Top 10 Most Entertaining Insults in WWE History

The WWE has most likely produced more televised insults than any other media promotion in the world. There are probably several insults in every single segment of WWE programming. Some of these insults are incredibly entertaining, funny, and/or get repeated at schools and places of work with regularity. Other insults were subtle and perhaps didn’t get the credit they were due until years after the fact.

To make it onto this list, an insult had to be funny, insulting and continue to be recalled by wrestling fans. In general, if it has been years since an insult was uttered and fans can still remember it, that means it was a pretty good insult or it was incredibly funny (either on purpose or by accident).

There are obviously some wrestlers that are more skilled at the art of the insult than others, but in an effort to prevent this list from becoming all about Chris Jericho and The Rock efforts have been taken to include insults from less likely sources.

Notable on this list is that there are names who appear as both the “giver” and “receiver” of insults as well, showing that the art of the insult is something that might rub off on someone after having been on the receiving end of one.

Another note of fact regarding this list is that almost all of the insulters here are some of the most successful wrestlers in history. Clearly if you want to be successful in the pro wrestling industry you better be good at insulting people.

Out of all the great insults in WWE history, here are the top 10.


10 Austin Gives Bret Hart a new Nickname


In 1996 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Bret "Hitman" Hart would begin what would be a truly epic storyline that would help launch Austin towards superstardom.

When the feud started Hart was not even actively competing, having taken a sabbatical from WWE following his loss to Shawn Michaels in the main event of WrestleMania 12. Though when Austin needed to pick a fight with someone at the top of the WWE rankings, he chose the Hitman.

This was also in a period where WWE was transitioning towards the Attitude Era, so swearing hadn’t quite entered into the equation, but Austin did allude to a non-family friendly word with this insult. “If you put an 'S' in front of 'Hitman' you have my exact opinion of Bret Hart.”

9 “I Wish You Had Died in the Womb”


For some reason, the WWE decided to have the two Bella twins feud with one another in 2014. The feud went as well as normal sibling vs. sibling rivalries go, which is to say that it did not go well at all. Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart was perhaps the only good sibling vs. sibling rivalry in the history of pro wrestling, though it’s been tried several times.

On Monday Night Raw on September 8th 2014 the Bellas took part in a segment that was hosted by Jerry Springer and Nikki Bella said the famous line “I wish you died in the womb” to a dead reaction from the live audience.

Despite the bad reaction, it was still an incredibly shocking (and funny) line for someone to say to their twin.

8 Triple H Refers to CM Punk as “Skinny Fat”


This is even funnier now because of all the recent history between Triple H and CM Punk, but it was still pretty funny back in 2011.

Punk was rambling on about how Triple H doesn’t like him, and how the WWE only pushes bodybuilders when Triple H referred to Punk as “skinny fat.”

Skinny fat has a few definitions, but mainly it means that someone has a lean physique but a bunch of fat on them still. Punk, while not being a bodybuilder, isn’t really fat either but for some reason, it was funny when Triple H said it.

This was during Punk’s pipe-bomb promo era and there were a lot of real things said between Triple H and Punk here. After watching this over it is not hard to tell that these two legitimately did not like each other.

7 “This Match Is Bowling Shoe Ugly”- Jim Ross


Normally if a match produces an iconic Jim Ross quote it’s a good thing, but not if that quote is to mention that your match was “bowling shoe ugly.”

JR would only break out the bowling shoe ugly insult if he felt a match was spectacularly bad, such as the tag team match with JBL teaming with Trish Stratus against Jackie Gayda and Chris Nowinski. This heavily botched match is widely considered one of the worst in history and is one of the most notable times that Ross broke out the "bowling shoe ugly" comment.

It was a pretty eclectic group in this match too looking back on it, as JBL is an all-time great, Stratus is possibly the greatest women’s wrestler ever and Chris Nowinski would go on to do great things outside of wrestling. Jackie Gayda on the other hand never really got the hang of wrestling, but at least she looked good doing it.

