The 15 Most Despicable People In WWE History

Professional wrestling is an occasionally dark and scary business, filled with some people who at best could be described as less than reputable. We’ve covered the biggest scumbags and most horrible people in the wrestling universe already, but this time we’re focusing in on the biggest wrestling company on the planet, World Wrestling Entertainment. Like any other wrestling company out there, WWE has seen some truly horrific people become pretty big successes in the industry. The actions of these individuals in no way reflect the nature of wrestling as a whole, but it’s impossible to separate their actions from who they were as people, and these people were WWE superstars.

The majority of these wrestlers are obvious criminals, and either served time for their crime or at least in some way faced the consequences, but that in no way forgives their actions. Others are simply very bad people, with pretty solid public records supporting the fact they were pure dirt bags, regardless of the fact it was never specifically proven in a court of law. People can disagree on specifics, but it’s hard to deny the following wrestlers were amongst the 15 most despicable people in WWE history.

15 Chris Benoit

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14 "Superstar" Billy Graham

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13 "Captain Redneck" Dick Murdoch


12 The Harris Brothers

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11 John Bradshaw Layfield

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10 Jerry Lawler

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9 Vince McMahon

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8 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin


7 The Dynamite Kid


6 Terry Garvin and Mel Phillips

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5 Jimmy Snuka

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4 Johnny K-9

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3 The Fabulous Moolah


The Fabulous Moolah is considered possibly the most important female in the history of professional wrestling. The WWE Hall of Famer is recognized as being the Women’s Champion for nearly 30 years, and her mark on the industry could be seen through the abilities of nearly every woman ever to wrestle, many of whom she had a hand in training. Unfortunately, the methods under which she conducted her training sessions have been placed under question, and her booking practices have been called tantamount to conspiracy rape and prostitution.

2 Buck Zumhofe

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1 Steve Gatorwolf

Via West Word

Steve Gatorwolf was a WWE jobber in the 1980s. His profile was so minor he rarely even shows up on lists like this one. According to Bret Hart, Gatorwolf was actually poised to be the next big Native American star in WWE, in the vein of “Chief” Jay Strongbow or Wahoo McDaniel, but he forgot to perform his stereotypical “war dance” at the end of a match and Vince McMahon and company lost faith in him. Decades later, society lost faith in him when he was convicted of repeatedly raping a 14-year old girl. Gatorwolf was found guilty of assault years earlier, and used memories of time in prison to manipulate his victim into silence for several years. Gatorwolf maintained his innocence throughout the trial, but ultimately was sentenced 16-years-to-life in prison.

Sources: PW Torch, PW Insider

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The 15 Most Despicable People In WWE History