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The 32 Best Photos From WrestleMania 32

The 32 Best Photos From WrestleMania 32


They say a picture is worth 1000 words. If that is the case, there are many words to be said about WrestleMania 32. The show may not have lived up to everyone’s expectations, but there is no doubt that it was one of the most visually impressive WrestleManias of all time. There is also no doubt that the WWE Superstars held absolutely nothing back, as there were countless moments that may have left you grimacing on your couch in pain. Not to mention, anytime you get to see a no holds barred match, you know you’re in for some outstanding photos from the match, whether it was Brock‘s grimace from the low-blow or a close-up on Dean‘s face showing his pure insanity.

We also need to talk about the fact that there was a Hell in a Cell matchDo you think there were cameras present when Shane jumped 20 feet to the ground? You better believe there were! Did we get the best photos? You better believe we did.

The event was also monumental in helping further advance the Women’s division, as the three women put on arguably the best match of the night. If you thought that moonsault by Charlotte looked good on TV, the photo makes it look all the more impressive.

Here are the 32 most unbelievable photos from WrestleMania 32. No matter what moment was your favorite from WrestleMania, there was likely a photo of it to help you show to your friends when you try and explain why wrestling truly is one of the most visually and physically impressive sports out there.

When you’re done, check out our list of 32 outstanding backstage photos from WrestleMania 32.

32. The Attendance 



Before you get into all the amazing photos from WrestleMania, it’s important to realize that all of those amazing moments happened in front of a record-setting crowd.

Over 100,000 people crammed themselves into AT&T Stadium in Dallas. This was easily the largest crowd that has ever been at a WrestleMania. When you consider that the stadium is top of the line, built for the Dallas Cowboys, you know that fans got an unforgettable experience. I mean seriously, just take a look at the size of that video board! Talk about not having a bad seat in the house.

31. Booty-O’s



Now call me crazy, but when I think booty, my mind still goes to numerous songs on the radio, but New Day is working really hard to change that by their continued hilarious usage of the word “booty”. Their peak may have come at WrestleMania when they emerged from a big ol’ box of Booty O’s cereal. They may not have had a championship match but they were as entertaining as always.

30. Sasha and Snoop

snoop 45


WrestleMania is an outstanding event and one of the biggest stages for the superstars to perform on. When you have an event that’s going to be seen by millions of people, you’re also going to get some awesome celebrity appearances, especially when someone participating is related to a celebrity. Snoop had no problem accompanying and rapping alongside his cousin Sasha Banks as she made her way to the ring. Snoop had himself a busy weekend, getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

29. Legends Are Always Welcome



If you’re a legend in the WWE, there is no doubt that you’ve had at least one outstanding moment at WrestleMania, especially if your nickname may just happen to be “Mr.WrestleMania.”

HBK, Mick and Austin all emerged from backstage to large applause. They all got to throw down some classic finishing moves, much to the delight of everyone but their opponents! It may have been unexpected, but that just makes it one of the highlights!

28. One of Thirteen Suplexes!

13 german suplexes wwe 5


Dean may have liked to make a lot of jokes about traveling to Suplex City… not so much anymore. Dean suffered an astonishing thirteen suplexes, before eventually losing to The Beast, The Conquerer, Brrrrrrock Llllllesnar!

27. The Look Of Insanity



In his match against Brock, Dean may have not come out on top, but when you get a look at his eyes, are you really questioning why he believed he would? His eyes look like pure insanity as he holds a kendo stick. Not to mention that Brock is already clearly in a world of discomfort.

26. Trying To Get Fired Up

fire extinguisher deanambrose


There is no doubting the uniqueness! You don’t often see fire extinguishers, but when you’re at WrestleMania, all bets are off. Unfortunately this distraction wasn’t enough to get Ambrose the win.

25. Low-Blows Hurt No Matter Your Size

lowblow dean ambrose


What was that about all bets being off? Brock may be a giant of a man, but even someone the size of him is going to be walking funny after taking a low-blow like that. This was one of the few moments of the match when Dean was able to build some momentum and it’s easy to see why.

24. A Ken-DO Attitude! 

kendo stick ambrose 9


The Kendo stick must have seemed like a fantastic idea, at least until Dean realized he was going up against Brock Friggen Lesner. The stick pelted Brock repeatedly, but ultimately proved to be ineffective.

23. Barbie May Not Be Safe For Kids

barbie mick foley dean


Dean may be looking really cocky as he stands there and holds Barbie, but this was the downfall of the match. Dean misses with Barbie, and gets F-5’d onto all those lovely chairs you see right there. No doubt that he looked like a badass though.

22. I’d Want My Kids There Too

shane and family


If you knew you were about to jump off a 20-foot cage, maybe you’d want your kids to be with you too! Or, maybe not… Actually, no, definitely not.

