Top 10 Hulk Hogan Controversies

biggest Hulk Hogan controversies

July 2015 will forever be a month that professional wrestling superstar and icon Hulk Hogan will want to forget. Racist comments that the Hulkster made behind closed doors in the past saw the light of day thanks to an old recording, and those controversial and hate-filled remarks got Hogan fired by World Wrestling Entertainment. It was then rumored and reported that there were even more Hogan comments that were going to land the veteran of the wrestling business in hot water, and those stories have since been proven to be accurate. Hogan has, as of the posting of this piece, essentially been erased from the official WWE website as if he never even existed.

This is hardly the first time that Hogan has been involved in controversies that have threatened his careers. He has managed to bounce back and do so in impressive fashion each time. While it is not difficult to imagine a scenario in which Hogan is once again featured on WWE television at some point down the road, a lot is going to have to go right for him for a decent period of time for that to be a possibility. Then again, we may not have even seen the worst of what has become an ugly story when you consider all that has been leaked to date.

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10 Hogan Versus Other Wrestlers

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Hulk Hogan was one of the most beloved babyface acts in the history of pro wrestling, but the man himself made quite a lot of real enemies along the way. It is known, as an example, that Hogan and Ultimate Warrior were involved in a feud for years, and Warrior's widow even publicly slammed the Hulkster after Warrior passed away. Another wrestler who teamed up with and also battled against him inside of the ring had a famous beef with Hogan for some time, one that may have been based on Hogan allegedly betraying a former friend if certain stories are to be believed.

9 Hogan Versus Macho Man

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It is no secret within the wrestling community that Hulk Hogan and “Macho Man” Randy Savage did not see eye to eye for years. There was a long-standing rumor that part of the problems had between the two involved Hogan allegedly having an affair with Miss Elizabeth when Liz was married to Savage. Both Savage and Elizabeth are no longer with us, and thus we now have to take Hogan at his word whenever he talks about Savage and/or about the real feud had by the two. As you will see later in this piece, trusting that Hogan will be honest is not always advisable.

8 Hogan Versus Richard Belzer

Say whatever you will about pro wrestling being fake and just a show. The participants involved can do some real damage if given the opportunity. That is what happened back in 1984 when Hogan legitimately choked Richard Belzer out with a modified Guillotine. Belzer not too surprisingly filed a lawsuit over the matter, and the suit was settled out of court. Because this is Hulk Hogan we are talking about, the actual amount of money has been a debated topic over the years. It has been speculated that Belzer was seeking $5 million at the time of the settlement, but there have also been stories floated out there that the settlement was worth less than $1 million.

7 Hogan Versus Harley Race

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What actually happened or did not happen when Harley Race confronted Hulk Hogan in the 1980s when the World Wrestling Federation was threatening to crush smaller territories has been disputed. It was claimed in a New York Post article posted by David Shoemaker that Race pulled a gun on Hogan inside of a dressing room. Race, on the other hand, has downplayed the whole issue when speaking about it during interviews. The wrestling world sure has changed over the years, as one cannot imagine the likes of Randy Orton allegedly pointing a gun at a babyface such as John Cena all because of the workings of the business.

6 Hogan Versus Vince Russo

It is arguably the most-famous moment of the dying days of World Championship Wrestling. Was what occurred inside of the ring on that fateful night when Vince Russo “fired” Hulk Hogan on live television real? Was it a work? A worked-shoot? Odds are that only the men involved will know for sure. Hogan went on to file a lawsuit that was eventually thrown out of court, WCW died in 2001, Hogan returned to the WWF and Russo found work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Everything worked out great; except for those who never found work in another massive wrestling company after the death of WCW.

5 Hogan Versus The Truth

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Hulk Hogan has been caught stretching the truth – many, many times. Visit the Internet search engine of your choice and enter the term “Hulk Hogan lies,” and you will find multiple articles filled with occasions of Hogan telling tall tales about different aspects of his career and his life. Hogan is a performer who is “on” just about every time that he is in public, and thus it is not all that shocking that he has lied during interviews. Would it really be all that surprising if Hogan even believed some of the stories that he has told over the decades?

4 Hogan Versus Graziano Family

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Of all of the controversies that Hogan has been involved with over the years, this one may be the most tragic. John Graziano was a passenger in a car being driven by Hogan's son Nick when that vehicle was involved in a serious accident that left Graziano critically injured. Nick spent time behind bars due to being “reckless” behind the wheel, and the Graziano family filed a lawsuit against the famous family. A financial settlement was reached, and terms of that deal are to forever remain private. Teach your children to always be safe when behind the wheel, everybody.

3 Hogan Versus A Sex Tape

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A well-known celebrity loses money and even some of his fame over time. Magically, a sex tape featuring that same celebrity makes it onto a website. It is a story that has become familiar to society and to people who eat these types of tales up. If there is one thing to be learned about the Hulk Hogan sex tape that made it onto Gawker back in November 2012, it is that such recorded video footage that also includes audio can serve as the beginning of the end of a career. One has to assume that Hogan now has some serious regrets about certain decisions that he made years ago.

2 Hogan Versus Racism

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July 24, 2015 may prove to be the day when the WWE and Hulk Hogan parted ways for good. It was on that Friday when Hogan was fired by the company after racist remarks that he made while being recorded went viral. Hogan not only used the “n-word” during a rant. He also admitted to being “racist to a point,” whatever that was supposed to mean. The WWE responded by treating Hogan like Chris Benoit in that Hogan vanished from all aspects of the company's website outside of WWE Network footage. Those believing that things could not get worse for Hogan soon learned that was not going to be the case this time around.

1 Hogan Versus Homophobia

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What is a good dessert to follow a recorded racist rant? The answer appears to be homophobic comments that happen to be caught on tape. The rain has poured down on Hogan during the final week of July 2015, and the legend of the wrestling business can only blame himself for the hits that his legacy has taken during the current summer. An old adage claims that time heals all wounds, and Hogan will be hoping that is true regarding how he will be remembered. Hogan can look in the mirror if he finds himself searching for answers on how everything went south so quickly, but his fall from grace is nevertheless sad for diehard wrestling fans who idolized the Hulkster as youngsters.

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