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10 Reasons Why John Cena Deserves Your Respect

10 Reasons Why John Cena Deserves Your Respect


When it comes to John Cena, as a fan, there is no “in-between,” you either love the guy, or you hate the guy. There is no denying that when Cena is in the ring, you’re chanting “Let’s go, Cena,” or “Cena sucks.” However, there is one thing that all WWE fans should do, and that is to respect John Cena.

In the last decade, John Cena has been all over fans’ television screens from WWE to talk show appearances. While fans might view Cena as the modern day Hulk Hogan, the one thing fans cannot take away from Cena is everything he has done during his career with the WWE. Over the course of Cena’s 13-year career, Cena has done some remarkable things in and out of the squared circle. Some of these things include Cena’s multiple championships, working injured, not taking time off, and awards he has won. Cena has also accomplished a lot outside of the squared circle from all his charity work, donating to charity and winning awards for his charity work as well.

Read this article before the next time you watch WWE Monday Night Raw and Cena is on your screen. When you hear John Cena’s music hit, and you go to chant “John Cena sucks,” remember this article! Whether you love him or hate him, these are the 10 reasons to respect John Cena.

10. Cena Wrestled In Honor Of U.S Troops 10 Times


The World Wrestling Entertainment started a special show in 2003, known as the WWE Tribute For The Troops. Superstars would go overseas to visit the troops at various stations and hospitals. The WWE would put on a wrestling show for the troops.

At one time, Cena had ring gear as a tribute to the U.S Armed Forces. Since 2003, the WWE has had 12 Tribute To The Troops shows. Out of the 12, Cena has participated in 10 of these shows, either in Iraq or Afghanistan. Cena’s participation in the WWE’s Tribute To The Troops really shows how much Cena cares about U.S soldiers.

9. Cena’s Ring Gear Has Meaning



When it comes to Cena’s ring gear, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said it best: Cena is “…looking like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles.”

However, it is not the bright colors that Cena wears, but rather why his ring gear makes the list. It is the meaning behind his ring gear. Some of Cena’s ring gear includes wearing camo shorts (which he wore honoring U.S armed forces) and rise above hate tee shirt (which promoted WWE’s “Be a Star” anti-bullying campaign.) In 2012, Cena wore rise above cancer, debuting a pink tee shirt he wore through October in partnership with Susan G. Komen in honor of breast cancer awareness month. His ring gear might be bright and colorful at times, but it always has a positive message.

8. The Cena Scholarship



While on Chris Jericho‘s podcast. Cena admitted he almost turned heel during his feud with The Rock. Cena had new music and ring gear. Although, that heel change never happened.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Cena had $5,000 worth of ring gear made up but canceled the order. Instead of getting a refund, Cena told the seamstress to use the money for WWE developmental talents to get new gear.

The result was The Cena Scholarship. Each month, WWE coaches would vote on whom they thought was the most outstanding talent. In return, that talent would get a $500 credit for the new ring gear. Now that is a class act!

7. Cena Interacts With Fans During Raw



Whether Cena is cutting a promo, in the middle of a match or finishing the main event match on Raw, Cena acknowledges all his fans.

While in a feud with Kevin Owens, Owens came to the ring and belittled Cena on his ring gear (apparently a common occurrence among Cena haters). Cena pointed out his catchphrase, “Never give up” is not just for him, but everyone to do the same. A fan was holding a sign that said “I’m beating cancer.” Cena pointed to the fan who was in Cena’s gear and told the fan to “keep fighting.” Later on, Cena would invite that same fan into the ring. Class.

6. John Cena Works Injured



In wrestling, injuries are very common. Some injuries are more severe than others. However, Cena had worked plenty of his matches injured during his WWE career.

In the summer of 2013, Cena was WWE Champion. At SummerSlam, Cena wrestled Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship and came up short. The next night on Monday Night Raw, Cena told the audience he had wrestled with a partially torn tricep and needed surgery. Another example of Cena wrestling hurt came recently. This past summer, Cena faced Seth Rollins for the United States Championship. Rollins had kneed Cena in the face which resulted in Cena breaking his nose and get this, Cena finished the match. Now that is a fighting champion!

5. Cena’s In-Ring Accomplishments Are Impeccable

Via Kevin Owens

During Cena’s 13-year career, Cena has accomplished a lot in the squared circle. This includes Cena surviving a horrible rapper gimmick. However, Cena has been the backbone for the WWE in the last 10 years. He’s a superstar who is very inspirational to all young fans alike.

Cena’s list of accomplishments in the ring includes the following” 24 combined championships (12-time WWE Champion, three-time World Heavyweight Champion, five-time United States Champion, two-time World Tag Team Champion, and two-time WWE Tag Team Champion), a two-time Royal Rumble Winner, Money In The Bank Briefcase Winner, and nine Slammy Awards.

4. Cena Donates Flyer Miles



The Make-A-Wish Foundation runs a campaign every year for people to donate their flyer miles as most of the wishes require traveling.

In 2011, Cena noted on Twitter he had nine million frequent flyer miles and donated them all to Make-A-Wish Foundation. This would not be the last time that Cena would donate his frequent flyer miles to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In 2013, Cena had donated 4.5 million flyer miles. According to the foundation, this donation made Cena the largest donor for the foundation’s campaign. Apparently, Cena flys a lot! By donating so many miles, Cena has given many children the chance to live out their biggest wishes.

3. Make-A-Wish Foundation Awards Cena



It is no secret that Cena does a lot of charity work. So it should come as no surprise that he has won awards for his charity work.

Cena has won awards with Make-A-Wish Foundation which include: Chris Greicius Celebrity Award. The Chris Greicius Celebrity Award is named in honor of the 7-year-old boy whose wish to be a police officer inspired a group of caring volunteers to fulfill his dream in 1980 and later create the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Cena also won Special Recognition Award. This award was given to Cena for being the first to grant 300 wishes.

2. Cena Answers The Call



This past summer, a fundraiser called Answer The Call teamed up with the WWE during Summer Slam, as Summer Slam was in New York. Answer The Call is a fundraiser for NYPD’ and NYFD’ widow and children benefits fund.

Those who participated in the benefit were able to bid online on experiences with celebrities and athletes. One of the experiences that people bid on was a chance to have a meet and greet with John Cena at Monday Night Raw. Anytime there is a charity, you can bet John Cena will answer the call.

1. Cena Has Granted Over 500 Wishes



When it comes to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, John Cena seems to literally do it all. He’s now a Wish Ambassador, won awards from Make-A-Wish Foundation and recently can add that he has granted over 500 wishes!

Currently, John Cena is the most requested athlete and celebrity for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With his motto “Never Give Up,” he gives kids all over the world hope and inspiration. Cena has shown he truly deserves everyone’s respect.

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