Top 10 Most Disturbing WWE Segments Of All Time

Over the years, WWE has provided fans with countless hours of entertainment. Fans have been able to see everything from comedy, action, drama, and - for the purpose of this list - the down right disturbing!

While they have had many memorable segments over the years, these are the segments that are memorable for all the wrong reasons. In some cases, these are segments fans try to forget ever happened. As a matter of fact, every segment of this list would never make it on air today. Not only with WWE’s PG Era, but also because of many activist organizations like Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community (LGBT).

The Attitude Era was a shift from The Golden Age of professional wrestling that had transitioned from marketing toward children to becoming a more adult audience. Fans had seen everything from an increase of violence, sexual innuendos, among other horrific scenes and characters. For all purposes of this list, seven out of the 10 are made up from The Attitude Era.

This list showcases the most disturbing segments in WWE history. Everything from infidelity, themes of rape and sexual assault, castration of male genitalia, necrophilia, and a little Chihuahua named Pepper. These are the top 10 most disturbing segments in WWE history!


10  10. Al Snow Served “Pepper” Steak

In 1999, Al Snow lost his mannequin “Head” after “Head” had been impaled with a spike. Snow would be left headless but found a new friend in which he claimed talked to him. His new friend was a Chihuahua named Pepper.

However, Pepper would end up being kidnapped by The Big Boss Man on Smackdown. The Big Boss Man promised to give the Chihuahua back if Al Snow beat him in a Hardcore Title match. The Big Boss Man lost and did not keep his end of the bargain up. The following Monday Night Raw, Boss Man told Snow he would give Pepper back at his hotel room during Smackdown. While at the hotel, Boss Man served Al Snow dinner. While Snow was eating, Boss Man broke the news, he was eating little Chihuahua friend, Pepper!

9 Mr. McMahon Unfaithful In Front Of Wife


In late 2000, Vince McMahon told his wife, Linda McMahon, that he wanted a divorce. Vince had begun having an affair with Trish Stratus. Linda was so distraught from Vince wanting a divorce, she had a nervous breakdown.

On an episode of Smackdown, Trish Stratus brought out Linda Mcmahon in a wheelchair. Linda, still suffering from her nervous breakdown could not walk, talk or speak. In front of the audience, Vince grabbed Stratus and began to grope and make out with her. The crowd was rather silent during the segment. This segment of infidelity was truly disturbing for anyone to watch.

8 Michael Cole Makes It Personal With Jerry “The King” Lawler

During the Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler feud in 2011, Cole continuously tried to get under Lawler’s skin. Cole brought up how he knows that Lawler gets defensive when someone talks about his family, living or dead (referring to Lawler’s mother passing). In order to get under Lawler’s skin, Cole involved Lawler’s son, Brian Christopher. When Christopher hit the ring, he disrespected his father like no son should disrespect their father.

While the segment was uncomfortable for everyone, commentator Josh Mathews could be heard muttering “this is uncomfortable.” Mathews was not the only one who felt that way as the crowd was momentarily shocked by what they had witnessed.

7 Heidenreich "Heidenrapes" Michael Cole


In 2004, Heidenreich debuted on Smackdown. Heidenreich, at the time, was managed by Paul Heyman. Heidenreich showed his psychotic ways during a disturbing encounter with Michael Cole.

This segment saw Michael Cole pinned up against a door and Heidenreich behind Cole thrusting up against him. For every thrust, Cole’s face looked like he was in pain and made an eerie moaning sound. Heidenreich was breathing heavily in Cole’s ear and saying insinuating things like they have the "same desires.” Heidenreich locked the door, turned Cole around and read him a poem. After, Heidenreich unlocked the door and Cole took off running.

6 Pillman's Got A Gun!


In 1996, Brian Pillman had been feuding with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Pillman had surgery on his ankle and Austin went to “visit” Pillman at his home.

During Monday Night Raw, Kevin Kelly interviewed Pillman when Pillman pulled out a 9mm pistol. Pillman’s friends and wife were at the home and his friends did what they could to stop “Stone Cold” Steve Austin from entering Pillman’s home. Pillman held the gun up and had this glazed look in his eyes only focused on one thing, Steve Austin. Pillman’s wife was screaming and the last thing we had seen was Pillman had pointed his gun at Austin and the power had gone out. Once power had been restored, there was more screaming and cursing.

