The 15 Most Controversial WWE Questions We Need Answers To

WWE’s weekly internet show Five Things features revealing surprising facts about some of the most beloved WWE superstars of all time. The show also addresses some of the questions which WWE fans have been asking for years. However, most of these facts and questions are fairly tame and do little to stir the pot, or really shock the viewers. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, as it would make no sense for WWE to talk about controversial matters which could potentially paint them in a bad light and cause sponsors to pullout. Vince McMahon is already pushing it enough with their booking decisions.

Because of this, a lot of the really interesting questions go unanswered, leaving the Internet Wrestling Community to speculate amongst themselves. While there is nothing wrong with a bit of lively debate among wrestling fans, this can often lead to stories being blown way out of proportion, sometimes damaging the internet’s opinion of certain superstars.

Obviously, this isn’t a good thing. Since WWE will not talk about these situations and set the record straight, those who have put their bodies on the line for the wrestling business end up being vilified and loathed by the same people they were trying to entertain.

In this article, we are going to present, discuss, and hopefully provide answers to some of the questions the guys over at World Wrestling Entertainment just won’t talk about. Here are 15 of the most controversial WWE questions answered.


15 Is Kevin Dunn Trying To Sabotage NXT?


Kevin Dunn has been a mainstay in WWE ever since he first showed up behind the scenes in 1984. Having climbed the backstage ladder, he is now WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production. He is also one of the most hated men in the business.

Wrestlers, fans, and former high ranking members of WWE alike have all expressed their disdain for Kevin Dunn, who seems to be more concerned with winning an Emmy than producing a good wrestling show. It’s no secret that Dunn and Triple H are at odds and the general belief is that once Hunter and Stephanie take over the business, Dunn will be relieved of his duties.

For this reason, it has been said that Dunn has made it his mission to bury any and all superstars who come up from NXT. If Vince McMahon is high on a guy who Triple H has helped develop, Kevin Dunn gets in his ear and makes him question the drawing power of said superstars.

While this seems like an awfully petty thing for a grown man to do (especially when he’s already a millionaire), many sources close to WWE have confirmed that Dunn sees Hunter as a threat and is doing all he can to sew the seeds of doubt about his eventual takeover.

14 Why Is Trump In The Hall Of Fame?


Donald Trump’s relationship with WWE goes all the way back to 1988, when he hosted WrestleMania IV at Trump Plaza. Since then, Trump has appeared at WrestleMania 23, kayfabe purchased Monday Night Raw, and been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Celebrities being inducted into the Hall of Fame has always drawn the ire of wrestling purists, but none more than the induction of "The Donald." Since Trump’s induction in 2013, fans have been calling for his removal. Of course, these demands have increased tenfold since the beginning of his 2016 presidential bid.

Despite Trump’s blatant racism, homophobia, and fear mongering, WWE have refused to remove him from their Hall of Fame, claiming they don’t get involved in political matters. The company’s continued support of Trump is all the more surprising given the fact that Hulk Hogan, the man who made WWE what it is, was wiped from history due to racist remarks.

So why does WWE insist on keeping Donald Trump in the Hall of Fame? The answer is simple: He’s friends with Vince McMahon. As two crazy Republican billionaires, Trump and McMahon have a lot in common and share a mutual respect. There has even been talk of McMahon becoming Trump’s running mate. Should McMahon join Trump on the campaign trail, the two will be known as “The Legion of Doom.”

13 Was The Montreal Screwjob Best For Business?


In 1997, WCW had already raided WWE of some of its top stars. In November of that year, they were about to do it again. In their most shocking signing yet, WCW had managed to coax World Heavyweight Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart away from the then WWF.

Obviously, Bret couldn’t leave Vince’s company with his world championship, so it was decided The Hitman would drop the belt to “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. Everybody was on board with this idea, with the exception of Bret himself, which caused major problems. Bret refused to drop the title to Shawn, as the match was scheduled to occur in his home country of Canada, where he wanted to go out a hero.

Bret offered to forfeit the belt the following night on Raw, but Vince refused as The Hitman would no longer be under contract by that time. And so the plan was made to screw Bret out of his championship in an incident which has gone down in pro-wrestling history as “The Montreal Screwjob.”

