Top 12 Ridiculous Love Songs Performed By Wrestlers

Every wrestler has a softer side. It takes a tough person, both physically and mentally, to work as a wrestler. Not only are you beating your body up in the ring and trying to survive the political shark tank backstage, you’re also on the road every week spending time away from home and possibly away from that special someone you love. When a wrestler eventually gets to spend some time alone with that extra special someone he loves in a romantic sense, how does a wrestler shed his macho persona and truly express to that person how he feels?

Show the one you love how they make you feel this Valentine’s Day by serenading them with any of the following 12 ridiculous love songs performed by pro wrestlers. Music and wrestling have long been connected through the Rock N Wrestling era of the 1980s, and through the many great entrance themes of our favourite wrestlers, but some wrestlers have gone the extra mile to pour their hearts out in song. The following list is a collection of songs that will show you that wrestlers aren’t just bunch of big meanies, but that they can also be a group of thoughtful lovers with golden voices.

12 12 - “Can’t Get You Out of My Heart” by Three Count

11 “I Just Want You” by Trish Stratus

10 “With My Baby Tonight” by Jeff Jarrett

9 “Heartbeat Away” by Michael P.S. Hayes

8 “Hulk’s the One” by Linda Hogan featuring Hulk Hogan and the Wrestling Boot Band

7 “Bertha Faye” by Harvey Whippleman

6 “Wrestling With Girls” by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler

5 “Piledriver” by Koko B. Ware

4 “Never Been a Right Time to Say Goodbye” by Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart

3 “What’s That All About” by Macho Man Randy Savage

2 “Put a Little @$$ On It” by Rikishi

1 “Roppongi” by Terry Funk

Topping this list is a classy love song by Terry Funk, from his album released in Japan titled Great Texan, that captures the true essence of what it is to be a lover and a wrestler. Accompanied by a smooth saxophone, the Dirty Funker sings about the experience of being a wrestler in Japan, spending time in the nightclubs of Roppongi, dancing with women and drinking hot sake. While this may seem like a great time, deep inside he's thinking about that woman he loves back home at the Double Cross Ranch. Nothing is more heartfelt, and the soft, southern drawl of Funk combined with dancy yet lonely rhythm is enough to put a lump in anyone’s throat.

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Top 12 Ridiculous Love Songs Performed By Wrestlers