Top 10 WWE Love Triangles

The WWE has had its share of epic feuds since its early years. The addition of divas and love triangles have only made these feuds more volatile, while also adding extra elements of competitiveness and rages of jealousy to the ring. There have been several good love triangles that have helped add more controversy and substance to feuds, while also enhancing even the best storylines in the WWE.

These often bitter expertly scripted love triangles have added some intrigue from everything to episodes of Raw to even the big WrestleMania events. For many of the divas, these love triangles have helped them to gain more notoriety and, in some cases, jump start their careers. Love triangles have been used to help promote major matches, change faces into heels and add more explosiveness to feuds. Many of the best feuds in the WWE have been the result of love triangles that have gone bad.

The following ten love triangles vary in their intensity, but have each played a major role in forging the history of the WWE. The stars that have been involved, the stories that have been developed and the publicity that they have all received, have added more value to the entertainment that is offered to fans of the WWE. The wrestling might last a few minutes, but a good love triangle can last for a few years.


10 Undertaker, Edge and Vickie Guerrero

The Undertaker and Edge had one of the more underrated feuds in WWE history. The feud started when Edge took advantage of The Undertaker after he was punished by big Mark Henry. Edge used his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from a helpless Undertaker in 2007. Since that time, a feud developed between the two that eventually landed Vickie Guerrero right in the middle.

Vickie Guerrero was married to Edge and was also the Smackdown GM, but that didn't exactly bode well for the "Rated R Superstar." This love triangle was less about love and more about the way Vickie Guerrero manipulated the lives and matches of the two superstars after feeling cheated by Edge.

9 John Cena, Dolph Zigler and AJ Lee


AJ Lee burst upon the scene as the most manipulative diva of modern times, beginning with her infatuation with Daniel Bryan in 2011. After an epic love triangle feud with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, this triangle started to develop thanks in large part to Vickie Guerrero. Shortly after leaving Daniel Bryan hanging at the alter and becoming the general manager of Raw, AJ was accused by Vickie Guerrero of fraternizing with John Cena.

AJ had to step down as Raw general manager and ended up winning the Slammy Award for the "Kiss of the Year" that she planted on the lips of John Cena. This led to a standoff between Vickie and AJ during the awards show and the intervention of the peacemaking Dolph Ziggler who was given a surprise kiss from AJ for his efforts. One night earlier, AJ had turned on Cena by pushing him off a ladder in a TLC match with Ziggler. This triangle was important because it involved the squeaky clean John Cena and ended a long standing relationship between Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

8 Rick Rude, Jake Roberts and Cheryl Roberts

"Ravishing" Rick Rude thought he was the sexiest man alive throughout his wrestling career. He was a great talker and was able to to use his conversational skills to win the attention of the ladies in the crowd. In one of his routines, he would have Bobby Heenan pick a woman from the audience that he would kiss following each one of his victories. On one occasion, Rude was unaware of the story line that brought Cheryl Roberts down to the ring.

Cheryl Roberts rejected his kiss and ended up slapping him for good measure. Rude was not happy about the rejection and ended up restraining her and berating her to the crowd. Her real-life husband, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, came into the ring for the save, starting an epic feud between the two. Rude ended up spray painting an image of Cheryl on his tights, which she ended up tearing off to reveal a more or less nude Rude. Rude continued to needle both as part of a story line that was ahead of its time.

7 The Miz, Sheamus and Maryse


When the relationship of The Miz and Maryse was falling apart, Maryse fell in love with Sheamus. Maryse couldn't hide her enjoyment of being with Sheamus and this started a feud between the two men. The Miz thought he had a solution for settling the score when he proposed that they face each other at WWE Extreme Rules in a match up for Maryse. Maryse, however, was not about to be a trophy for the taking.

The Miz might consider himself to be the gift to all women, but that only contributed to his obsession with Maryse as she started to pull back. The Miz and Maryse were an onstage item for a couple of years before she turned her attention towards Sheamus. Maryse Ouellet was one of the hottest divas of her time and she proved that she could also shake things up a bit with her actions in this love triangle.

6 Chris Jericho, Christian and Trish Stratus 

Shortly after Trish Stratus got into the WWE, she became involved with an affair with Vince McMahon that helped jump start her career. In 2003, Stratus became involved with Chris Jericho in a storyline that led to her involvement in a Battle of The Sexes match with Lita against Jericho and Christian at Armageddon. Stratus was upset with Jericho after overhearing him make a bet to Christian about who would sleep with their woman first (Christian was involved with Lita at the time).

Stratus continued her relationship with Jericho, with Jericho developing more feelings for her as time went on. Meanwhile, Jericho was starting to feud with Christian. The relationship between Jericho and Stratus ended and Stratus became a heel for the first time by siding with Christian at WrestleMania XX. Stratus went on to call Jericho a "love sick puppy," and she backed that up by claiming that Christian was a real man. Stratus went on to team with Christian and continue feuding with Jericho for months after the WrestleMania incident.

