Top 10 WWE Superstars Who Can Take Seth Rollins' Place As The WWE World Heavyweight Champion

WWE Superstar and now former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins had to vacate the championship on Thursday November 5 when it was found out he could not compete. In a match with Kane in Ireland during WWE's European Tour, Rollins hoped over for a powerbomb and when doing so, landed awkwardly.

It was not initially seen as bad, as Rollins finished the match. However, he needed help walking away. This led to him getting evaluated Thursday and the news was terrible. Seth Rollins will miss 6 to 9 months of action due to an ACL, MCL, and menial meniscus tear. He pretty much tore his knee up like a boss. He must have been talking to Sasha Banks prior.

This led WWE to announcing that they will do a tournament to decide the now vacant WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WWE Survivor Series later in the month. It is unknown if they will do the tournament at the event or have a mini one leading to the show. However, a new champ is guaranteed once Survivor Series concludes.

This brings the important question up regarding "who" WWE will crown as the new champion. WWE has several stars who could fit the role both on the main roster and down in NXT, however, who is the best fit? We decided to count down the ten men who will be almost guaranteed to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series. Check it out.


10 Finn Balor


I know what you're thinking, how can it be possible for the NXT Champion Finn Balor to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title when he is busy with the likes of Samoa Joe down in NXT? I'm glad you asked.

Due to WWE having the impressive problem of continuity from NXT to the main roster, Samoa Joe can fight the champion in Balor on NXT while Balor works on the main roster. WWE was planning to debut Balor around this time and it would make total sense for him to be part of the list for simple surprise's sake.

While WWE never had the idea of having Balor become champion right away, they also never thought their top heel would go down either. That being said, WWE may be desperate to make things work and Balor being champion could be a wrinkle that no one saw coming. It would also prove just how important NXT is even more than it was before.

Don't sleep on Finn Balor, for this man might shock the world more than he already has.

9 Kevin Owens


The current WWE Intercontinental Champion told Seth Rollins this past Monday that he "owned him one" when he teamed with him in the main event against Team Roman Reigns. This led to many speculating that Owens would eventually cash in that favor to get a WWE World Heavyweight Title match.

He might be able to skip the line a bit and could win the WWE World Title sooner rather than later. WWE made him absolutely dominate when he was part of NXT and he walked in and beat John Cena in his first match on the main roster. Not many guys can make such a claim.

Kevin Owens is quite a skilled in-ring worker with an ability to dominate as well as be resilient. If there is a dark horse for the championship, it is this man.

8 Brock Lesnar


After his impressive win against The Undertaker at Hell in a Cell inside the match of the same name, it was said that we wouldn't see Brock Lesnar until the first of the year. However, after the numerous injuries and John Cena departing for a few months, Lesnar is really needed.

Vince McMahon, in his anal ways, would not be out of his norm to call up Lesnar, offer him a good chunk of cash, and have him come in to win the WWE World Title and then lose it to someone like a returning John Cena.

Lesnar is a big enough name to win the championship and make it mean something. Seth Rollins was building at the time he was champion, but Brock is already a build star who can only help the main event match list with his presence. If there is a person who can walk in and win a championship any time he wants, it's Brock Lesnar.

7 Daniel Bryan


Daniel Bryan has not been seen since he vacated the WWE Intercontinental Championship this past spring after sustaining a concussion. He has since been cleared by doctors but WWE has not cleared him as of now. There was a rumor that the WWE finally did clear him to return but simply wanted to make his return a surprise for the Royal Rumble or something closer to the first of the year.

The problem with that now is that Bryan is massively needed to help with not only starpower, but potentially the main event scene that is lacking top names. Bryan happens to be one of the most popular stars in the company and yet he has not wrestled a full year since 2013.

It would make sense for Daniel Bryan to win the championship and simply hold it until the first of the year before he drops it to someone else. Plus, it allows WWE to give Bryan the reign he deserved after getting into an issue with injuries the last few years.

6 Bray Wyatt


While we are already set for Bray Wyatt to face The Undertaker in a tag team match at Survivor Series, the act of double duty is by no means lost on WWE Superstars. In fact, the former champion in Seth Rollins has wrestled twice in a night a few times since winning the title.

