The 15 Worst Moments In Wrestling History

Throughout the history of professional wrestling, many stupid things have been carried out. But 'stupid' is just the tip of the iceberg! There have been plenty of dangerous stunts, sick storylines, and angles that were in very poor taste. No wrestling organization is immune from making dumb decisions, especially when it is all about ratings and selling tickets, and sometimes controversy sells! The all mighty dollar rules the world and wrestling is no different.

Anyone that has followed wrestling for longer than a year has thought at least once “Why would they do something so stupid?” And I’ll call out anyone that says they haven’t. Pushing the envelope as far as they can has been a staple in the business for a very long time. Some things turned out ok, some things turned out stupid, and some things turned out very wrong. Hindsight is 20/20 and there isn’t a professional wrestling company around that hasn’t had second thoughts at some point about something they carried out.

Today we will look back at some of the worst moments in the history of professional wrestling. I promise you that you will not believe some of what you are about to read. Enjoy!


15 Vince McMahon Dies


First of all, there is plenty of death in the world of wrestling. It should never be faked or played out as a storyline during matches. But that’s just what WWE did when on an episode of Monday Night Raw Vince McMahon’s limousine blew up with him inside of it. It was stupid and a perfect example of the company taking things too far.

Some fans in attendance thought that it was real and actually called 911 to report the tragedy. That tells you either they did a great job in making it look real, or they pushed things too far. Possibly it was a little of both. Since it was pretty stupid I’ll just go with taking things too far.

14 Jeff Hardy Shows Up for a Match Drunk


At one point Jeff Hardy was considered one of the best in the business. He would do anything asked of him in the ring and he had tons of talent, but lacked the size needed to be convincingly overpowering.

After he left the WWE and before he was arrested on several felony drug charges, he did some time with TNA. He was booked in the main event of the Victory Road pay-per-view in 2011 against Sting. For TNA this was a heavyweight bout with two solid performers in the ring.

All was good until it was time for the match to start. When Hardy’s intro music started it took him more than 45 seconds to come out to ringside. With his intro well underway and no sign of him, the fans knew something was up. When he finally emerged he stumbled down the ramp toward the ring and it was obvious that he was drunk. When he was introduced the fans booed him heavily. He responded with a double middle finger salute.

Eric Bischoff came into the ring and it’s reported that he told Hardy to drop the match as fast as possible and get backstage. When Sting went for the pin just a few minutes into the match he forcefully held Hardy down for the count. Before Sting left the ring he was staring at Hardy obviously not happy with what had to happen. On his way back up the ramp the crowd was chanting “bullsh**!” and Sting made it obvious that he agreed with them.

13 Blindfold Match


OK this one is just flat-out dumb. Rick Martel faced off against Jake “The Snake” Roberts at WrestleMania VII in a blindfold match. The match lasted a little more than eight minutes and was a complete waste of time.

As you can imagine, two wrestlers in the ring that are blindfolded, don’t know where one another is. This obviously makes it extremely hard to do battle or put on any kind of show for the fans. It was lame to say the least and was a horrible decision. Eventually Roberts found Martel and gave him a DDT to end what was one of the most borings matches in history.

12 Mae Young Gives Birth to a Hand


Some things that you witness in wrestling are just so stupid that you just can’t wrap your head around it. This is one of those.

Mae Young, who was a legendary female wrestler in her time, was pregnant by Mark Henry. That’s what the WWE wanted us to believe anyway. Young was 77 years old when she took part in a storyline that saw her “go into labor” and give birth in a dressing room when it became apparent that she wasn’t going to make it to the hospital.

The whole thing was ridiculous and everyone that took part put on a horrible acting exhibition. This includes Young, The Fabulous Moolah, and Pat Patterson. At one time those three names would mean a great night of action. But that wasn’t the case on this particular evening.

It was obvious to anyone that wasn’t blind that Young was not pregnant first of all. Secondly as she is in labor, for about an entire six minutes, she requested a cigar and started smoking it. Right before she gave birth to a hand. Yes, it was a hand that we are supposed to believe that came out of her. What was that all about?

Furthermore we are supposed to buy the fact that Mark Henry was having sex with a 77-year-old woman? Come on now. No part of this storyline was even close to believable and whoever thought of it should have been fired.