21. Think It’s Too Late To Say No?



There is no doubt that when it comes to creating an atmosphere, The Undertaker can do it better then any superstar out there. Here’s a fantastic shot as you see the smoke fill the ring from Shane’s perspective. It’s hard to imagine he wasn’t peeing himself just a little bit.

20. The Most Iconic Entrance In Wrestling



Fire? Check! Smoke? Check! Iconic hat, music and overall aura of being one of the biggest legends of all time? Check! It just wouldn’t be WrestleMania without the Dead Man.

19. Coast-To-Coast



Shane may be in his 40s, but he is no stranger to a WWE ring. He channeled some of his inner-spirit for this fantastic coast-to-coast with a garbage can. The spot may look like impending pain for Undertaker, but he got off light considering what came next.

18. Are You Serious, Shane?!



Um, no kidding Undertaker wants to get out of the way. The crowd is in awe and Shane is about to break himself in half. Arguably the most iconic shot of the entire show. Kudos to the photographer for keeping steady and not freaking out like the rest of us.

17. Well, What Did You Expect?



It might have been a lot easier to get this photo than the one of him falling. If the iconic Jim Ross was on the mic, he would have been screaming something about Shane being “Broken in half!” Have no fear, he lived through the match. But, talk about just raw destruction. Bonus points for the fans freaking out with mouths wide open in the front row.

16. Sin Cara Showing Off

sincara coming after 4


Sin Cara took a potential tumble to the fall into an aerobatic leap off the top rope. The collision may have taken everyone down for a little while, but it was proof of the aerobatic nature of ladder matches.

15. Pro-Tip: Falling On Ladders Makes It Hurt More

sincara falls on ladder


It hurts bad enough having somebody land on you. I can only imagine the pain if your “cushion” is a ladder, especially when you have Kevin Owens shoving your opponent off another ladder. Yikes.

14. Smart Move? No. Iconic Shot? Yes!



What do you do when you’re on the top of a ladder? You could try to win the match… or you could take a leap of faith, especially knowing it is going to create a fantastic image. Kudos to your dedication to the art of photography, Ryder.

13. A Champions Smile

ryder wins


At least if Ryder is going to take a jump off the top of a ladder, he’s going to get to end the match on top. Sadly for him, he only held the title for one day.

12. The Moonsault 

wwe 2


In one of the best matches of the night, Charlotte throws caution to the wind and pulls off an outstanding moonsault. Let’s see her father pull that off!

11. Shaq Even Towers Over Most Wrestlers

shaq getting his throw on


Shaq may be more familiar with the basketball court, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t feel up for making an appearance at WrestleMania! Shaq dwarfed even the Big Show and threw poor Damien Sandow right over the top rope.

10. It’s Going To Take An Army



How do you take out two of the largest people in the world? Spoiler alert: it’s literally going to take all of you.

9. This Is The Entire Match

six second fight against erick rowan


This photo is essentially the entire match. The Rock won in 6 seconds, a WrestleMania record.

8. John Cena Makes Sure To Get A WrestleMania Moment

cena back from inury


Cena may not have been on the match card, but that didn’t stop him from making an impact. Cena has been absent for roughly 3 months, recovering from shoulder surgery. He showed his face and joined the Rock, helping put a beat-down on Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman.

7. Two Legends Of The Sport



What do you do after you lay the smackdown? Well, you stand on the top rope and point to the sky, of course! This outstanding photo shows the insane amount of spotlights used during the show.

6. Does He Really Need Backup?

triple h entrance


I don’t know what’s scarier: the look on The Game’s face or the row of masked men behind him. If he plays his cards right, Triple H will have a nice post-wrestling career as a mobster.

5. The Queen Of Queens

stephanie mcmahon entrance


If you’re going to be married to the King of Kings, you better make sure you look like a Queen. Stephanie was situated on a raised platform and delivered an outstanding promo, helping create an even more iconic entrance for Triple H.

4. I Bet Sledgehammers Hurt

avoids sledgehammer


If you’re going toe-to-toe with The Game, you need to expect that sledgehammer is going to make an appearance at some point.

3. If All Else Fails, Destroy The Arena 

spear through baracade


Reigns was able to spear Triple H literally through the barricade. I guess it’s a good thing that this was the last match of the night!

2. How’s My Foot Smell?



The kick may look devastating in person but the photo allows you to truly see that there’s no real way to protect your face when your opponent’s foot is that large.

1. Isn’t The Ceiling Beautiful? 



Now, to be fair, this photo makes it look like they’re just leaning back but I imagine it came at the peak of some heated blows. Or, with all those spotlights used at WrestleMania, maybe they were just checking them out?

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