Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas Under 30

The WWE has forever had some of the most beautifully confident and strong women on the planet. Time and time again these women have demonstrated some rare characteristics that seem to be missing from any other female celebrity. Not only are they tough enough to bang around in the ring with giants, but these women maintain a level of hotness that rivals super models and playmates (and sometimes, they are models and playmates!)

To say that these WWE Divas are anything short of stunningly gorgeous is an understatement to say the least. Every WWE Diva is carefully selected to ensure that they are compatible with their roles as WWE stars, both physically and personality wise. These women train for many years in the ring to develop their physical skills, and it just so happens that you need to be in good shape to be a wrestler. In addition, they take character developmental classes that teach them how to become the hot, alluring characters that they portray so well.

WWE Divas are not hot just because of their physical appearance, but as you are about to read, sometimes for the persona that they portray on screen. Their ability to play the young hot rebel or stern business type gives way to our image of the perfect woman and really does play into many men's fantasies.

These lovely ladies have the ability to attract fans with every tool at their disposal, and they use them expertly. No matter how you slice it, these women are one of a kind, and they're still under 30!!


10 Alicia Fox


Real Name: Victoria Elizabeth Crawford

Born: 1986, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Bio: In addition to being in the WWE, Alicia Fox has spent time as both an actress and a model. Alicia Fox debuted in 2006 and worked with Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling prior to strutting her stuff in the WWE arenas. Alicia is one of the few African-American divas in the WWE, and in 2010 became the very first African American Diva to win the Championship in WWE history. Fox successfully defended her title for 2 months.

She continues to remain in central storylines throughout the WWE universe. With her tall frame, she certainly gives the fans everything that could ask for in a diva. At 5’9” at 120 lbs, Alicia is that perfect example of slim length often found in models of the highest caliber. For those that love the long legs that seem to go on forever, Fox’s seems to go any further than that! Her WWE outfits also don't hide her beauty!

9 Becky Lynch


Real Name: Rebecca Quin

Born: 1987, Dublin, Ireland

Bio: Becky Lynch gives a hot injection of that Irish charm into the WWE universe. Currently portraying some form of steampunk chic, her beautiful red hair and amazing features really makes you want to take a trip to experience what the rest of Ireland has to offer.

Becky originally debuted in the ring as Rebecca Knox in Ireland and later France and Canada before entering the WWE arenas. She is now exiting NXT and slowly entering into the main storylines of the WWE. At 5’6” and 135, Becky is perfectly situated to give that hot steamy performance that she provides over and over again. She truly is a stunning woman and looks just as good in a dress as she does in the ring. Not to mention, she can really kick some butt.

Gingers all over can be proud and raise her up as her queen, as there is finally a redhead to rival the attractiveness of Lita! Any fan that has that red headed fantasy should defiantly have her included in it.

8 Cameron Lynn


Real Name: Ariane Nicole Andrew

Born: 1987, Los Angeles, California

Bio: Cameron Lynn is a singer, model, and dancer, on top of being a signed to the WWE. Cameron Lynn is one of the few WWE Divas and find success to come out of the hit reality WWE TV show Tough Enough, despite being the first one eliminated. Cameron also appeared as one half of the popular tag team group, “The Funkadactyls,” and she quickly gained popularity alongside her teammate Naomi Knight.

Another member of the very popular Total Divas television show, she continues to demonstrate how hot looks both in the ring and out of it. Despite only havingbeen in the WWE for a few years, she continues to create her mark on the scene. Whether you like a girl who looks cute or sexy, Cameron has been known to pull off both styles. She seems to always wear the perfect outfits that are usually skirts and really show off her features. There really is nothing to dislike about Cameron, and she is certainly one of the hottest WWE Divas out there.

7 Emma


Real Name: Tenile Averil Dashwood

Born: 1989, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bio: Emma is certainly an upcoming wrestler that fans should continue to keep both eyes on, not just because of her talents, but because she is stunningly beautiful. She debuted in 2007 in Australia and Canada. Being Australian, one can help but imagine her wild fun nature in a slimming bikini playing on the beach somewhere.

Emma is that perfect dirty blonde, tanned skin, gorgeous girl that is certainly hot enough to be in a WWE ring. She gives off a sense of natural beauty that is sometimes rare to see in a WWE ring. At 5’5” and 132 lbs, she has all the proportions that many WWE fans find so utterly attractive.

She recently has had an up and down transition from NXT, to the main roster, back to NXT, but she will undoubtedly gain valuable training to improve her wrestling. However when it comes down to her hotness, there is no doubt that she is well deserving of the main stage.

6 Dana Brooke


Real Name: Ashley Mae Sebera

Born: 1988, Seven Hills, Ohio

Bio: Hot, hot hot. Dana Brooke offers everything you could ask for in a hot WWE Diva. In addition to being signed by WWE, Dana Brooke is also a bodybuilder, fitness competitor, and model. She is without a doubt that quintessential blonde bombshell.

Usually appearing with that perfect playmate platinum blonde hair, she stands out as the perfect personification of every teenage boy’s dreams. At 5’3” and around 125 lbs, she has all of the right measurements in all the right places.

