The 20 Hottest Women In WCW History

The women of World Championship Wrestling have left a lasting impression on the wrestling business because they are some of the most gorgeous ladies in the history of wrestling. While WCW wasn’t a com

The women of World Championship Wrestling have left a lasting impression on the wrestling business because they are some of the most gorgeous ladies in the history of wrestling. While WCW wasn’t a company that pushed women’s wrestling that hard like today in World Wrestling Entertainment, they still employed dozens of women that were mostly there to be eye candy.

In the early 1990s WCW, there weren’t that many women in WCW although they did some memorable things like a bikini contest at the Beach Blast 1992 event between Madusa and Missy Hyatt. In the mid-1990s, they tried to build a women’s division around Madusa. It never really got going because they didn’t employ that many women full time, so they had to bring in foreigners to put over Madusa. It was a formula that didn’t work.

By the late 1990s, things changed because Eric Bischoff brought in the Nitro Girls dance group. They were WCW’s version of cheerleaders that were shown on screen before and after commercial breaks as well as a way to entertain the crowd.

Since the wrestling business is often times a copycat type of world, WCW saw how much success WWE was having with beautiful women on their shows. That led to WCW going from barely having any women to employing about 20 women from 1999 to 2001 when the company died.

With so many women to choose from, it’s time to rank the 20 hottest women in WCW history. Most of them were used in storylines. Some of the Nitro Girls that weren’t featured prominently aren’t going to be featured here, but no doubt they were gorgeous women too.

Who were the hottest women in WCW history? Let’s count it down with number twenty.

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21 Kimberly Page


As the leader of the Nitro Girls as well as the wife of Diamond Dallas Page (they have since divorced), Kimberly Page could be called "Miss WCW" because she was in the company going back to 1991 although she was a regular around 1994.

She wasn't a wrestler, but she was a featured performer until the second last year in the company with a heel turn against DDP in 2000. The angle didn't really have a conclusion because she left the company due to uncomfortable comments by Scott Steiner.

When WCW died in 2001, Kimberly didn't end up signing with WWE and basically left the wrestling business at that point. She did have some small roles in movies, most notably the 40 Year Old Virgin when her breast was exposed during a speed dating scene. It was a moment a lot of WCW fans definitely marked out over.

20 Pamela Paulshock


If you were a casual WCW observer you may not even know who Pamela Paulshock was, but she was around in the final year of the company. At first, she was hired as one of the NWO girls in early 2000 when WCW went on a hiring spree for fitness models.

Her biggest highlight may have been when she won a Miss Nitro bikini contest even though it appeared as though she was only going to be a host of the competition. Once people saw her in a bikini they cheered loudly, so that was her biggest claim to fame from a storyline perspective.

Most of the time her job in WCW was to be a backstage interviewer. Even though she’s one of the best looking women that WCW ever had, she really didn’t have much of an impact in the grand scheme of things.

19 Tammy Sytch


The former "Sunny" in WWE, Tammy Sytch had a brief run in WCW in the spring of 2000 where she was used as the manager of long time boyfriend Chris Candido. It was so brief that even the most diehard WCW fans may not remember it because they were only there for about two months before Sytch was gone due to rumors of drug abuse.

It's a shame that Sytch couldn't have a longer run in WCW because she was only 27 years old when she started in WCW and was fantastic as a heel manager. By the time she got there, though, WCW was really losing steam, so they didn't want to deal with the drama that she brought with her.

Despite the short run in WCW, it's impossible to deny that Sytch was one of the best looking women in wrestling history.

18 Miss Elizabeth


When Miss Elizabeth was in WWE throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s she was paired with her husband "Macho Man" Randy Savage. She didn't speak much and she rarely interfered in matches, but she was popular because of her looks and the class she brought to the show.

In 1996, Elizabeth signed with WCW and was paired with Savage again even though they were divorced. It was done to set up a heel turn where she aligned herself with Ric Flair. Seeing her turn heel was such a surprise, but it was an example of smart booking that WCW was willing to try in order to gain viewers.

She went on to be a heel manager for much of her WCW career with her final WCW days being spent with Lex Luger, who she was dating in real life at the time. Sadly, she passed away in 2003 due to a mixture of vodka and painkillers, but she'll always be remembered as one of the best women in wrestling history.

17 Stacy Keibler (Miss Hancock)


Stacy Keibler found her way to WCW by winning a Nitro Girls contest in 1999. She was only 20 years old at the time, but her experience as a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and her good looks propelled her to win the competition.

Her run as a Nitro Girl didn't last that long because they ended up disbanding the group while trying to use the girls in different roles. Keibler ended up being booked as a woman named Miss Hancock (what a creative name huh?), who wore really short skirts and danced on tables because that's what counted as entertainment in WCW.

She went on to have a more successful run in WWE in the 2000s as a valet that wrestled sometimes, but she got her start in WCW.

Some people that don’t follow wrestling may know her most for being on Dancing with the Stars and also for being the girlfriend of George Clooney for a few years.