The entire segment was very high tense. There was a reason why he was called “The Loose Cannon” and this proved he earned that nickname. Fans were left in utter shock over the segment. In particular, the USA Network was furious over the segment. This resulted in the World Wrestling Federation having to apologize for the segment as well as Pillman who had to personally apologize for his actions.

5 Mark Henry And The Transvestite Sexcapade


This may not be considered disturbing with the great strides that the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community has made over the past years. However, in 1998, this had teenage boys freaking out.

While Mark Henry was in the midst of his “Sexual Chocolate” gimmick, he became obsessed with Chyna during the Attitude Era. Chyna had introduced her friend Sammi to Mark Henry.

However, Henry lied that he had hooked up with Chyna. To retaliate against Henry’s lie, Chyna rolled footage of Henry hooking up with Chyna’s friend Sammi unaware of her true gender.

4 Hawk Falls Off The Wagon

The Attitude Era made a lot of changes to the-then World Wrestling Federation product. For those who were part of The Golden Age of the WWF, they had to get with the times. The Road Warrior was no exception.

During this time, WWF began using Hawk’s real life struggle of alcohol and drug addiction into their storyline. Due to Hawk being unable to compete, Drozdrov joined the Legion Of Doom as their third member.

One night on Monday Night Raw, Hawk had climbed the TitanTron. This had left everyone concerned, from referees to Animal and Paul Ellering (their former manager who was managing the Disciples of Apocalypse). Drozdrov would climb the TitanTron to make it look like he was helping Hawk. However, when we saw Drozdrov shove Hawk off the TitanTron, it was truly a disturbing sight when fans could see Hawk’s shadow behind the screen plunging to the ground. Addiction is no laughing matter and kills thousands every year. For the WWE to use this as a storyline and offer no hotline number to those in need of help with addiction was truly disturbing.


3 Val Venis Almost Loses A Few Inches


This comes in at the number three spot due to fans being primarily males. It was no secret that Val Venis was a ladies man. After all, his gimmick was that of an adult film star after all. Venis would end up in a feud with Yamaguchi-San, the manager of Kaientai. The feud was over Venis being caught having an affair with Yamaguchi-San's wife, Shian-Li Tsang.

Yamaguchi-San was a man out for revenge. During the segment, Yamaguchi-San cut into a salami and told Venis “I choppy choppy your pee pee.” Venis was in utter shock by what he had heard and witnessed. This segment had all men of all ages cringing, but it was the following week that had all men terrified!

2 Pillman's XXX Files


This is the second time Pillman makes the list. In 1997, Brian Pillman and Goldust wrestled each other at In Your House: Ground Zero pay per view where the winner won Marlena (Goldust’s wife) for 30 days. Pillman won the match and Marlena’s services.

He began segments called Pillman’s XXX Files. Here, we would see Marlena become Pillman’s personal sex slave. During the final installment of Pillman’s XXX Files, Marlena was in bed, clutching the comforter tightly to her chin. Pillman popped up from under the covers and said he's "bushed!" In every segment, Marlena looked very uncomfortable and scared being forced to be with Pillman. This left the audience very uncomfortable.

1 Triple H Exposes WWE To Katie Vick And Necrophilia


In 2002, Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H and Kane were feuding and Triple H used psychology to get the upper hand by digging up dirt on Kane. What could Triple H find on Kane? He found Katie Vick.

Katie Vick was a love interest from Kane’s past. Triple H let the secret out that Kane killed Vick in a car accident and raped her corpse following her death. It all lead up to the most disturbing segment of all time.

This was very graphic and reenacts necrophilia (the act of having sex with a dead body). The footage aired on Monday Night Raw and what we had seen was Triple H dressed as Kane reenacting necrophilia on Katie Vick’s mannequin body in a casket. Triple H would push through the mannequin’s skull saying “I really did it. I screwed your brains out.” He pulled the mannequin's brains out and threw them. This left fans in audience disgusted and viewers at home mortified!


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