In the almost two decades which have passed since the screwjob, professional wrestling fans have debated whether or not McMahon was justified in his decision. While most performers have criticized Vince’s handling of the situation, pretty much every backstage figure has said that the man made the right choice. Even former WWE writer Vince Russo, who is not on good terms with the company, has said he would have done the exact same thing.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Bret retained the title in Montreal that didn’t risk him taking the belt over to his new employers the very next day. If Vince McMahon, who turned WWE into the billion dollar organization that it is today couldn’t think of another solution, you’ve got to believe he made the right choice.

12 What Happened Between Macho And Steph?


It certainly took a long time for WWE to induct "The Macho Man" into the Hall of Fame. In fact, prior to his death in 2011, there was rarely a mention of Randy Savage on WWE television. While a lot of people put this down to Vince McMahon still being annoyed at Savage for leaving WWE for WCW, there has been much discussion about a more controversial reason for the Macho Man ban.

According to rumors, Savage entered into a sexual relationship with Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, during his final year in WWE. He left the company in 1994 and Stephanie was born in 1976, meaning she would have been no more than 18 during their relationship. Randy would have been 42.

According to prominent wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, the reason for WWE’s lack of Macho Man references is “the same reason that everyone says.” Meltzer says he has spoken to a number of people high up on the WWE ladder who have all said the same thing. However, none of them can say for certain because talking about Steph’s relationship with the former world champion is strictly forbidden.

11 Why Was Titus Suspended?


Wrestling fans the world over were still wiping away tears from Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech when news broke that former WWE Tag Team Champion Titus O’Neil was to be suspended for 90 days.

According to WWE, the suspension was due to O’Neil’s “unprofessional conduct” at the end of Bryan’s speech. Those watching live on the WWE Network noticed Titus grab Vince McMahon’s arm as he headed backstage. Vince didn’t look too happy and gave Titus a telling-off on the spot and most of us assumed that would be it. However, McMahon felt greater action was needed and O’Neil was sent home when he arrived at SmackDown tapings the following night.

Fan backlash and cries for Titus to be reinstated immediately saw his suspension reduced to 60 days, but little else was achieved. The brass insisted he needed to be punished for his unprofessional contact, but several backstage sources have claimed WWE were using Titus as an example, as they felt talent were beginning to become too relaxed.

While Titus O’Neil certainly should have been reprimanded for his actions, being yelled at would have sufficed. He did not need to be suspended for the unprofessional conduct of his co-workers.

10 Did John Cena Bury The Nexus?


We’ve already talked about Kevin Dunn and his affinity for burying up and coming talent, but now let’s look at similar accusations which have been put to the face of the company.

When The Nexus arrived on the scene in the summer 2010, they were a breath of fresh air. The group – which contained a young Daniel Bryan, among others – made their presence known from their debut, when the brutalized more established members of the roster, as well as anyone unfortunate enough to be around ringside.

The faction quickly entered into a feud with John Cena, which could have made them the biggest stars in the business had they appeared more dominate in their battles. At SummerSlam 2010, The Nexus faced off against Cena and his team of WWE superstars in a match that many saw as the one which would make or break The Nexus. Unfortunately, it was the latter which happened. According to Edge and Chris Jericho, Cena was the only member of his team who refused to put The Nexus over, even though doing so made a whole lot of sense.

Against the wishes of his teammates, Cena went on to win the match singlehandedly, but not before kicking out of a DDT on the outside of the ring. Not long after, John went to Edge and Jericho and admitted he had made the wrong call and that The Nexus should have been victorious. Absolution is all about remorse, I guess.

9 Is There Racism In WWE?

Since it was first introduced as the World Wide Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship, only one black man has held the WWE Championship. Obviously, that man was The Rock, one of the biggest stars in the history of the company, but this has not stopped allegations of racism within WWE.

The most recent example of racism in the company occurred in 2014, when Alberto Del Rio was released due to “unprofessional conduct.” It would be revealed later that Del Rio had struck Cody Barbierri, a member of WWE’ social media crew.

