The 17 Richest Past And Present WWE Divas

Aside from rigorous travel demands, pressure to always look their best, and an incredibly busy schedule, life as a WWE Diva is pretty darn sweet. Not only do they get to entertain millions of people across the world, they get paid pretty nicely as one of WWE’s entertainers. Those who can stick around long enough to get out of their developmental deals (which are typically in the 20k to 40k range) find much more substantial contracts as the years go by.

Searching out accurate net worth numbers on celebrities is a difficult task, so the figures used in this list are on the more conservative side. For example, former WCW and WWE manager, Torrie Wilson, had net worth numbers as low as one million dollars, and as high as eighteen million!

Surprisingly, one of WWE’s most popular women ever, Sunny, wasn’t anywhere near showing up on this list. Even though her popularity reached crazy heights, she bottomed out just as badly; evidence of this is her charging money to take pictures with fans… in a bed - yikes!

So let’s check out the WWE Divas, both past and present, who have been the most successful at making a whole lot of money.

17 Kaitlyn – $450,000


Signing with the WWE in 2010, Kaitlyn spent only four years with the company, but in that time she was able to become a one-time Divas champion and winner of NXT (Season 3). Before the WWE, she spent much of her time in body fitness and her appearances in multiple competitions are partly what brought WWE along.

16 AJ Lee – $720,000


Starting her wrestling training back in 2007, AJ Lee was eventually able to sign a contract with the WWE, becoming one of the company’s most popular Divas ever. During a down period in the women’s division, AJ was able to break through the ceiling. She became one of the most over wrestlers on the entire roster, thanks to her entertaining acting skills, and awesome selling in the ring.

15 Paige – $850,000


When it came to the wrestling business, Paige got going at a very early age, thanks to being raised in a family full of wrestlers. She started training at the age of 11, and even more incredible, had her first match at 13. From 2005 until 2011, she traveled the world working indy promotions, until WWE came calling. After spending some time in NXT, she was brought up to the main roster in 2014 and was an instant hit with the larger fan base.

14 Alicia Fox - $900,000


Before joining the WWE, Alicia made a living as a model, but in 2006 (making her one of the longest tenured Divas at the moment) she made a career change to pro wrestling, signing a developmental deal with WWE.

13 Candice Michelle - $1 Million


It's fair to say Candice has tried just about everything in her career; before even getting to the WWE, she was in numerous car and fitness magazines, had a spread in Playboy, and appeared on both TV and in movies. In 2004, she linked up with the WWE, winning the Women’s championship once; she stayed with the company for five years.

12 Sable - $1.5 Million


Going back to the early 1990s, Sable did promotional work for companies including Pepsi and Guess; eventually she got paired up with the WWE, partly due to her real-life husband at the time, Marc Mero. Sable became his manger, eventually becoming more popular with the fans than Mero, which allowed her to continue her career solo.

11 Brie Bella - $1.7 Million


Building “The Bella Twins” brand has been a boom for Brie Bella, enough so that she was able to split off into her own “Brie Mode” brand. Although not as popular as Nikki’s “Fearless” brand, she still has one of the larger merchandise sections among the women on the roster.

10 Eva Marie - $2 Million


After getting into model and fitness competitions (this seems to be almost a prerequisite to getting into the WWE, doesn’t it?) Eva Marie caught WWE’s eye as they were looking for some new Divas to add to Total Divas. On the show since it started, Eva became one of the more notable characters, building a fan base of haters that most wrestlers only dream of.

9 Natalya - $2 Million


The veteran of the women’s division has been wrestling all over the world since 2003, and has brought all of that experience to the WWE, helping all of the newer Divas along the way. She has won the Divas title once, and has become one of the biggest babyfaces for the company over the past few years. If you follow her on social media, you’ll already know she spends tons of time taking pictures with fans, especially ones who wait outside of house shows.

8 Lita - $2.5 Million

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The first Hall of Famer on the list, Lita changed the game when she joined up with WWE in 2000; initially serving as Essay Rios’ manager, she went on to team up with The Hardy Boyz, becoming one of the most popular women wrestlers ever.

7 Kelly Kelly - $3.5 Million


Signed away from modeling, Kelly Kelly joined up with the WWE at the age of 19, working in development for two years, before being moved to WWE’s version of ECW. There she worked as a dancer and girlfriend to Mike Knox - bonus points if you remember who that was.

6 Mickie James - $4 Million


Starting her wrestling career in 1999, Mickie James worked her way up through the indies and TNA, before she landed a spot in WWE in 2003. Most famously, she feuded with Trish Stratus, playing an obsessed fan - the two women went on to have many memorable segments and an awesome WrestleMania match.

5 Nikki Bella - $4 Million


Thanks to her record breaking run as Divas champion in 2015, Nikki has become the WWE’s most popular and widely known Diva - just check her social media followers. With added exposure from Total Divas and being the girlfriend of one John Cena, Nikki has done a great job at building her “Fearless” brand over the past few years.

4 Torrie Wilson - $4 Million


As mentioned in the intro, Torrie Wilson was a tough one to figure out; some websites had her numbers as low as one million, while others said she was up to 18 million, possibly due to her relationship with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. At 4 million, that seemed like a more realistic number that showed up multiple times.

3 Trish Stratus - $5 Million


Arguably, the most popular women’s wrestler of all-time, Trish Stratus went from fitness babe to wrestling Hall of Famer with 7 women’s championship to her name. Capturing the fan’s hearts and minds, Trish had a career most wrestlers dream of; eventually retiring in 2006 Trish went on to build her own empire outside of the WWE.

2 Stacy Keibler - $5 Million


From being a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader to pro wrestler to actress to healthy living guru, Stacy Keibler has literally done it all at only the age of 36. Thanks to her incredibly long legs, Stacy became a favorite of wrestling fans for many years as she worked in both WCW and WWE from 1999 until 2006.

1 Stephanie McMahon - $54 Million


Okay, technically Stephanie is not considered a “WWE Diva,” but it’s tough to leave her off the list with such an impressive net worth of $54 million dollars, $49 million higher than second place! Of course, this is all due to her family business, which she also works at as the Chief Brand Officer.

A lot of her wealth comes from how much stock she owns in the WWE, which she has been known to part with in recent years. All of the women on this list have built a fantastic life from the pro wrestling business, but there is a clear winner, the boss of them all, Stephanie McMahon!



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The 17 Richest Past And Present WWE Divas