The 15 Most Frightening Moments In WWE History

WWE hasn’t always been the PG show that the WWE Universe has recently become accustomed to, which means that a few years ago, WWE would easily push the envelope much further than they can now. Characters like The Boogeyman and The Undertaker were two of the scariest characters that WWE had to offer at that time, and were often used in innovative ways on WWE TV.

It is hard to be The Deadman without being thought of as a scary character but Undertaker has somehow managed to become less intimidating with age. When he first debuted in WWE, he was absolutely terrifying. When he was linked up with The Big Red Monster Kane, the duo became the most feared team in WWE as The Brothers of Destruction. That being said, these three stars are not the scariest ones WWE has ever had; many stars have come through WWE ranks and hoped to be tarred with the same brush as the likes of Undertaker and Kane, but not many have ever accomplished such a feat.

Right now Bray Wyatt and his disciples are flying the flag for the scary side of the WWE roster, but in the new era it is hard for WWE to be able to portray “the new face of fear” the way they did when Undertaker was first finding his feet.

Superstars are not always the scary ones; as the following list shows fake deaths, people being buried alive and creepy kidnappings, so have fun with the creepy tales below!

15 Bray Wyatt’s Choir

The music, the beard, the riddling promos, the silent family members donning sheep masks, the creepy backwards spider crawl ... Bray Wyatt is currently flying the dark flag as one of the scariest superstars that WWE has on their current roster. He proved this at Extreme Rules 2014 when one of the scariest moments of the modern era took place.

14 The Brood’s Bloodbath

Nothing in life can prepare you for a sneak attack by three men who will leave you covered in blood that isn’t your own. The Brood’s blood bath became a famous attack method from the trio that consisted of Gangrel, Christian and Edge. These attacks were one of the many trademarks of the Attitude Era and the drastic shift of the WWE's once family-friendly programming morphing into a show that consisted of dark elements not fit for children.

The vampire-like characters used this method as a way to play mind games and scare their victims ahead of an impending match, or as a way to choose their next victim. The lights would go off and the three men would then unleash an onslaught to the tune of Gangrel's hard-hitting and sinister theme music before leaving their victim in a pool of blood.

13 The Debut of Mankind

Mankind, the alter ego of the WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, wasn't always the loveable sock puppet-wielding fan favorite we all rooted for. In 1996, he debuted as a deranged and sadistic super villain who pulled his hair from his scalp, played around with rats and spoke at length about his terrible childhood.

The early creepiness of Mankind was captured in a nutshell during his debut match on an episode of RAW in 1996 against Bob Holly. Mankind was relentless, shrieking and howling as he tore into his opponent before jamming his fingers down Holly's throat, making him gag and squirm for help. The referee struggled helplessly to undo Mankind's dreaded mandible claw off his downed opponent, but apparently, the only thing that could get Mankind to release the vomit-inducing claw was his outro music. Eerie piano music calmed the deranged one down and was routinely played after his matches. Talk about scary.

12 Kane Goes to Hell?

In recent years, Kane has become well known for dragging superstars down through a hole in the ring and taking them “to hell.” But back in 2012, Kane appeared following a match involving Zack Ryder and attempted to drag Ryder to hell for the first time.

While in a fiery feud with John Cena, Kane set his sights on The Long Island Iced Z for his association with Cena. Ryder was blindsided by the attack, and scratched and clawed for help while slowly being taken into the abyss by the Big Red Monster. Luckily, John Cena was already at ringside and he made the save by pulling Ryder out just before an explosion of fire covered the hole. Unfortunately for the WWE Superstars that were in the crosshairs of the Devil's Favorite Demon, that wasn't the last time he attempted to snatch a wrestler down to damnation. Stars like Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins were not as lucky as Ryder.

11 Kane Burns His Own Brother!

When two of the scariest superstars in WWE history are revealed to be brothers, there is obviously going to be fireworks. Kane was brought to WWE by Paul Bearer as a way to get back at The Undertaker, and both men then embarked on a feud that engulfed WWE at that time.

