The 20 Hottest WWE Superstar Exes Ever

hottest wwe exes

Chiselled bodies, testosterone and punches that make you cringe - these are probably what makes WWE a universally accepted guilty pleasure for men and (let’s admit it ladies) for women as well. This basic human instinct of watching able-bodied men and sometimes women fight it out is something that we all have indulged in, whether some of us would like to admit it or not.

There is a reason why WWE is marketed as “dramatic theatre” as much as it is known to be a competitive sport - because people watch it as much for its drama as they do for their love for professional wrestling. However, we should also take a moment to appreciate the drama and the sweet chaos that the poster-women of these WWE superstars have also brought to the table.

In fact, some of these women have even surpassed the superstar men in their lives to become celebrities and develop their own fan following. It doesn’t matter whether these women are still a part of their lives or not, they are quite simply unforgettable and deserve their due credit. Here is a list of some of the hottest WWE Superstar Exes ever to have been introduced to us.

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20 Traci Brooks

Via catch-arena.com

Traci Brooks is now a retired professional wrestler and has spent most of her career with TNA as opposed to WWE, where she worked as a professional wrestler, a referee and a valet. That didn’t stop her from dating former WWE superstar CM Punk, however. She was also signed by Playboy magazine to be the first TNA Knockout ever to pose for the magazine; the photos were however never published. She is now married to fellow TNA wrestler Frank Gerdelman. Brooks retired from professional wrestling in July 2015, but she’s definitely worthy of being on our hottest Exes list.

19 Daffney

Via upload.wikimedia.org

As a WWE fan, we know that any list such as this will feature a considerable number of women who are here because of CM Punk. Daffney is one of them, but you can be rest assured that she won’t be the only one, CM Punk has dated too many gorgeous women for that to happen. Daffney has been a professional wrestler for TNA mostly, but has dated fellow wrestlers from other federations as well. For a while, she went with the stage name “The Governor” which was supposed to be a caricature of Sarah Palin, but thankfully she returned to keeping Daffney as her stage name soon enough.

18 Miss Elizabeth

Via images6.fanpop.com

Before you start pointing fingers, remember that Miss Elizabeth made a splash in the world of professional wrestling way back in the mid-'80s when there weren’t that many women in the industry (which is kind of revolutionary). She is still considered to be one of the most beautiful people in the world of sports entertainment and her relationship with “Macho Man” Randy Savage was perhaps one of the most entertaining things to watch on television at the time! She worked as his manager and eventually the couple got married. Miss Elizabeth passed away in 2003 as a result of overdosing on a mix of painkillers and vodka, and her tributary ranking on the list is definitely justified.

17 Maria Kanellis

Via stillrealtous.com

Maria Kanellis is definitely one of the most widely talked about female professional wrestlers today and for good reason, even Playboy definitely seemed to think the same. She posed for the cover of the Playboy magazine in 2008. While she might be married to wrestler Michael Bennett now, we just couldn’t resist putting her on the list - especially since she is superstar CM Punk’s ex (we told you there are more coming!). The couple was involved in 2005, and it lasted for about two years, in the middle of a lot of media attention.

16 Beth Phoenix

Via images4.fanpop.com

Beth Phoenix is another entry to the list whose inclusion we can attribute to the ever on-point CM Punk. Phoenix herself has been a three-time WWE Women’s Champion and is now retired and married to Adam “Edge” Copeland. They now have a daughter together as well. The relationship with CM Punk had ended badly, however, when Punk was recorded on a radio show as calling Phoenix a “douche bag.” He also went on to say that he was not heartbroken from having ended the relationship with her. Nonetheless, thanks to CM Punk, she now gets to be on our hottest exes list.

15 Lita

Via i.ytimg.com

If you’re a fan of the Canadian WWE Superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland, who is also currently Beth Phoenix’s husband, you will be happy to hear that the equally popular Lita was involved in an illicit affair with him while she was in a serious relationship with Matt Hardy. Not only has Lita been inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, but she is also a singer and is part of a rock band. Known for her tattoos and piercings, Lita is as famous for her four-time WWE Championship as being a hot “Edge” ex. So “Edge” seems to be connected to at least two women on this list.

14 Terri Runnels

Via zahthoughts.files.wordpress.com

Who says age is a factor, especially when it comes to the ex-wives of WWE Superstar husbands? Teri Runnels might be nearly fifty years old, but age has not diminished her reason to be on this list. She is currently retired from WWE as a professional wrestler and was married to superstar Goldust (Dustin Runnels). She was his manager at the time. She also dated another WWE superstar in Brian Pillman for a while. She worked with WWF and WWE for nearly eight years but is now retired and works primarily as a television host and is involved in philanthropic work.

13 Karen Angle

Via imageevent.com

This former stripper turned professional wrestler for WWE has definitely succeeded in creating quite the stir in the wrestling community. She was originally married to superstar Kurt Angle, who was not only a massive WWE superstar but an Olympic Gold medalist as well. She left Kurt Angle for his colleague and boss Jeff Jarrett. The relationship between Karen and Jarrett, which was kept secret for a long time, resulted in Jarrett being forced to take a “leave of absence.” The couple is now happily married, however, but she still gets to be Kurt Angle’s ex and deserving of a position on this list.

12 Torrie Wilson

Via images2.fanpop.com

Wilson won the Miss Galaxy competition in 1999, back when she worked as a fitness competitor, and for good reason. She soon became a part of the WWE family and began dating WWE Superstar Billy Kidman, whom she married and is divorced from now. Don’t depend on us, ask Playboy since they featured Wilson twice on their cover. She has also been on the cover of FHM and was listed as the forty-third world’s sexiest women in 2007. Wilson is now retired from professional wrestling and has her own clothing line. Nearly forty years old, Wilson still rules the list of some of the hottest WWE Superstar Exes.

