Top 10 Weirdest WWE Tag Team Champions

Sometimes, when WWE's creative department can't think of anything for singles competitors, they'll throw a random tag team together. Most of the time it's a disaster, as adjusting to tag team wrestling is tough, but sometimes, for whatever reason, the pairing works and the team takes off. Sometimes they go together so well that they quickly crawl up the tag team ladder and win the tag titles.

Here are the top 10 weirdest WWE tag teams to ever become champions.

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10 The Two-Man Power Trip - Stone Cold and Triple H

This was all part of the unsuccessful attempt to turn Stone Cold Steve Austin into the WWE's biggest heel. How did WWE plan to do that? By aligning Austin with Vince McMahon and the man who had him run over at Survivor Series 18 months earlier.

Austin was paired with Triple H and the group was called the Two-Man Power Trip. It was an unfathomable pairing as Stone Cold and Triple H recently had one of the most personal feuds you could imagine.

At Survivor Series 1999, Triple H had orchestrated a plan which resulted in Austin being run over and missing a year of action. They had a huge blowoff match at No Way Out 2001, won by Triple H and then Austin went on to win the title at WrestleMania.

The night after WrestleMania, Triple H shockingly came to Austin's aid in his title rematch against The Rock. McMahon had brought two former enemies together.

Triple H won the Intercontinental Title shortly after, while Austin held the main prize. They put it all on the line in a winner-take-all match with the Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker and Kane) who were the tag team champions. At Backlash, the two scored the win after Triple H used the sledgehammer on Kane. Once sworn enemies, the alliance looked unstoppable until Triple H's torn quadricep muscle ended the program.

9 William Regal and Eugene

The dignified, refined, William Regal was once paired with Eric Bischoff's "mentally challenged" nephew, Eugene.

Bischoff gave Regal the task of babysitting Eugene and ordered him to make Eugene lose as often as possible to coerce him into leaving the WWE. However, Regal and Eugene became good friends on television and the two eventually began wrestling in tag team matches together. Regal became a babyface as a result.

The two teamed up to face La Resistance for the titles on a November, 2004 edition of RAW. They got the win and held the titles for a couple of months before a legitimate injury forced Eugene out of action.

8 Rikishi and Rico

How random was this?

Rico was the stylist for Billy and Chuck, but was forced to team up with Rikishi at Judgement Day 2002 to face his clients in a title match.

Rico did all he could to prevent him and Rikishi from winning, but Rikishi scored the pin and the two became champions. Surprisingly, this tag team didn't last long, as a few weeks later he helped Billy and Chuck win the titles back.

7 The Rock and The Undertaker

The Attitude Era was all about expecting the unexpected. Thanks to some crafty work by Commissioner Foley, Edge and Christian were forced to put their tag team titles on the line against the super team of The Rock and The Undertaker.

The duo didn't stay together long. They won the titles from E & C on the December 18th edition of RAW in 2000. The two had been opponents in the Six-Man Armageddon Hell in a Cell match just eight days earlier.

They would lose the titles back to E & C on SmackDown that same week. It was nice while it lasted.

6 Kane and X-Pac

This odd pairing actually did last a good amount of time. After Kane had constantly been betrayed by those close to him, X-Pac came along offering his friendship to the Big Red Monster.

Kane had never spoken, but X-Pac got Kane to come out of his shell and begin speaking, through an electrolarnyx.

The pairing got a chance to face Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett for the tag titles. They obtained them and held them for two months before dropping them to the Acolytes. They would regain them later that year for a brief period.

Eventually X-Pac turned on Kane, under the guise of offering him a spot in D-X.

5 Owen Hart and Yokozuna

Owen Hart and Yokozuna didn't have much in common, other than a shared disdain for Owen's brother, Bret.

Their styles actually mixed well for matches, with Owen providing the technical, high-flying ring work, while Yokozuna complimented that with brute force.

