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The 20 Most Disgusting Things WWE Wrestlers Have Ever Done

The 20 Most Disgusting Things WWE Wrestlers Have Ever Done


The wrestlers of the WWE are known for their bold moves that keep fans talking and keep their names newsworthy in the world of wrestling. Whether it’s a shocking heel turn that we just didn’t see coming or a brand-new finisher designed to leave their opponents’ heads spinning, the talent of the WWE is always looking for new ways to appeal to the crowds and keep fans on their feet. However, sometimes characters take their roles just a little too far and cross the line from being entertaining to just bizarre by doing something completely out of the ordinary – not just for their character, but for anyone.

Over several decades, WWE wrestlers have done disgusting things to stay relevant in the industry. From eating something gross on live TV to giving birth to something that’s a little unexpected, the WWE Universe has certainly seen its share of weird and disgusting moments throughout the years. These moments have made some wrestlers truly unforgettable…and not necessarily in a good way. Let’s take a look through the history of the company to see 20 of the most shocking and disgusting things WWE wrestlers have done in front of their audiences.

20. Roddy Piper Gets Rowdy

The late, great Rowdy Roddy Piper was known for his hard-partying, hardcore personality. But he took things to a new level when he hit himself with a bottle of beer on live TV. During an interview segment, the wrestler took an unopened bottle of beer and smashed it into his own forehead to prove just how tough he really was. The bottle broke and Roddy was left dripping with blood and beer, moving on to deliver a great promo. This scene was just one of the many that made Rowdy Roddy Piper stand out as one of the toughest and best wrestlers in the business.

19. Vince McMahon Shows “No Mercy” to His Daughter



The Attitude Era was a no-holds barred period in wrestling that showcased wild and unbelievable storylines. One of the most shocking (and a moment that some fans found to be disgusting) was in 2003 when Vince McMahon went head-to-head with his daughter Stephanie at the No Mercy event. Stephanie became outspoken about her ideas for the company and butted heads with her father, who was also taking Sable’s side in the ladies’ fierce rivalry. The dispute came to a head during the match, when Vince delivered blow after blow to his daughter. In today’s PG Era, it’s hard to imagine such a scene, but this is one of the more memorable and disturbing moments of the McMahons.

18. Vince McMahon Cheats on Linda in Full View



Giving a beating to his daughter isn’t the only disgusting thing Vince McMahon has done onscreen. Another memorable McMahon moment came when he had one of many scripted affairs on the show. However, this one was a little bit different, as Linda McMahon witnessed the entire thing! In this storyline, Linda was wheelchair-bound and unable to speak. Mr. McMahon took advantage of this situation by making out with wrestler Trish Stratus in full view, knowing his wife couldn’t say or do anything about it. Unfortunately, a great storyline didn’t come from this, leaving many fans confused as to why this would have been written into the show.

17. Mr. McMahon Betrays His Mistress, Too



What could be worse than a married man cheating on his catatonic wife as she’s powerless to say or do anything? The way that the same man dumps his mistress is pretty close, especially when we’re talking about the way that Vince McMahon turned on mistress Trish Stratus. Mr. McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie, used a mop bucket filled with a disgusting substance to humiliate Trish in the ring. After dumping the contents on Trish, Stephanie then stuffed Trish’s face into the bucket, all while Mr. McMahon looked on and even joined in. After Stephanie was done with her dirty work, Vince proceeded to dump her on live television, making this one of the dirtiest breakups in WWE history.

16. Laycool Bullies Mickie James



Bullying is never cool, and Laycool showed just how hurtful it can be when he repeatedly harassed Mickie James. Playing on her name, they called her “Piggy James” in several segments, fat shaming someone who isn’t even fat. The WWE organization has now taken an anti-bullying stance both in and out of the ring, and luckily, no other females have been harassed or called names by other wrestlers because of their weight or general appearance. However, this moment still stands out to many fans as one disgusting move made by Laycool that should have never been scripted by WWE writers.

15. Bubba Ray Attacks an Old Lady

The Attitude Era is one of the more memorable times in WWE’s history. During this Era, there were no limits, and often, storylines were completely over-the-top. One moment that stands out during this time period was when Bubba Ray of The Dudley Boyz attacked Mae Young. On an episode of Raw that aired in 2000, Bubba Ray showed no mercy to Mae as he powerbombed her off of the stage and right through a table. This wasn’t the only time, though, as he actually performed this move on her twice. Other women in the WWE weren’t safe either, as Bubba Ray went after top female talent including Lita and Trish Stratus.