16 Woman


She had one of the simplest names in the history of wrestling: Woman. She started in the wrestling busienss in the mid-1980s, then made it to WCW in 1989 working with the Steiners, spent some time in ECW with Sandman and found her way back to WCW in 1996.

Woman was the wife of wrestler Kevin Sullivan, who was one of WCW's main bookers in the mid-1990s. She became a valet for Ric Flair as well as the Four Horsemen stable. Sullivan put himself in a storyline with Chris Benoit, which led to her leaving Sullivan and marrying Benoit, who was part of the Horsemen group.

Sadly, Nancy Benoit was murdered along with her son by her husband Chris Benoit in 2007, which is arguably the greatest tragedy in the history of wrestling.

15 Major Gunns


When Tylene Buck first showed up in WCW she was one of the fitness models that they hired to be part of the NWO girls. It was easy to see why they hired her since she is a gorgeous blonde with curves in all the right places. Like some of the other women they hired, though, she seemed like she had no clue about what to do on a wrestling show.

After the NWO folded again (that happened a lot), she found a role in the “Misfits in Action” stable where she was given the name Major Gunns. That gimmick made her a bigger star because she ripped off her shirt to reveal a bikini underneath, which often led to her giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to whatever male wrestler was knocked out. After that she turned heel to join Team Canada as well.

Once WCW folded in 2001, she was not picked up by WWE and faded away from the wrestling business.

14 Nitro Girl Spice


Spice was one of the original Nitro Girls. The group started in WCW in June of 1997 as dancers that were there to perform for the live audience. They really weren't given scripted roles on the shows, so it was tough for them to really make a mark.

When Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara became writers for WCW, the Nitro Girls were given bigger roles. Spice was put in a feud with AC Jazz to see who should take control of the group. As it turned out, neither of them really took control because it was just a way to end things in the storyline.

Spice had a cuteness about her as a smaller woman who had girl next door kind of looks. She was put in a feud with Evan Karagias and Madusa where she fooled Karagias into liking her so that Madusa could win the Cruiserweight Title from him. Other than that’s he didn't factor into storylines that much.

13 Miss Madness


When Randy Savage returned to WCW in 1999 as a heel, he decided to change things up with an edgier look and a different kind of entourage. He had trio of women by his side: Gorgeous George, Madusa and Miss Madness.

What was interesting about Miss Madness is she always worse a dress and even did moves like missile dropkicks while in the dress. That's not easy! She was only 22 years old when she started in WCW while also helping to train other women to wrestle because the company hired so many models that were pretty clueless.

Since WCW never really got serious about creating a women's division in 1999/2000, her career didn't get very far while she was there. She ended up in WWE by late 2000 and had a pretty good career for herself as Molly Holly.

12 Daffney


The tattooed “scream queen” Daffney wasn’t brought in to WCW as a model that had no idea what she was doing – she was there as somebody that trained to wrestle and offered something different from the norm. The beauty of pro wrestling is that people that are different shapes and sizes can fit in as long as there’s a good storyline in place.

Daffney’s role was as the crazy girlfriend of David Flair. It was such a unique role because she was paired with the great Ric Flair’s son and he wasn’t booked like his father at all. He ended up portraying a psycho like her. She was also paired up with Crowbar, who was a talented hardcore wrestler that gained fan support because he was willing to put his body on the line.

When WCW died in 2001, she wasn’t picked up by WWE. She ended up working for TNA later in the 2000s and won a lawsuit against them due to unsafe working conditions.

11 Sharmell


The woman that wrestling fans got to know as Sharmell in WWE started out as "Storm" in WCW. Her role in 1998 was as a Nitro girl dancer. Most of the women in the Nitro Girls group didn't stand out that much, but some of them did become bigger stars on their own when the company decided to put them in storylines.

Eventually, they gave her the name of Paisley as a valet for The Artist and later Kwee Wee. While neither role was that prominent, it was clear that she had a passion for the wrestling business and deserved to have the spotlight on her.

After WCW folded, she ended up signing a developmental deal with WWE. In the mid-2000s, she became a regular performer as the valet to her husband Booker T. and did a great job in that role.

10 Sister Sherri


The woman who was known as Queen Sherri, Sensational Sherri and Sister Sherri spent her career in WCW| managing the likes of Ric Flair and Harlem Heat. When she was with Harlem Heat, it was a perfect fit because they were a young team that needed some guidance and she fit in well with them as an interfering manager.

Sherri came from a different era because she started out as a wrestler, then became a manager and arguably was the best female manager ever. She wasn’t known for her looks, but she definitely found a way to get noticed by fans both male and female.

It’s sad that she passed away in 2007, but at least she was able to be there when WWE honored her with a Hall of Fame induction in 2006.

9 April Hunter


A gorgeous redhead with an amazing physique, April Hunter was brought in to be a valet for the New World Order. One of her first appearances saw her appear in a towel along with Scott Steiner because the NWO girls were there to please the guys of the NWO, so to speak.

