Top 10 Most Overrated Wrestlers of All Time

If there's one thing wrestling fans love to do, it's argue about which wrestlers deserve a bigger push and which need to be cut from the show entirely. It's something that's done every time someone talks about wrestling. If you bring up Hulk Hogan with wrestling fans, half will tell you how much they love him and half will tell you that his move set consists of a leg drop, a suplex and a lot of dancing around the ring.

However, when trying to decide if a wrestler is overrated, it's important to look at the whole picture. Half of wrestling occurs when squaring off in the ring, but the other half comes with creating a believable persona that fans can relate to, in either a good or a bad way. Let's take two prime examples that are currently in the WWE, as they are eerily similar, with John Cena and The Miz. Both guys work really hard on creating a gimmick, both are great on the mic and both work really hard off camera to improve. Sure, Cena doesn't have a varied move set, but few can deny his incredible work ethic. And if you've watched Cena throughout the years, he's improved greatly. Maybe The Miz doesn't bring a lot of variety to his matches, but he always puts in a good effort and is incredible on the mic. So at least, without wrestling ability, he has half of what it takes to be a great wrestler.

So, sadly, all you Cena and Miz haters, they won't be making this list. We're looking for guys that had absolutely no ability in either regard. Guys with no ability on the mic and no ability in the ring. We greatly look forward to all angry comments about why The Miz or John Cena should be number one.

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10 Big E Langston

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Quickly, name your favorite Big E Langston match. Exactly, you can only remember flipping the channel. This next statement will be a huge theme throughout this article as Big E has the prototypical body of a wrestler, but he could never put the wrestling part together. The WWE has tried to push him, by putting him in feuds with The Shield and Curtis Axel, but not a soul in the world seems to care about him. He's terrible on the mic and brings a limited move set to the ring, so naturally he's not that great. Still, they gave him the Intercontinental Title and even let him hold it for 6 months. A title with so much history, wasted on Big E.

9 Jeff Hardy

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Growing up, my friends always gushed over Jeff Hardy, and with good reason. He was exciting, he would risk his body and he had cool body paint. However, I would always be more interested by his brother Matt, the more skilled technical wrestler. Unless you had Jeff in a match with a ladder, he was essentially useless. On top of that, he was terrible with the microphone and had out-of-ring problems that had him fired on a few different occasions.

With his daring ability, he had all the tools to put it together and become a great wrestler, but sadly he didn't.

8 Kevin Nash

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To get anywhere in the world, you need to know someone in a high place. Kevin Nash knows this all too well. When he entered the WWE, he made good friends with Shawn Michaels who is rumored to have been in the ear of Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon. It helped push Nash, then known as Diesel, into the main card. He used that leverage to get a big money deal with WCW, where he befriended Hulk Hogan in the nWo, which again pushed him into the main card. With limited mic skills and an even more limited move set consisting of big boots, clotheslines and a powerbomb, Kevin Nash was quite simply a below average wrestler. When comparing him to his partner Scott Hall, it wasn't even close. Hall was a terrific wrestler and incredibly entertaining on the mic.

7 Ahmed Johnson

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He had the look that you want in a wrestler and an incredible amount of power to back it up. The only problem is that he was unable to perform simple moves. Constantly pushed by the WWE in the mid 90s for seemingly no reason, Ahmed Johnson was incredibly clumsy in the ring. He had a reputation for injuring wrestlers with his sloppy suplexes and crunching spinebusters, making him a risk in the ring. On  top of that, he was horrendous on the mic. Listening to Johnson on the mic was akin to hearing someone scratching on a chalkboard, in that you'd do anything to make it stop.

6 Brock Lesnar

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5 Batista

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Bootista! He was affectionately re-named Bootista by the fans after his Royal Rumble victory this past January. WWE passed over a variety of superstars who work their butts off all year for a wrestler who comes back when he feels like it. At least a guy like The Rock or Steve Austin has worked up incredible good will with the fans, but a guy like Batista can't afford that. Everyone was so taken aback with the choice to make him win, that even CM Punk quit because of it. All in all, Batista has the look off a wrestler but has a limited move set and terrible mic skills (have you caught on to the theme yet?). Just catch his final promo where he quit Evolution and the WWE, it was horrendous. He's a power wrestler who needs to be in a stable to look useful because all he brings is a suplex, a spinebuster and a power bomb. He has no ability to effectively tell a story in the ring and needs to be carried through matches by stronger wrestlers.

4 Lex Luger

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Out of all the wrestlers who look the part but can't wrestle, Lex Luger tops the list. He looked better fit to be a bodybuilder than a wrestler as he was incredibly stiff in the ring. It was as if he was a plastic Mattel wrestling toy that you used as a kid in the ring. The only thing that was more boring than watching his matches, was listening to him talk before the match. A lot of people think that he's very similar to The Ultimate Warrior, in that he has the look, but no in-ring ability. However, at least Warrior had a persona (albeit a crazy one). Luger was vanilla, and not in an interesting way. He went over to WCW after stinking in the WWE and guess what? He stunk there too.

3 Sycho Sid

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The most memorable thing that Sycho Sid or Sid Vicious has ever done in professional wrestling is crap himself at WrestleMania 13 versus The Undertaker. Well, that's more of a rumor, but hilarious nonetheless. Sid was lucky to come along at a time where the WWE lacked big men other than The Undertaker. The similarly overrated Diesel had just moved to WCW and Sid took his spot as the top big man to face The Undertaker. What did we get? We got a lackluster move set, awkward mic skills and one of Undertaker's worst WrestleMania match of all time, by my standards.

2 Scott Steiner

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Pre-steriods Steiner was a very decent wrestler. Post Steriods? One of the worst things you'll ever watch in your life. Seriously. Rewatch the worst movie you've ever seen and then watch Steiner's match versus Triple H at No Way Out in 2003. Not even The King of Kings could carry him through the match. He's often out of breath, sloppy in the ring and has a moveset that consists of showing incredible power every 5-10 minutes. After he shows that power, he needs a quick breather. Also, put him on the mic and you get some of the most confusing rants of all time. And not in a cool way like with The Ultimate Warrior.

Big Poppa Pump should've stayed with his brother Rick as a useful tag team, rather than whatever he's become now.

1 Goldberg

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Honestly, I much preferred Gillberg over Goldberg. At least he was trying to be different. We can legitimately write an article about why Goldberg sucks, but let's try to keep it short and sweet. He offered very little other than a streak where he beat a lot of jobbers. Now, we'll admit that the streak was a very cool idea, but what happens after the streak is what makes him overrated. Rather than try to help put other wrestlers over, he would refuse to lose matches to the point where he would rather not fight at all. On top of that, what did he provide in the ring? A few kicks, a jackhammer and a spear? And on the mic? Even less.

As WCW's answer to a character like Stone Cold, Goldberg fell flat after his streak. If you want to see one of the worst matches of all time, look no further than WrestleMania 20, where Goldberg fought Brock Lesnar in the battle of huge guys who can't wrestle.

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