Only debuting in 2014 in Ohio Valley Wrestling, she has been developing and improving in NXT and will certainly make heads sway when she finally makes her move on to the main stage. There is no reason to not expect that when Dana Brooke gets more character development that she makes it higher on this list.

No doubt she has the looks, clearly, but adding a little more touch to her attitude here and there may go a long way. They don’t call her the “Total Diva” without reason.

5 Sasha Banks


Real Name: Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado

Born: 1992, Fairfield, California

Bio: As one of the youngest WWE Divas currently active, Sasha Banks certainly provides fans with a new look and charismatic attitude that you cannot help but love. Sasha made her debut into the wrestling world in 2010. From there she made it into NXT and has continued to develop very well. At 5’5” and 114 lbs, she is a shining example of the perfect combination of class and hotness.

Believe it or not, Sasha is actually a blood cousin to famous rapper Snoop Dogg. She continually changes her hair color and seems to look hot regardless if it's bright red or blonde. Her slender physique and beautiful appearance also ensures her spot on this list. There is no doubt that as her character development continues that she will have all the talents and beauty to continue to entertain fans for quite some time.

4 Alexa Bliss


Real Name: Alexis Kaufman

Born: 1991, Columbus, Ohio

Bio: Alexa is a fitness model in addition to being signed by the WWE. Bliss truly is the perfect package of awesome blonde beauty in a very small package. Standing only 5’1” and weighing 102 lbs, Alexa is a very small WWE Diva, but do not let that fool you. What she lacks in height she more than makes up for in stunning beauty.

Alexa has always been a fit athlete. Since a young age, she competed in softball, track, kickboxing, and gymnastics, so it easy to see that she has always been in shape. Alexa made her debut in 2013 and is currently working in NXT. Alexis has a knack of drawing fans into her fun and perky personality and making sure their attention remains fixated on her.

She will clearly have many more years in the WWE, and will continue to remain the perfect symbol of WWE cuteness. There is no doubt that the WWE will use her size to create underdog storylines over and over again, as they have with other smaller wrestlers. However, when it comes to this list she is without question a leading contender in hotness.


3 Naomi Knight


Real Name: Trinity McCray

Born: 1987, Sanford, Florida

Bio: If you are looking for the perfect WWE Diva with curves, look no further.Without a doubt one of the hottest WWE Divas ever, Naomi provides the fans all of the charisma they could ask for. She has such the perfect curves that seem to be craftily placed, that the WWE have designed her special wrestling moves to focus around her butt in some way, hence her special move, “The Rear View.”

Although many of the other Divas are hot in every specific way, no one has curves like Naomi. At 5’5” she has all of the proportions that WWE fans love to look at, despite not being overly tall. In 2012 she made her way onto the main ring via the Funkadactyls and Cameron Lynn, and since then Naomi has helped transform the WWE Diva universe.

Naomi has been featured in several different storylines, including recently teaming up with the Bella Twins as a team. It takes a certainly level of confidence and hotness to hang around with the Bella Twins, and Naomi has that in large amounts. Naomi gets plenty of exposure as one of the main personalities on the show Total Divas and continues to show the world how hot she really is. It does not seem as though Naomi will be going anywhere any time soon and that she will continue to be a hot focus in the WWE universe.

2 Charlotte


Real Name: Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr

Born: 1986, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bio: Charlotte is just plain hot. Born in Carolina, she certainly gives off that perfect combination of southern charm and beauty. At 5’10” she offers a stunningly beautiful body with fit legs that seem to go on for miles. Every male WWE fan wants to take her out for a movie and some popcorn and every female fan wants to be her. There is no doubt she is one of the most stunningly beautiful WWE Divas in WWE history.

Coming into the wrestling scene in 2013 and debuting with WWE in 2015, she came from NXT to win the Diva’s Championship and currently holds the title. It probably should not come as a surprise that she is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. There is no doubt that she has the natural talent and amazing looks to continue being in the WWE limelight for years to come, so it seems as though her beautifully sculpted legs will continue to please fans for as long as they’re looking.

1 Paige


Real Name: Saraya-Jade Bevis

Born: 1992, Norwich, Norfolk, England

Bio: The best of the best, Paige is without considered by many to be the future face of the WWE Divas, and what a beautiful face it is. With her long black flowing hair and her gothic/punk/alternative attire she certainly gives off that "bad girl with an innocent personality" vibe. She offers more than just a hot body and amazing looks, she gives fans the opportunity to walk on the wild side! Not to mention she actually is a very talented wrestler. As one of the main personalities on the WWE owned show Total Divas, she demonstrates to the world routinely that she has so much to offer the world than just wrestling.

Paige actually can come off as funny, thoughtful and seems to be the perfect package for many a fan’s expectations. She began wrestling in 2005 at the age of 13, but did not make it into the WWE until 2012 where she started in NXT and then made her way to the current active roster. Paige is the longest-reigning NXT Women’s Championship, and actually held that and the WWE title at the same time for a brief moment.

Hailing from England she also has that added bonus of an attractive foreign accent, assuming you are not from England! As one of the youngest, hottest, and most charismatic WWE Divas to have ever graced the ring, there is no doubt that she will continue to be the main attraction for years to come.

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