For whatever reason, she wasn’t in WCW for long. They seemed to lose interest in her or she just wanted to move on to start a career of her own.

Her story post WCW is interesting because following the death of the company in 2001, she trained to wrestle at Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school. Then she spent most of the last 15 years as one of the best indy women’s wrestlers in America. She never caught on with a major promotion, but she proved that she was more than a model.

8 Madusa


In terms of longevity and importance to the company, none of the women can really touch what Madusa. She wasn't hired to be a model, though. She was a trained wrestler who had great matches all over the world and helped build a pretty solid WCW women's division in the mid-1990s.

It's a shame that her last year in WCW wasn't better because she was a great performer going back to her run as a valet with Paul Heyman's Dangerous Alliance group in the early 1990s. Instead of putting her in serious matches, she was out there winning the once coveted WCW Cruiserweight Title almost in a comedic way and feuding with an overweight writer named Ed Ferrara that was doing the embarrassing "Oklahoma" gimmick as a Jim Ross parody.

She was inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame in 2015 as Alundra Blayze, but she was best known for being one of the best women's wrestlers in American wrestling history as Madusa in WCW.

7 Debra


Debra McMichael was introduced to the WCW audience as a regular in April 1996 when she appeared as the valet of her husband Steve McMichael. As a former beauty queen, Debra had no problem fitting into the wrestling business.

She turned into a pretty good promo in terms of being an annoying heel. They also had her turn on McMichael by having her manager Jeff Jarrett instead, which was a way to help Jarrett get over more as a heel. After about two years on camera, she moved on from WCW and divorced McMichael.

When Debra went to WWE in 1998, she became an even bigger star thanks to the change in her appearance (remember that "Puppies" chant?) and they allowed her to do more than what she did in WCW.

6 Midajah


Midajah was one of the fitness models that WCW signed in early 2000 when they felt like they needed more eye candy on their shows. It made sense for them to sign fitness models since they are already used to being in front of the camera and it wasn't that hard to teach them about the wrestling business.

She started out as one of the NWO Girls and then became the main valet of Scott Steiner, who won his first WCW World Title in late 2000. Steiner often referred to her as a "freak" with Midajah sometime interfering in his matches to help him get victories.

After WCW died in 2001, she didn't stay in the wrestling business. For whatever reason, WWE didn't want to bring her in when they signed Steiner in 2002.

5 Gorgeous George


Gorgeous George had the same name as a very famous wrestler from many decades ago, but in terms of appearance, the busty blonde looked nothing like him. She was the girlfriend of Randy Savage, who was about 20 years older than her at that point.

Savage brought George to WCW as his valet in 1999. She even had a match with referee Charles Robinson during one of Savage's feuds with Ric Flair. She actually did pretty well for her first match because at least it was watchable.

Her WCW career only lasted a few months after apparently breaking up with Savage and she never worked for any major promotions after the company folded. Even though the stunning blonde had a short run in WCW, anybody that saw her there won't ever forget her.

4 Missy Hyatt


For a lot of wrestling fans in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Missy Hyatt was their first crush in the wrestling business because the busty blonde wasn't shy about making her presence known. Whether she was managing a wrestling or working as an interviewer, Missy always seemed to steal the scene thanks to her looks.

She ended up leaving the company in early 1994 and even won a lawsuit after her top was exposed at Starrcade 1993. A picture of it was posted in WCW's office, so as she detailed in her book she sued them and won some money from WCW.

Following WCW, she worked for ECW for about a year before spending most of her time in the independent wrestling scene.

In terms of importance in the history of WCW, there’s no question that Missy was one of the biggest names they ever had in terms of women on the roster. It’s a shame that she wasn’t able to be there longer because she was a great performer.

3 Kim Kanner


Kim Kanner, who was also known as Shakira, was one of the gorgeous models that WWE hired to be a part of the New World Order stable in late 1999/early 2000. After the group dissolved, she was a valet for Scott Steiner along with Midajah.

Her dismissal from WCW was interesting because in the summer of 2000, they wanted her to go to WCW's Powerplant to learn how to wrestle so that they could build a women's division. When Kanner refused, she was let go from the company.

In terms of looks, it's easy to see why she was hired in the first place. However, her lack of interest in doing more than just being eye candy showed that she really wasn't that committed to being in the business long term.


1 Torrie Wilson


The blonde bombshell found her way to WCW when she attended a show with a boyfriend in 1999. Since she was a fitness competitor, management in WCW were very interested in using her on screen and she ended up portraying a woman named "Samantha" in an angle done to trick David Flair.

Eventually she used her real name while being paired up with Billy Kidman (who she would later marry) and Shane Douglas. Wilson also competed in some matches – even taking part in a Scaffold Match at one point, but she was never known as a wrestler.

Wilson was just there to be eye candy and it was no surprise that WWE picked her up when they bought WCW in 2001. The fact that she was on the cover of Playboy two times in the 2000s shows that WCW made the right choice in hiring her.

She is not only the hottest woman in the history of WCW, but also one of the best looking women in the history of wrestling in any company.

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