6 Roman Reigns Says Sheamus Has “Tater Tots”


Reigns sure burned Sheamus with this one! In 2015, the WWE really wanted us to like Roman Reigns. In fact, they were doing everything they could to get crowds to cheer him. Despite this, nobody was cheering for him and that was mainly due to how heavily scripted he was at the time.

Sheamus had recently cashed in the MITB briefcase and won the title from  Roman, so the two were feuding. Reigns was talking about how Sheamus is Irish, and Irish people love potatoes, but Roman didn’t think Sheamus had a set of “potatoes”, he thought he had a set of “tater tots”. At least dropping funny lines like this are one side of Reigns that would help endear him to fans.

5 AJ Lee - “Talent is Not Sexually Transmitted”


AJ Lee had reason to be a little upset with WWE in 2014. CM Punk, Lee’s husband, had left the company following a crazy dramatic spat with Triple H, Stephanie, and Vince and AJ had to show up to work every day with those very same people. There was also backstage drama between her and the Bellas at the time.

On a Monday Night Raw in the fall of 2014 Lee was cutting a promo on the Bellas when she said the pair “proved that talent isn’t sexually transmitted” in reference to Nikki Bella dating John Cena and Brie Bella dating Daniel Bryan. The insinuation being that Cena and Bryan are talented, but the Bellas are instead just sleeping their way to the top.

4 Bret Hart Says What he Thinks of Pittsburgh


In 1997, Bret Hart and the entire Hart Foundation decided they hated the American wrestling fans. It was one of the hottest angles in the Monday Night War era, especially in Canada where Bret Hart was considered a homegrown hero.

That summer the WWE would go into Canadian cities and Bret Hart would be cheered, but then they would go back to the USA and Hart would be booed.

Bret said nasty stuff about every American city he went to, but he decided to really let Pittsburgh have it when he said the line “If you were to give the United States an enema, you would stick the hose right here in Pittsburgh.”

Not too hard to understand what Hart was inferring!


3 CM Punk Calls Triple H “A Doofus”


The story goes that CM Punk was told to say whatever was on his mind about the WWE, the pro wrestling business, or anything else when Punk gave his famous “pipe bomb promo” on June 27th, 2011. If that is the case, then Punk really doesn’t have a lot of confidence in Triple H.

During his pipe bomb promo, Punk said that he didn’t have any faith that the WWE was going to get better after Vince McMahon died because he was just going to leave the company to Stephanie and his “doofus” son-in-law Triple H.

Referring to arguably the most successful wrestler in the history of the business as “doofus” is something a lot of wrestling fans appreciated, even if Punk will never have a legacy that is even close to Triple H's.

2 Chris Jericho Insults Stephanie


When putting together a list of the best insults in WWE history, one could simply fill up the entire list with times Chris Jericho insulted Stephanie. Jericho practically made a career out of making fun of Stephanie calling her a “bottom feeding, trash bag ho!” and similar names. There is one insult he cut that stands out above them all though.

During the Invasion angle, Stephanie was in the ring with Rhyno (a member of the Alliance) when Chris Jericho came out to a cut a promo. Jericho said he was going to come down to the ring and take care of that “smelly, greasy, nasty animal” in what we thought was in reference to Rhyno, until he added, “and then I’m going to get you too Rhyno!”.

1 Rock Serenades Vickie Guerrero


This was one of the funniest segments ever in the history of Monday Night Raw. Vickie Guerrero was the General Manager at the time and Rock decided that she would be his victim this night.

Advertised as a “Rock concert” the Rock sat with a guitar and mic stand and invited Vickie out to the ring with him. Rock began by singing Eric Clapton’s “You Look Wonderful Tonight” only he changed all the words to be more suited to Vickie. Throughout the song Rock sang that Vickie “dressed like a hooker” and added “but not the expensive kind,” and ended each verse with “No bi-atch, you look horrible to-night.”

There was no way we'd have been able to finish this list without The Rock, so are you even a little bit shocked that he's number 1?


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