Top 10 WWE Wrestlers With The Lamest Finishing Moves

Any professional wrestler worth anything needs a solid finishing move. That move is, in most cases, the last thing that a wrestler will do inside of a ring before the bell rings. The greatest wrestlers in the history of the business all had noteworthy and memorable finishing moves. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair would put opponents away with his figure-four leg lock. Fans knew that a match was over when Hulk Hogan dropped his leg across the throat of an adversary. The Rock had the “People's Elbow” and the “Rock Bottom.” Steve Austin used the “Stone Cold Stunner.” Each of these finishing moves were, for one reason or another, awesome.

Some finishing moves that are seen in promotions such as World Wrestling Entertainment today are, for lack of a better description, downright lame. Wrestlers who have not yet cemented themselves as top stars in the WWE still have time to tweak or change their finishing moves. Those who are already at the tops of cards are, however, forever associated with some of the lamest finishing moves in the business. Diehard WWE fans can probably guess which maneuver tops the list of the lamest finishing moves among wrestlers. That move probably should have been scrapped before it ever saw the light of day.

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10 Bayley (Bayley-to-Belly)

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We all love the Bayley character who has been a mainstay of the NXT brand for years. We love her underdog story that has been presented, and fans have been fortunate to watch Bayley compete in several memorable and tremendous matches. There are, however, serious concerns that Bayley will not get over with casual fans once she does get called up to the main roster. Her “Bayley-to-Belly” finishing move, which is nothing more than a standard belly-to-belly suplex that is seen in wrestling matches all of the time, may prove to be a detriment rather than a positive. The WWE should think about giving her a different finishing move before she is routinely on shows such as Raw.

9 Bo Dallas (Bo-Dog)

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It is somewhat fitting that a wrestler given the character Bo Dallas would have one of the lamest finishing moves in wrestling. Dallas is a comedic figure who has become nothing more than a jobber to others on the roster. His “Bo-Dog” finisher is, of course, a bulldog not all that different than what Trish Stratus used during her legendary WWE career. Stratus did well to get that move over and also improve to the point that she was one of the better Divas of her era. Dallas is likely never going to get to that point, and it would not be surprising if he simply disappeared from the WWE roster sooner than later.

8 Big E (The Big Ending)

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There is plenty that has been great about the “New Day” faction that went from being one of the lamest groups in the WWE to one of the few entertaining things about the company. The finishing move that has been used by Big E Langston since he first emerged on the WWE roster is not one of them. Langston has used “The Big Ending,” an over-the-shoulder facebuster that involves an opponent crashing his head onto the chest/shoulder of Langston. While wrestling fans have to pretend the action that takes place during matches is real, it sure looks as if The Big Ending would do more damage to Langston than to his opponent.

7 Dolph Ziggler (Zig Zag)

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As lame as the bulldog is for a finishing move, the “Zig Zag,” which is basically a glorified reverse bulldog, is even worse. The WWE has struggled coming up with finding the right finishing for the Dolph Ziggler character. Ziggler was given the old-school sleeper hold for a period of time. He has toyed with using a superkick as his finishing move. Ziggler is unquestionably a talented performer, even if he could slow down during a particular match, but he has never had a solid finishing move during his WWE tenure. That is one of the few things that Ziggler has been missing.

6 Eva Marie (Sliced Bread #2)

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Take one look at the stunning Eva Marie, and you will understand why she has been pushed on portions of WWE programming and on NXT. Eva does deserve credit for studying underneath Brian Kendrick in an attempt to improve her in-ring work. The problem is that she is still not nearly as good as Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Paige or other female performers currently signed by the WWE. Eva's sliding reverse STO that she has used in NXT looks terrible, maybe even worse than her version of Kendrick's “Sliced Bread #2.” The company hopes to have a big star in Eva, but she still needs quite a bit of work.

5 Roman Reigns (Spear)

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It has yet to be determined if the WWE will be able to convince diehard fans that Roman Reigns can be the next big thing for the company. Giving him a unique finisher rather than the generic spear that has been a part of wrestling for far too long would not be the worst idea. We blame Goldberg for having such an awesome spear that companies such as the WWE would give it to other performers such as Reigns. The “Superman Punch” is a great setup for a finishing move, but the spear that has been used by wrestlers such as Big Show and Edge is just played out. Reigns needs better.

4 Seth Rollins (Pedigree)

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Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is going to be sidelined for a lengthy time due to a serious knee injury. Perhaps the company could come up with a good finishing move for Rollins before he comes back. The WWE elected to eliminate Rollins' “Curb Stomp” finisher, which was actually great, and he was instead given the “Pedigree” that has famously been used by Triple H. Not only is it lame that Rollins would not be given his own move. His version of the Pedigree has often looked weird. A performer as talented as Rollins needs a move that he can proudly call his own.

3 Alberto Del Rio (Double Foot Stomp)

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What is so obnoxious about the finishing move that Alberto Del Rio has been using since he returned to the WWE in 2015 is that Del Rio already had a great submission hold. The cross armbreaker worked just fine regardless of if Del Rio was working as a babyface or a heel, and he should have continued using that to win matches during his second run in the company. Del Rio has instead been given a double foot stomp that is similar to the finishing move used by Finn Balor except for the fact that Del Rio's is worse. There is still time to fix this error in judgment, WWE. Make it so.

2 Braun Strowman (Standing Arm Triangle Choke)

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One of the issues with the WWE calling Braun Strowman up to the main roster when the company did so has been that Strowman is still green in the ring. Maybe those in the WWE making the call thought that giving Strowman a standing arm triangle choke as a finishing move would mask some of his weaknesses as a worker. While that is understandable, Strowman now has a finishing move that more so looks like an awkward bear hug than a move that would defeat an opponent. It is still early days in the WWE career of Strowman, and thus the company will hopefully come up with a better idea for his finishing move.

1 John Cena (Attitude Adjustment) 

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You can call it the “F-U” or the “Attitude Adjustment.” The finishing move that has been used by John Cena for over a decade is basically a standing fireman's carry that does not look all that menacing when compared with other finishing moves that are used in pro wrestling. Cena has, for years, been on the receiving end of criticism despite the fact that he has noticeably improved in the ring. In fact, Cena has actually become one of the better workers in all of the WWE even if some pockets of fans would not like to admit that. Regardless, the Attitude Adjustment finishing move has not helped his cause even if it is over among those who cheer Cena on each time that he emerges from the curtain.

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