5 Triple H, Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon


Near the end of 2000, a love triangle was started between Triple H, Kurt Angle and Stephanie McMahon. At Unforgiven, Triple H defeated Angle with a Pedigree following interference by Stephanie McMahon who had delivered a low blow that stunned Angle just seconds before. McMahon later went on to become Angle's manager and got injured following Angle's No Mercy match with The Rock. After Angle defeated The Rock for the WWE Championship, she was victimized by a Rock Bottom move administered by an angry Rock.

This upset Triple H and he attacked Angle believing it was his fault that Stephanie got hurt by The Rock because she was managing him in the first place. Triple H went on to marry Stephanie, for real, just a few years later. McMahon played the part of a nagging wife before they got married and the couple even divorced as part of a storyline. Angle and Triple H continued to run into each other in the ring like at No Way Out, where McMahon happened to be the guest referee.

4 Matt Hardy, Kane and Lita

Lita had an alliance with Matt Hardy and the Hardy Boyz tag team that went back for many years. The love triangle with Hardy and Kane really got going in 2004 when Kane started to repeatedly assault Hardy in an effort to get Lita's attention. At one point during an episode of Raw, Lita revealed that she was pregnant which led to an attempted marriage proposal by Hardy. Kane interrupted the proposal and insisted that the baby was his. A couple of months later, things got even more out of hand as the storyline revealed that the baby was in fact Kane's.

Hardy and Kane got into a "Till Death Do Us Part" match at SummerSlam for the right to marry Lita. Kane won the match and Lita reluctantly married him. Lita did little to stand by Kane's side as she constantly aided the opponents that he had to face. Lita ended up suffering a miscarriage after Kane fell on her following being hit by a chair by Gene Snitsky. Matt Hardy and Lita actually did have an off-screen relationship that ended when Lita was found to be cheating on him with Edge.


3 Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and AJ Lee


The relationship between AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan pretty much ended after the now famous 18 second match at WrestleMania XXVIII between Bryan and Sheamus. The World Heavyweight Championship match never had a chance to get going as Sheamus took advantage of Daniel Bryan as he was busy getting distracted by a good luck kiss from AJ. Bryan blamed AJ for the loss and ended their relationship.

A hurt and bitter AJ then turned her attention to CM Punk, who was a rival of Bryan's. This love triangle at times included Kane, who ended up losing a triple threat match with Bryan and Punk thanks to a distraction by AJ that allowed Punk to win. AJ ended up helping Punk win his Money in the Bank match with Bryan, but had her feelings hurt when Punk wouldn't even watch one of her matches and then rejected her marriage proposal. All of these advances by AJ to Bryan's bitter rival Punk, ate away at Bryan who had a change of heart and ended up proposing to AJ. When AJ accepted Bryan's proposal, the triangle with Punk came to an end.

2 Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita

This particular love triangle was famous for being much more than a WWE storyline. Matt Hardy and Lita were in a long standing off-screen relationship when an affair between Edge and Lita was revealed. The real-life drama became newsworthy for fans of the WWE and quickly became part of a storyline until Hardy was released by the WWE. Lita and Edge continued their relationship and fan outrage over Hardy's release eventually led to him being re-signed by the WWE.

Once Hardy returned, he was on a mission to restore his honor. Hardy called himself the Angelic Diablo and became a character determined on revenge. During an episode of Raw, Hardy made a grand appearance during a storyline wedding of Edge and Lita right after the priest asked if anyone had a reason why they should not be wed. Hardy and Edge had more very personal run-ins until Edge defeated Hardy in a Loser Leaves Raw Match. Hardy moved on to Smackdown and Edge went on to become the "Rated-R Superstar" in large part because of the intensity of this love triangle and his public display of lust for Lita.

1 Hulk Hogan, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth


Miss Elizabeth managed to break up a long-standing relationship between Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan back in 1988-1989. This love triangle was epic in that it involved two of the biggest WWE superstars of that time. Elizabeth started gaining her fame as the manager of Savage back in 1985. She played a part in several of Savage's feuds, but the major love triangle that developed into a storyline, involved herself, Savage and Hogan.

Elizabeth started her involvement with Hogan when she became the manager of the Hogan-Savage tag team, The Mega Powers. Elizabeth then started accompanying Hogan to his matches and that started to anger the jealous Savage. Animosity started to develop between Savage and Hogan that spilled over to the ring. This triangle was used to help build up the match between Hogan and Savage at WrestleMania V. Elizabeth disrupted the match several times and was eventually prevented from being at ringside. Following the loss to Hogan, along with the loss of his Heavyweight Championship Belt, Savage left Elizabeth for another diva, Sensational Sherri.

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