11 Vince Makes Trish Bark Like a Dog


For a very long time Vince McMahon liked to humiliate women. Be it through sexism or exploiting them or just making them look stupid. But normally he played it out in a storyline and actually had someone else carry out the actions.

During his storyline with Trish Stratus however, McMahon carried it out himself. There were several incidents as the two were involved in an “in the ring” romance. But the final straw was when Stratus was apologizing to McMahon and he punished her so she could prove how sorry she actually was.

He made her strip down to her bra and panties in the ring, a common occurrence for that time of wrestling, but prior to that he went over the line.

McMahon made Stratus get down on all fours in the ring and bark like a dog. Watching the video you can see there is nothing funny about it at all. It’s straight humiliation. While some things that happen in the ring are so stupid they are actually funny, this wasn’t one of those times.

Stratus said in an interview years later that she was ok with it because it was part of the uprising of the women’s division. Eventually they had enough and rebelled against McMahon. And it was very clear that it was nothing more than a storyline when it happened. But storylines can go too far and this is one of them.

I can’t figure out how any women at all were fans of the WWE/F for a long time. Women were treated so poorly for such a long time I can’t figure out why any woman would want to watch it. Things are different now but for a long time the company made a mockery of women and those are never good moments in your history.

10 Women Attacked by 3 Minute Warning


One night on Monday Night Raw fans witnessed one of the most despicable acts ever seen on the show. In 2002, there were a couple of women who played the part of “The Lesbians”. There was also a tag team called 3 Minute Warning, which was comprised of two very big, low talent men. 3MW had been attacking and injuring women throughout the WWE for several months (great gimmick, right?).

On this night The Lesbians were in the ring having some fun when 3 Minute Warning came in and attacked them. The women, known only as Jenny and Tanya were severely beaten by the men for a few minutes. The total weight of the two women was less than just one of the men. The beating they gave to the two ladies was hard to watch.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but there was a report that says one of the ladies suffered a serious leg injury and from watching the video I can see why. What I can’t see is how they weren’t injured further. Sure wrestling is fake. But these weren’t four of the top performers in the world in the ring. They couldn’t possibly sell it as real as it looked. Some of it HAD to be real contact. And during the attack not one single person came out from backstage to help out.

The abuse of women is never funny. It wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny now. But Vince McMahon thought it was a good idea as the storyline played itself out many times over a few months. How could his wife allow him to do that? Oh wait, she was attacked by the tag team as well. Nobody is off limits in McMahon’s mind if it helps ratings.

9 Vince McMahon Says the “N” Word on TV

Vince McMahon has done a lot of stupid things on the air. One of the worst moments he has had was when he was talking to John Cena and walking past Booker T backstage one night with the cameras on him. McMahon looked at Cena and trying to be cool he said “My nig**!” Yes, he did it on television. Booker T was obviously not happy at hearing what McMahon said.

But years later when it came out that Hulk Hogan used the word he was immediately fired from the company and all ties were completely cut right away! I suppose things are different for the boss.


8 Al Snow Eats his Dog


When the WWE wanted the Big Boss Man to get into a feud with Al Snow they discussed several scenarios. Whoever the idiot is that came up with what they did should have lost their job.

The Big Boss Man brought Snow some dinner, a hot dog, which they say turned out to be Snow’s dog. Obviously he didn’t know this and he ate the food, so you can imagine why a feud is born.

A couple of things strike you here. First of all it’s disgusting, rude, and nasty and a completely tasteless idea, no pun intended. Secondly, if this were to really happen in real life it would be more than a simple feud. That would be an action that would make a man want to kill the offending party. Or at the very least hurt him pretty badly.

Instead the two squared off in a very bad Hell in a Cell match that was supposed to strike fear into everyone. The ring was surrounded by people that had rotweilers on leashes and while it may have looked intimidating at the start, it was far from it shortly thereafter. The match was brutally bad and the dogs, who were supposed to be scary, were scared because they were in an arena filled with screaming people, so they peed all over the place. Not really that intimidating. But the whole storyline showed the lack of class that Vince McMahon has. Not a good moment for the company.

7 Lita and Edge Do It in the Ring

Via and

This was just stupid. It was so stupid and unrealistic that it couldn’t even be offensive. But the level of stupidity makes it not one of the WWE’s finest moments.