Wyatt is certainly at the level of a man who could win the title, plus with his three dark towers watching him and helping him whenever he needs it...he could be an easy pick for the next WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

While most will assume Bray is out, that might be a bad idea as crazier things  have happened in WWE. Seriously, have you heard of Katie Vick?

5 Cesaro


Cesaro has not been given a fair shake most of his career. The Swiss Superman is now one of the most popular guys on the roster with people waving their "Cesaro section" signs at every event he's at. The signs are growing each week at TV tapings and WWE has started to notice it.

There were some rumors stating that WWE was considering the idea of pushing Cesaro to the WWE United States Title and beyond sooner rather than later. This was of course before Alberto Del Rio made his surprise return at WWE Hell in a Cell a few weeks ago.

With fans wanting to see more from Cesaro and WWE now seeing him as a potential star, it would not be crazy to see Cesaro walk out of Survivor Series with his first WWE World Heavyweight Title.

4 Triple H


They say if you can't get people to do something right, you might as well do it yourself. Triple H has won the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship on numerous occasions. He is one of the most decorated champions in WWE history. He is still in tremendous shape and can wrestle at the same level he could 5 to 10 years ago.

With his protege going down, it only makes sense for Triple H to take off the suit and put on the tights for one final World Title run to "save the WWE" while Rollins is at home recovering. This could be a good time for WWE to build a story around Triple H and Seth Rollins where he buries Rollins' title run.

This could only anger Rollins and force him to go after The Game when he comes back from injury next year.

While most would assume WWE would never throw the title on Triple H, keep in mind that WWE has had a lack of starpower and bad injuries happen to big stars in the past. Almost every time it happened since Triple H became a top star, he or John Cena was crowned champion. John Cena cannot be there, so you do the math.


3 Dean Ambrose


While we have seen WWE overlook Dean Ambrose for some time now in favor of so many others, it might now be the time for him to prove himself. WWE really likes Dean, but creative has problems trying to figure out how to use him. Ambrose is quickly getting what is known as "Jeff Hardy pops" at WWE events.

That means he is getting the kind of rockstar ovations that cannot be ignored but have to be for "certain reasons." For Jeff, those reasons were his drug history, but they eventually let him have three World Title runs in his career. While all were short, they made sense for the time he had them.

Ambrose's issue has nothing to do with that, but simply bad creative, which is not his fault in any way. However, it might be the time for them to go to the Internet for 5 minutes and see some fantasy booking just so they can give Ambrose the WWE World Title and do well with him while he has it.

Ambrose has come a heartbeat away from winning the title from Rollins two times this year. With that being said, Ambrose is uniquely qualified to be a favorite in the tournament. He also loves to fight and has the resiliency the likes of a man possessed by demon spirits.

If there is a guy that WWE would be stupid to overlook for this opportunity, it would be Dean Ambrose.

2 Roman Reigns


Possibly the favorite among most is Roman Reigns. He was set to challenge Seth Rollins for the title as the #1 Contender at Survivor Series in a few weeks. Clearly he is qualified. He was holding his own in the main event of WrestleMania 31 against Brock Lesnar when Seth Rollins came out to steal the title and Reigns' chance at gold.

Reigns has been trying to fight his way back to the title since and has been doing a good job with it. Not only has he managed to get the fans back on his side, but he has done an impressive job at improving his in-ring ability and promos.

Fans now see him as a top guy and are willing to see what he can do in a top tier spot. The idea going into Survivor Series was that Rollins would not lose. However, due to Rollins going down, it does make Roman Reigns the obvious choice to win the title that he was set to challenge for.

Reigns makes the most sense above any other....except one.

1 Sheamus


The most obvious choice is as white as ice in the Olympics and from the place Seth Rollins got injured to begin with. In fact, you could make a great conspiracy theory around this entire thing involving this man. Come on creative, do we have to do it all for you?

The Celtic Warrior Sheamus is clearly the wildcard and can easily walk out of Survivor Series as champion and he doesn't even have to win the tournament to do it.

If WWE does go through with the tournament idea, Sheamus will enter himself into it. However, he will lose within it. The one thing that helps him out is the Money in the Bank briefcase. This gold case allows for Sheamus to challenge the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the title anywhere at any time for up to a year.

Who better to cash in on than a person who went through a grueling tournament and match?

If there is a man who is almost considered a guarantee to walk out Survivor Series as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, it would Sheamus simply due to the case he possesses alone.

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