Owen Hart went into WrestleMania XI to take on the Smoking Guns for the tag team titles. The only problem was, he didn't have a partner. Hart went into the match saying he had found a mystery partner that would get him tag team gold. It was revealed to be the 600-pound force that was Yokozuna. The pair won the titles and would dominate the tag team division for months.

They eventually lost them back to the Smoking Guns in September after a loss to Diesel and Shawn Michaels wasn't counted.

4 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dude Love

We thought Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels were an odd pairing to win the tag titles, but that was nothing compared to Stone Cold's next tag team partner.

Austin had refused any help, saying he'd beat Owen Hart and the British Bulldog for the titles by himself. However, Mick Foley took it upon himself to help the Texas Rattlesnake. Out of all his personas, he picked the one that would contrast Stone Cold's style the most. After Austin had rejected Mankind's offer to team with him, Foley found the perfect partner for Austin; the hippest cat in all the land.

Austin didn't show much love for anybody, so Dude Love made his debut to help Stone Cold. Austin was still reluctant, but ultimately accepted the Dude's help, tagging him into the match and helping the team score the win and the titles.

They were forced to vacate the titles after Austin suffered a serious neck injury at SummerSlam 1997.

3 Team Hell No - Daniel Bryan and Kane

It seemed like such a disaster of a pairing at first. Daniel Bryan had been the World Heavyweight Champion earlier in 2012, but had gone from losing it in 18 seconds to Sheamus, to then teaming with Kane, in what seemed to be something thrown together on a whim. However, this would prove to be a great turning point in Daniel Bryan's career, as the duo went on to have so much chemistry and success, that Bryan became more popular than ever and wound up rejuvenating his singles career when this team eventually split.

The ride sure was fun, as Daniel Bryan and Kane's shared anger resulted in them undergoing anger management therapy together. With Dr. Shelby's guidance, the two learned to work as a team and won the tag team titles at Night of Champions against R-Truth and Kofi Kingston. Not only were they champions, but they became perhaps the most entertaining aspect of WWE programming (after CM Punk's title reign). The team was more successful than anybody could've ever imagined.

The two would go on to hold those titles for 245 days, before losing them to The Shield at 2013's Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

2 Booker T and Goldust

Booker T constantly rejected the Bizarre One's offers to form a tag team, but Goldust eventually grew on Booker and the two would not only become tag partners, but formed a strong friensship, against all odds.

Their backstage segments are still among the funniest in WWE history, with each man playing the perfect foil for the other.

They found success in the ring as well, as they won the tag titles from Chris Jericho and Christian at Armageddon 2002. Facing three well-oiled teams in a fatal-four-way, including Jericho and Christian, the Dudley Boyz and the team of Lance Storm and William Regal, it was the bizarre pairing that came away with the titles.

The two lost the titles a month later and split soon afterwards, but they were definitely one of the highlights of WWE programming while they were together.

1 The Rock 'N' Sock Connection

Not only the oddest pairing to hold the tag titles, but the most beloved odd pairing in WWE history.

You have the quintessential superstar in The Rock - charismatic, athletic, good-looking, smooth People's Champion, then you have the bumbling, goofy, yet witty Mankind. Mankind found a new desire to befriend his former rival, but The Rock appeared to have none of it, being way too cool to befriend a sick, f-f-freak like Mankind.

However, Mankind, through the wishes of the millions... and millions of The Rock's fans and the dozens... and dozens of Mankind's fans, convinced The Rock to team up with him and face Big Show and Undertaker for the tag team titles.

The two became champions multiple times, but more importantly, they were the most entertaining duo WWE had to offer. Mankind's obsession with earning The Rock's affection gave us many hilarious segments, most notably, "This Is Your Life". The group eventually split, but reunited in 2004 to face Evolution at WrestleMania XX.

The whole time, you just wanted The Rock to warm up to Mankind, but the continuous rejection made it all the more hilarious. Both men's creativity was on full display for this time period.

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