When Edge defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship he said that to celebrate the win, he and his girlfriend Lita would have sex in the ring the next night, on Monday Night Raw. Everyone wanted to see Lita naked and plenty of people tuned in because they thought they were actually going to see something on live TV. Why anyone would think that is beyond me.

When the show aired there was a bed in the ring and the couple got busy. Well they pretended to anyway. Obviously nothing really actually happened but they made it look good. Sort of. The show drew its best ratings in over a year. It just goes to show you that the old adage of “sex sells” is always true. And anytime that the WWE is in need of a rating boost, McMahon turns to something sexual for a quick fix. But the reality of it is that it was just another low for the company overall.

6 Razor Ramon Drunk in the Ring


Scott Hall, aka Razor Ramon, was one of the best there ever was. He is in the WWE Hall of Fame for a reason. But he gave professional wrestling a big black eye in 2011. And then a few other times as well but we will focus on that one appearance here because it was more than sad.

It was a low level event in Fall River, Massachusetts but it was an event nonetheless. Hall was clearly out of it and needed help getting to the ring, and then into the ring. And then when it was time to leave the ring it took ten minutes and lots of help to get him out. The police even had to get involved.

Some say he was drunk and some say it was a bad reaction to several medications that he was taking at the same time. I might be wrong, but I’m going with drunk. The video shows he can’t stand on his own and his words were incoherent. In that state he actually took part in a match and threw a punch that he almost fell down after. The punch "connected" on an opponent who was then pinned by another wrester.

It was sad really. First of all it’s sad for the guy that had to put him over and lose the match on a punch from a drunken man that had absolutely nothing behind it, at least he sold it well! It was sad for Top Rope Productions, who put on the event, because they never should have let him in the ring like that. It’s also sad for WWE, WCW, and every other major organization that Hall was a legend in. He will be forever tied to them and it looked just a bad for them as it did for Hall.

Watch that April 8, 2011 match and see if it doesn’t look like one of wrestling’s worst moments to you.

5 The Human Torch Match


In 2000, the WCW hosted their annual Great American Bash pay-per-view event. The headline match was between former tag team partners Sting and Vampiro. It was not a normal match by any means. As a matter of fact a match of its kind had never taken place before, and would never take place again. It was a Human Torch Match and the match only ended when one person set the other on fire. Yes real torch, real fire. It’s amazing that this was a WCW match and not the brainchild of Vince McMahon. Because he has come up with so many stupid ideas over the years that this one is right up his alley.

Before the match began Sting took the lit torch and placed it on top of the jumbotron that was above the entrance ramp for the wrestlers. That put it 40 feet above the ground.

As the match progressed, both combatants ended up on top of the jumbotron, fighting for an advantage to gain the torch. Sting had been doused with gasoline earlier in the match so it was pretty dangerous every time that he got close to it. The announcers were voicing their concern about the dangers of the match. If their words were scripted they sure did a great job of making it sound like they were seriously worried.

After several minutes of action on top of the jumbotron both wrestlers went down and the lights went out for a moment. Just long enough for Sting to bow out and have a stuntman take his place. Vampiro grabbed the torch and set the stuntman, who was dressed like Sting, on fire. “Sting” then fell off of the jumbotron onto the stage where the fire was doused and the match deemed over, with Vampiro the winner.

This was just totally idiotic and could have gone wrong in many different ways during the match. One or both wrestlers could have fallen from the jumbotron or one of them could have been lit on fire by accident since gasoline was involved. WCW was smart by using a stuntman at the end, but too many things could have gone wrong before that.

When the object is to actually light your opponent on fire and the two men are battling near an open flame, doused in gasoline, it has to be considered as one of wrestling’s worst moments.

4 Kane and Katie Vick

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Some of these are just hard to put into words how stupid they are. This one however crossed the line to just flat out sick and disgusting.

Triple H came out to do an interview and wanted to show the world a secret that Kane had. See, supposedly Kane had been in a car accident that saw a woman named Katie Vick die. Kane was trying to make sexual advances on her and when she spurned him he lost control of the vehicle and she was killed in the accident.

Triple H showed a video of Kane visiting Katie in the funeral home when nobody else was around. As she lay in her coffin Kane professed his love for her and started feeling her up. As the video was being shown, you could hear the crowd in the background laughing and then booing. Even they knew how sick it was.

After molesting the dead body, Kane removed her bra and panties, got naked, and proceeded to climb in the coffin and have sex with her. Yes with the dead Katie Vick. It was just a gross, sick and tasteless display by the WWE but hold on, it gets even worse.