According to Del Rio, Barbierri was in catering and when told to cleanup after himself, replied with something to the effective of “that’s Del Rio’s job.” The former WWE Champion was incensed by Barbierri’s blatant racism and hit him after he refused to apologize. As more details emerged about Del Rio’s release, tales of racism in WWE became more and more frequent, with many former WWE superstars accusing officials of racist jokes and comments. However, quite a lot of superstars have come out in support of WWE. Mark Henry, who has had a long and successful career with the company, has said that Vince McMahon doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.

We’re inclined to agree with Henry, as Alberto Del Rio returned to the company at last year’s Hell in a Cell, and has not spoken about the matter since.


8 Did Vince McMahon Hire Sting To Punish Him?


When Sting finally made his WWE debut in the closing moments of Survivor Series 2014, wrestling fans everywhere almost lost their minds. For the longest time, it seemed like Sting and WWE were never going to do business together. Nearly two years after the fact, there are many who wish they never did.

In his time as an active performer in WWE, he wrestled three matches, and was defeated in two of them. The one match he did win was a tag-team match with John Cena by his side. Sting’s first loss came as a surprise. Squaring-off against Triple H at WrestleMania 31, few people expected The Game to come out on top. Not only did Hunter best The Stinger, he appeared in a shirt and tie later in the night to tout the success of the event, totally no-selling the effects of the match...

Sting’s second loss came at the hands of Seth Rollins, who had just lost the United States Championship to John Cena in the previous match. These results have led to accusations of pettiness on the part of Vince McMahon. Because Sting was the lifeblood of WCW, some suggest McMahon has always had it out for him, and wanted to punish him for nearly sending him to the poorhouse.

While Sting has since been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, it only makes sense that the chairman wanted to embarrass his former arch-rival in front of millions of people. It’s a basic human instinct. Not that Vince McMahon is human.

7 What Was The WrestleMania 32 Attendance?

This past WrestleMania, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stood in the centre of the ring and announced that WrestleMania 32 had broken WWE’s attendance record. According to The Rock, the event drew a crowd of 101,763.

Why WWE chose this particular number is unknown. What is known, though, is that it’s an outright lie. For some reason, Vince McMahon and the rest of the folks in the back believed they could get away with telling a fib in the age of the internet.

Because it’s 2016, the actual attendance of WrestleMania 32 is fairly easy to find. According to Dave Meltzer, who is well-informed on such matters, the real attendance of the event was 93,730.

It’s unclear why WWE felt the need to lie about this, as 93,730 is an extraordinary number, and far greater than what any other wrestling company in the world could ever draw. You just have to assume that classic McMahon logic drove the decision: 101,736 is a bigger number than 93,730, so that means it better.

6 When Did WWE Know Roman Reigns Violated The Wellness Policy?


Easily the biggest wrestling news of the year has been the suspension of Roman Reigns for his violation of WWE’s wellness policy.

WWE announced that Reigns had been suspended for 30 days due to his failure to comply with the company’s strict policies against drugs. Usually, WWE will suspend a superstar the moment they are found to be in violation of the wellness policy. However, it has been said that Vince McMahon was aware of the situation well before Reigns’ suspension was announced.

Rumors of WWE’s delayed suspension of Roman Reigns hit the internet almost immediately after news of the actual suspension. Many wrestling journalists have said that Reigns failed a drug test prior to the Money In The Bank pay-per-view, which occurred two days before he was suspended. If this is the case, it means WWE allowed Reigns to perform at the PPV and the following night’s Raw knowing he had violated their policy.

While it’s impossible to say just when WWE knew they would have to suspend Reigns, the fact that Vince McMahon allowed his golden boy to be pinned clean by the cowardly Seth Rollins means it’s safe to say he knew what was going on heading into the event.

5 Will CM Punk Ever Return To WWE?

Vince McMahon has said time and time again that he is able to put personal relationships aside and make a deal with anybody if he thinks it will benefit his product. The returns of Bret Hart, Brock Lesnar, and Alberto Del Rio are proof of this.

But will Vince ever be able to swallow his pride and make a deal with CM Punk? Punk left WWE under acrimonious circumstances in January 2014, but not before giving McMahon and his son-in-law a piece of his mind. As if that wasn’t enough, Punk then spent the best part of two hours ripping into Vince and the WWE in general on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast.

