The 15 Worst Botches In WWE History

Wrestling is always performed in front of a live audience. Moves can sometimes be botched, lines can be fluffed or superstars even miss their cues at times, and what follows is usually awkward silence until the problem is rectified.

Botches happen on WWE TV every week, but they are only small ones a lot of the time, like Lilian Garcia announcing The Usos as Grammy Award winners or Naomi trying to cover Cameron after she attacked her, when it wasn’t part of a match. Other times, there are botches that are talked about for a long time afterwards, since those botches that are so bad that they cause injuries to the wrestlers.

The WWE Universe is more interested in the small botches, and this has lead to Botchamania becoming a famous online. These usually showcase some of the most hilarious botches of the week, and are shared amongst the WWE Universe and the wrestling superstars.

With that said, here are some of the most memorable and equally dreadful botches in WWE history:


15 Vince McMahon blows his quads


John Cena and Batista were the hottest up and coming stars in the WWE, and had all the momentum going into the 2005 Royal Rumble match, so it's no surprise that it came down to the two of them.

Batista was supposed to be given the win here, but what ended up happening was something similar to the 1994 Royal Rumble - only it wasn't meant to happen. Batista hoisted Cena up for the Batista Bomb, but the momentum sent them both over the ropes and to the outside at the exact same time. WWE then went the Bret Hart and Lex Luger route with referees not being able to decide who won the match. This led a seething Vince McMahon running down the ring and uncharacteristically sliding in to resolve the issue. Instead, the man blows both of his quads coming into the ring and crumples to the floor.

14 Undertaker Suicide Dive at WrestleMania


The Undertaker and HBK squared off at WrestleMania 25 in 2008, in front of a jam packed crowd in Houston, Texas. Shawn Michaels had spilled over to the outside while the Undertaker was inside the ring. This set up the Undertaker's signature suicide dive. This time around, it was planned that HBK would dodge the dive and shove a planted cameraman in the way to take the bump.

What resulted was the Undertaker leaping not far enough, as the momentum sent him falling forward rather than smoothly sailing out. Luckily, he was able to land in a relatively safe way and the cameraman helped to somewhat break his fall.

13 Batista Oversells

The beauty of wrestling is that it's a predetermined sport where the competitors are not really trying to hurt each other, but are making it look like they really are. But there are times when things look so fake and forced, that you can help but cringe or change the channel. This was certainly the case when Batista decided to get a little too cute with his selling on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

Batista was in the middle of putting a beatdown on John Cena when Mark Henry began ambling down to the ring to save the day. Batista discarded Cena and met Henry at the apron to prevent him from coming into the ring. Henry shoves Batista and what happens next is something that you don't want to show your friends that say "God, that stuff is so fake!"

12 Gail Kim vs. Mickie James


On paper, this looked like it would be quite an intriguing contest between two great in-ring workers. In reality, though, the two women's lack of in-ring chemistry with each other made them look like Tough Enough contestants learning how to work.

It was plodding, clumsy and choppy. Both women were seriously off their game on live television, resulting in an embarrassing contest that both women would like to forget. We later found out that Gail Kim was dazed from a missed crossbody that left her disoriented for the rest of the match.

Mickie James received an earfull from road agents after the match, disappointed with her lack of composure when the match was going south and not thinking on the fly to make up for the halfway-there Gail Kim.

11 Randy Orton Dislocates His Shoulder


Randy Orton has had a long successful career in the WWE and has been one of the company's most trusted in-ring performers. But even the best performers can mess up and that is what Orton did when in a match with Edge.

At the Over the Limit PPV in 2010, Edge battled The Viper in a grudge match. When Randy Orton had Edge down, he began to get into his theatrical teasing and hyping himself up for the RKO. Randy would usually do this by pounding the mat and stalking his victim, much like a viper waiting to strike at just the precise moment. In the middle of his taunting, Randy Orton dislocated his shoulder and on video, it's noticeably limp as he communicates with the referee that he's hurt.

10 Sid Vicious Doesn't Realize It's Live TV


Sid was an intense guy on the microphone, and sometimes a little bit too intense which probably earned him the nickname Sycho Sid. Though he proclaimed himself to be "the master and the ruler of the world," he certainly wasn't the ruler when it came to nailing a promo.

Sid was set to deliver a promo ahead of his match at In Your House 5 and the cameras headed backstage to Jim Ross where he was interviewing Sid. Sid messed up his line and asked for a do over before he was informed by Ross that the interview was live. Sid managed to finish up the interview in his usual style, but this has still become the most well known promo botches in WWE history.

9 Sin Cara Abruptly Stops A Match

When Sin Cara was portrayed by Mistico, he gained a reputation for being a superstar who botched in almost every match he was a part of. The masked superstar was known as a high flyer, but he once botched a back flip whilst in the ring alone. Whether it may have been because of communication in English, or his mask not giving him the greatest vision, Sin Cara just wasn't very smooth in his WWE stint.

One of his worst botches was when he suffered a broken finger in his match against Alberto Del Rio. He trapped his fingers in between both his and Del Rio’s head when he collided with him after a suicide dive, and called the referee over to call off the match.