14. Rikishi’s Stinkface is the Ultimate Gross-Out Move



Most wrestling moves are meant to stun opponents, and Rikishi’s Stinkface is no exception – although it’s for a completely different reason. The over 400-pound Hall of Famer became famous for his signature move, which involved throwing the opponent into the turnbuckle and rubbing his large derriere all over the wrestler’s face. This move wasn’t so much dangerous as it was disgusting, but it was so gross, it was effective against many of his opponents. Rikishi is no longer performing in the ring, but his twin sons Jey and Jimmy Uso make up a popular tag team. His sons have their own set of moves and finishers in the ring, but the Stinkface will remain one of the most notorious and memorable moves of all time.

13. Bastion Booger Thrives on Being Disgusting



Every WWE star has a schtick, from John Cena’s “Super Cena” persona to the Undertaker’s obsession with death or Dean Ambrose’s “Unstable” personality and wrestling style. With a name like Bastion Booger, it isn’t hard to tell what this wrestler bring to the table. Booger grossed everyone out with his disgusting antics, which included wearing ill-fitting and dirty clothing, eating sloppily before and after his matches, and picking his nose as he came out to the ring. While Bastion passed away in 2010, his poor hygiene, sloppy appearance, and disgusting habits will never be forgotten by WWE fans.

12. Tommy Dreamer Eats It All

Tommy Dreamer had a violent past in the ECW, and WWE wanted to give him a new gimmick that was different from what was currently happening within the organization. The result was simply disgusting: Tommy Dreamer became a human garbage disposal. From a hot dog that had rolled on the floor to hair, Tommy Dreamer consumed it all to the delight and disgust of fans. This role was taken to a new level when he consumed a cup of Undertaker’s spit-out tobacco, something that even the Undertaker was unable to stomach watching. Not long after this stunt, the WWE decided to shelf this disgusting idea.

11. Urine Big Trouble, Shawn Michaels

Back in 2006, a feud between The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon reached an epic level of disgusting when Mr. McMahon accused HBK of using drugs. To prove his innocence, the HBK agreed to do a drug test onstage at an episode of Raw, complete with a doctor in the ring to confirm that he really provided a urine specimen. After stepping behind a curtain set up in the ring, Michaels emerged and tossed the contents of his specimen cup all over Vince and his son Shane. This was one of the most epically disgusting moments that fans have seen from the WWE.

10. And the Number 2 Reason Mr. McMahon Hates HBK…

As if throwing his urine on him wasn’t enough, Shawn Michaels teamed up with Triple H to form DX to exact revenge on Vince McMahon. This time, HBK took the level of disgustingness to new heights when they arranged a stunt against Vince, Shane, and the Spirit Squad. Prior to their meeting, a port-a-potty was set up by the stage. As any fan could guess, the group of heels were soon covered in the nasty contents of the portable toilet. While this was a great way to get back at the McMahons for their wrongdoings, this stunt left many fans feeling queasy.

9. Eddie Guerrero Takes Big Show for a Septic Truck Ride

If the incident between Vince and Shane McMahon and Triple H and HBK seemed disgusting, it wasn’t quite as bad as the sewage truck scene that occurred between Big Show and Eddie Guerrero three years prior in 2003. The feud between the two came to a head when Eddie Guerrero arrived at Raw in a sewage truck. As could be expected, he used the hose to shower the arena (and a pleading Big Show) with liquid waste. Of course, for sanitary reasons, real waste was not used. However, shots featured throughout the segment showed fans holding their noses and looking queasy, indicating that whatever was now covering the ring was pretty darn nasty.

8. The Unexpected “Baby”



The Attitude Era was known for shocking and oftentimes unexplainable storylines. The love affair between Mark Henry and Mae Young was one such story. The fact that the “Strongest Man in the World” had a relationship with a 77-year-old woman was strange enough, but things got even weirder when she became “pregnant” with his baby. During a segment of the show, the birth was shown to the crowd. However, instead of having a baby, she delivered a bloody, messy plastic hand. Some fans enjoyed the weird and disgusting storyline between the two, while others were just left confused over this mess.

