Top 10 Sexiest WWE Divas Of 2015

As we slowly make our way towards the close of the year, it would be foolish not to look back at the year in the WWE without acknowledging the ongoing Diva's revolution that has been thrust upon us.

Whether you like it or not, the Divas have certainly looked to make their mark in a revitalized roster that boasts some of the most talented women to have ever graced the ring in this era. A competitive blend of stars that also include some who have risen from the ranks of NXT, the Divas division is a strong concoction of in-ring prowess, ability and beauty.

It looks like those days of pining for Trish Stratus, Lita and Stacey Keibler are well behind us now, as a whole new era of Diva domination begins. What's so great about this new lineup of women within the WWE is their ability to not only perform some simply incredible moves within the confines of the ring, but to also look simply stunning.

When these Divas are out of the ring, you'll more than likely see them hitting up the gym to look in tip-top shape, or posing for the various photo shoots that are obligatory when you're a starlet in the WWE. From Rugby World Cup shoots to Halloween and Undertaker-themed photo outings, these women are certainly an incredible sight to behold and have proved just that all year round in 2015.

To celebrate their unique beauty, here's a rundown of the sexiest Divas currently gracing the WWE stage.


10 Carmella

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You really can't fault the NXT section of the WWE for its selection of superstars currently occupying the ever-growing roster, especially when it comes to the strong women who populate this increasingly popular entity.

One such woman who has taken the NXT world by storm is Carmella, the woman behind the impressive tag-team duo of Amore and Cassady. Don't let that fool you though, as Carmella is so much more than just a pretty face accompanying a tag team, she's actually an accomplished fighter too.

A former NBA and NFL dancer - unsurprisingly - Carmella has both the in-ring talent and the bombshell looks to climb to the top of the women's division in the future and dominate. We can't wait for that day to come...

9 Summer Rae

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You only have to watch the recent video of Summer Rae's Iron Man magazine shoot to see that this woman is a true sight to behold in terms of physique and stunning good looks. A woman who very much looks after herself, it's no wonder she's coveted by so many superstars.

Currently standing alongside Tyler Breeze, Summer is not just a pretty face though, often using her seductive ways to help her superstar gain an upper hand. And why not; this woman has plenty to entice anyone and distract them.

We feel for the fallen likes of Fandango, Dolph Ziggler and Rusev, but are envying Breeze right about now...

8 Sasha Banks

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The self-proclaimed Sasha Banks has been making waves recently in the WWE as the crowd chants for her during other Divas matches. It proves that this is one woman who is in demand.

It doesn't come as a surprise either; Banks is one of the most recent holders of the NXT title and carries her persona, as well as her good looks, with the utmost of ease. Adapting very much her own unique style, Banks is hard not to notice as she makes her way down to the ring.

Donning her trademark glasses, adding some much needed bling and bringing whole lot of attitude, Sasha Banks really is the boss of the business.

7 Alicia Fox

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Sometimes with a Diva it's all in the name, and in the case of Alicia Fox, her surname is nothing but 100 per cent certifiably correct.

Often an unfairly sidelined Diva thanks to her alignment with the Bella twins, Alicia Fox is rarely seen in action these days on the main roster but there's always a guarantee of her presence whenever one of her Team Bella partners is called into action.

That ensures this particular Diva can flaunt her stuff while remaining free of any potential injuries; something we're more than happy about. Loving that new hairstyle too!

6 Charlotte

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The current Divas champion and daughter to Ric Flair has blazed her way through the WWE since taking the jump up from the NXT ranks. She hasn't looked back since.

Charlotte matches her incredible accomplishments in her short time within the industry with a physique that is matched by few others in the Divas division. Super agile and incredibly fit, you only have to see Charlotte in her ring gear to realize that this is one perfectionist who obsesses over her appearance.

Matching her blonde beauty with a strong muscular look, this is one woman you would certainly desire, but wouldn't want to come up against in the ring.

5 Paige

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As the only British woman on the current roster, Paige has to constantly stand her ground and prove that she is just as good as her American counterparts. Such a challenge sees the feisty side of this Norwich-born Diva unleashed and she's all the better for it.

While a little less preened than some of the other Divas out there, Paige's unique look certainly has her up there with the sexiest of the division. People may complain about her less-than-tanned complexion, but coupled with the dark, black hair, striking dark eyes and her fighting nature - she is far from forgettable.

After all, this is a woman who rose from NXT champion to gain the Divas title at the same time, and still remains one of the primary focuses to this day. You can't ask for any more than that.

4  4. Nikki and Brie Bella

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While they are, of course, individual competitors, you can't help but put the Bella twins together in a list of this type - if only for the fact that they are technically identical!

Either way, double trouble is something that the WWE universe clearly loves, with these two women very much at the pinnacle of any Divas action and certainly loving every minute of it.

This pair have shown just how attractive they really are to the masses by hooking up with fellow wrestlers in the form of Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Now those are two very lucky guys right there!


3 Eva Marie

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We just don't see enough of Eva Marie. Admittedly, this is a superstar who has seen her fair share of stumbling blocks (you only have to watch Total Divas to know that), but when she is present it sure is a dazzling spectacle.

With her striking red hair and inch-perfect physique, it's little surprise to know that Eva Marie used to be a model, but looking to change direction she joined the WWE and is yet to stamp her mark.

Nevertheless, we've got a feeling it's not going to be long before this Diva really does kick the door down and force her way into greater things. It's not like we haven't noticed her already, after all...

2 Renee Young


A lot of you may currently be thinking we're completely bonkers for placing Renee Young on this list, but hear us out just for a minute.

Renee Young is certifiably classed as a WWE Diva and she's literally an ever-present who appears on our screens every week. With such coverage, it's hard not to be drawn to this sweet and surprisingly sexy individual whose microphone work is being stretched to further projects these days.

Currently dating Dean Ambrose, Young is one of the more secretive and subtly appealing Divas, but that makes her all the more a draw. You only have to check out her rare appearances in WWE photoshoots to see there's a lot more to Renee Young than one would imagine.

1 Lana

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The WWE's very own Russian contingent is spearheaded by the most beautiful woman currently in the business. Lana immediately took the bull by the horns and made sure that fans all over the world were pining for her, as she introduced the world to a stunning sidekick to Bulgarian Rusev.

As we lick our wounds at the news that in real life Rusev and this ravishing Russian are in fact recently engaged, it pays to remember that this is a woman who is unafraid of posing with or without make-up.

Ticking all the boxes for the literal perfect woman, Lana is naturally beautiful and, when in her signature professional attire, only heightens the sense of jealousy towards her powerhouse future husband.




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