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The 15 Worst WWE Tag Team Champions Ever

The 15 Worst WWE Tag Team Champions Ever

via TheSportster

Back in the earlier days of the WWE being a tag team champion really meant something. Those days had champions like the Hart Foundation, the British Bulldogs, Demolition, the Wild Samoans and the Valiant Brothers, among many others. But then things changed a bit. Even though there were still many great duos that held the belt, some really bad teams wound up champs for a little while.

Let’s face it, some of these tag team champions were more than a bit stupid, both in execution in the ring, and how they performed outside of it as well. Most of these teams didn’t last all that long, but the sad thing is that the teams that came after them often were just as bad.

You probably even forgot most of these teams existed, and if you remember them, you probably wish that you didn’t. Because sometimes two is definitely not better than one.

So here they are, the very worst duos that ever strapped on the belt as WWE Tag Team champions. In fact you wouldn’t be lying if you called them The 15 Worst WWE Tag Team Champions Ever. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

15. The Moondogs


The Moondogs were pretty cool when it comes right down to it. They were fun and were champions back in the late ’70s and early ’80s. So why are they on this list? Well at one point Moondog King wasn’t allowed entry back into the U.S. So what did the WWE and Vince McMahon do? Well, they just replaced Moondog King with another wrestler, Moondog Spot. This let fans and wrestlers alike know that the WWE thought wrestlers were replaceable. Moondog King wasn’t replaceable and the fans let the WWE have it.

14. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin And Shawn Michaels


This should have been one of the best tag team championship runs of all time, or could have been anyway. Here you had two worthy champions joining forces. Who could beat such a tandem? Unfortunately the pairing just didn’t work. It probably would have if Michaels didn’t implode. He had numerous health and attitude problems and eventually was suspended, putting an end to this pairing that could have been great, but never was. Instead, Creative wasted everyone’s time with this tag team.

13. The Rock And Chris Jericho


Here is another one that looked a lot better on paper than it did in the ring. One can see why the WWE went with this one, but the results were not impressive. The Rock was on the rise. Chris Jericho was Chris Jericho. Why not?

This is why. The whole thing didn’t make sense in the first place as the two were supposedly feuding. They held the title for a grand total of eight days, which was eight days too long. I don’t understand the point of getting fans’ hopes up.

12. Booker T And Test



Remember these guys as partners? Yeah, we don’t either. Booker T and Test took the championship from the above-mentioned The Rock and Chris Jericho, only to lose it thirteen days later. At this point, it’s believe the WWE were just playing with us!

It was very apparent at this point that the WWE had no idea what it was doing with its tag team champs. These guys weren’t even a legit tag team pair, and faded away soon after losing the belt. That’s the only good thing that arose from this tag team, I guess.

11. The Bodydonnas


No. Just no. These guys were supposed to be twins who could do all sorts of things to deceive the referee because they looked alike. Put this in the “terrible gimmick” category. The only problem with their lookalike gimmick was that they didn’t actually look alike. They weren’t the same size, their faces looked totally different, and not only that, but their hair wasn’t even the same length, just the same color. Totally lame gimmick and lame wrestlers. Nice try, Creative.

10. The Right to Censor


The gimmick wasn’t too bad for the most part. These guys came on and talked about the excessive violence in wrestling and said that the women’s outfits were too skimpy, so they were good for a few laughs anyway. Too skimpy? Sex sells!

It would have been fine if they just left them as mid-card draws, but they were not championship material. They lasted just 34 days as champs before fading away.

9. Road Warrior Animal And Heidenreich


Just even the name itself screams bad. “Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich.” Yeah that sounds like two people that would get involved together, right? Who comes up with these names?

Anyway, this team never took off and was the definition of trying too hard. Animal was giving it his best but he couldn’t carry Heidenreich. That guy was just so bad. They held the belt for 93 days before fading back to obscurity. That’s 93 days too much, in my opinion.

8. Booker T And Rob Van Dam


This was another example of the black hole the WWE found themselves in with tag teams. They obviously didn’t know what to do with either of these guys, so they just made a tag team out of them. After winning the championship they held the belt for just 35 days. That’s more (or less) than enough reason to put them on this list.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence Booker T finds himself on this list for a second time. At this point in his career, his gimmick was running on a short fuse.

7. Stone Cold” Steve Austin And The Undertaker


Stone Cold and The Undertaker? This should have been a dream pairing. But it wasn’t. They were part of a long list of teams that were tag team partners that hated each other. This was supposed to set the stage for more drama when the two would fight in the future. Wrestling fans are not dumb (well, for the most part anyway) and sniffed this out for the gimmick it was. We’ve seen this stunt before and the WWE failed in trying to trick fans about what was truly on the docket.

6. Ric Flair And “Rowdy” Roddy Piper


As individual wrestlers, these two, without a doubt, are two of the best ever. As tag team partners? Yeah, not so much. Flair and Piper? It’s laughable. They were put together purely to defeat the Spirit Squad. Once they did that, they were quickly defeated eight days later by Edge and Randy Orton. These two were way past their prime at this point, and like most on this list, it was just a gimmick. That being said, it was really fun watching Piper in the ring for what was one of his last times in the ring before his death.

5. The Rock And The Undertaker


This is the second time on this list for both of these all time greats, showing once again that with tag teams it’s more about how they work together than individually. Individually, these two are insane wrestlers, inspiring millions of WWE fans.

But once again the WWE failed. It was the same old thing – tag team partners that hated each other. Yawn. They held the title for one whole day, which was one day too many.

4. Kenzo Suzuki And Rene Dupree


Both of these guys were big individual stars who couldn’t wrestle the belt from John Cena, so what do you do with two guys like this? Oh I know! Make them into a tag team. As has been proven time and time again, that just doesn’t work. These two just had no energy together and it was obvious the WWE was trying too hard to make it work. I mean look at these guys! No one is surprised their gimmick failed miserably.

3. Michael McGillicutty And David Otunga


We are getting closer to the top of the list and there is no doubt at all that these two belong on it. They held the title for 91 days, and both are talented wrestlers, but it was obvious right from the beginning of their reign that the WWE didn’t care much about this tandem. Which begs the question why the WWE even bothered to invest their time in the duo? They seemed to be completely forgotten until they eventually lost the title. It was a shame it didn’t happen sooner.

2. John Cena And David Otunga


Otunga! Again! Is there a pattern here? This team should have been a better one, and maybe they would have been if they were together for more than one night.  This was another example of “What was the WWE thinking?” The reason the two were even together was so convoluted it isn’t even worth explaining here, but yes, Cena and Otunga were champs for one whole night before losing to Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.

1. Rikishi and Rico


This was just a super bad team. Rikishi, the rump-shaking master of the stink face, and Rico, his  stylin’ manager, beat Billy and Chuck for the title and held it for 16 days. These may have been the dumbest sixteen days of wrestling and that’s saying a lot. The gimmick was as stupid as the reign itself.

Billy and Chuck got the belt back, making this all seem like a bad dream that sadly actually happened.

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