Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is many things, but dull is not one of them. Whether he is being a constant highlight reel or "The Ayatollah of Rocknrolla", there is no doubt that when Jericho enters a building, everyone takes notice.

Jericho debuted on October 2nd, 1990 and has had his fair share of outstanding accomplishments in the ring, regardless of the brand. Jericho has wrestled for WCW and ECW as well as WWE. This leads not only to some great insight on the difference of the brands, but also to some great stories from his time on the road.

For as talented as Chris is when it comes to lacing up boots, he's every bit as talented when it comes to holding a mic in his hand. This speaks not only to his outstanding ability to cut a promo with the best of them, but also to his incredible musical talent that has helped Jericho excel in multiple mediums.

Let's be honest, there probably aren't a lot of Fozzy fans out there who also aren't aware that Jericho wrestles, but maybe there are some Jericho wrestling fans who need to give his band more of a listen, especially because they now have six albums out!

Jericho is no stranger to interviews, so you better believe there are some great quotes from the legend peppered throughout this list. Even if you think you may know everything there is to know about Jericho, I assure you, there's going to be at least one thing in here that astonishes you. Whether it is learning about his wrestling, his music, or Jericho as a person, there is no doubt that he is one of the most captivating figures to ever participate in the WWE and it's time for you to find out why.

9 The Difficulty Of Playing A ‘Heel’


When it comes to Chris Jericho, it can only be natural to want to love him. He’s funny, he’s talented and while he may be a bit of a jerk at times, you need to admit he is one dedicated wrestler. When asked about if the challenges of being a heel, Jericho stated:

“It’s a lot easier to get people to hate you than to like you but it’s hard to get them to stay hating you, that’s where the secret is. Look at some of the greatest heels of all time in movies... Darth Vader, Freddie Kruger and Hannibal Lecter, they all became the good guys in the later movies because they’re too entertaining, so the secret to being a good heel is staying a heel.”

8 He Will Stay In Character Outside Of The Ring


One of the ways that Jericho helps keep himself in the persona of a heel is to translate it to his real life as well. While I hope this doesn’t mean he becomes an asshole to his wife, it does lead to a really interesting tidbit about Jericho’s passion:

“I remember in Madison Square Garden there was a dad with his son in the elevator who asked for an autograph and as much as it pained me as I have a son, I just stared ahead. It’s all part of it and nowadays no one wants to do it. Vince loves it because it’s old school, he gets it, it’s heat. Vince had my back with anything I did. For example, when I caused the crowd to pelt me with glow sticks in London, DX were furious, Stephanie was furious, they wanted me fined and suspended but Vince goes ‘no, you’re a heel’."

While I am sure the little kid was saddened, hopefully he will be able to run into Jericho when he is playing a face character.


Jericho, like many wrestlers, had wanted to be in the ring for most of his life. In an interview, he stated:

“[I was a] big fan of it as a kid. I used to watch it with my grandmother. And I kind of decided when I was 14 this was what I wanted to do. So, I went to train with the Hart Brothers Pro Wrestling Camp in Calgary, which was about 12 hours away from Winnipeg."

7 How He Felt The Difference Between Brands


Chris Jericho has had the opportunity to wrestle for multiple brands. When asked about how he felt about this, he gave a great answer that spoke to the differences between the brands. Jericho described ECW as:

"...almost like cult atmosphere in the way that people treated it as fans and the way the wrestlers treated it just being part of the company. Didn't matter if there were 300 people there or 200 people there, the show was always quality."

When he switched over to WCW, he talked about the NWO Era and stated:

“Being a good wrestler was almost secondary and that's kind of how it was for me there in the fact that you can only get to a certain level and you would never crack through the ranks to meet up with guys like Hogan, Savage, Hall and Nash… It was a great place for older guys who had made their money to be, but not for a younger guy who wanted to make a name for himself. That's why I made the jump to go to the WWF, take a chance and jump over there, and that's what I did and working there in the prime time when Austin, The Rock, Undertaker and Foley and all these guys who are no longer there anymore were at their peak was not only a great experience as a performer, but also for the fans as well."

6 What His First Goal Was


5 He Had Major Input On His Storylines

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Chris Jericho is an energetic guy who's not afraid to let his personality shine, whether it's in the ring, on the mic or backstage. One thing that is interesting was that when he was talking about some of his favorite angles, he mentioned the ones in which he personally had a major input on the storyline. Jericho recanted:

“There were tons. I was very proud of Trish Stratus-Christian love triangle because I wrote most of that story. The same thing when Steve Austin got fired by Eric Bischoff, that was about a six month story that started with me and Austin that I had a lot of input in.”

4 His Musical Inspiration


As talented as Chris Jericho is in the wrestling ring, that is only part of what makes him such an intriguing figure. Jericho’s band Fozzy debuted in 1999 and has since released 6 studio albums. When Jericho was asked about what inspired him to get into music, he listed off some classic bands and an influential moment:

“Beatles, Iron Maiden and Metallica. The Powerslave tour in 1984 with Iron Maiden was one of the ones where the spectacle was amazing. I just loved the whole concept of what Iron Maiden was. Then, Metallica in 1986, they played this place called the Playhouse Theater in Winnipeg, a very small theater. It was right after Cliff Burton died, their first tour with Jason Newsted, just being up close and the sweat and the vibe and the feel of it."

3 His Acting Experience 


2 What He Wanted To Be As A Kid 


If there is one thing that Jericho is, it is entertaining. Being a wrestler is one thing, but also being a rock star? Now you’re really living it up. While these two professions seem to have little in common, Jericho stated:

“When I was a kid, I wanted to be a wrestler and a rock star... I didn’t see a reason I had to choose just one. I still don’t. And here I am succeeding in both, and then some. I want to prove I can do it all in entertainment.”

1 He Was Kicked Out Of Brazil 

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On May 24th, Chris Jericho was at a live event with the WWE in Brazil. During a match with CM Punk, Jericho decided to crumple and kick a Brazilian flag. While this, in Jericho’s eyes, is a typical heel move, it caused police to intervene immediately and threaten to arrest him. Thankfully, Jericho issued an apology to the crowd and it allowed the event to continue. The WWE was not so quick to forgive, and issued a 30-day suspension to Jericho while also apologizing to Brazil and their fans for the display. Jericho may be a rock star and play all over the world, but he may not exactly be jumping at the opportunity to go back to Brazil any time soon.


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Top 10 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Jericho