If WWE were to offer CM Punk some kind of deal a little bit down the line, it still isn’t certain the man would take it. It's not like Punk needs the money or the exposure. With his UFC debut finally happening soon, all eyes are going to be on him anyway.

4 Did Triple H Marry For Power?


From the moment it was discovered that Triple H was in a relationship with the daughter of Vince McMahon, The Game was accused of trying to use Stephanie for his own professional gain.

Prior to entering into a relationship with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H was involved with Chyna, and they enjoyed quite a nice run together. However, when Hunter left Chyna for the boss’s daughter, people were quick to suggest he was just hungry for power.

Since then, he has won multiple world championships and has used his sway backstage to kill the pushes of other performers – which is ironic when you think about all he’s doing to build stars these days.

However, all you have to do to see the chemistry between Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is watch five minutes of their time on screen together. Both clearly love being in the presence of the other person. If that isn’t enough for you, head over to their social media accounts and checkout some of their pictures with their children. The man loves his wife and his kids very much.

So, no, Triple H isn't motivated by power. But, the fact he went out with Chyna and then moved onto Stephanie does suggest he has a bit of a thing for leather.

3 Will Hulk Hogan Ever Be Rehired?

WWE did everything they could to erase Hulk Hogan from the history books after a tape leaked of his racist rant last year. Though Hogan insisted it was recorded several years prior, when he was at rock bottom, he was released from his Legend’s contract and his name has not been mentioned on WWE television since.

WWE fans have been wondering when, if ever, the company will forgive The Hulkster and let him come home. Because Hogan made the media rounds and apologized repeatedly and sincerely for the incident, WWE probably would have hired him back a while ago had it not been for his lawsuit against Gawker.

The last thing Vince McMahon needed was WWE’s PG rating being called into question because one of his employees was suing a website for leaking a sex tape which he recorded with another man’s wife.

Since the trial, “The Million Dollar Man” Hulk Hogan has made no secret of his desire to return to his ambassador role with WWE. Recently, there has been much talk within the company about bringing him back when the time is right.

A world where Hulk Hogan is not a part of WWE or their history just doesn’t seem right, so it’s safe to say The Hulkster will be returning to the company sooner rather than later.

2 Was Connor The Crusher’s Hall Of Fame Induction A PR Stunt?


In 2014, wrestling super-fan Connor Michalek finally met his hero, Daniel Bryan. The seven-year-old was terminally ill, though those who met him, including Bryan himself, say the boy never let it stop him from enjoying life. After being given the ring name “The Crusher”, Connor went on to capture the hearts of the WWE Universe, making millions of grown men cry in the process. After his death in 2014, WWE announced that Connor would be the first recipient of the Warrior Award and would be inducted into the 2015 Hall of Fame.

Many saw this as the perfect way to honor the boy, while others insisted it was nothing more than a publicity stunt on the part of WWE. While WWE are known to introduce celebrities to their programming in desperate attempts to get some mainstream attention, it is unlikely they would induct "The Crusher" into the Hall of Fame just because they might get a couple hundred more viewers for a week or two.

Furthermore, the speech given by former WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan when he was inducting Connor was very clearly from the heart. There is no way anybody could watch Bryan speak about Connor’s energy and courage and not believe he meant every word.

1 Will Chris Benoit Ever Be In The Hall Of Fame?


In June 2007, WWE got more media attention than it had gotten in years. Unfortunately, this was because former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit murdered his wife and child before taking his own life.

Obviously, Benoit has not been mentioned on WWE television since the murder-suicide (except for the Raw tribute show, in which details of the crime were not yet apparent). While this seems perfectly reasonable to any casual fan, there are those calling for the company to acknowledge Benoit’s accomplishments in the squared circle.

The man was undoubtedly one of the greatest professional wrestlers of his era and many of us have extremely fond memories of watching him in both WCW and WWE. "The Rabid Wolverine" certainly had a career worthy of the Hall of Fame, but it is pretty much a sure thing we will never see him be inducted.

Recently, Benoit’s former sister-in-law appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast to discuss the situation. While she acknowledges his brain was damaged from years of chair shots and diving head-butts, she believes there was more to the situation than a few concussions. She also stated that she does not feel Benoit should be inducted into the Hall of Fame, something which the host Chris Jericho agreed with.


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