Their feud reached its peak in the scariest of ways at the 1998 Royal Rumble. One week prior on RAW, it appeared as Kane and the Undertaker had settled their differences and had a brief partnership against WWE Champion Shawn Michaels and his DX cronies Triple H and Chyna. Undertaker was the number one contender to the WWE Championship, and was scheduled to challenge HBK at the Rumble in a Casket Match. Kane would betray his brother during the match and with the help of Paul Bearer, proceeded to lock The Undertaker inside one of his famous caskets and then set it on fire. The audience were unaware that Undertaker had managed to escape at the time, and it was a tense few minutes to say the least.

10 The Undertaker's Incredible Entrance

The Undertaker is the longest serving WWE competitor and before WrestleMania 30, he had the longest active undefeated streak in WrestleMania history. He also holds the title for the scariest entrance in WWE history.

At WrestleMania 30, the Undertaker's terrifying entrance depicted 21 caskets, each with the names of every superstar Undertaker had defeated en route to his 21-0 streak. The sound of chanting druids set the tone as highlights showed the Undertaker vanquishing every superstar who dared challenge him on the "Grandest Stage of them All." The video would conclude with a shot of a 22nd casket with Brock Lesnar's name embedded on it. That must have been petrifying for The Beast Incarnate to witness, especially if he suffered from claustrophobia. While Brock did not show any fear towards the mind games that Taker played to psyche him out of the match, it certainly terrified those in attendance.

9 Diesel In His Own Coffin

One of the scariest moments that WWE have ever shown on national TV was when The Undertaker and Diesel were embroiled in an intense feud that lead to their one-on-one match at WrestleMania 12. In classic Undertaker fashion, he and Paul Bearer decided to play some incredible mind games in the weeks leading up to their contest.

During one of Big Daddy Cool’s matches on Monday Night Raw, Bearer decided to push a casket down to ringside to work as a distraction. When Diesel went to look inside the coffin, he was startled to discover a body in the coffin that was a spitting image of himself. It was obviously a dummy planted by the Undertaker, but the likeness was incredible and for Diesel, to see himself in a coffin as a preview of what his fate could have been at WrestleMania must have been downright terrifying.

8 The Snake At The Wedding

SummerSlam 1991 finally saw the legal union of Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage in what was dubbed as the "Match Made In Heaven." After being split up for some time, the two had mended their relationship and were going to tie the knot on PPV. The duo celebrated their wedding at “The Biggest Party of the Summer” before the reception continued at the end of the show, and they began to open their wedding gifts.

Elizabeth leaned over to open a rather large box and screamed as a real life snake crawled out! Before Macho Man could react and save his newlywed wife, the Undertaker crashed the wedding as he blindsided Savage, hitting him over the head with his urn. The dastardly Jake The Snake Roberts then arrived on the scene, picking up the snake and taunting Elizabeth with it whilst Randy laid on the floor.

7 Boogeyman Kisses Sharmell

He's the Boogeyman, and he's coming to get you! Boogeyman was one of the creepiest characters that WWE ever unveiled; but somehow, he managed to become a well liked star throughout the PG Era, despite the fact that most children’s nightmares stem from his presence.

Boogeyman’s creepy entrance music and dance were enough to scare most of the WWE Universe, but when it was revealed that he ate live worms and often proved this in the middle of the ring, it was a step too far. At WrestleMania 22, Boogeyman had his sights set on the master of the spinaroonie, Booker T and his beautiful wife, Sharmell. At the show, The Boogeyman squared off against the husband and wife duo in a Handicap Match. Boogeyman was able to make quick work of the Five-time WCW Champion, and afterwards kissed Sharmell with a mouthful of worms in what was considered one of the most disgusting displays of affection in WWE history.

6 Undertaker Kidnaps Teddy Long

It was one of the strangest storylines in WWE history, but when Teddy Long restarted the match between CM Punk and The Undertaker for the World Championship at WWE Breaking Point back in 2009 (which subsequently resulted in Taker dropping the championship), he had unleashed a demon like no other.

Teddy stated that this was because Undertaker’s Hell Gate finisher was banned, and what followed were scenes closely linked to the famous Montreal Screwjob. The following week on SmackDown, the Undertaker began to mercilessly stalk the Smackdown GM for his crimes. Teddy was kidnapped by The Undertaker after he stole his limousine and uttered the famous line, "Buckle up, Teddy!"

