The 15 Worst Finishing Moves In Wrestling History

Throughout the history of wrestling there have been some tremendously stupid finishing moves. Moves that the fans are supposed to believe cause major pain and have a crippling effect on whoever they are applied to. Some of them are so dumb and unbelievable that no matter how well an opponent sells the move, nobody is going to buy it as a move that can incapacitate an opponent.

Unfortunately there are a lot of good wrestlers that use these types of moves and it cheapens their reputation. A good example was Bruno Sammartino’s “Bear Hug”, a simple bear hug that fans were supposed to believe crushed the life out of his opponents. And that one didn’t even make the list.

Here we will look at 15 of the worst finishing moves in the history of wrestling.

15 The Nasty Boys - “Pit Stop”

14 Sgt. Slaughter - “Atomic Noogie” 

13 John Cena - “Attitude Adjustment” 

12 Kerry Von Erich - “Tornado Punch”

11 Big John Studd and Crush - “The Heart Punch”

10 Dusty Rhodes - “Bionic Elbow” 

9 The Bushwackers - “Battering Ram” 

8 Hulk Hogan - Leg Drop

7 Rikishi - “Stink Face”, Yokozuna – “Banzai Drop” 

6 Scotty 2 Hotty - “The Worm”

5 Santino Marella - “Cobra”

4 Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham - “The Claw” 

3 The Big Show - “WMD” 

2 Mick Foley - “Mr. Socko”

1 Joey Ryan - “Penis Flip” 

Professional wrestling has reached a new low with this one. And if you try to find a worse or more stupid move than this one, you will fail. There is no competition what so ever. One might say that an opponent facing this move has some stiff competition ahead of them. The move doesn’t even have an official name so we gave it one. Watch the video because you won’t want to miss Joey Ryan performing the “Penis Flip” on Danshoku Dino in a recent match in Osaka, Japan.

The concept of the move is that Ryan’s penis is so strong that it can lure an opponent in to grab it, and then without even touching his foe, Ryan can use the penis to flip his opponent over and then pin him.

Ryan explained the erection of the move after the match. “I have to give credit where credit is due. “Danshoku Dino, who I was wrestling in the match, he plays a very unorthodox character, very homoerotic to say the least. Part of his offense is to inappropriately touch and grab opponents for the thrill of it, or maybe to throw them off their game a bit. He speaks very little English, but wrestlers can usually speak wrestling, so we understand something. So we're going over the match and he says 'Maybe I grab, maybe you no sell, because American cock so big and so strong.' So it was kind of his idea. We both play sexual characters so it fit with us.”

If you ever had any doubts about if wrestling is real or fake, just watch the video and you can see for yourself why this is ultimately the stupidest move ever invented in professional wrestling. I’ll bet you can’t watch it just once.


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The 15 Worst Finishing Moves In Wrestling History