I won’t give it away, but f you want to know how much sicker it can get from what you already know, the video is easy to find. Believe me when I tell you the ending is just classless and gross. It was truly one of the worst moments in wrestling history. Congratulations Vince.

3 The Chris Benoit Tribute Show


On June 25, 2007, Chris Benoit murdered his wife and his son, and then committed suicide. Actually it was determined that the murders had taken place a day or two prior but police found the bodies on that day.

That night the WWE cancelled the scheduled Monday Night Raw three hour show and instead made it a tribute show to Benoit. No details were known at that point about what had actually happened, other than the family was dead.

The reason that Raw was cancelled could have a lot to do with the Owen Hart incident from 1999. We will never know. But sometimes even the best intentions don’t turn out well.

The next morning details started coming out that it was actually Benoit that had committed the murders and once again the WWE was left looking foolish. That night on the 26th the ECW show began with McMahon speaking on the subject. He didn’t apologize for the tribute show but he did say that they wouldn’t mention Benoit's name again, and they didn’t. As a matter of fact they did everything they could to distance themselves from him.

2 Mass Transit Almost Bleeds Out in the Ring


This was one of the worst moments in wrestling history but not many know about it because it was a house show and not televised.

In November of 1996, ECW put on a show in Boston that was to feature a tag team match with Axl Rotten and D-Von Dudley being pitted against New Jack and Mustafa Saed (The Ganstas). Axl Rotten didn’t appear at the show due to what was called a family emergency. He would later say that he never got a plane ticket to attend the show and he refused to drive to Boston. So Eric Kulas talked Paul Heyman into letting him replace Rotten. The only problem was that Kulas had just turned 17 years old. He lied to ECW and told them that he was actually 23 and had been trained by Killer Kowalski. It turned out that none of that was true. But Heyman believed him without checking his resume and let him take part in the match as “Mass Transit”, who was a bus driver, along the lines of the former television character Ralph Kramden.

Kulas was told that he would be cut during the match. Since he had never done it before he asked New Jack to do it for him and New Jack agreed. During the match Kulas was caught outside the ring and was taking quite a beating. To the point that his father was screaming into the ring for them to let up on his son because he was only 17 years old. He had known about the lie and didn’t tell anyone.

Near the end of the match New Jack cut Kulas with a scalpel but cut too deep. He ended up severing two arteries in Kulas’ forehead and the blood began to spray all over the place. Kulas immediately lost consciousness but the beating continued anyway. Eventually medical personnel came to the ring to aid Kulas. At that point New Jack grabbed the ring microphone and yelled, "I don't care if the motherf**ker dies! He's white. I don't like white people. I don't like people from Boston. I'm the wrong nig** to f*ck with."

All of the action was captured with a camcorder by a fan and Request TV cancelled ECW’s upcoming pay-per-view event that was to air on Christmas Eve of that year. It took ECW almost four months to convince Request TV that they had no idea that Kulas was just a kid and that he had lied to them.

The event was a mess that didn’t go away anytime soon. Three years later New Jack (Jerome Young) was actually tried on assault charges and was sued by the Kulas family. Young was acquitted of all charges and deemed not liable in a later civil trial. Both forums ruled in his favor because Kulas made the request for Young to cut him during the match.

1 Over the Edge Continues After Owen Hart Dies


In Kansas City in 1999 during the Over the Edge pay-per-view, Owen Hart tragically fell from the Kemper Arena rafters to his death. His character, The Blue Blazer, was supposed to come down into the ring while being held by a cable that was hooked to his waist. Somehow the cable came loose and Hart fell from the roof into the ring. He landed head first on the top turnbuckle and died in the ring.

It was right in the middle of the show, but the television cameras didn’t catch the fall. The show was delayed for a long time while emergency personnel attended to Hart in the ring. When they removed Hart from the ring on a stretcher he was already dead. Instead of calling the rest of the show off, Vince McMahon and his goons made the decision to continue on with the rest of the show as planned. It was a complete lack of respect and shows you exactly where McMahon’s mind is: on ratings and money and nothing else.

Wrestling has had a lot of pretty bad moments over the years. But when a human being dies during the event, and you continue on and ignore it until the show is over, there couldn’t possibly be a worse moment.


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