11 Rosa Mendes

Via wrestlingmedia.org

Canadian Rosa Mendes was a model before she became a professional wrestling valet, announcer and a wrestler for WWE. She was engaged for a while to WWE Superstar Jackson Andrews before the couple separated in 2012 after she filed charges against him. She claims she was a complete “tomboy” growing up and was suspended from school for the fights she kept getting into. Though from Canada, she has won several beauty contests in Latin America and Hawaii as well. Mendes has now revealed that she is bisexual, although that doesn’t discount her from being on our list of hottest exes.

10 Mickie James

Via zahthoughts.files.wordpress.com

James, like all the women on this list, is also a professional wrestler. She also happens to be a country singer, apart from looking as hot as she does. She also holds a Bachelor and Associate of Arts degree, something not a lot of her fans might have known while they saw her sweating it out with her competition on a WWE Stage. She independently released her first music album in 2010. James now has a child with fellow wrestler Magnus but had been engaged to WWE Superstar Kenny Dykstra for a while.

9 Stacy Keibler

Via blacksportsonline.com

8 Melina Perez

Via images4.fanpop.com

We aren’t entirely sure if Perez should be on the exes list of the WWE superstars, but we couldn’t resist from adding her to the list. She maintains an on-and-off relationship with John Morrison and is a retired professional wrestler herself. She was also the first woman in the history of WWE to become a multiple title holder; she holds both the Women’s and Divas Championship titles. Perez has also been regarded to be one of the “best wrestlers in the world” by experts. She had started off as a beauty pageant contestant where she won several modelling competitions, and eventually began training as a professional wrestler and hasn't looked back since.

7 Ashley Massaro

Via wrestlingrevolution.it

Massaro seems to have done it all. From being a WWE Diva to appearing on the reality TV show Survivor and also going on to become a Playboy Bunny. She dated the WWE superstar Matt Hardy, and rumors have it that even after their relationship turned sour, it trickled into her next relationship with Paul London. Apparently Hardy was rude to London and led to a public feud between the two. Even after Massaro broke up with London, the two men maintained an unfriendly relationship. This is what these Divas do to men!

6 Velvet Sky

Via allwrestlingnews.com

Known for showing off her love for the color pink, Velvet Sky is another in the list of hot WWE Superstar Exes after having dated Gregory Helms for a long time (he was known as The Hurricane in WWE). She has been an active professional wrestler with Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA) and has had a string of relationships with other TNA Wrestlers as well. Most recently she was in a music video by the band Montgomery Gentry. You could trace back her wrestling career right back to her school days where she competed in cheerleading, football and softball. But Velvet Sky is clearly no “tomboy.”

5 Sable

Via sportskeeda.com

Rena Lesnar, better known as Sable in the WWE world, is another one of those classic WWE faces that we won’t forget. She might be approaching fifty now, but she cannot be excluded from this list. She worked as a professional wrestler for WWE and then as a model and actress. Sable also had a very public marriage with WWE Superstar Marc Mero. She quickly became one of the most popular women in WWE history, at least in the ‘90s. The couple divorced years later however and are known to still have a friendly relationship. Fans still believe however that their divorce also ended Mero’s wrestling career.

4 Sunny

Via itsrealto.us

There is a very clear reason why Tammy Lynn Sytch (AKA Sunny) became the most downloaded woman in 1996 on the Internet. Sunny was only an occasional wrestler for WWE, where her main role was that of a manager. She, however, had a brief relationship with WWE superstar Shawn Michaels. She was also offered the chance to pose for the cover of Playboy, which she apparently declined. Just to prove how much of a bad girl this hottie has been - she even spent more than hundred days in jail over the period of being arrested six times for disorderly conduct and burglary!

3 Nikki Bella

Via hawtcelebs.com

Another WWE Superstar and another sordid love affair. Dolph Ziggler is known to many as a comedian (he even recently dated a fellow comedian Amy Schumer) as much as he is known for being a wrestling champion. He is also apparently still in love with his ex Nikki Bella, a rising star and a former WWE Divas Championship. While their relationship might have ended, Ziggler spoke in an interview recently about how he is hoping to win her back again. She is on this list also because as we well know, Ziggler isn’t the only Superstar Bella is a hot ex of.

2 AJ Lee

Via wawnation.com

If you think the previous heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan is hot, it might not come as a surprise to find out that one of his exes is AJ Lee. AJ Lee, herself has been a WWE female Superstar, best known for the record she hit of being a three-time WWE Divas Champion. While she may now have retired from the wrestling scene and is happily married, one cannot easily forget the “good luck” kiss she distracted her then-boyfriend Daniel Bryan with, which cost him his World Heavyweight Championship title. That dramatic relationship is one not many WWE fans will forget easily.

1 Alicia Fox

Via images5.fanpop.com

Alicia Fox is not simply a minor WWE celebrity, she is a wrestler herself and has been a part of the industry since 2006. Before her wrestling days, she was a model and an actress and actually switched to wrestling when she was noticed in a fashion catalogue. So why is she top on our list of WWE Superstar Exes? Because she recently revealed that she had also been in a relationship with our very own Wade Barrett. Too bad for us that they managed to keep it a secret for this long. Also, of course, there is no other place for Alicia Fox but on the top of this list.

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