The Deadman brought Teddy back into the arena in a coffin to announce that the move was once again legal.

5 Undertaker Traps The Ultimate Warrior In A Casket

Looking back at this incident, it may seem a little campy and corny. But at the time, before the internet and before the WWE was revealed as a predetermined soap opera, this scary moment had the Ultimate Warrior fans worrying for their hero. The Undertaker was making quite an impact in his first year in the WWE, but he put his name on the map as someone to be feared by going after the Ultimate Warrior in 1991.

During Paul Bearer's "Funeral Parlor" talking segment, he invited Ultimate Warrior onto the show. Little did Warrior know, the whole thing was a set up by the Undertaker himself. The Deadman blindsided the Warrior, and tossed him in an airtight coffin and locked it. What followed was WWE staff members and wrestlers coming out to try to help the Warrior escape the coffin, but to no avail. When the coffin was finally pried open, the Warrior was passed out and the interior of the coffin was tore apart from Warrior trying helplessly to claw his way out.

4 Big Show Chokeslams Kurt Angle Off A Balcony

Kurt Angle served as the GM of SmackDown for a short time in 2004 while recovering from injuries. Bitter that he lost to Eddie Guerrero at WrestleMania, he ordered Eddie to face Big Show on Smackdown. Show declared that if he lost, he'd retire. Show lost.

A distraught Show was in disbelief that his career was over and when he overheard WWE Diva Torrie Wilson laughing backstage, he thought she was laughing at his misfortune. Show terrorized Torrie and took her over to a balcony, threatening to chokeslam her off of it. Kurt Angle appeared to save Torrie, but Show grabbed him and chokeslammed him off the ledge.

What followed was a horrific scene of an unconscious Angle, with his leg contorted and a pool of blood forming at the back of his head. The viewing audience thought they had witnessed a live murder on their hands. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

3 Undertaker Was Buried Alive...But Survived

The Undertaker's specialty early on in his career was putting superstars in bodybags after he defeated them. Later in his career, Taker's specialty was to make his enemies vanish in casket matches. In 1996, The Deadman wanted to take things a step further in his bitter feud with Mankind when he introduced the Buried Alive Match at October's In Your House event.

Taker was part way through burying Mankind after an incredible back and forth match, when he was attacked by several stars from backstage. Reminiscent to his fate at Royal Rumble 1994 in his Casket Match with Yokozuna, these superstars then helped bury The Undertaker and award Mankind as the winner of the match. These enemies of Taker had believed they had gotten rid of him once and for all. They were proven wrong. A bolt of lightning hit the grave and Undertaker's hand poked up through the soil.

2 Macho Man Gets Bit By Jake's Cobra

Getting bit by a snake is scary in any aspect in life, but in the confines of a WWE ring, it's downright terrifying.

It was late 1991 and Macho Man Randy Savage was retired, having lost a Retirement Match against the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania earlier in the year. Savage had moved into an on-air role as a commentator for WWE programming. Jake Roberts had begun antagonizing Savage and berated him on television, which got under Savage's skin. Roberts finally goaded Savage into getting into the ring, where he attacked him and trapped him up in the ring ropes. Roberts then proceeded to pull out a cobra to bite Savage's arm, to the horror of the crowd and everyone watching at home. The images from that incident may have scarred some young WWE fans for life.

1 The Undertaker Takes Stone Cold Steve Austin On His Last Ride

Is it any surprise that Undertaker is involved in the scariest moment ever in WWE's history? This incident was particularly scary since it was during the gritty, no-holds-barred Attitude Era where WWE's stories pushed the boundaries of good taste.

On an episode of Raw in late 1998, Stone Cold Steve Austin was not scheduled to wrestle live at the arena. He was recuperating at a hospital from concussion complications, thanks to the Undertaker cracking him over the head with a shovel. Austin was bedridden, but the Undertaker wasn't satisfied with that, as he and Paul Bearer arrived at the hospital to abduct Stone Cold!

After changing their minds regarding burying Austin alive at a nearby cemetery, Taker and Paul Bearer decide to take Austin to a funeral home to embalm him and collect his vital organs! They would have succeeded at performing this sadistic act on national TV if it weren't for Taker's brother Kane arriving just in time to prevent it.

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