Top 10 Altercations Between Wrestlers and Fans Caught on Video

Sometimes fans get overly passionate about wrestling and take it upon themselves to confront wrestlers either in the ring or outside of it. Yes, to a degree wrestling is fake, however, these men are big and strong and know how to protect themselves if need be. Regardless of the scripted nature of the show, the moves they perform are high-impact and require incredible amounts of physical strength to pull off.

This list includes altercations at ringside and also outside of the arena, as we all know some fans are never afraid to give their two cents when they see a wrestler. Furthermore, this list also includes altercations between wrestlers and reporters (never ask a wrestler if wrestling is fake).

After reading about the following 10 incidents, you might want to think twice the next time you consider getting in the face of a WWE Superstar.


10 Randy Savage Takes Down Fan 

Wrestling fans can be passionate, however this fan took it to another level by running into the ring and trying to defend Kevin Nash from Randy Savage. This stupid decision led to the fan getting taken down and pounded by the late great Macho Man Randy Savage until security came in and escorted the fan away. Not sure what this guy thought would happen, but it's a pretty safe bet that whenever a fan tries to enter the ring unwelcomed, a swift beating will follow.

9 Jeff Jarret Challenges Fan


In this incident, it’s the wrestler who coaxes the fan to come into the ring. At a TNA event Jeff Jarret calls out a fan to come into the ring after being constantly heckled by him. The fan is hesitant at first, but after being persuaded by his friends and thousands of other fans he gets the courage to jump the barrier and approach the ring. The fan climbs the apron and Jarret wastes no time in clocking him a few times and locking him into a sleeper hold before he can even enter the ring. Security, referees, and even other wrestlers rush to the ring to separate Jarret and the fan.

8 Iron Sheik vs Beetlejuice

The reason fro this encounter between the Sheik and Beetlejuice is not known. However, it is very entertaining to watch the verbal exchange going on between the two (also very difficult to understand). Sheik gets face to face with Beetlejuice, umm well not really face to face, as Sheik is 6 feet tall and Juice is 4'3". However, even with the huge disadvantage in height, Beetlejuice doesn’t back down and tells Sheik to never come near him or he will knock him out. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the notoriously racist Sheik drops the "N word" in the video.

7 Raven Attacked By Fan


While Raven was cutting a promo in the ring corner, a fan jumped over the barricade and attacked Raven from behind, pulling him outside by his hair. Security quickly pounced on the fan. Very surprisingly, Raven was calm and didn’t attack the fan in return. Raven, unflustered, went back in the ring corner and continued on with the promo like nothing happened. This encounter really shows how much of a professional he was, as most people would have lost their cool in a situation like that.

6 Randy Orton Confronts TV Host 

During an interview on a Mexican program, the host of the show thought it was a good idea to act like a smart-ass towards Randy Orton. The host would soon find out that his tactic was a regrettable decision. After Orton answered the question of what he eats for breakfast, the host relates Orton’s “fragile” breakfast to his string of injuries. Obviously Orton doesn’t take this lightly and gets into the reporter's face, threatening the host to make another joke. I know most fans (myself included) wish Orton had RKOed the host on the spot. It would have made this great video even better.

5 CM Punk Punches Fan


This incident occurred during a Monday Night Raw segment in which CM Punk escaped into the crowd (ironically) for safety. However, unfortunately for Punk, safety was the last thing he was going to have. Punk was surrounded by fans and kept on getting touched and pushed from behind, and although he was clearly agitated, he tried to keep cool and stay in character. Punk reached his breaking point when one fan behind him continually pushed his back. Punk, turned around striked the fan twice, and then went on to continue with the segment.

4 Chris Jericho Right Hooks Female Fan

While standing outside his car, Chris Jericho was getting heckled and surrounded by a mob of fans. Jericho clearly looked uncomfortable and on edge. He told security to remove the fans from the crowd. The fan then told Jericho he was an insult to Canadians and added you mother******. I can’t finish the rest of the word, but you get it. While this encounter is going on, the fan's girlfriend decides to jump in and starts telling Jericho off. He stares her down and decides to go back into his car, but the female fan then slips past security and grabs Jericho. He responds by shrugging her off and throwing a right hook in her direction.


3 Fan Nearly Injures Eddie Guerrero


During a ladder match, Eddie Guerrero attempted to climb the ladder and win the match, but a fan had other ideas of how the match should end. While Guerrero was climbing the ladder, a fan rushed into the ring and dangerously pushed it over. An unsuspecting Guerrero luckily landed on his feet and promptly attacked the fan until security came in and escorted the fan away. This is one of the more dangerous fan altercations you will ever see.

2 Don't Mess With Sabu

The ECW legend is one tough dude that no one should ever mess with. Don’t believe me? Go watch one of his matches and see how badly his body takes a beating. This incident happened in Japan while Sabu was making his way to the ring and fans were getting a bit too touchy for his liking. Sabu, who already looked annoyed, finally flipped out when one fan knocked his turban off his head. Clearly pissed off, he jumps over the barricade and strikes the fan multiple times. Like I said before, never mess around with Sabu.

1 Is Wrestling Fake?


People will recognize John Stossel as a reporter for 20/20. However, for wrestling fans, John Stossel will always be known as the reporter who got b****slapped (twice) by Dr. D David Schulz. During an interview, Stossel asked Schulz (who was already irritated) if wrestling was fake. Schulz proceeded to show Stossel how fake wrestling is by giving him an open handed slap. Stossel dropped to the floor and when he got up Schulz had another slap waiting for him just for good measure.

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