falling apart, it’ll be interesting to see what is next for the WWE Diva.

4 Lana

Some would argue that Lana should be number one on this list. Her tight skirts arguably drove Lana to stardom. No one really cared that she was bashing them, as Lana was simply too good looking for people to even care what she was saying. You can make the argument that her booty played a crucial role in rising her to fame amongst the WWE universe. Despite her popularity, Lana has been struggling to find a permanent role on WWE television as of late. Some believe that this is a punishment towards Lana because of her unprofessional conduct in and out of the work place. Rumor has it that Lana was punished for yelling at Rusev backstage in front of her co-workers. As a punishment, the WWE limited her time on television. It’ll be really interesting to see what the future has in store for Lana.

3 Naomi

Wrestling fans tend to forget that Naomi has been around for quite some time, signing her first developmental deal in August of 2009. After her time with FCW she was later shipped off to NXT. Naomi would go on to make her debut with the Funkadactyls on January 9th, 2012. Despite some pushes, Naomi still hasn’t become a top tear Diva with the company. Her ring work is very much improved, and she certainly has the keys to be great. With her split up from Sasha, we finally can see Naomi get an opportunity as a singles star, something she desperately needs for her career. Although, one thing she doesn’t need to work on is her booty, as it remains one of the top ranked booties in all of the WWE today.

2 Paige

Paige’s popularity reached new heights following her first season on Total Divas. Paige managed to gather mainstream attention. This eventually propelled her to an appearance on Conan O’Brien. She also appeared on the MTV hit show Ridiculousness. What makes all her accomplishments so remarkable is the fact that she is still only 23 years old. It is absolutely insane to think about how much she’s already accomplished.

Asides from all this, Paige also has a top notch booty. Her booty's Twitter account has over 10,000 followers (if you can believe it). Not to mention the 2.5 million followers she has on her Instagram account. Paige is arguably the most popular Diva on the roster today.

1 Nikki Bella

Man oh man has Nikki come a long way. From a marginal WWE Diva, to the face of the division, Nikki helped bring in a new wave of Divas. To go along with her success, Nikki set a record for the longest Divas Champion in history at 301 days, before finally dropping the title to Charlotte. Nikki was ranked as the number 1 female of the year according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated for 2015.

Not only has Nikki enjoyed some great success, but she is also stunning to look at. Nikki truly is a pro in and out of the ring. Wrestling fans are hopeful that her injury is not career threatening and that we will in fact see this Diva return to the ring one day. Nikki remains in the number one slot for now as the best booty in the WWE.


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