The 20 Worst Wrestlers In ECW History

Extreme Championship Wrestling was the third biggest professional wrestling company of the 1990’s. The hardcore underdogs were extreme in the ring and in their influence, with many of the angles and ideas that took place in ECW inspiring both WWE and WCW to step up their game and create edgier content. ECW was also home to some of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the sport, and it was where some of those wrestlers did hands down their greatest work.

ECW has also famously been criticized as just being a bunch of violent crap. They specialized in a genre that has been pejoratively coined “garbage wrestling,” at times literally doing little more than throwing trash at each other and flailing around the ring in shockingly uncoordinated patterns. With the idea one can better appreciate the classics by understanding the misfires, below is our list of the 20 worst wrestlers in ECW history.

20 "Giant" Paul Lauria

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19 Mass Transit

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18 Johnny Hotbody

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17 Rockin' Rebel

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16 The Vampire Warrior

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15 The Bruise Brothers

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14 Brian Lee

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13 Da Baldies

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12 Jason


11 Hack Meyers


10 "Stone Cold" Chad Austin


9 Justin Credible

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8 Tommy Cairo

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7 Dusty Rhodes

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6 Ian and Axl Rotten


5 Big Dick Dudley

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4 John Kronus


3 New Jack

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2 Mustafa Saed

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1 The Sandman


Die-hard ECW fans might resent us for this, but we stand firm in our decision the worst wrestler in the history of ECW was unquestionably The Sandman. It’s hard to deny his status as one of the most iconic performers in ECW history, and a good part of it was an elaborate smoke and mirrors display preceding his every match in the form of his increasingly lengthy entrances. Unfortunately, the iconic entrances were also the reason he became so terrible. He wasn’t that great to begin with, and after actually chugging four or five beers in the span of ten minutes, he was significantly worse. Many fans cite the Sabu-Sandman match from November to Remember 1997 as the nadir of ECW and possibly mainstream wrestling in general. We give Sabu a pass, though, because according to him, The Sandman was tripping on acid and bordering on blackout drunkenness during the match, and he thought Sabu was a giant lizard. Jeff Hardy, eat your heart out.

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The 20 Worst Wrestlers In ECW History