8 Mickie James Crashes & Burns


Mickie and Melina had a storied rivalry, and this was set to finally see it come to an end. However, this match is one that both Mickie and Melina certainly want to forget as it wasn't either of their greatest performances.

The Divas brawled backstage before heading back to the ring and with Melina perched on the top turnbuckle, Mickie attempted to hit a hurricanrana. Melina didn’t catch Mickie when she jumped, and Mickie landed head first on the floor - allowing Melina to pick up the win and retain her Championship. Mickie was lucky she wasn’t seriously injured by what was a dangerous gamble by both women.

7 Enzo Amore Almost Breaks His Neck

Thankfully, this botch wasn’t as bad as it potentially could have been. At Payback 2016, The Vaudevillians took on Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy for an opportunity to face The New Day for the Tag Team Championship. This was a fantastic match in its first few minutes until it had to be suspended due to a serious injury to Enzo.

The smack-talking superstar went for a baseball slide out of the ring, but somehow he managed to collide with the bottom rope. The impact knocked him clean out. Enzo's partner Big Cass could be seen visibly shaken up by the incident and worried for the health of his running buddy. Enzo was taken to the local hospital where it was announced that he had only suffered a concussion.

6 Melina's Splits-Gone-Wrong


Melina had one of the most famous entrances in the history of WWE. Melina would come down the aisle, get to the apron and after some theatric poses, she would hop up and perform the splits before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. Her flexibility was one of the most interesting things about her.

Melina was preparing for her match at Survivor Series in 2007 when she jumped up into the splits position and somehow slipped too far back and fell off the apron. Melina was visibly embarrassed, sheepishly smiling as she got into the ring and tried to play off the humiliation brought upon by the botch.

5 Joey Mercury Gets His Face Rearranged 

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One of the most painful and gruesome botches in WWE history, poor Joey Mercury from the tag team MNM was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Matt Hardy was holding both Joey and Johnny Nitro’s heads over the ladder whilst his brother Jeff then jumped onto it on the opposite side and it managed to lift up and hit Joey in the face. Johnny managed to cover his face in time and avoid any impact whilst Joey didn’t manage this in time. His nose was completely shattered.

The camera captured the gory aftermath as Joey rolled out of the ring trying to gather himself while the blood kept pouring out like a faucet. Joey was rushed to the backstage area and his tag partner Johnny Nitro had to finish up the match alone.

4 Owen Hart Breaks Steve Austin's Neck


The Tombstone Piledriver is a move that has been banned in WWE for many years, with the only superstars who are able to use it being The Undertaker and Kane. But back in 1997, Owen Hart was given permission to use the move with dire consequences.

Hart faced Stone Cold Steve Austin at SummerSlam in what was an incredible match, but the finish was botched when Austin’s head dropped too low between Hart’s legs. It was told that before the match, Owen had discussed the move with Austin and stressed that he wanted to do a sit-down piledriver, where he landed with his butt to the mat. Austin was against it and told him to come down on his knees, which from Austin's account, Owen reluctantly agreed but never carried out. It was an injury that would cause Austin to be sidelined for three months and ultimately, the long-term effects of the injury shortened his career.

3 Hulk Hogan Messes Up Taker's Chokeslam 

It is widely considered to be the worst chokeslam that The Undertaker has ever delivered and this is mainly because both Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker were scared of the legend taking a full bump on his surgically repaired hips and spine.

The Undertaker faced Hogan at Judgement Day 2002 in one of the worst main event WWE Championship matches of all time. The finish of the match came when Hogan awkwardly and clumsily stumbled into a chokeslam and after a few seconds of stalling, jumped a few inches in the air to then land with a weak-looking bump. Whether it was a timing issue or miscommunication on either competitors part, it looked absolutely terrible and the announcers tried to play it off like normal.

2 Mickie James Messes Up The Finish


WrestleMania 22 saw one of the greatest women’s matches in the history of WWE, when Women’s Champion Trish Stratus took on Mickie James. It was revealed following the match that there was a forced ending because the original scripted ending was accidentally botched by the Champion.

Mickie took hold of Trish’s head and attempted to run at the ropes to deliver Stratusfaction, which was Trish’s own finishing move. Trish failed to hold Mickie properly and she slipped between the ropes. Trish Stratus made great strides from the world of fitness to being a valet in the WWE with very little in-ring experience.

1 Brock Lesnar Botches The Shooting Star Press

One of the most famous botches in WWE history occurred at WrestleMania XIX when "The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar took on Kurt Angle for the WWF Championship.

Lesnar is not exactly a high flyer, but he could fly when he wanted to. Early on in WWE tryouts, Lesnar impressed talent scouts with his ability to pull off a perfect shooting star press off the top turnbuckle. Lesnar was told not to perform that move regularly because it didn't fit his size and body type. Instead they asked for it to be pulled out at big events, such as WrestleMania. What was supposed to be Lesnar's shining WrestleMania moment turned into a near catastrophic incident. Brock attempted a shooting star press, but actually landed on his head. The botch did result in a concussion, but Brock still managed to power through it and deliver an F5 to win the championship.

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