7. Al Snow Eats His Dog

To be fair, Al Snow wasn’t aware that he was eating his own dog. Way back when WWE was WWF, a wrestler by the name of Al Snow had a friend in an artificial head. After the head was destroyed, his new pal was a Chihuahua by the name of Pepper. Big Boss Man kidnapped Pepper, and then invited Al Snow to his hotel room under the guise of discussing the return of the dog. In a scene shown on SmackDown, Big Boss Man informed Al Snow that the dinner they were feasting on was his dog. Of course, no dogs were actually harmed in this storyline, but it was still disturbing and disgusting to many fans.

6. The Boogeyman Feasts on Worms

The Boogeyman first made his appearance on the fourth season of Tough Enough, the WWE show that seeks new talent. Although he didn’t win the show, he was brought back to developmental for training and made his debut on Raw in 2005. The Boogeyman is known for his shocking appearance that includes a crazy look and red face paint. His looks and actions were designed for shock value, and he shocked and disturbed viewers by using worms during his match. The most disgusting moves were when he actually ate the worms. The shock value was not enough to hold the attention of crowds, and The Boogeyman left the WWE in 2009.

5. Undertaker Puts Ultimate Warrior in a Scary Position



The Undertaker has always been known for being morbid and quite a few of his storylines have been disturbing, but none stand out quite as much as his feud with the late, great Ultimate Warrior. After confronting the Ultimate Warrior at Paul Bearer’s Funeral Parlor, a specially-made casket was brought out. After wrestling around with Undertaker and being repeatedly hit with an urn, Ultimate Warrior was overpowered and locked inside. It took several people quite some time to release him by using drills and crowbars, but the casket was finally opened, revealing scratch marks on the inside and an unconscious Ultimate Warrior.

4. Kane Burns the Graves of His Parents

Kane and Undertaker have always been a bit morbid, and the two “brothers” took it to a new level during their weird, and at times scary rivalry in the late 1990s. On an episode of Raw in 1998, Kane was being interviewed in the ring when the scene cut to a cemetery. Kane, sporting his famous red mask, demolishes his parents’ gravestones before lighting them on fire, all while Undertaker looks on in shock. This scene was, of course, rehearsed, no graves were harmed in the filming of this storyline, and as any WWE fan knows, Kane and Undertaker aren’t even really related.

3. Who Thought Rape Would Make a Good Storyline?

There are some things that you just don’t joke about, especially not on live TV, and a staged homosexual rape is at the top of the list of bad decisions made by the WWE. In 2004, a storyline on SmackDown involved Heidenreich violating Michael Cole. While the scene was staged, viewers found it to be offensive and disturbing. The scene was cut to only show the faces and upper torsos of the two, but the movements and facial expressions clearly spelled out what was supposedly happening. This was a poor decision by the WWE, and it was also a career killer for Heidenreich.

2. Triple H Gets Romantic…with a Mannequin?!

As part of a fierce feud between himself and Kane, Triple H took things a little too far when Kane’s “girlfriend” Katie Vick was added to the storyline as part of the rivalry. Triple H accused Kane of murdering Katie, and the storyline seemed a little out there for some viewers, but what Triple H did next was completely shocking. During an episode of Raw, video footage was played of Triple H dressed in Kane’s red mask. A mannequin laying in a casket was explained to be Katie’s corpse. During the segment, Triple H as Kane performed some pretty vile acts, including removing the corpse’s underwear and climbing on top of her in the casket. While some viewers found this storyline to be just ridiculous, many thought it was extremely offensive and unnecessary.

1. The Chris Benoit Tragedy



While many of these stories have been scripted for shock value onscreen, the tragic story of Chris Benoit happened in real life. In 2007, the former wrestler made headlines when he killed his wife, Nancy, his son, Daniel, and finally himself. It was revealed that Benoit had brain damage after suffering multiple concessions from matches. Rumors of drug and steroid use have also been cited as possible explanations for this tragedy. Because of that incident, the WWE has tightened up its Wellness Policy, which ensures that all talent receives regular physicals, checkups, and must submit to random drug testing. Anyone found in violation of the policy or not fit to wrestle are removed from the roster until cleared by a doctor. Hopefully, these steps will prevent another senseless and disgusting tragedy like the Chris Benoit story.

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